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Best tools and services for website owners in 2023

There are numerous tools and services that are primarily designed to help people build, maintain, and upgrade websites. However, if you’ve just decided on your online business idea, it might be hard to pick products that would be the best fit for your needs.

Whether you want to build a new website, optimize an existing one or start an effective digital marketing campaign to promote either one of them – we’ve got you.

Below you can find a list of the best tools for website owners who are interested in web development, eCommerce, content writing, communication or all-in-one solutions!

Best tools to enhance your content

Scribendi – Business or corporate editing and proofreading services

Scribendi banner
Features/services:Editing and proofreading
Free:One free business sample edit

Scribendi is one of the best tools for content writing. It provides professional editing and proofreading services for businesses and corporations to save time and give a competitive edge.

Large-scale enterprises can benefit from this tool by editing their most important documents, like whitepapers, reports, marketing materials, and press releases. Small businesses can also use Scribendi for social media posts, ad copy, and corporate blog posts.

Once you submit your content for editing, you will receive the following:

  • Corrected spelling, grammar, and typing mistakes
  • Suggestions to improve content clarity, flow, and readability
  • Tracked revisions to see what changes have been made
  • A short summary about completed editing of the work

The pricing of Scribendi services depends on the word count. You can get an instant quote by uploading your document on their website.

Ginger – Ensure clear and effective communication of your team

Ginger banner
Features/services:Editing, rephrasing, and translating
Free:Free 31-day trial

Ginger is another great tool for business content writing. It can help you edit grammar, spelling and typing mistakes, and improve the writing style with smart rephrasing. Also, if you operate internationally, Ginger provides AI-based translation services from 40 different languages.

This tool is highly compatible with various marketing, sales, and support communication tools, like WordPress, Gmail, LinkedIn, and others. There’s also a possibility to integrate Ginger directly into your product or workflow with the Grammar API.

If you want to try the product out, there’s a free 31-day trial for a team of three members. Later, there’s a price of $9.99/month for each user.

Sapling – Improve the response time of sales and support teams

Sapling banner
Features/services:Suggests responses for helpdesk and chat tickets, checks for common mistakes, provides insights from customer conversations
Free:Free on Chrome, Google Docs, Outlook, and Word

Sapling is an AI messaging assistant that’s excellent for online businesses. It helps support and sales teams to respond to customer inquiries faster. You can either retrieve relevant responses from the content bank or use suggestions of most common answers.

Apart from that, Sapling checks for grammar, spelling mistakes and typing errors to ensure professional communication with your customers. There’s also an option to gain business insights from collected conversation data to further improve performance.

You can integrate it with the most popular messaging and CRM platforms, like Zendesk, Gmail, Salesforce, and others. Contact Ginger to find out about business pricing or try the Premium version for free by registering an account.

PlagiarismSearch.com – Check your content for plagiarism

Features/services:Plagiarism detector
Free:150 words checked for free

Having quality content up on your website is crucial. It not only has has to be interesting and engaging for your audience but most importantly, original.

To make sure your written content is on point, check out PlagiarismSearch.com. This tool uses a new multi-layer algorithm technology in its plagiarism search engine and provides you with detailed reports on what parts of your content should be revised or cited properly.

Besides checking your content for plagiarism, PlagiarismSearch.com also offers tools for spell check, paper analysis, and readability check, so don't hesitate to try it out when next time you're writing content for your website.

Quality tools for video and audio content:

GoTranscript – Transcription services

Features/services:Video and audio transcription into text, translation, video subtitles
Free:Free trial

GoTranscript is a little bit different from the content tools mentioned above. Instead of enhancing your written content, GoTranscript is a tool that transcribes video or audio into text.

This practice not only makes your content more accessible when listening or watching a video is not an option but also boosts your visibility online and helps SEO. Having a transcription of your video available will help search engines index your content, thus making it easier to find for more people.

The great thing is that GoTranscript provides transcription services for a variety of industries, from medical to legal, so you can be sure that even industry-specific vocabulary will be captured properly.

