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Best internet security suites in 2024

Internet security suites provide essential antivirus protection for all your family's devices. With one package, you can cover PCs, Macs, Android, and iOS devices, making it easy to manage and eliminating the need for separate antivirus subscriptions for each device.

In today's digital landscape, threats lurk around every corner, making it crucial to safeguard your data and privacy. That's why we recommend security suites equipped with a variety of tools, including antivirus, VPN, firewall, and password managers, to shield you from potential dangers.

After testing many top security suites, we've discovered their main differences. Some offer basic features, while others boast a wide range of security elements. We've put together a list of the best security suites based on our hands-on experience. Our aim is to help you pick the right security suite for you, which meets all your needs and keeps all your devices safe.

Top 5 best security suites of 2024

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How to choose the best internet security

When picking a reliable antivirus with robust internet safety suite, you must be extra careful. Many providers claim to be the best, but most of them quickly fall short of their promises. So, when choosing the best security suite, consider these things:

  • Essential security tools. Undoubtedly, a reliable antivirus should offer robust scanning options, malware prevention, real-time protection, anti-spam, and anti-tracker features.
  • Additional features. Some providers offer additional features like a webcam, microphone, and even online payment protection, which will come in handy too. Also, we strongly recommend looking for a security suite that includes a VPN and a password manager.
  • Performance. Before choosing a security suite, check out reviews or performance tests with independent labs, such as AV-Comparatives, to see how it impacts your computer's speed and performance. You can also try out free trials to see if it slows down your system during scans or regular use.
  • Detection rates. Check out the antivirus software's ability to detect different kinds of malware like viruses, trojans, worms, and ransomware. Look for independent tests like AV-TEST or user reviews to see how effective it is at finding and removing threats.
  • Multiple connections and compatibility. Chances are, you’re using more than one device daily. And all of them have loads of juicy data that can be compromised. Therefore, you need antimalware software that offers apps for multiple smart gadgets. Visit the official websites of providers to check device compatibility and how many connections are allowed.
  • Ease-of-use. Using cybersecurity software shouldn’t be confusing. Therefore, read some reviews on our website or test out some services with free trials yourself.

The best internet security suites – detailed list

It’s time to take a look at the best internet security suites you can get. We ran extensive tests to analyze their performance and malware detection capabilities. Plus, we picked services that offer multiple connections, additional features, and other extras.

1. TotalAV – the best internet security suite overall

Simultaneous connections:8 devices
Platforms:Windows, macOS, iOS, Android
Free version:Yes
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TotalAV offers the best security suite of 2024, as it provides feature-packed plans with a user-friendly interface. It's perfect for those seeking an affordable and effective cybersecurity tool that's simple to use.

Main features. TotalAV offers strong security features – all you could want from a robust internet security suite. With the WebShield extension, it blocks harmful websites and downloads, ensuring safe browsing.

TotalAV Webshield

Plus, you get the Safe Browsing VPN with unlimited data and servers in over 100 locations. If you struggle to remember passwords, TotalAV's Secure Password Vault stores and organizes them for easy retrieval. Moreover, with TotalAV's Identity Protection feature, continuous dark web monitoring alerts you if your personal information, like SSN or credit card numbers, is detected.

In house-tests. In our TotalAV testing, the provider served outstanding antivirus performance. Its real-time protection performed well, catching 90% of live malware samples but only 60% of pre-prepared ones. The full scan was 60% effective against hidden malware on the main drive, while the quick scan missed malicious files in obscure locations.

Independent tests. In the latest AV-TEST from January 2024, TotalAV scored 16.5 out of 18, proving itself as a reliable security suite. The tests also confirmed its Safe Browsing, VPN, and Wi-Fi Advisor capabilities.

Pricing. If you opt for TotalAV, it offers three plans: Antivirus Pro for $19/year covering 3 devices, Internet Security for $39/year covering 5 devices with a VPN, and Total Security for $49/year covering 6 devices with additional features like Total Adblock and Password Vault. Plus, a 30-day money-back guarantee if something goes awry.

