Best VPNs for Final Fantasy XIV in 2024

Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most popular multiplayer online role-playing games released over a decade ago. Unfortunately, due to matchmaking issues, high ping, and overcrowded servers, the quality of the game drastically drops.

Luckily, using a VPN allows you to access the game servers that are usually unavailable for you, battle with advanced players, and enjoy FFXIV without stuttering.

Plus, getting a foreign IP address isn’t the only thing that a VPN can offer you. With a reliable VPN, like our favorite NordVPN, you can also avoid DDoS attacks that unfair players might launch on your IP address, and lower your ping.

Considering that the VPN market is flooding with well-rated VPN services, we have tested and listed only the best VPN services for Final Fantasy XIV in 2024. Read below and choose your favorite one.

Top 5 best VPNs for Final Fantasy XIV

What makes a great VPN for FFXIV?

A few main characteristics make a VPN suitable for gaming. Without them, you might end up having a bad experience as if you wouldn’t use a VPN for FFXIVl.

  • Security. Robust security comes from strong encryption, therefore, only the market-leading AES-256 encryption should be offered by a VPN provider. The kill switch feature should also be included to protect your IP address.
  • Performance. A VPN shouldn’t interfere with your FFXIV gaming experience by burdening your network connection. The next-generation tunneling protocol will ensure fast connection speed without compromising your safety.
  • Server fleet. As FFXIV is only available in selected countries, it’s important that a VPN would have a widely distributed and large server fleet. This way, you will be able enjoy not overcrowded servers and experience the game internationally.
  • Extra features. To be the best VPN for Final Fantasy XIV, the service must include extra features such as split tunneling to choose what apps go through VPN traffic, or obfuscated servers so that your school or workplace wouldn’t stop you from playing the game.

The best VPNs for FFXIV - our detailed list

The amount of VPN services available today makes it tough to make a final decision. Therefore, we have heaped a list of the best VPNs for Final Fantasy XIV in terms of security, performance, pricing, and more.

1. NordVPN – the best VPN for FFXIV in 2024

NordVPN banner
Servers/Countries:6300+ servers in 111 countries
Free version:No
Price:From $3.09/month
Current deal:🔥 Get NordVPN, now up to 69% OFF + 3 months FREE! 🔥

NordVPN is the best VPN provider for Final Fantasy XIV, which offers a next-gen suite of security features and lightning-fast connection speeds. With over 6300 servers located in 111 countries, you can enjoy the game without a single lag.

Security and privacy: first of all, this VPN uses advanced AES-256 encryption that ensures full security and anonymity. The kill switch feature is also available for protecting your IP address when a VPN connection drops.

Performance: NordVPN is one of the fastest VPNs available today. The reason behind this is the NordLynx tunneling protocol that it uses. It’s an improved version of the WireGuard protocol which guarantees excellent connection speed and reliable protection.

Features: a rich list of features is another reason why this VPN is great for FFXIV. Here, you will find the split tunneling feature for choosing what apps should go through a VPN connection. By using the obfuscated server, you can hide your VPN connection from the government and other third parties. There’s also the Meshnet feature for enjoying LAN parties and securing connection between your or your friends’ devices.

Compatibility: NordVPN has dedicated features for all the major operating systems. You can also set it up on a router and share the connection to gaming consoles, like the PlayStation, and streaming devices. With a single account, you can protect up to 6 devices simultaneously.

Overall, this VPN is an excellent choice for Final Fantasy XIV. Plus, as a market-leading VPN, its pricing is considerably well. You can use it by paying as low as $3.09/month.

Learn more about the features in our NordVPN review.

2. Surfshark – premium VPN with the best price and quality ratio

Surfshark banner
Servers/Countries:3200+ servers in 100 countries
Free version:No
Price:From $2.29/month
Current deal:🔥 Get 85% OFF Surfshark + 2 months FREE 🔥

Surfshark is another fantastic VPN for FFXIV that won’t disappoint you. Not only that it offers unlimited simultaneous connections within a single account, but it also protects you from DDoS attacks and lowers your ping. The server fleet of 3200 servers in 100 countries is just one more stimulus to get this VPN.

Security and privacy: by not collecting any activity logs and offering AES-256 encryption, this VPN ensures that your data stays protected from prying eyes. The kill switch feature is also on the list and works great in protecting your IP address.

Performance: Surfshark offers a respectful list of tunneling protocols that include WireGuard, OpenVPN, and IKEv2. By selecting the WireGuard tunnel, you receive as great connection speed as you wouldn’t use a VPN.

Features: with this VPN, you can be sure that your back is always protected. Split tunneling, obfuscation, P2P connection for torrenting, ad blocker, and more – basically, every essentiality is here. Additionally, Surfshark includes its own antivirus protection that stands among the best antivirus providers today.

Compatibility: it’s one of the easiest VPN apps to use we have ever seen. You can get it for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, various gaming consoles, streaming devices and connect an unlimited number of devices at once.

