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Top Cybersecurity Blogs to Follow in 2023

Cybersecurity is a concept that continuously changes as new threats appear every day and experts update existing practices to prevent the latest attacks. So, if you want to keep up-to-date with what’s happening in cyberspace, the best way is to follow cybersecurity blogs and websites.

You can find a wide variety of articles and how-to guides explaining how to stay safe while browsing online and using your devices. They even give advice for those who are pursuing a career in cybersecurity or completing their certifications.

Apart from that, online resources are not only useful for home users, but also for business owners. Great cybersecurity blogs provide valuable security briefs, list the newest cyber threats to look out for, and even offer training webinars.

However, with the number of security pages available online, it might be hard to choose the ones with trustworthy and continuously updated information. So, we have completed a thorough research to find the best cybersecurity blogs and websites for you to follow in 2022.

Heimdal Security – best educational cybersecurity resources for individuals and organizations

Heimdal Security
Main topics:Malware removal, account security, mobile and desktop device protection
Resources:Cybersecurity news, latest threats, how-to guides, glossary, daily tips
Online courses:Free webinars and training courses for beginners

Heimdal blog is one of the top cybersecurity websites that you should follow. It covers the latest threats, provides security tips, and even comprehensive guidelines to help business and home users protect their devices.

You can easily find information by browsing through the cybersecurity glossary – a carefully categorized list of articles and instructions in the alphabetical order. There’s also a search bar that you can use.

Apart from that, Heimdal Security also offers free online cybersecurity courses. You can either enroll in a beginner’s training or sign up for a webinar – all free of charge.

Cofense – leading blog about phishing and email security

Cofense blog
Main topics:Phishing, malware analysis, news, threat intelligence, email security, ransomware
Resources:Informational articles, podcasts, how-to guides, news posts, whitepapers, videos
Online courses:Phishing and security awareness training upon request and free on-demand webinars

Cofense blog is another supreme website that has valuable content. It primarily focuses on phishing prevention and email security. However, you can also find it covering other topics as well – malware and ransomware analysis, latest news, etc.

What’s worth mentioning is that the content can be filtered out by topic or theme. So, you can easily find news articles or how-to guides depending on which cybersecurity topic is interesting to you.

Keep in mind that Cofense blog not only produces educational content in the form of articles, but also has a great podcast and even video materials. Additionally, you can participate in one of the upcoming webinars or re-watch the old ones.

Hexnode – top tips for Apple and Android device protection

Hexnode cybersecurity blog
Main topics:Endpoint management, enterprise security, latest cybersecurity news
Resources:How-to guides, quick reads, news articles
Online courses:Free cybersecurity webinars

Hexnode blog is a very modern website with carefully curated cybersecurity content. You can navigate through popular posts, editor’s picks, and must read articles to find the latest security news.

Additionally, there’s an extensive list of information related to management of different devices, such as Apple and Android products. You can find articles about endpoint security and managerial practices in the Explained section.

It’s worth mentioning that Hexnode also provides free online courses regularly. You can sign up for the upcoming webinars about various cybersecurity topics with your email.

Digital Shadows – premium blog curated by threat intelligence analysts

Digital Shadows cybersecurity blog
Main topics:Threat intelligence, dark web research, brand protection, data leaks, general security
Resources:Research reports, whitepapers, articles, podcasts, how-to guides, datasheets
Online courses:Free webinars

Digital Shadows blog provides insights about active malware, threat actor groups, and gives advice on best cybersecurity practices. It’s curated by a team of experts and analysts who cover popular topics, such as dark web research, data leaks, and threat intelligence.

You can read research reports, whitepapers, how-to guides, and informational articles on the blog. Yet, it has other useful resources as well. For example, you can listen to the ShadowTalk podcast or participate in free online webinars.

What else is that the Digital Shadows blog contains archives and allows you to filter posts by year. So, you can easily find articles about current threats or check posts about their previous versions and see how they’ve evolved.

Cipher – blog addressing latest cybersecurity incidents and best practices

Cipher security blog
Main topics:Threat analysis, general security, vulnerabilities, phishing and scams, cybersecurity news
Resources:News, whitepapers, educational articles, checklists, eBooks
Online courses:Free webinars and streaming video sessions (for registered users only)

Cipher website has a blog section where you can find valuable insights, industry trends, and news about cybersecurity. It mainly focuses on threat and vulnerability analysis, general security tips, and exposing active scams.

There’s a main page with all recent articles, how-to guides, and educational posts. Apart from that, you can also listen to the podcast or watch videos about various cybersecurity topics.

