Zoho CRM integrations to boost sales and improve customer satisfaction

Customer Relationship Management, also known as CRM is a software system that functions as a single point of storage to combine your sales, marketing, and customer support operations.

While there are many CMR software options available, Zoho CRM – a SaaS cloud-based CRM used by over 250,000 enterprises globally is one of the most popular today. The key to Zoho's success is its emphasis on scalability and integration abilities. These features are often mentioned as the top reasons organizations choose the platform as their CRM and business software solution.

While Zoho already automates many processes and offers personalized solutions, there are also plenty of integrations available on the Zoho marketplace that can take your system to another level. But with thousands of integrations, it might be difficult to choose the best ones.

With that in mind, our writers have compiled the following list of the best Zoho CRM integrations that are sure to boost sales and improve customer satisfaction.

Best Zoho CRM integrations: our detailed list

Customer relationship management goes beyond marketing for large companies. The main idea behind it is to create stronger connections with your customers by helping your employees personalize communication and automating thousands of repetitive tasks.

There are many new add-ons and upgrades coming out regularly so it is always a good idea to update your Zoho CRM system once in a while. If you're considering adding new features to your CRM, then check out the top integrations below to increase sales and fortify ties with your clients.


FeaturesAPI, activity dashboard, third-party integrations, customizable templates and branding, alerts, notifications, watermarking, creation of website portfolio, version control, revision tools
Free planYes

Pics.io is an all-in-one digital asset management (DAM) platform designed for distributed teams. The gist of it is that it enhances how you connect with your digital assets by increasing their discoverability and shareability.

For Zoho, Pics.io offers a whole bunch of features, the key ones being:

  • Association of digital assets with individual contacts and leads
  • Information synchronization about contacts and leads
  • Maintaining real-time contact and lead information
  • Avoid moving between programs while obtaining user information

Overall, Pics.io is a must-have for teams who work with hundreds of assets every day. You can test it out for yourself by going to their website and signing up for a free 7-day trial.


FeaturesInbound and outbound calling, real-time dashboard, analytic reports, time tracking, softphone remote configuration, instant CRM and helpdesk integrations, call logs, small footprint and installer size, ergonomics / 2-clicks interface, professional headsets compatibility, powerful addon for supervisors
Free planYes

Next on our list is Softphone.Pro – a SIP softphone designed for call center agents and sales professionals.

The integration ensures connectivity with features such as:

  • App acts as a dialer – displays the client's name when you get an incoming call
  • Visual monitoring – enables you to see your own productivity during a shift
  • Analytics and monitoring – an excellent feature for newbie training and error analysis
  • App enables access control, which aids in the security of the SIP server and avoids erroneous settings updates/mistypes
  • White labeling – allows call centers to put their own branding on calling hardware and software, boosting authority and customer trust

Another great thing about Softphone.Pro is that the app takes only a tiny amount of memory in RAM. The less footprint — the lower PC performance required, allowing this integration to work easily on old and cheap computers.

In addition to helping manage organizations of all sizes, the app is also simple to set up, does not require programmer involvement, and works with practically all CRM systems, allowing you to complete the most essential tasks in a matter of seconds.


FeaturesReal-time instant meetings, live chat options, unlimited booking links, personalization, QR code for generating meetings, website form submission, personal domain name, calendar available in all languages
Free planYes

Lodago is a unique appointment scheduling integration that helps generate more sales. It allows you to send CalMails integrated with your calendar – displaying your real-time availability inside the email.

In terms of booking features, here’s some of what Lodago can offer:

  • Team members can schedule meetings on your behalf
  • KPIs to customize and adapt your sales and marketing strategy
  • Set your availability and synchronize your account with one or multiple calendars
  • Receive email notifications for new appointments booked that are automatically added to your calendar
  • QR code for generating meetings during events
  • Automatically update the prospects record/stage in your CRM when a meeting is booked.

Besides giving you unlimited booking links, Lodago also provides Calls-To-Action (CTAs) that you can insert on your website, in your social media apps, and in your email signature.


FeaturesAutomatically syncs orders, transactions, invoices, and payments, multi-location support, sync failure/error mail facility
Free planYes

SalesVu, an omnichannel ERP platform that provides cross-industry features and interfaces, is another excellent integration to improve operations, cut expenses, and boost your business's income.

The SalesVu extension enables you to:

  • Effortlessly sync orders, payments, tax, and product data from numerous sales channels directly into Zoho Books
  • Reduce back office workload
  • Save time by automatically syncing everything from orders and payments to customer information
  • Automatically transfer any transaction captured in SalesVu to Zoho Books in real time without manual intervention

By integrating SalesVu and Zoho Books, company data management is streamlined and system-wide consistency is guaranteed. You can try it out for yourself during a free 15-day trial.