2. Norton 360 Antivirus – quality antivirus & security software with vital features

Norton logo and user interface
Simultaneous connections:10 devices
Platforms:Windows, macOS, iOS, Android
Free version:No
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Norton offers one of the best internet security suites with strong real-time protection. Like TotalAV, it includes a great VPN and password manager for extra security. However, its interface is less user-friendly compared to TotalAV. Adjusting settings might be a bit tricky and easy to get lost in.

Main features. Norton’s security suite is feature-rich, providing users safe all-around internet experience. It has a tool called AntiTrack that protects your online privacy by blocking trackers and masking your digital footprint. Moreover, Norton provides Dark Web Monitoring to notify you if any personal information is found on the dark web.

Norton Dark Web Monitoring

Additionally, SafeCam protection prevents unwanted guests from spying on you. Norton also offers a password manager for the secure organization of your information and parental controls for concerned parents. We especially liked Norton's Safe Web feature, a browser extension that provides security information about websites. It quickly shows the safety levels of search engine results, ensuring safer browsing.

In-house tests. In our antivirus testing, Norton showed mixed results. While real-time protection had a 70% success rate in identifying malware samples, it struggled with some malicious files. However, it performed better against wild samples, catching 80% of them. The full system scan was also 80% successful but was slower compared to other antivirus programs.

Independent tests. In independent lab Norton tests by AV-TEST, the security suite performed perfectly in January 2024, scoring all 18 possible points from protection, usability, and performance. Additionally, AV-TEST evaluated the main security suite features and found that Privacy Advisor, Safe Browsing, and Wi-Fi Advisor work great, only VPN could perform better.

Pricing. For basic protection, go for the Deluxe security suite, starting at just $19.99/year for 5 devices. It includes a password manager, VPN, parental controls, and dark web monitoring. But for top-notch security, consider the Norton Advanced plan at $24.99/year for 10 devices. It covers everything from essentials to social media and financial monitoring, credit alerts, and identity restoration support. It's compatible with PCs, Macs, tablets, and phones. Compared to TotalAV, Norton offers competitive prices and robust security features.

3. Bitdefender Total Security – beginner-friendly internet security suite

Bitdefender interface
Simultaneous connections:15 devices
Platforms:Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux
Free version:Yes
Current deal:
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Bitdefender stands out as one of the best internet security products, boasting high protection rates and strong security suites. Whether it's real-time protection, thorough system scans, or reliable VPN connections, Bitdefender excels in all areas. What makes it unique is its compatibility with popular operating systems like Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux.

Main features. Bitdefender is the finest when it comes to safeguarding your digital experiences. It offers convenient features like a password manager. Plus, its VPN app is built into the Bitdefender app, saving you the hassle of downloading additional software. Additionally, you can use the Anti-Tracker web extension to block malicious scripts from accessing your data.

Bitdefender Anti Tracker

In addition to the basics, you'll get mic and camera protection, Digital Identity Protection for dark web monitoring, and Safepay for secure online payments. Another standout feature is the Wi-Fi security advisor, which checks public networks and routers for potential threats.

In-house tests. In our antivirus evaluation, Bitdefender demonstrated strong real-time protection capabilities, successfully handling all 10 malware samples and catching 9 out of 10 downloaded malicious files. It also achieved a 100% success rate against live malware samples from the wild. Basic scan options like Quick Scan were ineffective, but deep scanning had a 90% detection rate.

Independent tests. In independent security suite evaluations, Bitdefender excelled, earning a perfect score in the January 2024 AV-TEST assessment. Additionally, Safe Browsing, VPN, and Wi-Fi Advisor features proved their capabilities.