As far as it goes, Surfshark is one of the best VPNs you can get today. It gets even better knowing that you can have it for as low as $2.29 per month and stay protected at all times.

Gain valuable insights from our Surfshark VPN review or compare Surfshark vs NordVPN for a comprehensive evaluation.

3. IPVanish – versatile Final Fantasy 14 VPN

IPVanish banner
Servers/Countries:2200+ servers in 52 countries
Free version:No
Price:From $2.75/month
Current deal:🔥 Get 78% OFF IPVanish! 🔥

IPVanish comes as a comprehensive VPN service for FFXIV that also offers fast connection speeds. With it, you can unblock servers from the other side of the world as it has 2200 servers in 52 countries.

Security and privacy: the market-leading AES-256 encryption will encrypt your traffic and make it impossible to access. By using a customizable kill switch feature, your IP address will remain protected even when the VPN connection is lost. Plus, the company itself doesn’t collect any activity logs.

Performance: with the implementation of the WireGuard tunneling protocol, this VPN can offer you a stable and fast connection speed. There is also an OpenVPN protocol and IKEv2 on the side.

Features: IPVanish has a selection of server types, like obfuscated ones for masking your VPN connection or those that support P2P connection, which is excellent for torrenting.

Compatibility: you can get this VPN on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and also for your router, which lets you share a VPN connection straight to your gaming console. Moreover, this provider allows you to connect unlimited simultaneous connections, making staying safe easier.

IPVanish is a reliable VPN option not only for playing Final Fantasy XIV but also for ensuring a better everyday online experience. It is also one of the most affordable VPN services as its pricing starts from $2.75/month.

Find out more details in our IPVanish review.

4. ExpressVPN – excels in security and performance

ExpressVPN banner
Servers/Countries:3000+ servers in 105 countries
Free version:No
Price:From $6.67/month
Current deal:🔥 Get ExpressVPN, now 49% OFF + 3 months FREE! 🔥

ExpressVPN is a well-developed FFXIV VPN that tightly holds its security and connection performance. And with over 3000 servers across 105 countries, it’s easy to find a server that works well for gaming.

Security and privacy: this VPN uses industry-leading AES-256 encryption, which makes your data unreadable, and the kill switch feature prevents IP leaks if a VPN connection drops. Meanwhile, the independently audited no-logs policy ensures the provider doesn’t have your personal information collected as well.

Performance: the in-house-built Lightway tunneling protocol is what ExpressVPN can brag about. It delivers fast and stable connection speeds without impacting your safety. Apart from it, you can also use IKEv2 or OpenVPN tunnels.

Features: first and foremost, Stealth servers (or obfuscated servers, in other words) can help you use a VPN in places with VPN blocks. With split tunneling, you can personalize your VPN connection and choose what sites or apps will route through a VPN. And Threat Manager blocks online trackers and other malicious activity while browsing.

Compatibility: ExpressVPN offers intuitive apps for all major devices. It even has a router applet, making it easier to set it up and share a secured connection for unlimited devices. If you’re not planning to use a router, the maximum number of connections is x.

All in all, ExpressVPN is, without a doubt premium service. But, as a premium provider, it also has a price to consider first, which is $6.67/month. Not the cheapest option, but worth giving a try.

Read up on this provider in the full Express VPN review, or fare it against the #1 in our NordVPN vs ExpressVPN comparison.

5. CyberGhost – VPN with most servers

CyberGhost VPN banner
Servers/Countries:11500+ servers in 100 countries
Free version:No
Price:From $2.03/month
Current deal:🔥 Get CyberGhost VPN, now 84% + 4 months FREE! 🔥

With over 11500 servers in 100 countries, CyberGhost is the most geographically diverse Final Fantasy XIV VPN provider. Moreso, it guarantees excellent connection speed and helps you successfully bypass online blocks.

Security and privacy: like all reputable VPNs, CyberGhost too uses AES-256 encryption and keeps all snoopers away from your data. In the meantime, an automatic kill switch protects your IP even if a VPN connection drops. Lastly, an independently audited no-logs policy ensures complete privacy for your online activity.

Performance: by using the famous WireGuard tunneling protocol, this VPN is capable of offering you lightning-fast connection speeds without noticeable speed drops. If you prefer, you can also use OpenVPN or IKEv2 protocols.

Features: even though CyberGhost doesn’t have obfuscated servers, it offers you specialized servers for gaming, streaming, and torrenting. Plus, it has a robust ad blocker, which helps you prevent adware, trackers, and infected websites.

Compatibility: the beginner-friendly and modern-looking app is what you get with CyberGhost on whatever device you choose. It can be Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and not as modern version on Linux.

Overall, CyberGhost is a simple but strong FFXIV VPN service. Its starting price is as little as $2.03/month, so your budget stays nearly untouched.

