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MLB.TV not working with VPN in 2024: easy fixes

MLB.TV is the go-to streaming platform for baseball lovers. It has everything you need, with most of the matches in both minor and major leagues.

However, MLB.TV isn’t available in every country, and some games are limited to specific regions. To get around blackouts, use a VPN. It hides your IP and actual location.

However, in 2024, you might find MLB.TV not working with a VPN. The most likely cause is that you’re using a poor VPN service, which MLB.TV can identify easily.

VPNs that don’t unblock MLB.tv
Private Internet Access VPN

We tested 42 VPNs to find possible reasons why MLB.TV isn't working with a VPN and listed the 9 easiest fixes.

Why MLB.TV is not working with a VPN?

If MLB.TV isn’t working with your VPN, there are several possible causes, including:

  • VPN detection. Recently, MLB.TV has become more stringent in its approach to VPN usage. Some providers that previously worked seamlessly with MLB.TV are no longer effective.
  • Leaking IP. Poor-quality VPNs don’t offer the same level of security and privacy. Some fail to hide your IP. If that’s the case, MLB.TV knows your true location.
  • Blacklisting. VPNs share IP addresses with multiple users. If you connect to an overused server, the streaming site might associate you with unusual behavior, and block you for security purposes.
  • Restricted location. MLB.TV isn’t available in every country. If your chosen VPN server is located in a restricted country, MLB.TV’s going to block your access.
  • MLB.TV recognizes you. IPs aren’t the only thing that gives away your location. Your browser cookies and cache might still have traces of your true location.
  • Firewall blocks. Some VPNs, even the ones from trusted providers, are automatically blocked by your device's firewalls or antivirus.
  • Software. VPNs, like all software, require updates to keep your device secure and the app running smoothly. Without the latest update, your VPN might have trouble connecting to the internet.

There are several reasons why MLB.TV might not work with a VPN, so it's crucial to pick a trustworthy VPN provider in the first place.

VPNs that work with MLB.TV in 2024

There are a lot of different opinions online about which VPNs work on MLB.TV and which don’t. To save you from useless purchases, we tested 42 VPN providers to check their unblocking capabilities, speed, security and privacy. Here’s our list of the top 3 streaming VPNs that work with MLB.TV for the best baseball-streaming experience.

MLB TV not working with VPN: 9 quick fixes

Having trouble with MLB.TV not working with your VPN? There are several common reasons for this. But don't worry, there's a solution for each one. Here are 9 quick fixes.

Change VPN servers

MLB.TV has become better at detecting VPNs. If your VPN suddenly stops working, your IP might be blacklisted. Choose another server based in one of MLB's approved countries to fix this.

It’s best to pick a provider with an extensive server network like NordVPN. With more locations, you can access content from nearly any part of the world, and if you do get blocked, there are plenty of other options.

NordVPN locations

Select your desired country from the dashboard to switch servers and hit connect.

Clear your local browser storage

MLB.TV is aware that VPNs exist and don’t just depend on your IP to determine your location.

Deleting your browser’s cache and cookies can help hide traces of your location. It's really fast. Just go to your browser's Settings. In Chrome and Firefox, you'll find cookies under Privacy & Security, in Edge under Clear Browsing Data, and in Safari under Manage Website Data.

Wipe your DNS

Your DNS cache holds information about your IP, helping your browser load pages faster, but it can also reveal your actual location to MLB.TV. To prevent this, you should flush your DNS.

On Windows:

  1. Open the Start menu and type Command Prompt
  2. Launch Command Prompt as an admin
  3. Type ipconfig /flushdns in the terminal and hit Enter Flushing DNS via Command Prompt

On macOS:

  1. Open the Terminal (Command + Space)
  2. Type sudo dscacheutil -flushcache; sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder
  3. Press Enter and confirm your password if necessary

On mobile devices (iOS and Android:

Switching Airplane mode on and off or resetting your mobile device can clear the DNS cache. Another option is to reset network settings:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Click on General or System
  3. Tap Transfer or Reset iPhone or Advanced
  4. When the Transfer or Reset iPhone page appears, tap Reset and confirm

