Future Kindle e-readers will be in color

Many Kindle users know that their devices display text only in black and white, but that’s about to change in 2025.

Despite many other e-reader manufacturers already offering colored models, the Kindle, probably the best-known of all, is still in the planning stages of its color revolution.

The brand plans to jump on the bandwagon by using Advanced Color ePaper, which, thanks to its better contrast and saturation, provides higher reading quality compared to existing monochrome e-paper.

This is one of the main observations about the new Kindle reader by the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. He also predicted that there would be two size readers – 7 and 10 inches.

Less exciting news about the upcoming Kindle is that because of the advanced ePaper, the price of the product and its shipment will increase significantly.

However, that’s the outcome of existing competition between e-reader producers, and Kindle is not about to fall behind.

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