Pricing. Bitdefender has various security packages to choose from. Their Internet Security plan covers 3 devices for $39.99/year and comes with features like VPN, webcam, and microphone protection, along with a privacy firewall. If you need more coverage, their Total Security plan is $49.99/year for 5 Windows devices. It includes all the basics plus extras like parental controls and a device optimizer. You can also try their free plan or take advantage of a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, Bitdefender's plans are a bit more expensive compared to our top providers, TotalAV and Norton.

4. Malwarebytes – robust internet security suite with free version

Simultaneous connections:20
Platforms:Windows, Android, macOS, ChromeOS, iOS
Free version:Yes
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Malwarebytes has a reliable security suite that works well. It has a great free version with scanning and malware protection. The interface is user-friendly and simple to use. However, some might find it a bit outdated compared to other options.

Main features. One of the best Malwarebytes security features is Browser Guard. It’s a free add-on for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge browsers, which stops ads and shields you from trackers, malware, scams, and potentially unwanted programs (like browser hijackers).

Malwarebytes browser guard

It also has a strong anti-phishing feature that spots and blocks fake websites trying to steal your personal info. Additionally, Malwarebytes, similar to TotalAV and Norton antivirus software, provides a VPN service. This encrypts your internet traffic, keeping your online activities private and safeguarding you from attacks on public hotspots.

In-house tests. In our Malwarebytes antivirus tests, we examined real-time protection in different scenarios. When we tested the Malwarebytes Browser Guard extension with URLs leading to malware, it significantly improved effectiveness, achieving a 90% success rate compared to 60% without the extension. However, in a controlled environment with 10 malware samples, real-time protection was ineffective, and scanning with Malwarebytes was confusing, with unclear options and low detection rates.

Independent tests. Independent tests by AV-TEST with Malwarebytes were conducted only in July 2020. Malwarebytes scored decently, losing one point in protection and three points in usability. However, its Safe Browsing and Privacy Advisor features worked really well.

Pricing. It's important to note that Malwarebytes has a free version, but it only includes a virus scanner. For complete malware protection, you'll need to opt for one of their premium plans, which starts at $38.24 per year for a single device.

5. Surfshark Antivirus – great all-around protection with a top VPN

Surfshark Antivirus banner
Simultaneous connections:5 devices
Platforms:Windows, macOS, Android
Free version:No
Current deal:Get Surfshark Antivirus - 80% OFF + 3 months FREE!

If you want an easy-to-use option for your online security, consider Surfshark antivirus. It combines one of the best VPNs on the market and antivirus, making it great for users who aren't tech-savvy. Surfshark provides simple apps for Windows, macOS, and Android, making it perfect for beginners too.

Main features. The Surfshark One package includes antivirus, offering various scanning options and real-time protection to keep you safe. CleanWeb feature blocks annoying ads, trackers, and malicious software. However, a downside is that it lacks a firewall. Surfshark shines with its VPN, encrypting your data, hiding your IP, and protecting your location. Additionally, the package includes a secure search tool and an Alert breach detection system to keep you informed about potential threats, monitoring data like email addresses, credit cards, and IDs. Moreover, we really appreciated Surfshark’s webcam protection.


Unlike Bitdefender, Surfshark antivirus doesn't include microphone protection, focusing solely on webcam security. This feature ensures that unauthorized apps cannot access your webcam without your permission, providing valuable security for users worried about potential spying through their cameras.

In-house tests. In our in-house testing of Surfshark antivirus, we found that its real-time protection performed well against pre-prepared malware samples, successfully handling 90% of them but struggled with wild samples, achieving only a 20% success rate. The full system scan identified 7 malicious files deep within the C disk, albeit using a significant amount of CPU resources. It's important to note that Surfshark antivirus is incompatible with other antivirus software, requiring uninstallation before use.

Independent tests. As for independent lab tests, AV-TEST hasn't evaluated Surfshark antivirus for over two years. However, the November-December 2022 update indicates that while the service excels in usability, it falls short in protection and performance.

Pricing. For just $48.86 per year, you can protect up to 5 devices with Surfshark antivirus. Plus, you'll get a standard 30-day money-back guarantee for risk-free testing.

