NordPass vs Keeper: Which One's Better?

NordPass and Keeper and two well-known password managers which are excellent at autofilling credentials while you browse or shop online. Apart from their basic features, they also include useful tools, like a password generator, to further help you boost the protection of your personal data.

However, the question is, how to know which one’s better? In this NordPass vs Keeper comparison, I will go over their features, pricing, security, and compatibility to help you decide which one’s the best for you.

Keeper vs NordPass – an overview

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🔒 Encryption:XChaCha20AES-256
🖥️ Platforms:Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOSWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS
🌐 Browser extensions:Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, and SafariChrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, Internet Explorer

Which one is more secure?

It’s only fair to wonder how password managers protect your data before purchasing one. Luckily, both NordPass and Keeper are transparent about their security practices and fully disclose information about the measures they take to protect your passwords.

Both of them encrypt your passwords with robust algorithms, support multi-factor authentication to secure your accounts, and are even audited by independent consulting firms to check whether they comply with the highest security standards.


In order to ensure that your data is secure, Keeper uses AES-256 encryption. This is a military-grade cipher which is widely used by top password managers. Due to the high usage rates, it’s often even called the golden standard within the industry.

Since NordPass is always leaning towards innovation, it takes a more modern but no less secure approach. Instead of using the standard AES encryption, it employs the xChaCha20 algorithm.

According to the experts, this cipher is as secure as the one used by Keeper, but up to three times faster. So, with NordPass you can not only be sure that your data is safe, but also enjoy speedy services.

Multi-factor security

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an essential part of strong security which helps to protect your accounts from breaches. In simple terms, it requires you to verify your identity beyond just simply entering your username and password.

In our NordPass review, we have discovered that it has three options to help you set up two-factor authentication (2FA). You can either use an authentication app, security keys, or backup codes. As for authentication apps, it supports all of the popular ones – Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Authy, and others.

If you’re interested in using a USB security key for MFA, NordPass requires it to be compliant with the FIDO U2F standards, like the YubiKey. You can simply check if your chosen key is supported by opening your NordPass account and inserting the key for verification.

Keeper also offers multiple options for MFA. Those include authentication apps, hardware tokens, security keys, SMS and smart wearables, like the Apple Watch. However, experts say that SIM-based 2FA is one of the most insecure methods and easiest to bypass by hackers. So, I wouldn’t recommend using it, even if it’s an option.

Data storage

If you’re taking precautionary measures and carefully using only completely unique, strong passwords, you’ll need quite a bit of space in the vault to fit them all. Luckily, both NordPass and Keeper give unlimited password storage. Such limitless credential storage is not so common among other password managers, so it’s a huge advantage.

Additionally, NordPass also provides unlimited secure data storage for free. You can keep files, photos, and documents in an encrypted vault. You only need to download a separate NordLocker app to use it. Yet, it works with the same NordPass account, so you don’t need to re-register or purchase a new subscription.

Keeper, on the other hand, requires you to subscribe to the Family plan if you want to store data other than passwords. It gives 10 GB of space to keep your passport copies or other sensitive files in the storage vault.

Privacy policy

Keeper and NordPass are both zero-knowledge security providers. This system architecture is designed to ensure that neither company employees nor third parties could access information stored in your vault.

However, in order for the service to operate properly, these providers collect some non-personally identifiable data. For example, according to Keeper’s Privacy Policy, it keeps aggregate user statistics and website traffic to administer their site and its performance. This data includes the following:

  • Website traffic statistics
  • Date and time of the site visit
  • Browser type
  • Frequency of visits
  • Type of the most visited pages

Additionally, Keeper collects parts of limited personal information for account management purposes. It includes your username/email address and phone number if you use it for 2FA.

NordPass also collects some data but only for account verification and management purposes, just like Keeper. If you’re concerned about the safety of your sensitive information, keep in mind that both password managers take effective measures to secure it.

Third-party security audits

In order for the zero-knowledge promises to hold value, both password managers went through audits by independent auditing firms. They’ve been tested whether they comply with the highest security standards and whether there are any present vulnerabilities on the systems.

In 2020, all of the NordPass desktop and mobile apps, including browser extensions, were audited by a German cybersecurity consultancy company, Cure53. While the experts identified a few vulnerabilities, they were immediately fixed when the tests were still ongoing.

So, the conclusion of the report states that NordPass is in a good shape regarding security. You can find the full summary of the report by logging into your Nord account and heading to the Reports section.

Keeper also underwent third-party security audits and, in fact, passed the Service Organization Control 2 (SOC 2) examination. This procedure fully tested the management and operational methods and took over 6 months to complete.

NordPass vs Keeper: features overview

You can definitely find Keeper and NordPass on the list of the best password managers. Their useful features definitely contributed to that, as they both provide easy password importing and sharing options, have tools to generate strong passwords, and even give emergency access to your account.

