Secure communication software for private conversation

In a world extremely concerned with online privacy and security, completely safe communication options are more and more sought after. However, the form in which secure communication solutions are delivered varies.

Depending on whether you need to securely transfer sensitive and confidential information or coordinate anything from freelancer workflow to state-level critical missions, you’ll need to look into different solutions. They range from secure email and secure digital workplaces to encrypted chat rooms and security management or inter-organizational collaboration platforms.

Considering the abundance of such solutions, it can be difficult to know what’s best for your unique case. That’s why we compiled a comprehensive list of the best secure communication software. Take a look.

Best secure communication software: the detailed list

Secure communication today is one of the most important components of any online and cloud activity. So take a look at the detailed list of the best secure communication software and solutions providers, and take your pick.


mailfence banner
Services:Secure email and integrated tools
Resources:Blog, documentation, FAQ
Free trial/version:Yes

Most of our communication today probably happens in chats, but you do need to send an email once in a while. And sometimes those emails contain sensitive information. Mailfence is a secure email solution that provides perfect opportunities to send all kinds of email messages in a safe and private way.

Mailfence prides itself on no-tracking and no-logs policies and strong privacy protection features. Your emails are secured in a number of ways. The provider uses end-to-end encryption and password protection for all communications. They also provide the opportunity to digitally sign emails and create and manage encryption keys.

Besides the secure email services, Mailfence also offers many other secure integrated tools. For example, you can use their secure and user-friendly calendar or store, edit and share documents, and import your contacts from various accounts.

Perception Point

perception point banner
Services:Intuitive threat monitoring and incident response for communication channels
Resources:Industry insights, reports, research, datasheets, case studies, comparisons
Free trial/version:Yes

Cyberattacks via email and other communication and collaboration channels are some of the most common types of attacks. Perception Point has made it its mission to prevent such attacks from entering the perimeter. They offer services for threat monitoring and mitigation for email and other communication and collaboration channels.

The whole Perception Point suite includes incident response, a tool for analyzing and drawing insights from incidents. Aside from that, there are also customized incident, data, activity reports, and more. Perception Point uses advanced technology to detect and counter phishing attacks, account takeovers, malware, zero-days and n-days, and evasion.

Perception Point also offers its clients a comprehensive resource center. You can find reports on industry insights and attack trends, as well as detailed research papers, case studies, and other resources like datasheets and comparisons.

Guardian Digital

guardian digital banner
Services:Cloud email, Gmail, and Microsoft 365 security
Resources:Media center, resource center, blog, security tips, press releases
Free trial/version:Yes (demo)

The workings of Guardian Digital are in the name. This security provider focuses on protecting everything related to digital communications. This includes protection for cloud email and securing Gmail and Microsoft 365 suite with critical additional defenses.

Guardian Digital’s multi-layered email security system includes the prevention of advanced threats like fraud, impersonation, and spoofing attacks. They also keep track of potentially malicious links and attachments, as well as employ AI to detect emerging threats in real time. The fully-managed email security services provide a remote extension of your IT team, maximizing productivity, simplifying deployment, and easing the load on your IT department by assisting with setup and providing the ongoing system monitoring and maintenance required to keep you safe. Together with all of this, they also provide insights and real-time updates.

The extensive resource center includes information for media, a blog, countless email security tips in one place, and press releases on the latest news in the digital communications security landscape.

Salt Communications

salt communications banner
Services:Secure communications solutions
Resources:Videos, events, webinars, blog, comparisons
Free trial/version:Yes

Salt communications provide a well-rounded solution for secure communication in government, military, legal, and enterprise organizations worldwide. Salt communications products are usually used as an integrated part of critical infrastructure.

The application for secure communication includes a number of features. For example, secure messaging for private chats, secure voice calls, and message broadcasting. Other features include encrypted file transfer, an information purging feature called Message Burn, and screenshot protection for added internal security.

Salt Communications also provide valuable resources for those willing to explore more. You can find comprehensive additional information via video material, events, webinars, a blog, and feature comparison articles.

