YouTube Music testing AI to create personalized radio stations

YouTube Music users may soon be able to use AI to find their favorite tunes.

The music streaming platform is testing a new AI-powered feature that can create unique radio stations.

The new feature was spotted on Reddit when a user u/kater_pro shared, "I've just received this feature, and it allows to prompt AI to which it will respond with a custom radio (in my example, the prompt was something like "some queer hip hop hits"). I think it's pretty cool."

Thanks to the new feature, users can write what they want to listen to, and AI will then create a radio station according to the request. Previously, users could only create radios according to an artist or a song.

The Reddit user shared a screenshot that shows an AI-generated "Queer Hip Hop Beats" playlist with other suggestions at the bottom and a search bar stating "Ask for music."

The news about YouTube's AI-generated radios started a discussion online, with many Redditors sharing how useful the new feature would be.

"I was just thinking to myself yesterday that it would be great to have an AI-generated playlist where I could describe the type of music I want to listen to and give examples of artists and songs and it would make my playlist. Lo and behold, it exists today. Not showing up on my account yet but super excited to try it out," noted one of Reddit's users.

"Ask for music any way you like," says YouTube, marking the latest feature as "Experiment." It's not yet known how many people can test AI-powered radio stations.