Keep up to date

Keeping software updated doesn’t just help improve your online security, it keeps everything running smoothly. Here’s how to make sure everything is up to date:

On Mac:

  1. Back up your device
  2. Open System Settings
  3. Click Update Now In Software Update

On Windows:

  1. Open the Start Menu
  2. Select Settings
  3. Click Check For Updates in Windows update
  4. Press Download & Install if an update is available Windows up to date

On Linux:

  1. Open Terminal (CTRL+ALT+T)
  2. In the terminal, enter “sudo apt update”
  3. Once done, type “sudo apt upgrade” and hit Enter

Apart from regular system updates, updating your VPN regularly is important to ensure great performance and security. For NordVPN subscribers, updates are mostly automatic. However, for some providers, you may need to take additional steps: navigate to the app settings, look for an update section or any software-related notifications and hit update.

Use advanced privacy features

NordVPN and other premium VPN services have excellent privacy features. These privacy features make it more difficult for MLB.TV to identify you.

NordVPN specialty servers list
  • Try activating Kill Switch in settings to prevent IP leaks to mid-stream
  • Use obfuscated servers that are designed to mask your VPN usage
  • Check out Dedicated IP to avoid sharing your IP with others and dodge MLB.TV blacklisting

Check your settings

Check your network and firewall settings. You might not have internet access. Also, firewalls and antivirus software can sometimes mess with VPN connections. So, it's a good idea to see if this is why MLB.TV isn't working with your VPN.

If you don’t have internet access:

  1. Put your device on airplane mode
  2. Reboot your Wi-Fi router
  3. Turn off airplane mode and reconnect to your internet

If you can’t load any sites:

  1. Temporarily switch off your firewall and antivirus
  2. Retest VPN
  3. If it works, add your VPN to your “Allow List”
  4. Switch your antivirus and firewall back on

Switch VPN protocols

Most providers have different VPN protocols available, some of which are more evasive than others. MLB.TV might recognise your protocol’s behaviour and block you. To see if that’s the issue:

  1. Navigate to your VPN settings
  2. Select Connection
  3. Click the drop-down menu labelled VPN protocol
  4. Pick a new VPN protocol
  5. Wipe your data – including caches, browser history, and DNS
  6. Retry MLB.TV

Contact customer support

Try customer service if all else fails and you want to stick with your current provider. The best VPNs have agents available 24/7. These experts can guide you through setting up a VPN for MLB.TV and give you tips on the best servers to use.

On the other hand, some poorer-quality VPNs offer limited customer support options or won’t engage in any discussions regarding geo-restrictions. But there’s no harm in giving it one last shot.

Consider switching to a better VPN provider

Sometimes, if MLB.TV isn’t working with your VPN, it’s because you’re using a lousy provider. Subscribing to a high-quality service is the most effective way to bypass detection.

Get around MLB.TV blackouts with NordVPN
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How does MLB.TV detect VPN usage?

As a big name in baseball streaming, MLB.TV can afford top technology to detect and block VPNs. It checks various key signs like:

  • Your IP. MLB.TV keeps track of website visitors through IP addresses. If you’re using a VPN which is heavily overused, it might already have a long history with MLB.TV, which makes it much easier to identify.
  • Local storage. Your cookies, browser cache, and DNS all leave traces of your true identity. If the streaming site compares your previous location history and sees it doesn’t match up, that’s another red flag.
  • Encryption. VPNs encrypt your online activity to protect your privacy. But MLB.TV can monitor your network history, detect the encryption, and, by doing so, determine you’re using a VPN.


MLB.tv is cracking down on VPN users. More and more subscribers report being blocked by the platform while using a VPN. If MLB.TV isn’t working with a VPN, there are a few easy fixes.

Firstly, make sure MLB.tv supports your VPN location. Check that everything is up to date and that your network is configured correctly. Switch between servers and VPN protocols. Then, wipe your browsing data – history, caches, and DNS.

If that doesn’t work, try a top-tier provider like NordVPN. It ensures privacy and security by providing strong encryption, fast speeds, and excellent performance. With 6300 servers worldwide, you have many other options to pick from if one is down.

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