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How to get NordVPN PewDiePie discount code in 2023

PewDiePie is one of the most popular YouTube figures who has generated an immense 111M global following with his entertaining content and charismatic personality. Apart from his engaging videos, PewDiePie also collaborates with various brands and products, one of which is NordVPN.

Known for its robust online security features, NordVPN has become a daily companion for PewDiePie, ensuring the protection of his online activities and personal information from potential threats. He highlights that NordVPN not only helps him stay secure online while gaming or streaming, but it also allows accessing geo-restricted content that would otherwise be unavailable in his region (currently – Japan).

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In this article, you will discover the exclusive discount code from PewDiePie, along with a detailed step-by-step guide on how to apply it and obtain the VPN at a significantly reduced price. Moreover, we’ll share reasons behind PewDiePie's endorsement of this VPN, encouraging you to elevate your online security too.

Get NordVPN with PewDiePie discount code in 4 easy steps

PewDiePie NordVPN discount
  1. Copy PewDiePie’s NordVPN coupon code. Or use our NordVPN deal, now 68% OFF
  2. Select a subscription plan
  3. Apply PewDiePie YouTube sponsor code
  4. Complete your payment and start your safe online journey!

Why PewDiePie chooses NordVPN?

PewDiePie, just like millions of other NordVPN users, uses NordVPN for various reasons. This reputable VPN provider not only elevates online security and privacy but also helps users to bypass geo-restrictions, allowing them to access desired content despite their location.

PewDiePie NordVPN discount code

Here are some additional reasons why PewDiePie chooses NordVPN:

  1. Online security and privacy. PewDiePie, like many others, uses NordVPN to safeguard his online activities and personal information from potential threats and surveillance. As a YouTuber with a massive following, he’s more vulnerable to online attacks and potential data breaches. Nevertheless, NordVPN's encryption ensures complete privacy during his gaming, streaming, and regular online browsing sessions.
  2. Bypassing geo-restrictions. NordVPN's vast server network spanning numerous countries enables access to content that would otherwise be inaccessible in certain regions. PewDiePie relies on this feature to access games, streaming content, and websites that are not available in his physical location.
  3. Anonymity and protection while gaming online. This VPN stands among the most popular choices among games due to its ability to provide anonymity while gaming online. By hiding your real IP address, it safeguards you against potential targeted attacks from other players.
  4. DDoS attack protection. NordVPN helps PewDiePie stay protected against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, which can disrupt his online activities, especially during important moments like live streaming or online gaming sessions. DDoS attacks involve overwhelming a target's internet connection or server with excessive traffic, causing it to become inaccessible.
  5. Prevention of ISP tracking. According to PewDiePie, this VPN him from the Internet Service Provider (ISP) tracking and monitoring. Normally, ISPs can monitor the websites you visit, the files you download, and even your online behavior. However, with NordVPN, PewDiePie's Internet traffic is encrypted and routed through secure servers, making it nearly impossible for his ISP to see what he does online.

Is NordVPN PewDiePie discount code valid in October 2023?

Yes, the NordVPN PewDiePie discount code is valid in October 2023. PewDiePie and NordVPN have an ongoing arrangement, consistently providing their users and viewers with substantial discounts exceeding 50% OFF. Discounts can vary from 30% to as much as 70%, depending on the plan.

Bear in mind that longer periods usually provide bigger discounts, so you can get the ultimate protection at an extended period of time.

How to use PewDiePie's code to get NordVPN with discount

Obtaining your discount with PewDiePie's YouTube sponsored code is quick and easy. Here's a simple guide on how to use the code and claim your discount in just a few moments:

  1. Head to NordVPN website
  2. Click on Get NordVPN
  3. Select the best plan for you and click on it Choose NordVPN subscription plan
  4. In the payment window, tap on Got a coupon?
  5. Enter discount code pewdiepie
    Enter PewDiePie NordVPN discount code
  6. Finalize your payment and start using NordVPN!

Alternatively, you can visit NordVPN through PewDiePie’s channel, and the discount will be applied automatically.

Final thoughts

With a remarkable following of 111 million, PewDiePie stands as one of the most prominent YouTubers in history. His partnership with NordVPN has offered users and viewers an exceptional chance to obtain a high-quality cybersecurity tool at an affordable price with discounts going over 50% off.

PewDiePie constantly highlights that NordVPN allows enjoying unrestricted internet browsing, effortlessly bypassing geo-restrictions and censorship in your region. Most importantly, it keeps PewDiePie and millions of NordVPN users secure during different online activities, such as gaming, streaming, or simply browsing.

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