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Best internet security suites in 2024

Doesn’t matter how cautious you are – catching a nasty virus on the internet is basically inevitable these days. Malware and other digital threats can cause some serious damage. Luckily, they won't be an issue with the best internet security suite you can protect all your devices.

A reliable security suite can aid you in multiple ways. For example, antimalware software will prevent, detect, and eliminate hazardous files. For more privacy and security on the web, you can fire up a VPN that also has some other benefits. And if you constantly forget your passwords, top-tier security program will store and keep your precious information on lock. Plus, you can find a provider that offers Dark Web Monitoring, parental controls, webcam protection, and many other features to keep you totally secure.

Thus, in this article, you’ll find the best cybersecurity suites that will help you stay on the safe side. The services we picked offer multiple simultaneous connections, impregnable security, rich feature sets, and prices that won’t burn a hole through your pocket.

Top 5 best security suites of 2024

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How to choose the best internet security

When picking the finest internet safety suite, you must be extra careful. Many providers claim to be the best, but many quickly fall short of their promises. So, when choosing the best antivirus software, consider these things:

  • Essential security features. Undoubtedly, a reliable antivirus should offer malware prevention, real-time protection, anti-spam, and anti-tracker features. Plus, some providers provide a webcam, microphone, and even online payment protection, which will come in handy too.
  • Handy add-ons. Top-tier internet security software providers pack their products with extra features that make your digital life easier. You’ll most commonly get password managers, VPNs, or even cloud storage.
  • Multiple connections & compatibility. Chances are, you’re using more than one device daily. And all of them have loads of juicy data that can be compromised. Therefore, you need antimalware software that offers apps for multiple smart gadgets.
  • Ease-of-use. Using cybersecurity software shouldn’t require a degree in rocket science. Therefore, read some reviews or test out some services yourself.

The best internet security suites – our detailed list

It’s time to take a look at the best internet security suites you can get. We ran extensive tests to analyze their performance and malware detection capabilities. Plus, we picked services that offer multiple connections, additional features, and other extras.

1. TotalAV – best computer security suite

Simultaneous connections:5 devices
Platforms:Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
Free version:Yes
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The best and cheapest antivirus suite is TotalAV. It provides easy-to-use applications for major OS. So, for peak performance, total safety, and loads of additional features, choose the TotalAV.

Testing: During our tests, TotalAV managed to track down and eliminate 8 out of 10 malicious files. And when it comes to scanning, the provider guarantees 100% malware protection rates. Not to mention, we didn't see any major tolls on the overall device performance.

Main features: TotalAV packs quite a punch when it comes to security features. Apart from the essentials, this provider offers WebShield extension that ensures safe journeys on the web by blocking malicious sites and downloads. Moreover, you can use the proprietary Safe Browsing VPN that comes with unlimited data and servers in over a 100 locations. However, TotalAV doesn't have a firewall, which is a bit of a drawback.

Additional benefits: If you constantly forget your passwords, Secure Password Vault will store, organize, and retrieve your details whenever you need them. Moreover, Identity Theft Protection is designed to reduce unwanted exposure. Plus, if you’re sick of malicious and obnoxious ads, use the AdBlock extension.

Price: Enjoy complete protection with TotalAV for as little as $19.00/year. You’ll also get 5 simultaneous connections that you can easily use on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac gadgets. Plus, a 30-day money-back guarantee if something goes awry.

You can read the full TotalAV review for more info.

2. Norton 360 Antivirus – quality antivirus & security software with vital features

Norton logo and user interface
Simultaneous connections:10 devices
Platforms:Windows, macOS, iOS, Android
Free version:No
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Another excellent internet security software is delivered to you by Norton 360 Antivirus. While it packs heaps of features, it has a very minimal effect on overall device performance.

Testing: AV testing labs have shown that Norton can catch 99.99% of malware. In our in-house analysis, this service detected 8 out of 10 malware with samples prepared in advance. While performing the tests and scanning devices we did notice a slight impact on overall performance, but it wasn't a panic-worthy speed drop.

