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Trend Micro vs Avast: side-by-side comparison

Trend Micro and Avast antivirus software have very much in common since they both play in the same field. Feature-rich, performance-optimized, and with decades of experience, they both have hundreds of millions of active users.

But they’re far from being identical. For instance, Trend Micro offers flexible subscription options and advanced security specs. Meanwhile, Avast provides you with award-winning security and great performance.

And that’s just the beginning. In this Trend Micro vs Avast comparison, I'll help you decide which is the better antivirus in terms of features, protection, performance, pricing, and more. So let’s jump right in.

Trend Micro vs. Avast

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Trend Micro vs Avast: feature comparison

When it comes to features, Trend Micro takes the lead. Even though Avast is slightly behind, it still provides a diverse and comprehensive range of settings and functionalities.

Trend MicroAvast
Virus scans
Real-time protection
Ransomware protection
Webcam protection✅ (Available only for Mac devices)
Anti-phishing protection
VPN✅ (Separate subscription)
Parental controls
Password manager
Banking and payment protection
Social media privacy protection

Both providers are armed to the teeth. However, Trend Micro has a longer list of additional features, including parental controls and social media privacy protection. Thus, Trend Micro is a more versatile antivirus than Avast.

Let’s take this TrendMicro vs Avast comparison further and check out the highlights that each antivirus offers.

Trend Micro features

Trend Micro has a very diverse and comprehensive range of features in its arsenal. However, the features you get depend on the plan that you opt for.

One of Trend Micro’s most attractive features is its Wi-Fi protection. Together with its Virtual Private Network (VPN), the features turn public hotspots into secure Wi-Fi connections.

Trend Micro feature overview

Speaking of VPNs, Trend Micro’s VPN Proxy One Pro is included in its Premium Security Suite package and is also available for purchase separately. With it, you can protect your information and data as well as access geo-blocked content.

Additionally, Trend Micro also includes a password manager with its two more expensive plans. It comes with a touch ID, keystroke encryption, secure password generator, and web-based password management.

Another feature worth mentioning is Trend Micro’s all-in-one disk cleaning manager – Cleaner One Pro. With a single click, you can remove junk files, unwanted apps, and unnecessary data. And, for Mac users, it also comes with a Toolbar that displays CPU, network, and memory usage.

Besides that, Folder Shield is included in all plans to prevent unauthorized programs from making changes to your files. This is an anti-ransomware layer that protects local hard drives and cloud-synced folders like Dropbox, Google Drive, and One Drive.

A basic, yet still vital feature for an antivirus is Suspicious URL detection. Here, it displays a Dangerous Page warning sign in the browser for potentially malicious websites. Alternatively, it sometimes also shows an error page with a pop-up warning. In any case, you get warned before you enter the site.

If you want to find out all features, check out our Trend Micro review.

Avast features

Avast, too, is all attired when it comes to features. But, just like Trend Micro, there’s a huge disparity in what you get depending on your subscription plan.

Things like virus scans are included in all Avast plans, both free or paid. The scans will update virus definitions, probe for viruses and malware, and ferret around for advanced issues.

For more basic issues, a click of the Resolve All will fix them. But, for Avast’s help in resolving the more advanced problems, you’ll need to spring for a premium package.

A flagship feature of most antivirus software, malware protection is, of course, included in Avast’s packages. It comes with real-time protection, complete malware detection, assorted scans, real-time security updates, and more.

Next, Avast also scans your Wi-Fi networks and all connected devices to comb for vulnerabilities. This prevents hackers from committing data theft through your Wi-Fi network.

If you opt for Avast’s premium version, you’ll see even more advanced features. For starters, real-time Wi-Fi security alerts. Here, you’ll be notified if the network is vulnerable or if someone has joined it. Additionally, you’ll also be alerted if Avast detects potentially harmful activity on the public networks that you join.

Avast has a ransomware shield, too. This protects your files and photos by preventing anyone from changing, modifying, or encrypting your documents without permission.

avast protection dashboard

On top of that, the 256-bit AES encryption Avast SecureLine VPN is also included in the provider’s Avast One package and can be purchased separately. The purpose of a VPN is to encrypt your data so it would become unreadable for third parties. This includes governments, hackers, or your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Plus, it helps to bypass geo-restrictions so that you can access content from around the world.

To learn about all of the features, read our Avast Antivirus review.

Trend Micro vs Avast: which offers better protection?