However, not all of the Keeper features come included in the basic subscription plans. For some of those, like a data breach scanner, you have to pay extra. Comparing the two password managers, NordPass comes as an all-round solution which incorporates everything within one purchase. So, I would recommend it if you seek a feature-rich tool.

Password importing

If you’ve previously used a password management service, you know that it holds a lot of data entry points (a.k.a passwords, notes, credentials). That’s why, in a situation where you don’t like the service, you might be discouraged to switch. After all – how do you transfer all of them to another tool?

Luckily, NordPass offers simple options to import existing passwords. You can get them from your browser, like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or another password manager. It supports imports from LastPass, 1Password, Dashlane, and Keeper itself.

NordPass import

If none of the options suit you, you can download and upload all of your password to one spreadsheet, save it as a .CSV file, and import it to NordPass without any troubles.

Similarly, Keeper supports imports from browsers and other password management tools. You can quickly get your security data from KeePass, RoboForm, EnPass, Zoho Vault, and other products.

Account and password recovery

In case you forget or lose your master password, both Keeper and NordPass offer the possibility to recover your account. It’s a big advantage since most password managers are not so forgiving.

With Keeper, you can set up 5 trusted contacts to get emergency access to your vault. However, this feature is primarily designed to help if you pass away, or become incapacitated or disabled. So, there’s a specific time period which must pass before the contact gains access to your account.

NordPass also offers the Emergency Access feature to its premium users. The specified contacts receive read-only access to your passwords. Although it’s exceptionally useful, we advise you to use it only as the last option to recover your account.

Password generator

Using strong and unique passwords can significantly reduce the risk of data leaks. It’s essential to include capitals, digits, and even symbols to make them as hard to crack as possible. Luckily, you don’t have to do that manually, as Keeper and NordPass offer a password generator feature.

With NordPass, you have an option to either create strong passwords that consist of multiple different characters or phrases. It’s pre-set to generate 12-character long passwords with capital letters, numbers, and symbols. You can easily alter the preferences, like exclude certain characters or customize the length of it.

NordPass password generator

If you want your unique password to be easier to remember, you can choose the word mode. It creates passwords of up to 10 phrases which are separated with your selected punctuation.

Keeper’s password generator operates in a similar manner. For example, you can customize the length of the password and which type of characters to include. The main difference is that it doesn’t allow you to create passphrase passwords.

Password sharing

You no longer have to share passwords with your family and friends via unprotected platforms. The password sharing feature allows you to give your passwords securely – by encrypting them in the transit stage. In simple terms, they are not shared in plain-text.

nordpass share password

With NordPass, you can easily select your chosen login details, enter the recipient’s email address, and share it in an encrypted form. Additionally, you can share the entire folders and transfer items. The password will only be decrypted once the designated person accesses it. So, no one except you and your chosen contact can use it.

Keeper also provides a secure password sharing feature which you can use to safely manage shared accounts.


Autofill is the feature which helps to quickly access your accounts without the need to manually type the login details. Keeper calls this function KeeperFill, and you can download it separately or use it directly through the app.

You can go through all the saved credentials on the app and once you click on the desired entry, you’ll be automatically signed in. Additionally, you can even set up hotkeys to either immediately launch KeeperFill, or to auto-fill usernames and passwords.

NordPass autofill feature

NordPass autofill function also allows you to access your accounts quicker. For example, whenever it detects a sign-in web form, you’ll see the NordPass icon – click it to select which account details you want to fill automatically.

Other features

Among the basic password manager features, Keeper and NordPass include a few extra ones. For example, they both have a data breach scanner which monitors the dark web marketplaces to find out whether your personal information hasn’t been leaked.

Keeper calls this feature the BreachWatch and, unfortunately, it’s not included within the subscription plans – you have to purchase it separately. NordPass, on the other hand, includes this tool with all subscriptions, except the free version. So, I would definitely say that it adds extra value when choosing a password manager.

Plans and pricing

Check pricingCheck pricing

NordPass and Keeper give users the flexibility to select different subscription options according to their needs. You can get NordPass from $1.43/month and Keeper from $1.46/month. While from a first sight it might seem that Keeper is cheaper than NordPass, it’s essential to take into consideration what features are included within the plans.

Even though the pricing of NordPass is higher, the tool supports active devices with all paid subscriptions. Keeper, on the other hand, offers its services for 1 user only with the Premium plan, and for users with the Family plan.

Additionally, Keeper doesn’t include a data breach scanner within its subscriptions – you have to pay extra for it. The same pricing strategy goes for some other additional features. Therefore, I would definitely say that NordPass is a better and an all-inclusive option where you don’t have to worry about extra payments.

Keeper plans

Keeper doesn’t have an extensive list of subscription options, but there are the essential ones that should cover each user’s needs.

  • Keeper Unlimited – $1.46/month
  • Keeper Family – $3.12/month

The base subscription is Keeper Unlimited which costs $1.46 for 1 user. It includes unlimited password storage, a password generator, and can be used on an unlimited number of devices.

