Top 15 VS Code Extensions to Enhance Your Development Experience

VS (Visual Studio) Code is one of the most popular standalone source code editors that you can run on macOS, Windows, and Linux. Although it’s just a rich source code editor, you can take its functionality to the next level by using different Visual Studio Code extensions.

But choosing the best extensions for VS code can be a daunting task, as there are tons of them available in the Visual Studio Marketplace.

That’s where this guide comes into place. It contains the top 15 Visual Studio Code extensions to make it easy for you to choose the best ones that suit your unique coding needs.

Best Visual Studio Extensions: Our detailed list

If you’re a developer, you’d already know how plugins and extensions can help you streamline your development workflow. If you’re looking for the best visual studio code extensions for web development or for general programming purposes, check out the following list.

Antlers Toolbox

Antlers Toolbox
Features:Syntax highlighting and code suggestions with autocomplete functionality
Category:Programming Languages, Snippets, and Formatters
Free version:Yes

Antlers Toolbox is one of the best VS Code extensions for developing Statamic websites in Antlers templating language. It offers rich language support to make the development process easy.

With features such as syntax highlighting, code suggestions, auto-completions, automated formatting, and runtime error reporting, it’s an indispensable extension for web developers working with Antlers.

Key Features:

  • Parser-driving semantic highlighter
  • Basic syntax highlighter
  • Suggestions for modifier signature
  • Contextual auto-suggestions based on different variables like templates, fields, and collections
  • Advanced Antlers formatting
  • Supports core Statamic 3 modifiers, tags, and more


Features:Innovative extension to transform copy-paste into save-use
Free version:Yes

StackFlex is a Visual Studio Code extension designed to help developers save and manage their frequently used code snippets.

You can use it to save and access code snippets from within VS Code, and sync them across all your devices. The browser extension also allows you to save snippets from various websites with just a click of a button.

Key features:

  • Save and manage code snippets directly within VS Code
  • Sync your snippets across all your devices
  • Save snippets from various websites using the browser extension
  • Use custom names and extensions for your saved snippets
  • Search for saved snippets using keywords and tags

.NET nanoFramework

.NET nanoFramework
Features:Enables VS Code to deploy, build, and flash C# code for .NET nanoFramework on different devices
Category:Programming Languages
Free version:Yes

The .NET nanoFramework extension for VS Code allows developers to deploy, build, and flash their C# code for the .NET nanoFramework.

It supports ESP32 and STM32 MCU devices running Visual Studio Code on different operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and macOS.

In short, this NET nanoFramework is a powerful extension for embedded developers to write managed code applications for embedded devices.

Key features:

  • Compatible with ESP32 and STM32 MCU devices
  • Supports Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • Provides an easy-to-use user interface for managing nanoFramework projects


Features:Features snippets for Gramex
Free version:Yes

gramex-yaml-snippets is another powerful Visual Studio Code extension that provides YAML code snippets for Gramex.

With this extension, you can easily configure sessions, logs, FormHandler, caching assets, and emails. It also supports various authentication methods such as auth_simple, auth_google, and auth_db.

This extension is useful for developers who are using Gramex to build web applications and want to streamline their configuration process. It can save time and reduce errors by providing auto-complete suggestions for commonly used configuration options.

Key features:

  • Auto-complete YAML configuration for Gramex endpoints
  • Provides configuration for caching assets, email service, Custom logs, sessions, and more
  • Supports various authentication methods


Features:AI-powered code assistant supports all popular programming languages
Category:Programming Languages and Snippets
Free version:Yes

Tabnine is one of the top Visual Studio Code extensions that can help you code faster and more accurately. It’s an AI-powered code completion assistant that’s trained on open-source code and helps you improve your productivity by automating repetitive code writing.

Tabnine is a great extension for developers who want to save time and increase their productivity by automating repetitive code writing. It can be used by both junior and professional developers working alone or in a team.

