Yahoo! fined 10 million euros over cookie policy

French data watchdog CNIL has fined media giant Yahoo! a mighty 10 million euros ($10.86 million) for its unsavory cookie practices.

CNIL imposed the fine on the American web services provider Thursday.

The watchdog accused the company of "failing to respect the choice of Internet users who refused cookies on its main website and for not allowing users of its e-mail client to freely withdraw their consent to cookies."

Yahoo EMEA Ltd., the Ireland-based European subsidiary formally subject to the fine, is reviewing the decision to decide on "appropriate next steps," it said when contacted by Reuters.

The French regulator said its investigation found around 20 cookies, small amounts of data used for advertising purposes, were left on an user's device when visiting, despite the absence of any expressed consent.

Concerning Yahoo!'s e-mail client, the CNIL found users could not withdraw their consent for cookies without giving up their access to the company's messaging service.