FeaturesCustom software/web & mobile app development, IT consulting, UX/UI design, SaaS integrations, and dedicated platform (SaaSly) for Zoho
Free planNo

Founded in 2009, Spritle is a well-established and reputable organization that offers a wide range of IT services. From custom software development and IT consulting to AI and blockchain development and enterprise service management, the company covers everything.

When it comes to Zoho, Spritle has developed a dedicated platform for iPaaS, known as SaaSly. It’s an affiliated Zoho partner and the services you can acquire through this platform include:

  • Zoho extension development
  • Zoho integration
  • Zoho implementation
  • Zoho consulting services
  • Listing your product on the Zoho marketplace

Other than Zoho CRM, SaaSly also offers services related to other Zoho products, including Zoho Books, Zoho People, Zoho One, Zoho Creator, and Zoho Desk. It means that you can work with Spritle (through SaaSly) if you need any type of IT services related to the Zoho platform.


FeaturesAnalyze and send rewards, create campaigns, assign workflows
Free planYes

Up next is a fast-expanding financial SaaS company – Xoxoday – that focuses on motivating emloyees and accelerating business growth.

Once integrated with Zoho CRM, Xoxoday gives you the ability to offer digital rewards to influence important actions and behaviors among your prospects, partners, and clients.

Companies choose the Xoxoday or Xoxoday Plum integration since it allows them to:

  • Create unique triggers and processes to configure your CRM software to send digital incentives automatically
  • Use a pre-built rewards delivery system
  • Manage every account with a separate incentive right from the CRM
  • Choose from more than 21,000 multidimensional reward options
  • Maintain post-demo engagement

This integration is a wonderful solution since it doesn't require installing any software, can save on human labor expenses and processing fees, and boost sales velocity.


FeaturesCall statistics, online management portal, email reports, voicemails, call blocking, click to dial, desktop notifications, call recording
Free planYes (1-month subscription free trial)

Compared to the majority of the integrations on this list, Invoco is a little bit different. They are among the few providers in the UK that offer cutting-edge hosted PBX systems, VoIP telephony, and call tracking solutions.

For the SME market, Invoco offers inbound and outbound call management systems that provide businesses with scalability, flexibility, exceptional value, and real-time management of their services. The services they provide fall into two categories:

  • Servicing of virtual phone numbers, such as geographic and international ones
  • Call conferencing technologies, cloud-based phone lines, and virtual switchboards are all examples of business telephone services

It is a great extension to your Zoho account as it allows you to keep track of all your calls, no matter how busy you might be on the phone. In addition to comprehensive call history, there are also other great features available, like desktop call notifications with real-time lookups, and onscreen pop-ups.


FeaturesTask automation, data synchronization, easily extendable, free, open source, self-hostable
Free planYes

n8n is a free, node-based open source solution for workflow automation – a great option for those looking for new ways to improve work processes.

As a fair-code distribution model, n8n will always have visible source code, will be self-hosted, and will allow you to add your custom logic, functions, and applications. Following that, it offers a variety of functionalities:

  • No-code task automation across different services
  • Data synchronisation between different apps/databases
  • Seamless switch from no-code to low-code
  • Allows you to create nodes to integrate third-party services or in-house tools

The node-based approach makes N8n highly versatile, allowing it to connect to nearly any solution you may already have installed.


FeaturesToll-free number, cloud telephony, IVR services, Office IVR, call recording, call analytics
Free planNo

MyOperator is a cloud call management platform specializing in two-way business calling solutions such as toll-free number, IVR, call recording and tracking, call analytics, etc.

You can surely boost your business calls with a variety of features, like:

  • Multi-level IVR
  • After hours call routing
  • Live call transfer
  • Sticky agent
  • Intercom facility

With a toll-free number, you can not only allow your customers to call you anytime and keep them satisfied with instant support via humanoid IVR, but also promote it in every possible channel like website, emails, social media, and listing sites to boost your lead generation initiatives.

Best Zoho CRM integrations: final recommendations

Zoho has a plethora of excellent solutions to meet all of your CMR-related needs. But which is the best choice for you? Well – let's do a quick recap – to help you have a better understanding of possible options.

The following are the most extensive Zoho apps/integrations listed in this article:

  1. Pics.io – an all-in-one digital asset management (DAM) platform designed for distributed teams.
  2. Softphone.Pro – a SIP softphone designed for call center agents and sales professionals.
  3. Lodago – appointment scheduling integration, developed to generate more sales.
  4. SalesVu – an omnichannel ERP platform that can help you improve operations, cut expenses, and boost your business's income.
  5. Spritle - a well-trusted digital company that offers a wide range of IT services, and has a dedicated platform, offering Zoho development and integration services.
  6. Xoxoday – a financial SaaS company that focuses on accelerating business growth.
  7. Invoco – a telecom company and provider of hosted PBX systems, VoIP telephony, call tracking solutions, and broadband for the SME market.
  8. n8n – node-based open source platform for workflow automation.
  9. MyOperator – India's leading, cloud-based communication system.

Best Zoho CRM integrations – FAQ

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