Main features: AntiTrack will block internet trackers and disguises your digital footprint. Additionally, you'll get a VPN, that will encrypt your internet traffic and keep you private. However, its geo-bypassing capabilities could be a tad better. And you can avoid unexpected guest from watching you by using SafeCam protection. And these are just a few features that stand out the most.

Additional benefits: To provide 360-degree security, Norton adds a password manager into the mix to keep your valuable info organized and secure. More so, parental controls will come in handy for caring parents with nosy children. And Norton System optimization feature will clean out your device for improved performance.

Price: For $29.99/year you’ll get the opportunity to protect up to 10 devices. Using the Norton apps should be easy as pie even if you're not super tech-savvy. And you can protect your Android, Mac, Windows, and iOS devices.

Learn more about it in our Norton 360 Antivirus review.

3. Bitdefender Total Security – beginner-friendly internet security suite

Bitdefender interface
Simultaneous connections:5 devices
Platforms:Windows, macOS, Android, iOS
Free version:Yes
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Bitdefender is one of the finest PC security software in 2024. It’s an excellent all-in-one service that offers loads of additional features, such as a built-in VPN and password manager.

Testing: The service showed fantastic results, as it found 10 out of 10 malicious files in our in-house testing. More so, it offers a 100% protection rate. Performance-wise, we did notice minimal speed drops, but it was nothing major. Other AV testing labs showed flying scores as well.

Main features: Bitdefender's password manager will syncs the passwords if you use this service on multiple devices. More so, VPN app is a part of the Bitdefender app, so you won't need do download anything else. And to top it all off, you can utilize Anti-Tracker web extension to prevent malicious scripts from harvesting your data.

Additional benefits: Bitdefender has a few additional cybersecurity safety extras up its sleeve. On top of the essentials, you’ll get a mic and cam protection, so sadly, your FBI guy won’t know what you’re up to. And if you’re an avid shopper, Safepay will protect your online payment information. And another feature that stands out is Wi-Fi security advisor, which analyzes the public networks and routers for potential threats.

Price: The top-notch Bitdefender security suite starts from only $29.99/year. With a single subscription, you’ll be able to totally protect 5 devices simultaneously. And, of course, you'll get to use extremely intuitive Bitdefender apps on Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android devices.

Learn more about Bitdefender pros and cons in our review.

4. NordVPN Threat Protection – top real-time threat protection and an excellent VPN

NordVPN threat protection banner
Simultaneous connections:6
Platforms:Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Chrome
Free version:No
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NordVPN is best known for its exceptional VPN service. However, it’s becoming an all-in-one security solution that’s able to ensure top-tier security and privacy. NordVPN’s equivalent of antivirus is called Threat Protection.

Testing: If you're worried about major speed drops when using Threat Protection, don't be. It had a very minuscule impact on device performance. As for safety, the feature showed pretty good results. It managed to detect 8 malware out of 10. Plus, it had a 90% success rate with live samples. Sadly, NordVPN doesn’t offer a scanning feature.

Main features: Like any other excellent antivirus software, Threat Protection will find and eliminate trackers, malicious ads, rootkits, and malware in general. In addition, it will prevent you from downloading malicious files, or entering dangerous sites. Plus, it offers real-time protection that stops any viruses before they do any harm.

Additional benefits: First and foremost, NordVPN is a virtual private network, and it’s actually the best one out there. So it will keep your data encrypted and privacy intact. Not to mention, for extra online privacy and safe, you can use the Double VPN feature. Moreover, with some plans, you can get a password manager, data breach scanner, and 1 TB of encrypted cloud storage.

Price: You can get this security suite for as little as $3.39/month. The Threat Protection feature comes free with all NordVPN packages. More so, it works splendidly on all major OS including Linux. It’s also worth noting that Threat protection is available on NordVPN browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

Get to know more about NordVPN Threat Protection.

