YouTube trials podcast feature

The popular video-sharing platform continues its drive to host more digital talk shows with the introduction of a trial function that will allow users to upload programs with ease if approved.

If the test description is anything to go by, the feature would enable podcasters to upload a show simply by clicking on Create > New Podcast, as well as creating a new “podcasts” tab under the standard content menu to which pre-existing uploaded footage could be migrated.

A podcast analytics tool is also in the works, allowing digital broadcasters to monitor how well their shows are doing.

“To make it easier for creators to distribute their podcasts on YouTube, we’re running an experiment that allows you to create a podcast or set an existing playlist as a podcast,” said Google, which acquired YouTube in 2006.

The program, though only in the pilot stage, has so far received the thumbs-up from at least one tech influencer.

“The new tools that YouTube is testing out encompass pretty much everything a creator would need to roll out podcasts on the platform, from uploading to showing analytical data,” claimed 9to5Google.

Right now only a few selected testers will be able to see the changes made to YouTube, for purposes of trialling the new feature.