Reddit scraps Clubhouse-style chat feature

The world hardly seemed to notice as the popular social media platform announced the shutdown of its chatshow feature, Reddit Talk – and users that did pay any attention scarcely seemed to be in mourning.

Voice-based social media app Clubhouse made quite some waves after it was launched in 2019, gaining popularity during the pandemic as lockdowns forced people into physical isolation.

Despite leaking more than a million user records in 2021, as discovered by Cybernews, Clubhouse inspired the start up of similar platforms, including Reddit Talk. But as society has gradually returned to normal after COVID-19 the concept seems to have waned.

Or perhaps it was never that popular in the first place. Glancing at reactions on Reddit to the announced closure of its chatshow feature, one might be forgiven for thinking so.

Media reports of Reddit Talk’s closure, just two years after it launched, prompted a discussion thread on the regular, text-based, version of the social media website.

“Never heard of it,” was the first, laconic, observation from a user, posting under the moniker Unnoble Savage.

Another went a step further. “I’ve never heard of Clubhouse, let alone Reddit Talk,” said Supreme Dalek 925.

But a third ‘pundit’ had more to say on the matter, having clearly decided enough was enough.

“Reddit needs to focus on it's [sic] core,” opined Cesium Sandwich. “Nobody wants Reddit to become TikTok/Insta[gram]/FB/WHATEVER. Delete all that s*** and go back to Stop being scum f***ing capitalist sellout jackoffs.”

You heard it here first…

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