ClickUp launches AI management tool

Project management platform ClickUp has introduced an AI tool designed to automate routine tasks and enhance productivity based on the user's role.

Called ClickUp AI, the new tool comes with over 100 customizable prompts tailored to different professional needs, the company said in a blog post. The prompts will be updated every week and were developed in partnership with workspace experts, it said.

ClickUp's AI management tool can be utilized across various roles, including marketing, sales, product development, engineering, and project management. For example, it can aid marketers in writing case studies and assist salespeople in creating territory plans.

"You don't have to leave where you work, context switch, or become an AI expert to see an immediate productivity boost and leverage its power in ways you hadn't thought of before," ClickUp said, noting its AI tool is user-friendly and "more intuitive" to talk to.

ClickUp AI is integrated directly into the platform and can be used across user workflow, including tasks, Docs, and Dashboards. "What used to take you 30 minutes now takes you 30 seconds," ClickUp said.

ClickUp AI can provide instant recaps of long comment threads, summarize lengthy documents, and draft emails, blog posts, or customer responses, among other features.

Slack, another workplace staple, announced its own virtual assistant earlier this year called Slack GPT, which can also summarize long conversations and assist in writing tasks.

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