5. Surfshark Antivirus – great all-around protection with a top VPN

Surfshark Antivirus banner
Simultaneous connections:5 devices
Platforms:Windows, Mac, Android
Free version:No
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You probably know Surfshark as one of the top VPN providers. But it also offers an excellent security suite to defend you against cyberthreats. The antimalware comes with the all-round cybersecurity bundle called Surfshark One.

Testing: According to a certified antivirus testing lab, Surfshark Antivirus can block 100% of threats. Moreover, the full scan took only a couple of minutes, and it managed to find 7 out of 10 malicious files. During that time, there were a few speed drops here and there, but that was to be expected.

Main features: This AV comes with Surfshark One package and offers various scanning options and real-time protection to safeguard you at all times. CleanWeb will fend off annoying ads, trackers, and malicious software. Sadly, one of the biggest drawbacks of this cybersecurity suite is that it lacks firewall.

Additional benefits: Surfshark’s strongest suit is its VPN. It encrypts your data, hides your IP, spoofs your location, and makes you virtually untouchable. In addition, the Surfshark One package comes with a secure and unbiased search tool. And you’ll always be informed about potential threats with the Alert breach detection mechanism. It monitors data like your email address, credit cards, and IDs just to name a few.

Price: Get Surfshark AV (one of the best antiviruses in the seven seas) for $48.86/year. With one subscription, you’ll get 5 simultaneous connections and robust protection. However, iPhone users will be a tad disappointed, as this antivirus only works on Mac, Windows, and Android devices.

Get to know the service better in our Surfshark Antivirus review.

6. McAfee Total Protection – antivirus suite for PCs & mobile devices

McAfee interface 1
Simultaneous connections:10 devices
Platforms:Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
Free version:Yes
Current deal:🔥Get McAfee, save up to 70%🔥

If you’re looking for cross-platform web security software, consider McAfee Total Protection. It’s easy to use and offers far more than basic antivirus features. The bundle includes password manager, encrypted cloud storage, identity theft protection, and much more.

Testing: McAfee surprised us with a 100% malware detection rate. Other independent testing labs confirmed our results. Plus, the scanning process was very effective and quick. The testing process had an impact on device speeds, so the scanning process wasn't as smooth as it was with TotalAV.

Main features: The provider offers a highly functional firewall, a sophisticated scanning system, and QuickClean for boosting your speeds by taking out the trash, such as cookies, lost file fragments, old registry keys, and so on. You might want to use WebAdvisor, as it will prevent you from entering virus-infested websites. McAfee provides a VPN as well. While it is quite reliable, it provides basic security and privacy essentials compared to other VPNs.

Additional benefits: You can speed up your browsing experience by using McAfee Web Boost, which prevents autoplay videos and other nonsense. WebAdvisor browser extension protects you from malware and phishing attempts, without disrupting your browser’s performance. Lastly, the Personal Data Cleanup tool will monitor the web to see if anyone has compromised your privacy.

Price: So, do you want to protect 10 devices simultaneously? Then snatch McAfee for $39.99/year. The provider has intuitive and easy to use apps for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS users. There’s a variety of plans, however, choosing one might be a tad confusing.

Explore what the service has to offer in our McAfee Total Protection review.

7. Avira Antivirus – security program for multiple devices

Avira banner 1
Simultaneous connections:25 devices
Platforms:Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Free version:Yes
Current deal:🔥Get 1 year of Avira at 43% OFF!🔥

Avira Antivirus should be your top pick if you have heaps of devices that need protecting. It offers a whopping 25 simultaneous connections, which is 5 times more than Bitdefender. Not to mention, it provides outstanding protection against online disasters.

Testing: Avira’s test was not great, not terrible. It managed to find 3 out of 10 malware riddle files. However, according to test labs, it can successfully block 99.2% of cyber threats. As for performance, it didn't have a huge toll on device speeds, but it wasn't as seamless as it was with Norton.