If you want your subscription to cover your family members, the Keeper Family plan costs $3.12/month for 5 users. You can use all of the features included in the Unlimited package, plus secure records sharing.

It’s worth mentioning that Keeper has some extra add-ons which you can get for an additional price. For example, it has a BreachWatch – protection from data leaks – that costs $1.67/month. You can also get storage on the Cloud from $0.83/month or one-on-one training and support from its team for an extra $8.33/month.

Also, Keeper has a limited free version and a 30-day free trial.

NordPass plans

NordPass pricing strategy is mainly focused on the duration of the subscription. The longer subscription period you select, the bigger discount you get. These are the available plans:

  • NordPass 1-year plan – $1.99/month
  • NordPass 2-year plan – $1.43/month

To get the best value for your money, it's recommended to opt for a 2-year plan, which now costs only $1.43/month.

However, with each of these subscriptions, you get unlimited password and data storage, secure notes, a password generator, secure item sharing, and a data breach scanner.

Additionally, NordPass has a free version which can be used on 1 device. It also includes all of the premium features, except a data breach scanner and secure item sharing.

Platforms, interface and ease of use

Supported OSWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOSWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS
Browser extensionsChrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and EdgeChrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge and Explorer
Number of connectionsUnlimitedUnlimited

In terms of compatibility, NordPass and Keeper support the most popular platforms, such as Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. It’s very easy to install the dedicated apps and get the software running on your device.

Apart from that, you can also download the dedicated browser extensions, as both password managers offer such possibility. NordPass has extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge. Keeper also has all of the previously mentioned extensions plus one for the Internet Explorer.

Their applications are designed to be easy to use and user-friendly. I don’t find any drawbacks that would make either NordPass better than Keeper and vice versa. For that reason, I call it a draw.

Desktop apps

NordPass desktop applications are very easy to navigate since every feature is carefully categorized under relevant tabs. You can quickly access your passwords, secure notes, credit card details, and other important information via the left-side bar. Additionally, there are separate sections for the Settings and Tools.

NordPass desktop vault

However, keep in mind that the functionality of the app depends on which subscription option you choose. If you use the free version, some attributes will most likely be inaccessible to you.

Keeper desktop apps are also highly user-focused to deliver the best experience. You have quick access to your password vault, identity and payment details, and deleted items. I would say that the app is well-developed and easy to use for both new users and veterans.

Browser extensions

NordPass browser extensions are exceptionally useful to help you autofill web forms when accessing your social media accounts, shopping, or doing banking online. You can easily install them on all most popular browsers.

nordpass extension

However, it’s essential to note that they won’t give you access to other password manager’s features and you won’t be able to alter preferences in the settings. For that, you’ll be redirected straight to the desktop app.

Keeper also has dedicated browser extensions which offer the same functionality. The only difference is that you can also install it on the Internet Explorer.

Mobile apps

Keeper has apps for Android and iOS which are slightly visually different. Yet, they provide similar functionality. The dashboard consists of the Vault, Identity and Payments, Two-factor Codes, and other essential features.

When I tested the applications, I was able to do everything as on the desktop app except exporting/importing passwords. Overall, I liked the design, as it’s simple and not cluttered with unnecessary tabs, tools, and visuals.

nordpass mobile app screenshot

NordPass also has dedicated apps for both operating systems and they are not only visually identical but also equally rich in features. You get the dashboard with categories just like on the desktop app which you can use to quickly access tools and saved information.

Customer support

Both password managers work hard to provide extensive and helpful customer support options. The most important thing to mention is that Keeper and NordPass both provide live 24/7 support to help you get answers as quickly as possible. I’ve tried each of their services and the dedicated agents were professional and helpful.

Apart from that, there are other options for how you can get support. Keeper offers an extensive knowledge base on its websites – user guides, FAQs, video tutorials, as well as tips and tricks. You can even register for a free Q&A technical support webinar.

NordPass support page

NordPass also has a well-constructed help center where you can find how-to guides, submit a request, and read FAQs. Additionally, you can reach the support team via [email protected] email if you have any inquiries.

Video review

More of a visual learner? Check out or Keeper vs NordPass comparison on YouTube!

NordPass vs Keeper – which one to choose?

Pricing & plans
Customer support

During the tests, NordPass has ticked every box to be declared a winner. It has a handful of useful features, affordable and flexible pricing plans, as well as impeccable security.

I was especially impressed by how professional and helpful its customer support agents were. Yet, it’s only a cherry on the top when evaluating its overall performance.

Keeper, on the other hand, is also a great password manager. It’s compatible with all most popular platforms and has well-designed apps that are easy to use.

However, the main drawback of Keeper is that even though it has useful features, not all of them are included in the subscription plans. Some of them you have to purchase separately and pay extra, while NordPass is an all-in-one solution.

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