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Wix transaction fees explained in 2024

Wix is an ideal website builder for e-commerce sites seeking easy setup and on-site payment solutions. Although it is one of the most affordable website builders, you should be aware of Wix processing fees.

These fees add to the overall Wix website cost, but I’m giving a heads-up that it's well within reason. Unlike Shopify or BigCommerce, this service doesn't charge transaction fees, reducing Wix website costs depending on your sales.

In this article, I'll explain additional Wix e-commerce pricing that applies using its proprietary Wix Payments feature.

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Wix offers numerous benefits for e-commerce websites, but it outshines the competition, eliminating transaction fees. Using Wix, you can sell as much as you want online without paying a percentage to third parties.
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What are Wix transaction fees?

There is a subtle difference between Wix transaction and processing fees. Some website builders charge a percentage of your sales, but not this one. Wix fees only involve the amount it spends processing your payment to ensure a speedy and secure service. Take a look at the table below for a breakdown of Wix payment processing fees.

Payment methodWix fees in the USWix fees in the EUWix fees in Canada
Credit/Debit card2.9% transaction amount + 0.30 USD1.9% transaction amount + 0.30 EUR2.9% transaction amount + 0.30 CAD
Apple Pay2.9% transaction amount + 0.30 USD 1.9% transaction amount + 0.30 EUR2.9% transaction amount + 0.30 CAD
American Express3.7% transaction amount + 0.30 USD3.1% transaction amount + 0.30 EUR3.5% transaction amount +
Wix Payments Point of Sale2.6% transaction amountNot available 2.7% transaction amount

How Wix transaction fees work

Wix payment fees kick in whenever you are using the Wix Payments service to process funds on your website. If you're wondering how much does Wix cost, check our in-depth piece on Wix pricing plans. In this case, we will explain Wix Payments fees related to running an e-shop.

Firstly, Wix Payments is only available on Business, Business Elite, and Core plans and is unavailable on Light and Wix's free version. After you start processing funds through your website, Wix will invoice you on the first of every month for all costs related to transfers on Wix Payments.

Whenever you sell a commodity on your website, Wix Payments organizes the transaction between the customer's bank and payment processor network (Mastercard, Amex, etc.). After all parties authorize the purchase, the funds, minus the Wix processing fee, are transferred to your bank account associated with Wix Payments.

In other words, Wix does not directly draw funds from your bank account but subtracts the costs from the final transaction.

Wix vs other e-commerce platform fees

To put things into perspective, let's compare Wix to Shopify and BigCommerce. The most noticeable difference is that Wix does not charge transaction fees, which are 0.5% to 2% on Shopify and 1.5% to 2.2% on some BigCommerce plans. This is one of Wix's strongest advantages, as transaction fees add up to quite a lot if your e-shop is successful.

However, there are also significant setbacks. Wix Payments is currently available only in 15 countries and 6 currencies and lets you use only one currency for the whole store. Shopify Payments services 23 countries with multiple currency supports.

Transaction feesNone0.5%-2%1.5%-2.2%
Payment service in15 countries23 countries32 countries
Currencies supported6 currencies, one per storeMultiple currenciesMultiple currencies

To summarize, the lower cost of Wix fees is better for local businesses but lacks a few benefits required for international brands.

How to reduce Wix transaction fees

Because Wix does not apply a transaction fee and processing fees are primarily determined by banks and payment networks, it is not possible to reduce Wix transaction fees directly on their website.

However, if you notice that processing fees are excessive, you can slightly increase your commodity prices to compensate. Remember that there are no Wix transaction fees, so you can sell as much as you can and worry only about payment processing costs, which opens up opportunities to modify product prices or invest elsewhere.

You can also offer commodity bundles to increase the price of a single purchase instead of applying processing fees to smaller transactions. One way or another, you will have to use some marketing knowledge to reduce Wix fees.


Wix is undoubtedly one of the best website builders, and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. What's more, because there are no Wix transaction fees, you can increase sales volumes without sharing a single percentage of your profits.

But do not mistake transaction fees for processing fees. Wix must ensure financial transaction safety and communicate with third parties, so they apply a processing fee to compensate for that. That's a common practice, and calculating such expenses beforehand will help you set your prices accordingly.

If you think Wix and it’s processing fees would work well for you, check our our Wix review to find out more on what this website builder has to offer and how it compares to others.


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