AI helps dealers discover hidden car problems

Drivers can now assess the condition of their vehicles in minutes thanks to this new AI-powered vehicle inspection system.

With time, people find more areas that could benefit from AI. In 2016, Amir and Ohad Hever created UVEye, a company specializing in automated vehicle inspection systems.

The company said these systems “offer comprehensive visibility and enhanced customer experience by scanning the underbody, tires, and entire exterior of any vehicle within seconds.”

The system has already been used by 300 dealerships in the US and has received recognition from General Motors, Carmax, Volvo Cars, and Amazon.

This AI-based scanning process doesn’t take long, as the car has to go through a scanner that takes pictures of the vehicle from all possible angles.

Then, the images are scanned through AI software to see if there are any defects.

What follows next is a ‘full condition report’ sent to a customer, who then sees what parts of their car need to be fixed.

The sibling duo founded UVEye after one of them saw how cars are checked for possible threats, such as bombs.

The vehicle would be simply checked with a mirror, hoping to spot something. Meanwhile, the company currently uses “computer vision and deep learning algorithms” to ensure everything is thoroughly examined.

So, the main aim of this program is to provide users with the possibility of preventing accidents that occur when people have no idea that something may be wrong with their cars.