VEED – Online video editing tool

Features/services:Video editing, subtitles and transcription, screen recording, GIF editor
Free:Free trial

There’s no better way to attract website visitors than by providing interesting and well-made video content. While there are plenty of video editing software options out there, some of them require special skills and a powerful computer to run them.

But that’s not the case with VEED – an online video editing tool that allows you to create stunning videos with just a few clicks.

The VEED editing tool is not only intuitive and easy to use but it also offers features that help increase your team’s productivity. By allowing you to collaborate, share files with your colleagues, and create workflows, you will be able to produce quality videos in no time.

Best tools for eCommerce

OptiMonk – Create engaging eCommerce pop-ups

OptiMonk banner
Features/services:Creation and customization of on-site messages
Free:Yes, plus 2 months free with annual subscription of premium

OptiMonk is an excellent tool for increasing the number of conversions on your website. It assists in creating engaging pop-up messages that can be customized according to your target audience.

You can choose from over 300 templates by pop-up type, goal or business profile. Designed pop-ups can also be set to appear once a customer takes a specific action or be personalized to target different customer segments.

Additionally, OptiMonk can be integrated with most popular newsletter, CRM, CSM, and eCommerce platforms.

You can try its free version on one domain which supports an unlimited number of campaigns and 15,000 pageviews. The pricing of annual subscriptions start from $29/month plus you get 2 months free.

Whidegroup – Great eCommerce development services

Whidegroup banner
Features/services:Development of eCommerce sites, web design, consulting, re-platforming services

Whidegroup offers guidance through each stage of your eCommerce website lifecycle. It helps to build high-converting sites with most popular platforms, like Shopify and Magento, or deliver completely custom solutions.

This provider also specializes in auditing and consulting services to help you analyze eCommerce metrics and prepare an effective action plan. Whidegroup also has replatforming services that you can use if your existing eCommerce solutions don’t fit to your current business needs.

If you want to discuss your business idea and find out what Whidegroup experts think, you can contact them directly on the official website.

NLX Voice Compass – Verbally guides your customers

Features/services:Allows you to create self-service customer journeys
Free:Free demo

Voice Compass is a solution developed by NLX – a company harnessing the power of AI to automate and improve the customer experience.

With Voice Compass, you can create personalized journeys that help customers solve the most common issues themselves – an AI-powered voice assistant will then guide the customer and provide clear instructions and account-specific options.

NLX also offers a variety of other AI-powered solutions that enhance customer support, reduce costs and save your representatives countless hours, so make sure to check out their website for more details.

Best website development services

Tudip – Premium assistance solutions in website development

Tudip banner
Features/services:Extensive assistance in web design and development

Tudip provides powerful web design and development solutions. It helps to create dynamic websites and user interface (UI) for web applications with advanced features.

It has front-end experts, designers, business analysts, and UX/UI professionals that can guide you through each step of web development. Tudip’s extensive experience makes the development process shorter and leads to lower costs and increased productivity.

You can get an opportunity to work with the latest technologies and learn about effective content management systems or new trends in web development. If you’re interested, feel free to contact Tudip for pricing.

Jotform – full-featured online form builder

Jotform banner
Features/services:Online form integration, PDF editor, smart form builders, report builders

Jotform is a forever free online form creator and builder. The solution integrates with CRM, storage, payment, and email apps. Some of the most popular integrations include PayPal, Slack, HubSpot, and Google Sheets. Jotform is a lifesaver for those who complete repetitive online forms and want to automate their workflows.

Besides the forever free plan, Jotform has four additional pricing tiers and options. These are the Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Enterprise tiers. With each plan, your form limits and monthly submissions increase. You also gain more cloud storage space.

It’s easy to get started with Jotform since you can sign up with Facebook, email, or Google. Organizations that need to comply with HIPAA will want to start with the Silver, Gold, or Enterprise plan.