Beyond Encryption

Beyond Encryption
Services:Email encryption, secure document management, digital identity solutions
Resources:Knowledge base/online content hub, case studies, guides, press releases
Free trial/version:Yes (free version of Mailock)

Online communication is at the heart of the digital age. However, exchanging sensitive information through emails and shared documents can expose companies to risks. The risk of disclosing customers’ or employees’ private information is one of those that may result in not-so-great consequences. That’s where Beyond Encryption’s services step in. Your business can engage in worry-free communication online with encrypted email, secure document management, and digital identity verification. Beyond Encryption has decades of experience under its belts and accredited solutions to prove it.

Beyond Encryption also offers a free version of Mailock. Mailock is Beyond Encryption’s versatile software platform, enabling organisations to send customer communication securely via email. Mailock protects sensitive data through end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication capabilities, helping customers remain compliant, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiencies. Mailock also enables users to achieve a positive environmental impact through the reduction of print, pack, and post. Mailock is here to bring client communications, safely and securely, into the 21st century.

On the Beyond Encryption website, you’ll find a wealth of online support-related resources, including a comprehensive knowledge base. Beyond Encryption offers three different plan tiers, and you can get started with email encryption for free.


Standss img
Services:Governance, risk, and compliance solutions for outbound emails
Resources:Knowledge base, client testimonials
Free trial/version:Yes (30-day free trial)

Standss is the developer behind SendGuard, a solution that keeps outbound emails compliant with data security and privacy regulations. SendGuard highlights potential problems before an employee sends out an email, giving them a chance to correct them before it’s too late. For example, you can review everyone who will receive the email and their email domains.

You can also see each attachment, choose to encrypt them, and encrypt the entire email. Senders will also receive warnings about potentially sensitive information in attachments. SendGuard is compatible with Outlook 2016, 2019, 2021, and Office 365. Fortune 500 and multinational law firms rely on this solution to secure proprietary and sensitive information.

Businesses can enjoy a 30-day free trial of SendGuard and download it directly from Standss’s site.

Powell Software

powell software banner
Services:Digital workplace solutions
Resources:Blog, webinars, events, white papers, podcast, newsroom
Free trial/version:Yes (demo)

Powell Software is an all-in-one solution for digital workspaces, incorporating secure communication opportunities and top-tier functionality. Their products include solutions for communications and collaboration, as well as a combination of both for small businesses.

Powell Intranet is a communications solution that is natively secured and compliant, meaning that the data shared and communicated through the channels stays inside the company. Powell Teams is a collaboration space solution for MC Teams and provides more control over security, governance, and automations.

The provider also offers quite a wide range of resources, spanning webinars, events, a podcast, and white papers together with interesting and informative blog entries.


exchangedefender banner
Services:Email Security, Email Archiving, and Email Continuity
Resources:Blog, documentation, guides
Free trial/version:Yes

ExchangeDefender is another provider of software for secure communications. It offers email security services, helps you with email archiving and compliance, and ensures email continuity and functionality in the event of email service outages.

The email security suite includes protection against email-borne threats, such as malicious links, attachments, and phishing attempts. It also provides a multi-layered spam filtering solution, as well as data loss prevention measures. It’s also worth noting that the email archiving and compliance solution helps securely store emails in an encrypted and tamper-proof environment.

And last but not least, the email continuity service provides the opportunities to restore deleted messages, archive data in real-time, and store information for up to one year. But if you wish to find more information about everything secure communication-related, you can check their website for various guides, a blog, and documentation.


hourspent banner
Services:Digital work and collaboration space
Resources:Insights, blog, workstream, press
Free trial/version:Yes

Freelance work is at an all-time high these days, and many organize it online. Hourspent is a digital workplace platform for both freelancers and hiring professionals to collaborate, and manage workflow and payments.

With Hourspent’s digital workplace solution, countless opportunities open up to hire talented freelancers and organize communication between them and in-house workers. The digital workplace also integrates an invoicing and worldwide payment system, together with a solution for anti-fraud protection called Escrow.