6. McAfee Total Protection – antivirus security suite for PCs & mobile devices

McAfee interface 1
Simultaneous connections:Unlimited devices
Platforms:Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Free version:Yes
Current deal:Get McAfee, save up to 70%

McAfee stands out as a top-notch antivirus for cybersecurity, offering more than just basic malware protection. In addition to guarding against the latest cyber threats, it provides extra security features like a password manager, encrypted cloud storage, identity theft protection, and more.

Main features. For complete internet security, McAfee offers a powerful firewall and advanced scanning system. Moreover, the QuickClean feature boosts your speed by clearing out unnecessary files like cookies, lost fragments, and old registry keys. WebAdvisor helps you avoid virus-infested websites, while McAfee's VPN provides basic security and privacy essentials.

Mcafee web boost

Use McAfee Web Boost to speed up your browsing by blocking autoplay videos and other distractions. Finally, the Personal Data Cleanup tool monitors the web for any privacy compromises.

In-house tests. In our McAfee antivirus evaluation, the provider exhibited mixed performance in the real-time protection department, particularly when its extension was disabled. With WebAdvisor disabled, McAfee failed to detect any malware, but the success rate increased to 90% when the extension was enabled. Quick and full scans yielded average results, with the quick scan being fast but only detecting 40% of threats and the full scan showing a 50% success rate.

Independent tests. On the other hand, independent tests paint a different picture. According to the latest January 2024 results from AV-TEST, McAfee Total Protection lived up to its name, providing scoring maximum points in all categories: protection, performance, and usability. Moreover, almost all security tools were approved, making it one of the most feature-rich and effective security suites.

Pricing. McAfee offers three plans: Plus, Premium, and Advanced, starting at $39.99 per year. You can try out all the features risk-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

7. Avira Antivirus – security program for multiple devices

Avira banner 1
Simultaneous connections:50 devices
Platforms:Windows, macOS, Android, iOS
Free version:Yes
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Avira Antivirus is among the top security suites, offering excellent protection for Windows and other operating systems in both free and premium versions. It's loaded with useful features like Game Booster, VPN, Password Manager, and more, all of which are easy to navigate.

Main features. To protect your online activities and digital identity, Avira offers a Web Protection tool. It safeguards you from online threats like phishing and hijacking. If Avira detects a potentially harmful file, it will quarantine it to prevent any damage. What is more, Avira Identity Assistant keeps an eye on the internet to see if any of your personal information pops up on the dark web.


You'll also get a proprietary VPN and password manager for added security and privacy. With Avira, you can use the Safe Shopper extension to block trackers and malicious ads. Moreover, the provider offers the Avira Crypto feature, which is essential for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, ensuring safe and secure crypto mining.

In-house tests. In our in-house testing, Avira Antivirus proved safe and demonstrated satisfactory results overall. Its real-time protection achieved a 90% success rate against pre-prepared malware samples. However, the quick scan feature proved disappointing, as it failed to detect any malware in multiple tests. On the other hand, the full scan showed better results with a 70% success rate, however with high CPU usage reaching 92%.

Independent tests. Independent McAfee tests conducted by AV-TEST in January 2024 showed that Avira performed exceptionally well, scoring maximum points at protection and performance, however, losing a point for usability. Additionally, most of the features, such as Safe Browsing, Privacy Advisor, and VPN worked well during independent tests.

Pricing. You can grab an Avira Antivirus suite for $30.99/year. There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee and a free version that you can try.

8. Trend Micro – budget-friendly internet security suite

Trend Micro antivirus banner
Simultaneous connections:10 devices
Platforms:Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS
Free version:Yes
Current deal:Get Trend Micro, now 54% OFF!

Trend Micro is an affordable internet suite that helps protect your devices from online threats. It features a clean and user-friendly interface, however, some might find it less feature-rich.

Main features. We were impressed by Trend Micro Password Manager, which can be used as a browser extension or app to securely store passwords, form data, and notes. However, advanced features like VPN are only available with the Premium Security package, and the password manager is included only in the top two plans.