4ire – IT consulting and development in blockchain, FinTech and banking

4ire banner
Features/services:Financial and blockchain-based software development, IT consulting, assistance in digital transformation

The 4ire is a software development provider specializing in fintech, blockchain and banking. It’s an excellent provider that can help you deliver advanced financial solutions for your customers, such as permissionless, secure transactions or mobile wallets.

In terms of IT consulting, this provider offers a dedicated team of experts that can evaluate your current IT infrastructure and propose the best solutions. This way you can achieve successful business transformation and save costs.

Among the already mentioned industries, 4ire also serves the following ones:

  • Gaming
  • Entertainment
  • Real estate
  • Green finance
  • DeFi

You can contact the 4ire for pricing by booking a call or sending a message via their official website.

Plasmic – the visual page builder for your tech stack

Features/services:Visual page builder, API-first CMS, optimization suite

Plasmic simplifies the web design and content management process. Your team doesn’t need to know HTML or coding to build landing pages and include dynamic or interactive content. Besides creating landing pages, the team can design A/B tests to further hone your online content.

Plasmic provides a wide range of prebuilt templates for landing pages. These include generic landing page designs, dark and light pages for SaaS, and images designed for specific industries like travel.

Plasmic offers a forever free plan with up to three editors per project and three collaborators per team. More robust plans are available, including custom enterprise options. You can start today by signing up online or reaching out to Plasmic’s sales team through email.

Code Inspiration – Get custom software development services

Code Inspiration banner
Features/services:Development of custom software, maintenance and support of existing web solutions

Code Inspiration offers great services for web development, as well as web design. It’s focused on delivering interactive, approachable, and functional solutions for website owners.

You can get help with the development of the following solutions:

  • Web portals
  • CRM, CMS, and ERP systems
  • Single page apps
  • Specific solutions

Currently, Code Inspiration has expertise in trading services, retail, sport, real estate, entertainment, and other industries. So, website owners can use its services to either develop new software or get help in maintaining and optimizing the existing ones.

If you’re interested in the pricing, you can use the in-built calculator tool on the Code Inspiration website or contact them directly.

Decipher Zone – Great Java development company

Decipher Zone banner
Features/services:Web app and eCommerce development, web design

Decipher Zone provides eCommerce and web app development services. It includes website and user interface design, as well as the optimization of CRM and CMS systems. Whether you’re using WordPress or Magento, this provider has suitable solutions for both.

Apart from that, Decipher Zone offers event and ticket management solutions that can help you build effective booking systems catering large audiences. It can also assist you in creating interactive social networking platforms to gain quality customers.

Other Decipher Zone’s services include the following:

  • UI and UX designing
  • SEO optimization
  • UX enhancement

It’s worth mentioning that this provider gives a 3-month warranty on completed web application development and technical support to solve any potential issues.

SpiralScout – Full-service software development offerings

SpiralScout banner
Features/services:Web app development, design, IT staff augmentation

SpiralScout is a full-service software development company that specializes in building websites, web apps, and other digital products. You can get all-round help with developing, designing, and optimizing your website.

The offered solutions can assist in increasing your revenue, attracting more users and outside investments, as well as efficient scaling. It’s main focus is on the following fields:

  • Education technology
  • Ecommerce
  • Business automation
  • Custom development

Additionally, SpiralScout offers IT staff augmentation when you need to meet strict development deadlines or complete specific technical tasks. It helps to reduce costs and improve efficiency during the development process.

You can get in touch with the provider to discuss your specific website needs via the form on the official SpiralScout website.

Tekki Web Solutions – Create impactful websites and web apps

Tekki Web Solutions banner
Features/services:Building SaaS, eCommerce, and custom web apps, front-end and back-end development services

Tekki Web Solutions is a custom software development company. It follows the agile development methodology to help create interactive websites for the best user experience.

You can use these services to build a simple prototype, redesign your existing website or create a complex web application. Tekki Web Solutions have experienced teams of designers and developers to help you through each step of the process.

During the development stages, you’ll be involved in the planning, familiarized with the technology architecture, and provided with weekly demos to make sure you get the best solutions.