To determine which antivirus offers better protection, I took a look at how independent laboratories evaluated both Avast vs Trend Micro. Both antiviruses scored almost equal results and earned some of the highest awards.

Trend MicroAvast
AV-TestTop productTop product

Starting from the AV-TEST, the providers were on identical footing. They scored the full 6 points across all 3 categories – protection, performance, and usability. Both were awarded the TOP PRODUCT certificate. And, as if there wouldn’t be enough similarities already, both also received the AAA rank on SE Labs.

The only difference is in their AV-Comparatives results. Here, Trend Micro did really well and got the Advanced award. However, Avast took it to the next level and snagged the highest Advanced+ award.

All things considered, Avast is better than Trend Micro in terms of protection. Although independent lab tests were almost identical, Avast got the upper hand because it offers a firewall and the sandbox tool for extra security.

Real-time protection

For real-time protection, Trend Micro offers a real-time scan. The scan runs continuously in the background and checks for security risks each time a file is received, opened, downloaded, copied, or modified.

Similarly, Avast’s real-time protection also works in the same way. It runs in the background and scans files/folders when opening, modifying, and saving them to protect against viruses and other threats.

However, Avast also offers a sandbox tool where you can test a suspicious app in an isolated environment. Since the apps running within this environment have limited access to your files and system, it doesn’t present any risk to your devices or files.

Malware protection

Trend Micro has a slight edge on the malware protection front than Avast since it has a more comprehensive multi-layer protection in addition to dedicated measures.

Trend Micro’s first line of defense is a scan for known malware. Then, it moves on to heuristic analysis to look for malware-like behavior patterns to seek out new or not-yet-familiar malware.

Besides that, the antivirus also has dedicated defenses against specific threats like fileless malware, tech-support scams, phishing, cryptocurrency-mining malware, and keylogging malware.

As for Avast, it also has a variety of features to detect and remove malware. Among them are complete malware detection, real-time security updates, Web and Behavior Shields, assorted scans, and Wi-Fi intruder alerts.

Firewall protection

Having a firewall with your antivirus is important because it helps secure your network. With a firewall, you’re secured from outsider threats because it monitors your network and denies unauthorized access.

Unfortunately, Trend Micro doesn’t offer a firewall with its plans. Meanwhile, Avast does include a customizable firewall that is powerful and flexible as well.

Avast antivirus advanced firewall

With Avast, you can customize and whitelist specific applications so that the firewall fits your needs and preferences. For example, you can easily configure app rules, unblock a particular app, add trusted and untrusted networks, and adjust strictness.


Both Avast vs Trend Micro feature a variety of scanning options. With Trend Micro, you get real-time, manual, and scheduled scans.

Trend Micro scanning options

Its real-time scan is enabled by default and ongoing. However, you have the option to exclude certain files from the scan. Plus, you can also select additional settings like scan network drive, compressed files, and floppy disk at shutdown.

Meanwhile, for the manual scan, you have the option to run a quick, full, or custom scan. You can only run one scan at a time. As for its scheduled scan, the antivirus runs a quick scan every week. Alternatively, you can also set a time for the scan to begin.

Avast, too, offers a range of scans. On top of the usual full and quick scans, there are also options to run smart, custom, targeted, scheduled, and removable drive scans.

Avast scanning options

PC performance

In terms of performance, it’s another close match – both providers scan relatively quickly but are intense on system resources. For smart scans, Trend Micro takes slightly longer but is more lightweight. The same could be said for Avast when it comes to full scans.

It’s common for antivirus software to affect device performance as they’re constantly scanning all the files and programs. And there is no avoiding the task since scans are vital to update virus definitions, search for viruses and malware, and seek out advanced issues.

However, as far as antivirus goes, both Avast and Trend Micro didn’t affect device performance too badly. During the AV-Comparatives performance impact test, Trend Micro scored a 15.5 (12th place) while Avast clocked a 9.8, claiming a spot in the top 10.

As for my own tests, I checked how long the providers’ quick and full scans take. I’ve also noted the changes in CPU, memory, and disk usage during the tests.

Quick scan

Trend Micro and Avast both scanned quickly with Avast leading at just 50 seconds. However, in terms of system resources, Trend Micro was more lightweight. This is especially so if you compare the two’s disk load as Trend Micro used only 26% while Avast maxed out at 100%.

