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Best VPNs for Xbox One, S, and X in 2024

Xbox is becoming an increasingly popular tool not only for gaming, but many other online activities, like streaming, playing music, or simply browsing the internet. The latest versions of Xbox, including Xbox One, S, and X, can all support such activities.

However, with all these Xbox capabilities also come security and privacy risks. Like with any other device connected to the internet, securing your connection is a must. And here’s where a VPN comes in handy. It will encrypt your connection to make it more secure, protect your privacy, as well as unblock geo-restricted games and other content. It will also help avoid server hopping and prevent DDoS attacks (although these a fairly uncommon to regular users).

For you to be able to make an informed decision, we’ve tested 42 VPNs on the market, to find the five best VPNs for Xbox. Check our contenders for the title of Best VPN for Xbox below and find out how to set it up.

Best VPNs for Xbox in 2024

What to look for in a VPN for Xbox?

The best VPN for Xbox should ensure secure and speedy gaming and streaming, as well as be able to access geo-restricted games or other content. It should also prevent DDoS attacks and server hopping while gaming. Here are the main criteria when choosing an Xbox VPN:

  • Easy setup. To use a VPN on Xbox, you’ll need to get a router VPN. The service of your choice should have a dedicated router app or clear router setup instructions.
  • Security and privacy. Make sure your VPN offers unbreakable encryption like AES-265 to hide your data and IP address, and a strong kill switch to protect from accidental data leaks.
  • Speed. Choose VPNs with speedy tunneling protocols, such as WireGuard or its variations. This way, you’re less likely to experience visible speed drops that could result in lagging.
  • Security features. Make sure your VPN offers the unbreakable AES encryption cipher to hide your data and IP address. A kill switch to protect from accidental data leaks is a must as well.
  • Access to geo-blocked content. The more servers the VPN has, the more geo-restricted games or streaming content you will be able to access.
  • Price. Even cheap VPNs can be excellent – always evaluate what you get for the money you’re paying.

Best VPNs for Xbox – our detailed list

We have tested 42 VPNs to find only the ones that are compatible with various Xbox series, such as One, Series X, and Series S. For the best Xbox VPN, we looked into the VPN’s security and privacy, unblocking capabilities, speed, and many other criteria. Here’s the list of the best VPNs for Xbox:

1. NordVPN – best VPN for Xbox in 2024

nordvpn banner
Xbox compatibility:Series X, S, Xbox One, and Xbox 360
Servers/countries:6400+ servers in 111 countries
Starting price:
From $3.39/month
Current deal:Get NordVPN, now up to 72% OFF + free travel data!

NordVPN is the best VPN for Xbox because of its massive server fleet and advanced security features – all while maintaining exceptional speeds. Thanks to the FlashRouters partnership, you can get NordVPN already built-in. However, the provider’s official site is full of useful information on how to set it up on various other routers, helping make the process as easy as it gets.

Security and privacy. NordVPN uses strong AES-265 encryption, so your online traffic remains encrypted and hidden at all times. It also implements a strict no-logs policy, which has been independently audited and verified four times now. In addition, its Threat Protection ensures you’re not affected by trackers or downloading malware. Plus, there’s a kill switch to protect you from accidental data leaks and to keep you anonymous.

Performance. NordVPN uses both the OpenVPN and its proprietary NordLynx protocol – a modern upgrade of WireGuard. Because of this, it can retain up to 90% of initial connection speeds, ensuring lag-free gaming on Xbox. This is an excellent result compared to other providers on our list. For example, ExpressVPN retains only around 77% of the initial speed.

Server network. NordVPN servers are spread around the world – over 6400 across 111 countries. It’s not the biggest server network a VPN can offer (for example, CyberGhost offers over 10,000), but that is plenty enough to do its job seamlessly. Because of its server network, NordVPN can easily unblock geo-restricted content globally.

Price. You can get NordVPN starting from $3.39/month. Android users can make use of the 7-day free trial (that can be used on other devices after setup). There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee available.