Besides the excellent collaboration platform, Hourspent also provides its clients with resources in the form of insights, a blog, workstream help, and press releases.


plextrac banner
Services:Security management platform
Resources:Documentation, blog, webinars, white papers, videos, podcasts
Free trial/version:Yes (demo)

The importance of security systems is obvious and widely understood, however, one should also think about an environment suited for managing all those systems. PlexTrac offers just that – a Security Reporting and Collaboration Platform for enterprises and security service providers.

PlexTrac’s solutions include penetration test and system assessment reporting, as well as a comprehensive client portal. There is also an opportunity to set up a bug bounty program. In the risk management field, there are solutions for risk registering, vulnerability management, and third-party risk management. You can also take advantage of the board reporting feature to better prepare comprehensive rundowns of the system’s status for your higher-ups.

The extensive resource center of PlexTrac not only provides documentation and white papers, but you can also get acquainted with their platform via webinars, video material, and even podcasts.

mindlink banner
Services:Encrypted and secure chat systems
Free trial/version:No

Secure chatting is not only for businesses who don’t want their trade secrets leaked. Intelligence and secret mission agents also need ways to communicate. MindLink is the one solution that offers products for encrypted and ultra-secure communication chat systems.

MindLink’s chatting systems are meant for mission-critical operations. The chat rooms are highly encrypted and perfectly suitable for safeguarding highly sensitive and classified data. There are also options for strict access control. MindLinks products are suited for all kinds of work scenarios, ranging from shift-based teamwork to real-time operations and inter-organizational collaboration.

Mindlink is also working hard on getting more resourceful content out. Meanwhile, you can always take a look at the articles they already have, and contact them for more information.

eclipso Mail & Cloud

eclipso banner
Services:Secure email and cloud storage platform
Free trial/version:Yes

Eclipso is a secure email and cloud storage provider for all of your communications, photos, files, and more. It’s anonymous, ad-free, includes numerous tools, and can be synchronized across numerous devices.

The tools and services of Eclipso include, first and foremost, a secure and private email inbox. Besides privacy protection, it also provides the opportunity to encrypt and electronically sign your emails using S/MIME certificates. End-to-end encryption will ensure that no one apart from you and the recipient can access and read your emails.

Other products and services are cloud storage for photos and files, as well as a toolbox for managing your notifications, SMS messaging, and drive. Eclipso also has a blog, and for more information, you can always contact their support.


loughtec banner
Services:Cybersecurity, managed technology solutions, and secure remote workplace
Resources:Case studies
Free trial/version:Yes (demo)

LoughTec is an innovative brand offering cybersecurity bundles, managed IT solutions, and secure remote access software. Their primary target clients are businesses in the UK and Northern Ireland, but they also branch out internationally.

The cybersecurity solution integrates protection against threats, such as malware. It also provides OT security solutions, secure browsing, and secure email opportunities, among other things. The IT management technology helps carry out an assessment of current IT infrastructures and suggests potential improvements. The remote workplace solution is a secure co-working and remote access platform with the integrated necessary software, system assessment, and support.

LoughTec provides more insights into their products in the detailed and informative case studies which can be found on their website.

eM Client

em client banner
Services:Secure email client provider
Resources:Forum, tutorials, FAQs, documentation
Free trial/version:Yes

eM Client is a secure email and communications provider for both businesses and individuals alike. The email service is full of extraordinary features that make communication through various channels not only convenient but also secure.

The features of eM Client platform include calendar and task management opportunities, as well as the possibility to see your communication and attachment history, as well as keep its neat and organized with numerous data fields. The notes feature allows for syncing across devices and with various other services, such as Exchange, Office356, and more. And last but not least, the chat feature supports any XMPP-based services, meaning that you can use one app to communicate through Google Talk and similar services.

The available resources of eM Client include a forum, numerous tutorials, an extensive FAQ, and even documentation. If you wish to know more, you can always reach out to them directly.


