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Best logo maker: 5+ logo makers for professional branding

Most if not all of us know what a logo is. Often it’s a combination of letters or symbols, that’s the simple definition. The actual meaning of a logo is to establish the brand’s identity and become easily recognizable by the audience.

If I named a few worldwide known companies, chances are you’d easily tell what their logos look like. That’s the power of a well-crafted brand identity. While a common presumption is that good logos cost a fortune, that’s not always the case.

To make a cheap logo design that still gives off a premium feel, you don’t need a group of graphic designers (although that helps). You can simply get it done with an online logo maker and a bit of creativity.

To support that statement, I collected only the best logo design website options, so you can find the best logo maker for you. Let’s get right to it.

Zyro AI logo maker

Zyro logo maker banner
FeaturesAllows changing symbols, fonts, color, and size
Best forSimple name logo making
Free logo downloadYes

Zyro is a very affordable and easy-to-use drag-and-drop website builder. While this is its main selling point, the builder also has its own free AI Logo Maker.

The process of making a logo with Zyro is pretty simple. First, you’ll get a choice on how you’d like to create your logo. Would you prefer it to be automatically generated or do you wish to build one yourself?


Despite which method you choose, you are able to edit your logo as you wish. Although, I must note that the editor is pretty simplistic. You get to choose your logo text, a slogan, and a symbol alongside it.

The symbol library is very wide. You can search up images by typing a keyword into a search bar. Once done, you can customize the font, its size, and color as well as the symbol’s size and color. Also, you can shift the elements around in place.


When you are pleased with the final result, you can download your logo, free of charge. However, this will be a low-resolution image that is not perfect for commercial use.

Therefore, Zyro offers 2 very affordable options:

  • To purchase website builder services, that include website building tools as well as allow making as many high-resolution logos as you wish.
  • To purchase the logo you just made.

Both services grant full ownership of the logo and are fully commercially licensed. The difference is that the first option comes with a monthly fee and a website builder, while the second asks for one-time payments.

Overall, Zyro AI Logo Maker is a functional and customizable name logo generator that enables you to create a logo quickly. While the builder is not very flexible, the results are good.

Visme logo maker

Visme logo maker
FeaturesAllows adding personal elements, many customization options
Best forHighly-customizable logo making
Free logo downloadYes

Visme is a multifunctional tool that is meant for creating branding content like presentations, infographics, printables, and of course logos. It is the best logo maker in terms of design flexibility.

Visme is quite unique in the sense that you can download your designed logo in high-resolution, free of charge. Some might even say this is the best free logo maker around.

It is very easy to start with Visme. You just have to choose a logo template you’d like to work with (or you can go for a blank page) and get to editing.


While the free template selection is a little limited, it is enough to get you started. Once you pick your preferred one, you get to the editor. This is where the real magic begins.

Visme allows you to customize your logo however you wish to. Here are some of the main customization options:

  • Add your own images or choose the available ones,
  • Customize the background by changing its color and pattern, or by adding a photo or an animation,
  • Add and edit text. Place it anywhere in your image, change its size, font and color,
  • Add and customize icons. Bring them to the front or the back of your image, change the color and style.

In addition to these free features, a paid version adds a few perks like a wider selection of templates and elements as well as animations. You can add animation to your logo and download it in a GIF format.

Regardless of whether you choose to stick with the free or invest in a paid option, both ways you’ll be able to download a beautiful, high-quality logo.

Overall, Visme is among the best sites for logo design. It’s simple to use, very customizable and produces high-resolution products.

Glorify design tool

Glorify design tool
FeaturesPlan, create, publish and analyse content
Best forCreating designs
Free logo downloadFree plan for 3 or fewer users

Glorify is a design package for any company with an in-house marketing team. The tools help create seamless online ads and marketing materials. This includes web pages, emails, logos, and social media ads.

With Glorify, your in-house team will have access to hundreds of design templates. They can create mockups for review and approval, apply brand colors, and remove backgrounds within seconds. Other software features include the ability to enhance images with shadows and reflections. Glorify also makes it easy to export and share designs and mockups within groups.

You can get started with Glorify’s free plan if you have a small team of three people or less. You can upgrade to the pro or business plans if you have a larger group.

Turbologo logo maker
FeaturesCustomize colors, font, and icons
Best forBusiness logo making
Free logo downloadNo

Turbologo is a great business logo generator that is very functional and customizable. The logo maker is free to use. However, if you wish to download your logo, there is a fee involved.