Trend Micro privacy tools

None of the plans include features like a firewall, webcam protection, file encryption, or identity theft monitoring, making it suitable for users with basic needs. However, Trend Micro offers various levels of browsing protection, including Social Networking Protection, which rates links on social sites, and URL checks before access. Additionally, Trend Micro's Privacy Scanner helps users safeguard personal information on social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn.

In-house tests. Trend Micro antivirus detected 70% of the malware in our real-time protection tests and performed even worse in system scans. Despite running quick scans multiple times, the antivirus failed to detect any threats. The full scan took around 54 minutes but only achieved a 40% detection rate.

Independent tests. The latest independent tests from AV-TEST November 2023 awarded Trend Micro security suite with perfect scores in all categories. Additionally, all features, including Safe Browsing and Wi-Fi Advisor, worked fine.

Pricing. When it comes to pricing, you can try the free version first to get a feel for it. If you're interested in exploring Trend Micro Maximum Security or other premium plans (starting from $19.95/year), they also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

9. NordVPN Threat Protection – real-time threat protection with an excellent VPN

NordVPN threat protection banner
Simultaneous connections:10
Platforms:Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS
Free version:No
Current deal:Get NordVPN Antivirus with 72% OFF + FREE travel data!

NordVPN is best known for its exceptional VPN service. However, it’s becoming an all-in-one security solution that’s able to ensure top-tier security and privacy. NordVPN’s equivalent of antivirus is called Threat Protection.

Main features. NordVPN is a decent internet security tool, providing several useful features. With the best VPN in the market, the provider encrypts your data and preserves your privacy. Its Double VPN feature enhances online privacy and security.

NordVPN Threat-Protection

Threat Protection, like other top-notch antivirus software, detects and removes trackers, malicious ads, rootkits, and malware. Moreover, some plans include additional features like a password manager, a data breach scanner, and 1 TB of encrypted cloud storage.

In-house-tests. In our evaluation of NordVPN Threat Protection, we focused on testing its File Protection feature first. We tried downloading files containing malware and found that the feature successfully detected 90% of malicious files. However, it missed detecting malware hidden in a .jpg file, which was unexpected. On the downside is also that Threat Protection lacks real-time scanning or other advanced system scans crucial for antivirus. However, the web protection tool effectively blocks ads and trackers.

Independent tests. Independent labs such as AV-TEST haven't extensively tested NordVPN Threat Protection. This might be because the service isn't a complete antivirus or security suite solution yet.

Pricing. You can get NordVPN for as little as $3.29/month. The Threat Protection feature comes free with all provider packages. More so, it works splendidly on all major OS, including Linux. It’s also worth noting that Threat protection is available on NordVPN browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

Best internet security suites compared

Take a look at the table below. It shows the top antivirus programs and what they offer. Compare their features to see which one suits you best. This will help you pick the right internet security suite for your needs.

RatingFree optionPriceCompatibilityVPNPassword managerDark web monitoringReview
✅Yes, free versionFrom $19.00/yearWindows, macOS, iOS, Android✅Yes✅Yes✅YesTotalAV review
Norton 360
✅Yes, 7 daysFrom $29.99/yearWindows, macOS, iOS, Android✅Yes✅Yes✅YesNorton 360 review
Bitdefender Total Security
✅Yes, free versionFrom $29.99/yearWindows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux✅Yes✅Yes✅YesBitdefender review
✅Yes, free versionFrom $38.24/yearWindows, Android, macOS, ChromeOS, iOS✅Yes❌No✅YesMalwarebytes review
Surfshark antivirus
❌NoFrom $47.85/yearWindows, macOS, Android✅Yes❌No❌NoSurfshark AV review
McAfee Total Protection
❌NoFrom $39.99/yearWindows, Mac, Android, iOS✅Yes✅Yes✅YesMcAfee review
Avira Antivirus
✅Yes, free versionFrom $26.99/yearWindows, macOS, Android, iOS❌No✅Yes✅YesAvira review
Trend Micro
✅Yes, free versionFrom $19.95/yearWindows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS✅Yes✅Yes❌NoTrend Micro review
NordVPN Threat Protection
❌NoFrom $59.88/yearWindows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS✅Yes✅Yes✅YesThreat Protection review