Key features:

  • Trained on open-source code for accurate suggestions
  • AI-powered code completion that suggests the next lines of code
  • Available for multiple programming languages
  • Provide suggestions that are consistent with your team’s best practices


Features:Comprehensive code formatter
Free version:Yes

If you are looking for something that can help you format your code properly, then Prettier is one of the best extensions for VS Code to use.

It’s a code formatting extension that automatically enforces consistent code styling by parsing your code and reprinting it with its own rules.

Key features:

  • Automatically formats code to enforce consistent styling
  • Supports many languages
  • Helps you keep your code in a uniform style
  • Easy installation process

GitLens – Git supercharged

Features:All-around tool to streamline Git functionality
Category:SCM Providers
Free version:Yes

GitLens is a powerful VS Code extension that enhances the functionality of Git by providing a rich set of features to visualize and understand the code.

It helps you gain insights into the who, why, and when aspects related to code changes, making it easier to understand the evolution of the codebase. It’s particularly useful for teams working on large, complex projects where code changes can be difficult to track and understand.

Key features:

  • Provides detailed and interactive visualization of Git repositories
  • Displays blame annotations for each line of code to identify when and by whom it was last changed
  • Shows commit details and code changes right in the editor margin
  • Allows you to quickly navigate through the Git history of a file, line, or code block


Features:Helps you visualize CSS colors
Free version:Yes

Colorize is a useful extension for developers who work with XML, Stylus, PostCSS, Less, Sass, and CSS.

It generates colored backgrounds around colors in your CSS file, allowing you to see them in action on the page. This is especially useful for any developer who wants to save time and improve productivity by visualizing the colors they’re using in their code.

Key features:

  • Instantly visualize CSS colors
  • Generate colored backgrounds for CSS variables
  • Live update of color backgrounds as you make changes in your CSS file

Code Issue Manager: document & fix issues in your codebase

Code Issue Manager
Features:Highlight issues in code to improve the codebase health
Free version:Yes

Code Issue Manager by Stepsize is an extension that helps engineering teams document and solve problems that exist in their codebase.

It elevates your engineering culture to adopt best coding practices and improves the health of your codebase.

Key features:

  • Track issues across multiple code pieces
  • Document code without adding comments
  • Convert To-Do lists into actionable issues
  • Sync issues with the issue tracker manually or automatically
  • Collaborate on issues within the editor
  • Support for various issue trackers, including Asana, DevOps, Azure, Linear, GitHub, and Jira

Better Comments

Better Comments
Features:Code comment manager/organizer
Free version:Yes

Better Comments is another excellent VS Code extension that makes comments in your code more colorful and exciting.

With its customizable settings, you can highlight important notes, reminders, and to-dos. Additionally, the extension also supports a wide range of programming languages and allows you to create your own comment styles.

Key features:

  • Categorize your annotations into alerts, queries, TODOs, and highlights
  • Style commented-out code to indicate it shouldn't be there
  • Customize the appearance of your comments with colors and tags
  • Compatible with a variety of programming languages


Features:Takes screenshots of source code in Visual Studio Code
Free version:Yes

CodeSnap is a free VS Code extension designed to make sharing code snippets more visually appealing and easier to understand. It allows you to take screenshots of your source code while keeping the indentation and syntax highlighting intact.

It also provides a variety of customization options, so you can tailor your code snapshots to your specific preferences.

Key features:

  • Quickly take and save screenshots of the code
  • Copy code screenshots to your clipboard for easy sharing
  • Customize your code screenshots with a variety of settings, including font size and line numbers
  • Highlight specific lines of code in your screenshots to draw attention to key details


Features:Changes the color of VS Code Environment
Free version:Yes

Peacock is a great Visual Studio Code extension that allows you to customize the color of your workspace or environment. This can be helpful when you are working with multiple instances of VS Code and want to easily identify the instance you are currently using.

It offers a range of features and settings to help you make your coding experience truly unique.