Trend MicroAvast
Smart scan
0 h 2 min 10 sec0 h 0 min 50 sec
CPU load
Memory load
Disk load

Overall, both providers ensured very fast scans when running quick ones. However, Avast was extremely heavy on disk usage.

Full scan

When performing a full scan, Trend Micro and Avast wrapped things up in just a little over 18 minutes.

Trend MicroAvast
Full scan
0 h 18 min 12 sec0 h 18 min 45 sec
CPU load
Memory load
Disk load

While both had rather similar memory loads, during the full scan, Trend Micro was a little intense on CPU and disk loads.

All things considered, it’s too close to call as both providers have their hits and misses in regards to PC performance. One disadvantage that they have in common is high disk usage. The fair thing to do is to declare a tie.

Pricing and plans

Trend Micro is the more wallet-friendly provider than Avast if you compare them in terms of pricing. Trend Micro has 4 plans, making the entry tiers much cheaper than the ones offered by Avast, which includes 2 subscription options.

Let's take a look how the pricing of both antivirus providers differs (all prices are introductory and valid for the first year):

PlanTrend MicroAvast
Free30-day trial$0.00
Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security
$19.95/year (Windows only)
Trend Micro Internet Security
$39.95/year (Windows only)
Trend Micro Maximum Security/Avast One $49.95/year
Trend Micro Premium Security Suite/Avast Premium Security
Check Latest DiscountsCheck Latest Discounts

Trend Micro has a range of packages at different price points to cater to different users. It also offers a free 30-day trial and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. That’s basically 60 free days!

Meanwhile, Avast offers the Avast One and Avast Premium Security tiers as well as various business packages on top of its Avast Free plan. There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee included. However, the prices of paid entry plans are way bigger than Trend Micro’s.

In brief, with prices starting from $19.95/month, Trend Micro offers much cheaper entry plans and better value for your buck than Avast. Also, the big selection of plans allows you to opt for the one that offers only what you need.

Trend Micro antivirus plans

Trend Micro offers 4 packages, with prices starting from PRICE/month. And the best part is that you can enjoy the premium features free of charge with the 30-day trial.

  • Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security – $19.95/year, 1 device
  • Trend Micro Internet Security – $39.95/year, 3 devices
  • Trend Micro Maximum Security – $49.95/year, 5 devices
  • Trend Micro Premium Security Suite – $59.95/year, 10 devices

For the biggest discounts, you can check out our Trend Micro coupon codes.

It’s tempting to go for the Antivirus+ Security package since it’s so affordable but it’s only a good option for Windows users on a tight budget. It protects just 1 Windows device and offers only very basic features.

Of the 4 plans, Premium Security Suite delivers the best value for your dollar. It’s only 10 bucks more than the Maximum Security plan and yet it protects twice as many devices. Plus, you also get some very nifty extra features, such as a VPN, dark web monitoring, and remote diagnosis and repair.

Avast antivirus plans

In addition to a free version, Avast also offers 2 paid plans and a selection of packages for businesses. Because Avast Free is, well… free, you’ll only get to enjoy the very basic security features.

For well-rounded protection, its paid versions are the way to go:

  • Avast One – $29.99/year, 5 devices
  • Avast Premium Security – $50.28/year, 1 device
  • Avast Premium Security – $29.99/year, 10 devices

Check out our Avast coupon codes to get the best price.

Avast Premium Security costs $69.48/year for the first year and is a good option if you require protection for up to 10 devices. But if you want to protect a singular device, the price goes down to $50.28/year. The plan comes with handy features like webcam protection, sandbox, remote access shield, and firewall in addition to the basic functionalities.

Besides that, there’s also Avast One, which supports up to 5 devices, for $50.28 for the first year. For the majority of users, this plan offers the best value since it’s priced the same as getting Avast Premium Security for 1 device. Not to mention that you receive everything from Avast Free and Avast Premium Security alongside additions like Avast SecureLine VPN and adware protection.

Overall, Trend Micro has a wider range of packages than Avast, helping appeal to different budgets.

Apps and interface

Both Trend Micro and Avast’s interfaces are modern and easy to navigate. It all comes down to your personal needs and preferences. Trend Micro’s interface is cleaner and more beginner-friendly. Meanwhile, Avast’s interface is more packed, which could become slightly overwhelming for those less tech-savvy.

Desktop Apps

Trend Micro’s interface is as easy as it gets. It’s a very streamlined display with everything sectioned to Device, Privacy, Data, and Family fields.