2. Surfshark – unlimited connection VPN for Xbox consoles

Surfshark banner
Xbox compatibility:
Series X, S, Xbox One, and Xbox 360
Servers/countries:3200+ servers in 100 countries
Starting price:
From $2.19/month
Current deal:Get 83% OFF Surfshark + 3 months FREE

Surfshark is yet another excellent VPN for Xbox. It’s everything you’d want in a security product and more – reliable, powerful, and fast. Plus, you can either get Surfshark pre-configured on a router or use its detailed guides for an easy VPN setup on Xbox.

Security and privacy. With this provider, you’re getting a market-standard kill switch for security and to prevent data leaks. There’s also the CleanWeb feature to keep you protected from trackers. Surfshark’s no-logs policy, which has been independently audited, ensures your data is handled securely and will not be shared with anyone.

Performance. Surfshark uses the OpenVPN and WireGuard protocols. That’s the main reason why this VPN manages to retain 86% of initial internet speeds on average, which is very close to what NordVPN offers. Because of this, you won’t experience lagging or any visible speed drops while gaming on your Xbox.

Server network. Surfshark has over 3200 servers in 100 countries. This is not the widest server network we’ve seen, but it’s more than enough to access geo-restricted content (like games or streaming services) across the world. Besides, you’ll have many server options to change to a new IP address and prevent unexpected DDoS attacks.

Price. Surfshark costs just $2.19/month, and you can use it on an unlimited number of devices. There’s also a 7-day free trial for macOS, Android, and iOS users, and, of course, a 30-day money-back guarantee.

3. IPVanish – affordable VPN for Xbox

IPvanish VPN banner
Xbox compatibility:
Series X, S, Xbox One, and Xbox 360
Servers/countries:2400+ servers in 55 countries
Starting price:
From $2.19/month
Current deal:Get 83% OFF IPVanish + 3 months FREE!

IPVanish may not be the biggest name in the industry, but it's an excellent VPN for Xbox. It’s a partner of FlashRouters, so you can get a pre-configured VPN. Aside from that, there are loads of instructions on their site on how to set the VPN up using DD-WRT firmware, ASUS, and other routers.

Security and privacy. Same as NordVPN or Surfshark, IPVanish uses 256-bit AES encryption to keep your connection secure. There’s also a standard but reliable kill switch to prevent data leaks in case your connection drops. Besides, you can hide the fact that you’re connected to a VPN with IPVanish traffic obfuscation feature. IPVanish implements an independently audited no-log policy, so your data will not be shared with anyone.

Performance. Like most top VPNs, IPVanish uses the OpenVPN and WireGuard protocols. During our tests, it retained an average of 80% initial download speeds. Although it’s not as fast as NordVPN, that’s enough for both interruption-free gaming and casual browsing.

Server network. IPVanish server fleet is the smallest one on our list, with 2400+ servers across 55 countries. This is four times less than CyberGhost can offer. However, you still won’t have trouble finding servers to change your IP address or access geo-blocked Xbox games while maintaining optimal speeds.

Price. IPVanish prices start from $2.19/month. And while there’s no free trial, you do get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

4. ExpressVPN – privacy-ensuring VPN for Xbox

ExpressVPN banner
Xbox compatibility:
Series X, S, Xbox One, and Xbox 360
Servers/countries:3000+ servers in 105 countries
Starting price:
From $6.67/month
Current deal:Get ExpressVPN, now 49% OFF + 3 months FREE!

ExpressVPN is a privacy-guaranteeing VPN for Xbox. It effectively secures your private data and offers a router applet. You can even get a pre-installed VPN from FlashRouters. But the provider’s site doesn’t lack in terms of manual tutorials for different routers either, including specific Asus or Linksys models.

Security and privacy. ExpressVPN uses the AES 256 ciphers to keep your traffic secure and private. With this VPN, you can also get stealth servers that conceal your VPN traffic, making it appear regular. With ExpressVPN’s independently-audited zero-logs policy, you can be sure your data is safe.

