Apple presents new AirTag Firmware update

The tech giant Apple has just released an updated version of its AirTag firmware.

It’s the first update since October last year. That version, 2.0.61, included “bug fixes and other improvements,” according to Apple Support.

It’s not yet confirmed what kind of fixes and improvements the newest firmware update will include. Nevertheless, it’s known that the update will be implemented gradually, in several steps.

The first batch of AirTag users will be able to update their gadgets on March 19th. On April 9th, the firmware will update for everyone.

So, how do you update an AirTag? The Apple Support document also includes valuable information on how to check your current firmware version and how you can update it. To do so, keep the tag next to your iPhone.

AirTags have been the topic of conversation for some time now due to an ongoing AirTag “stalking” lawsuit, which revealed the risks that the product could pose in the wrong hands.

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