Services:Chat API and SDK
Resources:Blog, documentation
Free trial/version:Yes

Quickblox is an excellent instant messaging API provider that allows you to integrate a secure messaging system into any Android, iOS, or Web application. They provide solutions for countless industries, including those of healthcare, financial, education, social networks, and more.

Quickblox API features and products have a relatively wide variety to them. By using their API, you can take advantage of embedded chat features, high-quality voice and video calling possibilities, as well as video conferencing for remote work. Other products include push notifications, data storage for any files that may be sent over the communication channels, and a flexible file sharing solution.

Resources of Quickblox include their extensive and informative blog, as well as all the necessary documentation. For more detailed information, you can visit their website and/or get in touch directly.


Bouncer banner
Services:Email verification, email verification API, free email checker
Free trial/version:Yes

Bouncer is an email verification solution provider, which is especially attractive because of it’s top-grade data security, GDPR compliance, and user-friendliness and easy implementation.

Bouncer’s products include email verification, which checks all of your email lists, speeds up the cleaning process, and ensures smooth communication with all of your contacts. Besides, it is very easy to implement. Other solution is Real-time and Bulk Email Verification API, which is a product for enterprises. The API allows for real-time email validation, and ensures fast and painless email cleaning process. Besides, Bouncer also has a free email checker for anyone interested in trying out their solution.

If you’d like to know more, take a look at Bouncer’s blog, or contact them directly through their website.


Services:Business email, cloud computing, secure file storage
Resources:Blog, support, FAQ
Free trial/version:Yes

WorldPosta is a cloud-based email service provider protecting businesses from spam, phishing and malware.

When one malicious email can compromise the whole company network, securing email communications is more important than ever. That's why WorldPosta uses end-to-end encryption, intelligent spam filters, and multi-layered security when it comes to combating email-based threats.

With WorldPosta, you can be sure that no phishing or spam emails will reach your inbox and sensitive business information will stay confidential.


Services:Collaboration platform
Resources:Blog, eBooks, online sessions, developer guide, forum
Free trial/version:Yes

Next up on the list is Rocket.Chat – an open-source communication platform allowing organizations to fully customize their communications.

What makes this platform truly unique is that organizations can easily integrate apps or tools right into Rocket.Chat, enhance productivity and ensure that collaboration flows freely.

To make sure the collaboration data is secure, Rocket.Chat uses end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication, and access control. With so many security and privacy measures onboard, you can rest assured knowing that your messages won't fall into the wrong hands.

Final recommendations

Whether your security needs secure communication or secure collaboration space, or both, there are solutions for every case.

Whether it’s secure email, protected digital workspace, or encrypted chat systems – below you’ll find a brief overview of every secure communication software provider we covered in our list:

  1. Mailfence – easy-to-use secure email and integrated tools provider.
  2. Perception Point – intuitive threat monitoring and incident response for communication channels.
  3. Guardian Digital – security solution for cloud, email, Gmail, and Microsoft 365.
  4. Salt Communications – well-rounded solution for secure communication.
  5. Beyond Encryption – solutions for encrypted email, secure document management, and digital identity verification.
  6. Standss – solution that keeps outbound emails compliant with data security and privacy regulations.
  7. Powell Software – an all-in-one solution for digital workspaces.
  8. ExchangeDefender – email-borne threats and data leak protection.
  9. Hourspent – digital work and collaboration space.
  10. PlexTrac – an all-in-one security management platform for enterprises and security service providers.
  11. MindLink – encrypted and ultra-secure communication chat systems.
  12. Eclipso – a secure email and cloud storage provider for all of your communications.
  13. LoughTec – cybersecurity bundles, managed IT solutions, and secure remote access software.
  14. eM Client – secure email and communications provider for both businesses and individuals alike
  15. Quickblox – excellent instant messaging API provider for Android, iOS, and/or Web applications.
  16. Bouncer – easy-to-use and secure email verification solutions and API.
  17. WorldPosta – cloud email service provider for businesses.
  18. Rocket.Chat – open-source collaboration platform with options for customization.

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