It’s worth mentioning that Cipher blog has a dedicated events section where you can find upcoming cybersecurity conferences and other events. There’s also a possibility to take part in one of the free webinars if you register an account.

InfoSec Institute – large cybersecurity database also covering industry insights

InfoSec Institute blog
Main topics:Malware analysis, hacking, penetration testing, phishing, general security, news, threat intelligence
Resources:Podcasts, video tutorials, how-to guides, news articles, preparation material for certifications
Online courses:Free cyber security training for individuals and organizations

InfoSec Institute helps both beginners and professionals to advance their IT skills and expand their knowledge. It has a blog with an extensive database that covers a variety of cybersecurity topics and even provides industry insights.

You can find detailed malware analysis reports, tips to protect against phishing, and general security advice. Apart from that, InfoSec blog offers video tutorials, podcasts, and interviews with IT experts.

If you’re considering a career in the cybersecurity industry, you can also find preparation material for the most popular IT certifications, enroll into online training courses, and read about salary trends or skill gaps.

Herjavec Group – valuable resources to build strong cybersecurity practices

Herjavec Group blog
Main topics:Security news, threat detection and analysis, data privacy
Resources:Guides, tips, news articles, interviews, analysis reports
Online courses:On-demand webinars and talks

Herjavec Group blog is oriented towards information sharing about ways to build strong cybersecurity practices and improve the existing ones. You can find valuable how-to guides, security tips, and malware or vulnerability analysis reports.

The blog resources can be filtered by categories, such as Threat Advisory, Security News, Cybersecurity Conversations, and others or by the service offering, like Technology Implementation, Incident Response, etc.

It’s worth mentioning that if you’re a business owner, Herjavec blog has a dedicated Cyber CEO section where you can find useful tips about how to develop a security-driven business. There also are on-demand webinars and talks with cybersecurity experts that you can watch for free.

SecureLink blog

SecureLink blog provides educational articles and industry insights about the most popular cybersecurity topics. Both home users and businesses can find valuable information about best practices and latest threat news.

Apart from that, the overviews of security tools and other posts are accompanied with video content that you can use to better understand the subject. There’s also a possibility to participate in webinars that are focused on critical access management.

What’s interesting is that this website also offers cybersecurity lessons for governmental institutions, like healthcare organizations or school districts on how to prevent cyber attacks and stay safe online.

Ubisecure – useful resources for managing digital identity

Ubisecure blog
Main topics:Identity management
Resources:Podcasts, videos, news articles, case studies, how-to guides
Online courses:On-demand webinars and training for organizations

Ubisecure is an identity management blog that educates about the importance of digital identity protection. It offers valuable insights about ways to reduce the risks of identity theft for both regular users and enterprises.

You can listen to podcasts or watch explanatory videos to understand how cybercriminals exploit digital identities for malicious purposes and what are the consequences for you, as an individual or as a business. Additionally, Ubisecure offers how-to guides and real-life case studies about the latest cybersecurity solutions to protect digital identities. It also covers the latest industry trends and news.

If you want to get even more practical tips, you can enroll in one of the upcoming on-demand webinars or watch the previous ones. These materials are free for all blog readers.

Tripwire blog
Main topics:Security controls, vulnerability management, cloud, DevOps, ICS security
Resources:Informational articles, podcasts, VERT archives, slideshares, news, educational YouTube webcasts
Online courses:No

Tripwire is a great blog offering the latest cybersecurity news and insights in various media forms. It covers the most popular topics, such as vulnerability management, cloud security, software development and IT operations (DevOps), and many others.

You can quickly navigate through featured articles, topics, podcasts and other resources. The blog even has a dedicated section of its Vulnerability and Exposure Research Team (VERT) where you can find research tips, security updates, and weekly cybersecurity news.

What’s worth mentioning is that Tripwire offers not only written resources but also produces engaging visual and verbal content – YouTube webcasts, slideshares, and podcasts.

ReviewedByPro – security tips and product reviews for home users

ReviewedByPro website
Main topics:Cybersecurity news, data privacy, security product reviews and comparisons
Resources:How-to guides, news articles, review posts
Online courses:No

ReviewedByPro is a blogging website where you can find useful information about how to stay safe online. It covers the latest cybersecurity news, notifies about emerging threats and reviews security products.

The articles are categorized into news, privacy, security, and recovery. So you can easily navigate through the website to find relevant information. Additionally, ReviewedByPro blog provides how-to guides explaining how to protect your privacy or deal with security-related issues.