Key features:

  • Customize the color of your workspace or environment
  • Quickly distinguish each instance of VS Code with your preferred colors
  • Unique color settings for VS Code

Markdown Preview Github Styling

Markdown Preview
Features:Changes the built-in markdown preview of VS Code to match GitHub styling
Free version:Yes

Markdown Preview Github Styling enhances the functionality of the built-in markdown preview feature of the VS Code editor. It can change this preview so that it matches GitHub styling.

This extension is ideal for developers who work extensively with markdown documents and want to see live updates of their work in a side-by-side preview panel.

Key features:

  • Preview your markdown documents rendered on GitHub
  • Extends the built-in markdown preview feature of Visual Studio Code
  • Supports both light and dark GitHub themes
  • Customize styling using your own CSS


Features:Cross-browser cloud-based testing platform
Free version:Yes

LambdaTest is a cloud-based testing platform that enables organizations to redefine their testing strategies.

It allows you to perform live-interactive cross-browser testing of your public and locally hosted web applications and websites directly within the VS Code editor.

Key features:

  • Performs cross-browser real-time testing
  • Supports more than 3,000 operating systems, real devices, and browsers
  • Trigger testing within the VS Code Editor
  • Perform mobile web testing on iOS simulators and Android emulators
  • Geolocation testing across various browsers
  • Mark any UI observation as a bug
  • Inbuilt issue tracker


Features:Bookmarks specific code areas
Free version:Yes

Bookmarks is a VS Code extension that allows you to mark specific areas of your code with bookmarks. This functionality makes it easier to navigate and jump back and forth between different parts of your code.

You can add and remove bookmarks, add labels, and even select regions of code between bookmarked areas. The extension also includes a dedicated sidebar where you can view all of your bookmarks at a glance.

Key features:

  • Add and remove bookmarks in your code
  • Add labels to bookmarks for easier identification
  • Select regions of code between bookmarked areas
  • Dedicated sidebar for viewing all bookmarked areas
  • Technical support available for any questions or issues
  • Supports virtual workspaces

Best Visual Studio Code Extensions: Final recommendations

We have highlighted the best Visual Studio Code extensions in this article that can help you become a better coder. Here's a quick overview of these extensions to help you narrow down your search.

  • Antlers Toolbox – a Visual Studio Code extension that provides rich language to build Statamic websites in Antlers templating language.
  • StackFlex – an extension that allows you to save code snippets locally from different websites, and sync with VS Code to use them in your projects in the future.
  • .NET nanoFramework – a tool that enables you to build, deploy, and flash C# code for .NET nanoFramework on ESP32 or STM32 MCU devices, regardless of the platform.
  • gramex-yaml-snippets – a VS Code extension that provides YAML snippets for Gramex, which is a web app development framework.
  • Tabnine – an AI-powered code completion extension that suggests and completes entire lines of code.
  • Prettier – a code formatter that automatically formats code to a standardized style, whenever you save it.
  • GitLens - Git supercharged – a powerful extension that enhances Git capabilities by providing rich information about code authors, commit history, and even code changes from within the VS Code editor.
  • Colorize – a syntax highlighting extension that colorizes source code in a variety of programming languages.
  • Code Issue Manager – a tool to document and solve issues in a codebase using custom-defined rules.
  • Better Comments – a VS Code extension that enhances code comments by adding color coding and various annotation styles.
  • CodeSnap – a Visual Studio Code extension to create screenshots of your code effortlessly.
  • Peacock – an extension that allows you to change the color of the VS Code environment or workspace.
  • Markdown Preview Github Styling – a markdown preview extension that supports light and dark GitHub themes and lets you preview your markdown as it would be rendered on GitHub.
  • LambdaTest – a cross-browser cloud-based testing platform that allows for live-interactive testing of public and locally hosted web applications and websites.
  • Bookmarks – a VS Code extension that allows you to bookmark specific areas of your code for easy navigation.

Best Visual Studio Extensions – FAQ

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