Main features: The provider offers a super-swift full scan feature, which only takes around 4 minutes. Additionally, you’ll find Web Protection, which prevents online threats like phishing, hijacking, or spamming. And if Avira detects a file that might be a threat, it will send it to the Quarantine folder where it can’t do any harm. You can also get a proprietary VPN and password manager, which are essential for your overall security and privacy.

Additional benefits: Avira offers a Safe Shopper extension that blocks trackers and malicious ads. Additionally, if you care about your confidentiality, you can tweak the privacy settings to prevent Microsoft from collecting your data. Not to mention, Avira Crypto is a must-have for people who are into cryptocurrencies. This extra ensure safe and secure crypto mining and we highly recommend giving it a try.

Price: You can grab an Avira Antivirus suite for $30.99/year. There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee and a free version that you can try. And best of all, with that many simultaneous connections and excellent compatibility, you'll be able to protect your whole household.

Visit Avira Antivirus review for more details.

How we tested the best internet security

To see if the network security software providers live up to their names, we had to run an extensive analysis. Here’s how the testing process went:

  • Eliminating the weaklings. Our first step was to cross out internet security services that don’t meet the standard. This includes apps with low malware detection rates and heaps of bugs.
  • Checking independent antivirus testing. After gathering the list of top cybersecurity suites, we consulted with reputable labs such as AV-Test Institute. They constantly run reliable tests which show the performance of each internet security software.
  • Running in-house analysis. To see how security programs work, we ran our own test. For starters, we’ve downloaded 10 malicious files (trojans, keyloggers, info stealers, worms, etc.), stored them on a Virtual Machine, and scanned the device. We also created a secure host, stored 10 malicious files, and tried to access the host and download the malware.
  • Assessing extra features. For total protection, we checked what the top security suites have to offer. We looked for benefits like firewalls, built-in VPNs, spam filters, cap protectors, etc. The purpose of these features is to make your digital life safer.
  • Evaluating compatibility & ease of use. Undoubtedly, we tried antivirus apps on various smart gadgets to see how they perform. Antiviruses with multiple connections ended up higher on the list. Additionally, we picked security software that wouldn’t cause a headache when using it.

Do I need an internet security suite?

It doesn’t matter if you’re using your devices for basic browsing or more sensitive matters, internet security software is 100% a must-have. Without an extra layer of safety, you are more likely to face hacking attempts, phishing, malware & ransomware attacks, and many other online dangers.

The best cybersecurity software is like a virtual Swiss army knife. It provides a wide tool set that you can use against nasty digital dangers. Suppose you frequently deal with sensitive information and high-risk activities on your computer. In that case, an internet security suite may provide additional peace of mind. Ultimately, the best approach is to research different options and choose one that fits your expectations and budget.

Best security for safest web ventures
TotalAV provides the best internet security suite in 2024. Features like real-time protection, Ad block, and Identity theft protection will ensure that whatever you do online, you’ll be safe and sound. Plus, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.
cybernews® score
4.6 /5

Should I use antivirus or Internet Security?

Let’s clarify a few things first. Antivirus is a specific type of software that focuses on malware detection and removal. An internet security suite, on the other hand, offers a more robust package of safety features. These include antivirus, firewall, ransomware protection, anti-phishing, parental controls, and more.

All in all, you should use both to keep you and your devices safe. However, it’s worth noting that getting a cybersecurity suite is wiser, as it includes antivirus and other handy extras. For example, most top-tier suite include VPNs, password managers, identity theft protection features, and so on.


Whichever smart device you’re using, the best antivirus suite is an investment worth making. Reliable services offer all-around protection and throw in other handy extras like password managers, VPNs, or encrypted cloud storage. So, you won’t have to be constantly paranoid about privacy breaches and vile malware.

And if you’re looking for the best of the best, we highly recommend choosing the TotalAV suite. It provides the highest-level security package, protection for multiple devices, and loads of additional features. So, grab the most reliable cybersecurity suite and enjoy trouble-free web browsing.

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