You can book a free 30 minute call with the experts at Tekki Web Solutions to discuss your project and estimate the potential pricing.

Reliable hosting services for your website

UltaHost – Fast and reliable hosting

Features/services:VPS and VDS hosting, shared hosting, dedicated server

If you're set on developing a website yourself completely from scratch, one of the first things you need to figure out is web hosting. There are plenty of companies offering various types of web hosting, so it can be a bit tricky to choose the right one for your project.

Luckily, Ultahost provides solutions tailored to whatever website idea you may have, whether it is an eCommerce store or a social network. This provider also removes the headache of dealing with the server yourself – all of their plans come with fully managed servers, so you don't have to worry about a thing.

The great thing about Ultahost is that you can choose from servers with different price points and features, so you can be sure you're not overpaying for your hosting.

TurnUpHosting – Affordable hosting

Features/services:Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting

TurnUpHosting is a provider on a mission to make hosting affordable and accessible for everyone.

With TurnUpHosting, you can get your website up and running for as little as $3.50 a month. And if you need a domain, this hosting provider has you covered too – TurnUpHosting has many cheap options available.

If you’re on a tight budget, look no further than TurnUpHosting. With low prices and a 99.99% uptime guarantee, this provider offers some of the most affordable and reliable hosting options out there.

Best tools for email marketing

GetEmails – Turn anonymous website visitors into customers

GetEmails banner
Features/services:Email retargeting services
Free:Free trial and a demo version

GetEmails provides safe and compliant email retargeting services for website owners. It helps to deliver relevant email campaigns to the anonymous visitors once they’ve left the site. In turn, you can retarget the users and effectively turn them into customers.

What’s worth mentioning is that GetEmails respects consumer privacy and only provides email addresses of those who have agreed to receive partner offers. Additionally, the services are compliant with applicable laws and regulations within the USA.

The pricing starts from $0.25 per contact and decreases with volume. You can try out the service with a match test of 25 email addresses for free. Also, there’s an option to get a demo version.

Best tools for marketing

Ampliz – Effective marketing campaigns made simple

Ampliz banner
Features/services:Assists in identifying target segments, provides a real-time marketing database
Free:Free trial for registered users and a demo version

Ampliz offers solutions to help you scale your marketing campaigns. You can use it to effectively identify target segments, gain insights about buyer intent, and use a real-time database with over 400M contacts and 9M companies.

The offered marketing database is continuously cleared and updated to keep only the latest information. You also get an option to choose from over 100 different filters and find contacts by industry, revenue, location, etc.

There are also dedicated experts to help you collect and verify personalized data for your marketing campaigns and support team for any necessary assistance. You can register an account on the official Ampliz website to try the service for free.

Best tools for communication

MirrorFly – Build customizable communication solutions for your web

MirrorFly banner
Features/services:Real-time chat, video, and audio calls
Free:Free trial

MirrorFly provides custom communication solutions for web applications. You can use these services to build a real-time chat app that would help you connect with your customers from anywhere at any time.

Additionally, this provider offers solutions for face-to-face interactions that can help you better understand your customers’ needs. Along the possible video calls, there’s also an option to integrate audio calls as well.

If you have other needs, MirrorFly can upgrade the chat platform with the following features:

  • Secure file sharing
  • Call queuing and waiting
  • Language translation
  • Personalized profiles, and other

It’s worth mentioning that the solutions are end-to-end encrypted with AES-256 cipher for complete data security. You can also try the service for 21 days free of charge by registering for a free trial on the official website.

Best tools for A/B testing

VWO – Top platform to find out how users respond to your website

VWO banner
Features/services:A/B, multivariate, and split URL testing
Free:Free trial

VWO is a leading A/B testing platform helping 2,500+ brands like Domino’s, HBO, eBay and Disney improve their key business metrics. It enables businesses to easily discover customer insights, A/B test hypotheses, and improve engagement & conversions across the entire customer journey.