Also, right at the center, there is a massive Scan button – it can’t be more simple to find. If you hover over it, you’re given the option to select from quick, full, or custom scanning options. This shows that navigation is super-intuitive thanks to the straightforward layout.

Trend Micro interface

Meanwhile, Avast’s desktop app is sleek and contemporary. All of its features are neatly sorted into four categories. While that does mean that there will be some clicking action required to find particular features, it didn’t cause any difficulties.

Avast desktop app interface

If anything, the features being structured into Protection, Privacy, and Performance sections only shows how extensive in terms of features the software is.

Mobile apps

Trend Micro mobile app offers a streamlined experience with everything accessible from the main page. Using the features section, you can browse through available tools and even various tutorials regarding device security. As for the scanning button… you wouldn’t miss it even if you tried.

Trend Micro mobile app

As you scroll through the main page, it also displays various additionalities, including Web Guard, secure browser, fraud prevention, social network privacy, a wifi checker, and more. And by the scanning button, you’ll find all the security reports you need.

Moving on, the Avast mobile apps are ten times less complex than the desktop ones. You can find all of the essentials by simply scrolling through the main page. Identity protection, a VPN, wifi protection, and a photo vault – it’s all there.

Avast mobile app interface

Also, the scanning button is at the top of the screen, making it simple to find. In terms of design, the dark themes and structured features make the app appear very organized and clean and you’ll certainly have no issues trying to figure it out.

Ultimately, both providers offer simple apps that are intuitive and visually appealing, so it all comes down to your preference. While Trend Micro is more straightforward than Avast, the latter is nicely sectioned as well.

Customer support

Trend MicroAvast
Email✅ (24/7 with paid version)
Live chat✅ (24/7 with paid version)
Phone✅ (24/7 with paid version)
Remote assistant✅ (24/7 with paid version)
Social media platforms
Knowledge base

Trend Micro offers better and more affordable customer support options than Avast. While both providers have somewhat similar support channels, Avast sets many limitations on its support unless you spring for its Avast Care package.

Trend Micro offers a variety of support channels, including 24/7 live chat, email, and phone. Alternatively, you can hit up its massive help center to find hundreds of articles on all-things antivirus.

As for Avast, it also offers 24/7 email, live chat, and phone support. But they’re only available if you pay $39.00/year for its Avast Care package. Otherwise, the free support options are limited to phone and email support during business hours, FAQs, community forum, and a knowledge base.

Overall, Trend Micro is better than Avast in terms of customer support options with its selection of support options and good availability. Plus, unlike Avast, it doesn't package its assistance as just another product and charge for it.

Trend Micro vs Avast: final verdict

Category Trend MicroAvast
User experience

All things considered, both Trend Micro and Avast are great antivirus options that offer robust security features and first-class protection. Yet, Trend Micro is the better antivirus as it had a few advantages over Avast.

Trend Micro takes security very seriously and offers basic as well as advanced features for protection. Additionally, it offers a selection of packages at different price points to cater to all users. Plus, it has many customer support options, including 24/7 services.

Meanwhile, Avast is more costly and doesn’t include as many features. However, it does offer a firewall, which Trend Micro lacks. Beyond that, it also has great performance, yet could improve its customer support options.

Ultimately, though, Trend Micro is the winner in this Trend Micro vs Avast battle. It’s cheaper yet offers more features. Plus, it’s beginner-friendly and ensures customer support 24/7.

Alternatives to Trend Micro and Avast

If neither Trend Micro nor Avast is right for you, there are many other options out there. I’d recommend giving Bitdefender and Norton Antivirus a try.


A massively popular provider, BitDefender is sought-after due to its excellent performance and best-in-class malware detection. Beyond that, its packages are feature-rich with things like multi-layered ransomware protection, built-in VPN, and tracking protection.

BitDefender is popular with home users and businesses alike. Its prices start from $23.99/year and it also offers a free version.

Norton Antivirus

Often vying for the number 1 spot alongside BitDefender, Norton Antivirus is a familiar name for many. The provider is known for its excellent malware detection rates as well as great real-time protection.

On top of that, it’s perhaps the most feature-packed antivirus out there. Among the features that it offers are real-time threat protection, VPN, Smart Firewall, password manager, dark web monitoring, and Norton Crypto for cryptocurrency mining.

Norton’s plans start from a very affordable $9.99/year.

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