Turbologo, as the name suggests, is a fast logo maker. All you have to do is type in your business name, pick a color scheme, and choose an icon (or a few), and voila, you get options upon options generated just for you.


If you’re not a fan of what you see, even before you reach the editor, you can change the color scheme or icons, and regenerate your results.

Once you pick the one you like, you’ll have to create a free account to be able to edit it further.


Now, in terms of flexibility, the editor does offer quite a lot of customization options:

  • Change the background’s color (the background can only be a singular color, no patterns or gradience),
  • Add and move the elements on your logo around,
  • Change the color of any element (font, shape, icon),
  • Pick a font of your liking, make the text as big or as small as you wish,
  • Scroll through pre-made templates.

Pretty standard functionality, yet it produces a sleek-looking logo. However, I must note that while using the logo maker is free, the download of the said logo comes for a fee. And if you want a professional logo, you have to download it as the pre-downloaded version contains Turbologo watermark.

More so, keep in mind that only pricier plans give you full ownership of the logo and allow you to use it for commercial purposes.

All in all, Turbologo offers a fast and simple way to build a modern and business-niche-specific logo. However, there is no free download.

Modo – Creative Software for 3D Modeling

Modo – Creative Software for 3D Modeling
Features3D modeling, animation, texturing, rendering
Best forAdvanced 3D branding
Free logo download30-day trial

Modo is advanced software that enables you to create complex 3D elements to take your branding to the next level.

Unlike typical logo makers that you simply access online, Modo is a complex software that can be used for many purposes like modeling, animating, and, of course, logo making. So it’s no surprise that the tool does require some advanced knowledge.

To start with Modo, you will need to download the software to your computer. Once done, you will be met with a modeling interface that looks something like this:


Here you can already see a template of the logo. A 2D model will be used as a reference in making the 3D logo. The software comes with the award-winning MeshFusion Boolean toolset that allows you to trim and split curves as you see fit.

There are 4 boolean operations within the curve boolean system:

  • Subtract – enables you to remove curves or segments,
  • Slice – enables you to overlap numerous figures and create new control points,
  • Union – overlaps numerous shapes into one shape and removes any overlapping segments,
  • Intersect – overlaps numerous shapes and deletes anything that is outside of the overlapping segment.

In simple terms, these operations allow you to create complex and realistic 3D designs.


You can even model those designs on a virtual product. See how your logo might look on a 3D product before you even invest in the making of the said product.

You can test out the tool for free for 30 days. The initial download does not require any payment details or card information. However, if you do wish to use Modo for longer than 30 days, there will be a fee involved.

In short, Modo is highly advanced and powerful modeling software that enables experienced users to create one-of-a-kind logos.

LogoMakr logo maker

LogoMakr logo maker
FeaturesAllows changing symbols, fonts, color, and size
Best forCreative and sophisticated logo making
Free logo downloadNo

LogoMakr is a very functional free online logo maker that comes with many customization options. While the maker is free to use, downloading the created logo and owning rights to it does come for an additional fee.

Unlike most logo builders, LogoMakr does not only offer a logo-making tool, where you can let your creative juices flow, but you can also purchase a custom-made logo just for you. Pretty neat.

Now if you do choose to create a logo yourself, you can start out with a template or a blank sheet.


Both ways, LogoMakr makes the editing process very easy. You can choose from over 3 million graphic elements and add them to your logo.

Each element, may it be a graphic or text, or a shape, is highly customizable too. You can change their color, size, placement, and opacity, as well as simply layer them on top of each other.


Best of all, the editor has a grided background and automatic guidelines that help to place and lineup elements quicker and in a more precise manner. LogoMakr also has a pretty simple yet quite unique feature – it allows adding curved text. Not a must, yet still a pretty sweet addition for round logos.

Now, once you’re done with your design, you have to download the logo, as screenshotting it will leave LogoMakr’s watermark all over it. Just be aware, while the maker is free to use and does not limit any functionalities, the download does come for a fee.

As a whole, LogoMakr is a great logo-making tool that gives you all the tools to make a beautiful and personalized logo.

Best Logo Maker: final recommendations

While there is a variety of logo-making platforms available, some are simply better than others. Any logo maker on this list will enable you to build a beautiful, functional, and high-quality logo.

Let’s quickly recall each maker individually:

  1. Zyro Simplistic name logo maker.
  2. Visme Free high-quality logo maker.
  3. Glorify – The ultimate design tool.
  4. Turbologo Customizable business logo maker.
  5. Modo An advanced 3D logo maker.
  6. LogoMakr All purpose logo maker.

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John Hesri
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