Chinese desert 1 Cybertruck 0: “apocalypse proof” Cybertruck destroyed beyond repair

Many have dubbed the Cybertruck “indestructible,” and Elon Musk himself has called the electric vehicle (EV) “apocalypse proof,” but it’s seemingly no match for the Mongolian desert.

The Cybertruck Owners Club, a forum where Cybertruck owners and fans alike can share their thoughts on their EVs, showcased a shocking battle between the Mongolian desert and one of Musk’s electric vehicles.

According to user KuMX, the accident supposedly occurred in the Alxa Desert (Alxa Plateau), a portion of the Gobi desert covering the Western area of Inner Mongolia. The user alleges that the vehicle “rolled down a steep hill, and it appears badly damaged.”

The unregistered, uninsured, imported Cybertruck took a beating, as shown by two videos uploaded to the forum.

The truck was supposedly a wrapped but standard grey truck. Tesla’s Cybertrucks aren’t currently sold in China and are only available in the US, meaning that the vehicle was imported and was supposedly not legally registered for road use.

Therefore, the EV cannot be repaired in the country, so the owner is left with the totaled Cybertruck.

The vehicle itself is in bad condition after the crash. Parts of the truck can be seen strewn across the desert. The windows are smashed, the doors are broken off their hinges, and the entire roof seems to have been ripped out.

Many forum users speculate that this crash was legitimate, as one user expressed reservations on the forum:

“The sand marking near the Cybertruck, a damaged Jeep strapped on top of a Ford at the bottom of the hill, the lack of "victim" or commotion...Call me a doubting Thomas (but) this whole incident looks suspicious.”

Another user shared a similar sentiment:

“Why doesn't the sand look like a truck rolled over in it? LOTS of footstep marks below the truck downhill, but uphill... not much. I'm very suspicious of this. Only thing I could see to make this real is if this was done days before and left there, the wind has moved the sand a lot and many onlookers on the nearby trail visited it by foot?”

Other users came to taunt the Cybertruck owner, saying, “Nothing like some duct tape and elbow grease won't fix” and “More money than brain cells. Luckily for them, Daddy will buy them another one.”

Cybertrucks, despite Musk’s claims, aren’t indestructible and seemingly aren’t made for off-road use.

Recently, a Cybertruck got stuck in a Slovakian lake after the user attempted to test the car’s “Wade Mode.”

Even when driven on the road, Cybertrucks aren’t all that reliable, as one man found out the hard way. Just hours after bringing his Cybertruck home, the owner crashed the car into a nearby neighbor's house after an alleged brake malfunction.