You also get an opportunity to use the customer support option. You can either ask questions about reviewed products or browse through existing answers to the questions of other users.

Intruder – good vulnerability research resources for cybersecurity enthusiasts

Intruder blog
Main topics:Industry news, vulnerability research, and general security advice
Resources:How-to guides, informational articles, news, analytical reports
Online courses:No

Intruder blog is another good source for cybersecurity news and educational articles. It contains how-to guides that are useful for both home users and small businesses. You can also find valuable tips about general security topics.

Apart from that, this website contains multiple analytical reports about recently discovered system vulnerabilities and informational posts explaining cybersecurity-related terms.

You can find what’s interesting for you by navigating through the resources section. This blog is categorized by guides, blog posts, and research articles. All the uploaded information is free and you can even subscribe to the monthly Intruder newsletter.

Cybers Guards – get weekly cybersecurity news and updates

Cybers Guards website
Main topics:Industry news, vulnerabilities, phishing, privacy, malware, security software
Resources:News articles, how-to guides, software reviews
Online courses:No

Cybers Guards is a website dedicating its resources to educate people about various cybersecurity topics. It focuses on the latest industry trends and news, vulnerability reporting, phishing attacks, and other.

The blog is carefully curated into sections, like cybersecurity, technology, reviews, and software. So, you can easily find how-to guides, news articles, and even the most popular software reviews.

If you’re generally interested in cybersecurity and not looking for specific topics, Cybers Guards blog offers a hand-picked weekly news list where you can find the latest updates about what’s new in the industry.

However, since all of the content is free for all users, you should expect to see quite a few ads while browsing through the blog.

SecureBlitz – tips and tricks for best cybersecurity practices

SecureBlitz website
Main topics:Phishing and online scams, security, data privacy, industry trends, software
Resources:Reviews, tutorials, how-to guides and videos, interviews, news articles
Online courses:No

SecureBlitz is a blogging website that covers a wide variety of cybersecurity topics, including industry trends, news, and latest phishing or online scams. It has useful material for both regular users and businesses.

The content is categorized into separate sections, like reviews, news, tutorials, interviews, and others. So, you can browse through these categories to easily find information on the SecureBlitz blog or even use the search bar for a particular topic.

It’s worth mentioning that this blog not only provides useful tips and tricks in written how-to guides, but also has quick tutorial videos. Apart from that, you can find software reviews and comparisons for the most popular security products.

CyberTalk – good cybersecurity resources for business CEOs

CyberTalk website
Main topics:Cybersecurity news, data privacy, software, threats
Resources:News articles, whitepapers, videos, interviews, how-to guides, solution briefs
Online courses:No

CyberTalk website provides cybersecurity news and insights for business executives. It covers popular topics, such as active threats, data privacy, security, and latest news.

Enterprise owners can look into whitepapers categorized by topics, such as blockchain, phishing, cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), and others. There are also solution briefs with valuable information about best cybersecurity practices for your business.

Even though it identifies its main audience as CEOs, there are useful security tips and information for home users as well. For example, people can listen to insightful talk videos with Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) about a variety of different topics.

Cyber Management Alliance – news and insights about cyber management and cybersecurity

Cyber Management Alliance website
Main topics:Industry insights, general security, data privacy
Resources:How-to guides, educational and informational articles
Online courses:Paid training courses and free online webinars (for registered users only)

Cyber Management Alliance specializes in information security training and has a dedicated cybersecurity blog. It focuses on articles about industry insights for IT specialists and general security for home users.

You can find information about how to employ best practices when using devices at home or work. There are also useful articles for those who are pursuing a career in the cybersecurity industry.

It’s worth mentioning that there are educational security courses that are available for a fee. If you’re looking for free training, you can find a number of webinars on the Cyber Management Alliance blog as well. Yet, you must register an account to access them.


If you want to keep up with what’s happening in cyberspace, you must continuously follow the latest trends, news, and insights from top cybersecurity blogs and websites. This applies for both entrepreneurs and regular users.

Our curated list can help you not only learn how to protect your information, devices, and company network but also provide valuable information about how to start a career in the cybersecurity industry.


Abhishek joshi
Abhishek joshi
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Perfect list of cyber security blogs, thanks for sharing
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Thanks for sharing this content with us, your content is really helpful for me, and keep posting.
Abhishek joshi
Abhishek joshi
prefix 8 months ago
Great list to follow cyber security blogs, thanks for sharing
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