Original iPhone auctioned for record price

The original unopened 2007 iPhone was sold for a whopping $63,000 – over a hundred times more than the device's initial value.

Even though the initial auction price of the device started at $2,500, the first-generation Apple iPhone was sold for over $63,300 at LCG Auctions.

According to the auctioneers, the recently sold iPhone is the most expensive to date. The previous record for an iPhone was set in October 2022, when an original model in a similar condition was sold for almost $40,000.

"There's little doubt that interest in culturally relevant collectibles is rapidly increasing, and despite the impressive sales numbers, many believe the space is still in its infancy," LCG Auctions said.

Steve Jobs unveiled the first-generation iPhone in early 2007. The phone's release kickstarted the mass use of smartphones and cemented Apple as a tech behemoth, and it has dominated the smartphone market to this day.

The price of the iPhone at the time of its release varied between $499 and $599, making the recent auction a whopping success for the device's owner, who walked away with 105 times more than the device's original ceiling price, less commission fees and any sales taxes.

However, though impressive, the sale price doesn't even come close to the value of Apple's first computer, the Apple 1. Released in 1976, the device cost over $600. This original retail price was equivalent to around $3,000 in the money of 2021 – the same year that it was sold for more than $1.5 million at auction.

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