Performance. With ExpressVPN, you get the OpenVPN protocol and a modern variation of WireGuard called Lightway. Our ExpressVPN testing showed around 77% initial speed retention, which is not as fast as, let's say, Surfshark, but is enough for lag-free gaming and streaming on your Xbox.

Server network. ExpressVPN offers multiple servers across 105 countries – the widest country selection compared to other VPN services on our list. You will not only find servers to change your IP address, but you’ll also find plenty with optimal speeds and excellent unblocking capabilities. DDoS attacks on Xbox won’t be an issue either.

Price. You can get ExpressVPN for $6.67/month. It is a fairly expensive provider, but there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee available in case you change your mind.

5. CyberGhost – fast and secure gaming console VPN

CyberGhost VPN banner
Xbox compatibility:
Series X, S, Xbox One, and Xbox 360
Servers/countries11500+ servers in 100 countries
Starting price:
From $2.03/month
Current deal:Get CyberGhost VPN, now 84% + 4 months FREE!

CyberGhost is a speedy VPN service for Xbox devices that also has servers optimized for gaming. It also has a partnership with FlashRouters, letting you find pre-configured options. But CyberGhost also has loads of manual guides for DD-WRT, TomatoUSB, and other router setups.

Security and privacy. CyberGhost is a feature-rich service, offering specialized servers for gaming as well as a kill switch to prevent data leaks if the connection drops. CyberGhost’s encryption is the same as other providers’ on our list – it uses the secure AES-256 cipher. CyberGhost will never share any of your details – this is because of its independently audited no-logs policy.

Performance. CyberGhost uses both the OpenVPN and WireGuard protocols to keep the connection fast. Combined with a massive server network, CyberGhost offers excellent performance. Our tests showed an average of 86% initial speed retention rates, making it a fast and lag-free Xbox VPN, only slightly going behind NordVPN.

Server network. Having the largest server network among our top Xbox VPNs with over 11500 servers in 100 countries, you won’t ever have to encounter DDoS attacks while playing games or any lags while streaming.

Price. You can get this VPN for $2.03/month. There’s a 1-day free trial for desktop, 3-day for Android, and 7-day for iOS users. A generous 45-day money-back guarantee is available as well.

Compare the best Xbox VPNs in 2024

  • Baseline: 1ms ping/462 Mbps download/437 Mbps upload
BrandRatingPingAvg. download speedAvg. upload speedSpeed retentionXbox compatibilityServers worldwideUnblocks streaming platformsStarting price
101 ms389 Mbps288 Mbps90%Xbox 360, Xbox One, Series S, Series X6400+ servers in 111 countriesNetflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and more$3.39/month
118 ms372 Mbps246 Mbps86%Xbox 360, Xbox One, Series S, Series X3200+ servers in 100 countriesNetflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and more$2.19/month
121 ms369 Mbps200 Mbps80%Xbox 360, Xbox One, Series S, Series X2400+ servers in 55 countriesNetflix, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Disney+, and more$2.19/month
101 ms248 Mbps326 Mbps77%Xbox 360, Xbox One, Series S, Series X3000+ servers in 105 countriesNetflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and more$6.67/month
93 ms112 Mbps112 Mbps86%Xbox 360, Xbox One, Series S, Series X11500+ servers in 100 countriesNetflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney+$2.03/month

How we tested and selected these VPNs

We have tried the selected VPNs on Xbox 360, One, Series S, and Series X. We chose 42 VPNs on the market, that claim compatibility with routers, and tested each of them to see how well they performed on each Xbox.

Here’s what we looked at when testing these Xbox VPNs:

  • Ease of use. You can’t use a VPN on Xbox unless you install the VPN on a router. That’s why we only included VPNs that are compatible with routers and provide you with clear router installation guides.
  • Performance. We tested the speeds of various services and chose only the fastest VPNs for this list.
  • Server fleet. The more servers a VPN has, the more IP addresses you get to make use of without compromising speeds too much. Therefore, we chose those VPNs that have thousands of servers spread across the globe.
  • Security. We checked the security features the VPN provides. All of our recommended VPNs include a kill switch to prevent data leaks. Extra features like threat protection or split tunneling are a plus.
  • Price. The price is one of the first things people look at when making any purchase, and VPNs are no different. Fortunately, we chose services for every pocket.