How we tested the best internet security

The Cybernews research team conducted hands-on tests for every antivirus app to assess its security suite effectiveness and overall performance. We also analyze the suite's online protection features, such as anti-phishing and malicious website blocking. Among hundreds of security suites, we examined 25 popular solutions.

testing internet security suites

To ensure we feature only the top antivirus providers on our list, we download each antivirus program and conduct in-house testing of the internet security suite. Moreover, we also consider independent lab test results. We focus on antivirus software performance, malware detection rates for both known and zero-day threats, and the range of security features offered by providers.

To see how security programs work, for starters, we download 10 malicious files (trojans, keyloggers, info stealers, worms, etc.), store them on a Virtual Machine, and scan the device. We also create a secure host, store 10 malicious files, and try to access the host and download the malware.

Additionally, we try antivirus apps on various smart gadgets to see how they perform. Antiviruses with multiple connections end up higher on the list. Additionally, we pick user-friendly security software that won’t cause a headache when using it.

Alongside our own testing, we rely on independent antivirus testing labs such as AV-Test Institute, SE Labs, and AV-Comparatives. These labs rigorously test antivirus software, evaluating their performance, false positives, and effectiveness in detecting malware and other threats.

Do I need an internet security suite?

It doesn’t matter if you’re using your devices for basic browsing or more sensitive matters, internet security software is 100% a must-have. Without an extra layer of safety, you are more likely to face hacking attempts, phishing, malware & ransomware attacks, and many other online dangers.

The best cybersecurity software is like a virtual Swiss army knife. It provides a wide toolset that you can use against nasty digital dangers. Suppose you frequently deal with sensitive information and high-risk activities on your computer. In that case, an internet security suite may provide additional peace of mind. Ultimately, the best approach is to research different options and choose one that fits your expectations and budget.

Best security for safest web ventures
TotalAV provides the best internet security suite in 2024. Features like real-time protection, Ad block, and Identity theft protection will ensure that whatever you do online, you’ll be safe and sound. Plus, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.
cybernews® score
4.9 /5

Should I use antivirus or internet Security?

Let’s clarify a few things first. Antivirus is a specific type of software that focuses on malware detection and removal. An internet security suite, on the other hand, offers a more robust package of safety features. These include antivirus, firewall, ransomware protection, anti-phishing, parental controls, and more.

All in all, the use of both antivirus and internet security suites depends on individual needs. However, it’s worth noting that getting a cybersecurity suite is wiser, as it includes antivirus and other handy extras. For example, most top-tier suites include VPNs, password managers, identity theft protection features, and so on.


Whichever smart device you’re using, the best antivirus suite is an investment worth making. Reliable services offer all-around protection and throw in other handy extras like password managers, VPNs, or encrypted cloud storage. So, you won’t have to be constantly paranoid about privacy breaches and vile malware.

And if you’re looking for the best of the best, we highly recommend choosing the TotalAV suite. It provides the highest-level security package, protection for multiple devices, and loads of additional features. So, grab the most reliable cybersecurity suite and enjoy trouble-free web browsing.

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Main features. For complete internet security, McAfee offers a powerful firewall and advanced scanning system. Moreover, the QuickClean feature boosts your speed by clearing out unnecessary files like cookies, lost fragments, and old registry keys. WebAdvisor helps you avoid virus-infested websites, while McAfee's VPN provides basic security and privacy essentials. Use McAfee Web Boost to speed up your browsing by blocking autoplay videos and other distractions.Finally, the Personal Data Cleanup tool monitors the web for any privacy compromises.