Indiana, Kentucky, and three other states to lose access to Pornhub

In July, the adult site will block several more states due to age verification laws.

More states are introducing age verification requirements where users need to prove they are 18 or older to access adult content. In most cases, this means that a person needs to submit a document, for example, a driver's license.

“This means submitting private information many times to adult sites all over the internet while normalizing disclosure of PII across the internet. This is not a privacy-by-design approach,” Pornhub noted, adding that the requirement also introduces a risk for identity theft.

In January 2023, when Louisiana passed a similar law, Pornhub saw an 80% drop in traffic. The site assumed they moved to pirate or otherwise illegal sites where such a requirement didn’t exist.

Over the past year, Pornhub has blocked access to users in Texas, Utah, Arkansas, Virginia, Montana, North Carolina, and Mississippi. In July, Indiana, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, and Nebraska will join the list.

Pornhub ban map
By Cybernews

In an attempt to not lose its users, Pornhub is suggesting what it views as the most effective solution - identify users by their device or account on the device.

“This means users would only get verified once, through their operating system, not on each age-restricted site. This dramatically reduces privacy risks and creates a very simple process for regulators to enforce,” Pornhub noted.

However, if you are based in any state affected by the ban, you can use a VPN to bypass restrictions. Our content team has prepared a well-researched and detailed guide on how to unblock PornHub in 2024.