Google looking for ways to improve content filtering with “Short Videos”

Google could soon be introducing a new “Short Videos” filter, with users spotting the feature in the wild.

Google Search might be adding a “Short Videos” filter, allowing users to separate videos according to length to access short videos faster, X (formerly Twitter) user @AssembleDebug, noticed.

Currently, if users want to find brief videos from social media networks, such as TikTok or Instagram, they have to specify them in their search query.

The new filter will likely show a compilation of short videos from popular social media networks.

One reason why the omnipotent search engine would want to introduce a new feature is to allow users to view popular short videos without them actually leaving Google.

Since only a few screenshots of the new feature exist, it's likely still in development and won't be accessible to everyone for some time.

And, of course, while Google might well be working on the “Short Videos” filter, the company could still choose not to introduce it for wider use.

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