You can use the VWO platform to perform multiple tests without the need of IT staff involvement. It has an in-built editor that allows you to make changes to your website simply by clicking on the widgets you want to add or remove.

There’s even an option to allocate visitors to specific tests if you want to run more than one at the same time. This way, you don’t get skewed results and can use accurate data to make informed decisions.

If you want to find out about the price of VWO services, you should submit an inquiry on the official website. However, you can try the platform for free right now – there’s a free 14-day trial.

Best all-in-one services

Cedcommerce – Build, launch, scale, and upgrade your website

Cedcommerce banner
Features/services:Web app development, marketing automation, digital marketing, UX/UI design

Cedcommerce is a great provider offering full-service solutions to help you develop, launch, and upgrade your website. It specializes in building ecommerce sites, as well as multi-vendor and custom solutions.

There are even ready-to-launch offerings that include the following:

  • Food store and grocery marketplaces
  • Liquor and wine marketplaces
  • Personal and healthcare marketplaces
  • Booking and appointment portal
  • Cloud hosting services and others

Apart from web development services, Cedcommerce helps with digital marketing to build and improve your brand identity. It also offers smart marketing automation solutions to increase sales on multiple platforms.

If you want to find more about the provider, you can schedule a meeting directly on their official website.

Magecom – One solution to build and upgrade your website

Magecom banner
Features/services:Web development, web design, digital marketing

Magecom offers a 360-solution to web development that can help with your every business need. It focuses on building fast and stable ecommerce websites with best UX/UI practices to attract new visitors and keep the existing ones loyal.

With Magecom, you get full support during the process and afterward – later, once you want to introduce new features or improve the existing ones. This provider also offers digital marketing services to optimize your website and attract new leads with advertising campaigns.

You can get in touch with Magecom to discuss your website via their official website.

Final recommendations

There are many different tools and services for website owners but not all of them are equally good. However, each product in our list provides truly great services to help website owners with all their business needs.

Best tools to enhance the content on your website:

  • Scribendi is excellent at editing and proofreading written materials
  • Ginger eliminated grammar mistakes and can act as an AI-based translator
  • Sapling offers automated solutions for customer support agents
  • PlagiarismSearch.com checks your content for plagiarism

Quality tools for video and audio content:

  • GoTranscript transcribes video or audio into text to make it more accessible
  • VEED is an easy to use online video editing and transcription tool

Best products for eCommerce can assist in creating high-converting websites:

  • OptiMonk provides engaging pop-ups to make visitors into customers
  • Whidegroup has solutions for all your eCommerce website needs
  • NLX Voice Compass guides your customers through various processes using AI

Top website development services helps you to make best sites:

  • Tudip creates dynamic pages with advanced features
  • Jotform creates robust forms and collects important data
  • 4ire provides development solutions for blockchain, finance, and banking
  • Plasmic simplifies the web design and content management process
  • Code Inspiration delivers interactive and custom solutions for website owners
  • Decipher Zone helps with web development and design
  • SpiralScout offers full-service software development solutions
  • Tekki Web Solutions provides end-to-end web and software building assistance

Reliable hosting services for your website:

  • Ultahost provides fully managed hosting
  • TurnUpHosting has affordable hosting and domain options available

Premium email marketing tools can help you retarget your website visitors:

  • GetEmails specializes in email marketing to turn site visitors into customers

Best marketing services can assist in building your brand:

  • Ampliz is an APAC, B2B and healthcare data intelligence platform powered by Contextual Intelligence. With Ampliz, you can effortlessly find contact information, such as email address, phone number, location, business type, job title, and advanced data attributes. Ampliz helps salespeople, marketers, and recruiters to optimize their targeting practices by providing them access to complete data intelligence.

Great A/B testing solutions provide insights about what visitors think of your website:

  • VWO platform can help you perform multiple tests to optimize your website

Top all-in-one services are useful to get complete assistance with everything you need:

  • Cedcommerce helps with developing, launching, maintaining, and upgrading websites
  • Magecom provides full support during web development and further marketing solutions

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