Get to know more about it from our CyberGhost review.

How we selected and tested these FFXIV VPNs

Testing and picking out only the most suitable VPNs for FFXIV required us to pay attention to several key points that can determine whether the service is going to serve you well:

  • How secure and private the VPN is. During our tests, we ensured that a VPN would use only the strongest AES-256 encryption, include critical features like a kill switch, and follow a strict no-logs policy.
  • Does it offer a fast and stable connection speed. Each VPN was tested in terms of connection speed. The WireGuard tunneling protocol is the one that ensures that your connectivity won’t be affected too much and you won’t experience speed drops.
  • What extra features are available. When choosing a VPN for FFXIV, it’s important that the service would comprehensively protect you by offering a selection of features. We ensured every listed VPN would have the split tunneling feature and various servers, like obfuscated ones.
  • Compatibility level of a VPN. Final Fantasy 14 is available on Windows, macOS, and the latest PlayStation versions. That’s why we have looked for those VPNs that would offer apps for these devices and even more types of OS.
  • Price and quality ratio. Having robust protection shouldn’t be a luxurious thing. Consequently, we have picked out only those providers that offer both – reliable VPN service and an affordable price.

Why do I need a VPN for FFXIV?

As popular as this game is, it still comes with its kinks. Fortunately, an FFXIV VPN can solve them. Here’s how:

  • Bypass geo-restrictions. Playing FFXIV in the local server might get boring or even frustrating. It’s easy to come across overloaded servers where the players don’t match your needs. With a VPN, you can easily connect to other server locations and enjoy foreign competitors.
  • Avoid DDoS attacks. Not all players are as good as they want to be; hence, they choose an unfair way to win the game. A VPN will protect you from another player launching a DDoS attack on your IP address and interfering with the gaming experience.
  • Stop the ISP from throttling your connection. Playing FFXIV might take up a lot of bandwidth, and this is the thing that your ISP doesn’t take too well. Consequently, your connection speed can get slowed down. However, a VPN will hide your online activity from the ISP and your ping get lower.
  • Get around FFXIV's overcrowded servers. Many want to play the game, but there are not enough FFXIV servers to have quality time without lagging. Fortunately, a VPN with a large server fleet helps you to get the IP address from wherever you need and avoid overcrowded servers.

How to play FFXIV with a VPN?

Even though the setup process differs from a VPN to a VPN, it remains an easy task to do. No technical knowledge is needed as long as you follow the steps that we show below:

FFXIV with NordVPN
  1. Get and install a reputable VPN. NordVPN worked great for us.
  2. Launch the VPN app.
  3. Make sure the fastest protocol and kill switch are enabled.
  4. Connect to the server in the wanted region.
  5. Launch the game.

If you come across any issues, feel free to leave a comment below or contact your VPN’s customer support team.

Is it illegal to use a VPN with Final Fantasy 14?

No, using a VPN to play Final Fantasy XIV isn’t illegal. You’re allowed to use it for location change purposes. However, the rule stops being valid as soon as a VPN becomes a tool for unfair gaming. It’s strictly prohibited to assault other players. This way, you can get banned from the game for a set amount of time.

You can also use a VPN legally if your school or workplace has blocked Final Fantasy 14 but keep in mind that this goes against the company’s terms or rules.

Having all in mind, to avoid any inconveniences from using a VPN with Final Fantasy XIV, we suggest you use obfuscated servers. Those are excellent whenever you want to hide your VPN connection from vigilant eyes.

Can I use a free VPN to fix the lag in FFXIV?

Yes, you can use a free VPN to fix the lag in FFXIV. However, it’s not the best option to go for. The chances of improving your game experience with a free VPN service are meager. After all, these VPNs come with quite a list of limitations.

First, you get data caps, so the game won’t last for long as most of free VPNs only offer 5 or 10 monthly GB to use. Next to data caps, there are also restrictions regarding the connection speed that combines with small and overcrowded server fleets. The slow network connection is always around the corner.

Moreover, you receive very few security features that might also be outdated due to low investment in the app. The lack of investment sometimes forces free VPNs to collect and sell your data to third parties. As a result, you end up having your safety and privacy compromised.

After all, a free VPN will never offer you as good online time as a premium VPN. In fact, nearly all gaming VPNs, like NordVPN, offer free trials and 30-day money-back guarantees. Those allow you to try the service risk-free and feel the quality of top-notch VPN services.


Playing Final Fantasy XIV without a reputable VPN can cause frustration. Overcrowded servers, nasty players attacking with DDoS, the ISP interfering with the connection speed, and even more.

If you choose the correct VPN service, like our best-ranked NordVPN, improved gaming action and overall better online protection is guaranteed. This VPN only uses advanced features that offer robust protection and fast connection speed.

Hopefully, our guide has helped you decide on which VPN suits you the best, and you can move on to fully enjoy FFXIV.

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