We then compiled all the results and ranked the VPNs based on the criteria we followed. Read more about how we test VPNs.

DDoS attacks on Xbox

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks are not very common but can still happen in more competitive gaming matches. Attackers can target different gaming platforms and consoles, including Xbox.

A DDoS attack means the attacker overwhelms your IP address with external traffic, overloading your device and causing it to crash. This way, all network connections on your device are blocked. Some unfair gamers use this tactic to gain an advantage against opponents.

If you have ever encountered a DDoS attack while gaming and want to avoid it in the future, we suggest you always connect your network to a VPN. A robust VPN, like NordVPN, will encrypt your traffic and protect your network, making your Xbox less susceptible to DDoS attacks and other threats.

How to use a VPN on Xbox: 2 ways

Installing a VPN on Xbox is not that complicated. However, if you’ve asked yourself, “how do I use a VPN on console,” here's your answer – you cannot set it up directly. For this, there are two ways. You can install a VPN on your router or create a mobile hotspot on your computer.

Option 1: set up an Xbox VPN on a router

The installation process differs from one router to the other. So, below, I listed some general tips that will help:

  1. Find your router's IP address. On Windows, open Command Prompt, enter the command "ipconfig" and press Enter. The router's IP address will be under "Default gateway."
  2. Log in to your router’s control panel. Enter the router's IP address into your browser and log in. You will find your router's default login details by Googling "[router model] default login details."
  3. Follow the VPN's router installation guide. All major providers offer guides on their support page. If you find a guide for your brand of router, follow the steps you see there.
  4. Connect to the network via the router's control panel. All devices you connect to the router on which you installed the VPN will be covered, including your Xbox.

Note that not all types of router firmware support VPNs. You can flash your router to install a different firmware, but this can be a bit more complex. Get help if you're not sure what you're doing – flashing the router incorrectly can damage it.

Option 2: set up a VPN connection on Xbox over a mobile hotspot

Another way to use a VPN on an Xbox is by sharing the connection over a mobile hotspot. You can install a VPN on your laptop or PC and then create a hotspot with it. Then, connect the Xbox to the hotspot and that’s it – your Xbox is connected to a VPN-secured Wi-Fi. However, it’s worth noting that the performance after such VPN setup will be worse than when installing the service directly on a router.

Now, the process of sharing a VPN connection over Wi-Fi differs from one operating system to another. Below, you’ll find instructions for Windows 10 and macOS.

Sharing a VPN connection with Xbox over a mobile hotspot on Windows 10

  1. Go to your laptop’s Settings > Network and Internet > Mobile Hotspot
  2. Click on Wi-Fi and then enable Mobile Hotspot
  3. Go back to Settings > Network and Internet > Change adapter options
  4. Right-click on [Insert your chosen VPN here] Windows Adapter and go to Properties
  5. Click on the Sharing tab and check the Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection box. The hotspot you created should appear in the drag-down menu above the adapter. Its name should be Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter. Click on it
  6. Connect your Xbox to your newly created hotspot via Wi-Fi

Sharing a VPN connection with Xbox over a mobile hotspot on macOS

  1. Get the account credentials from the VPN provider you choose
  2. Set up an L2TP/IPsec VPN on your Mac
  3. Go to System Preferences > Sharing
  4. Go to Internet Sharing, but don’t click on Enable yet
  5. Choose the VPN connection from the drop-down menu and check the Wi-Fi box that says "To computers using"
  6. Set the Wi-Fi password in Wi-Fi Options
  7. Go back to Internet Sharing and now click Enable
  8. Connect to the VPN
  9. Connect your Xbox to your newly created network

Can I use a free VPN with Xbox?

Yes, you can use a free VPN for Xbox consoles, yet we advise against it. Using unreliable and completely free VPNs can end up doing more harm than good. Some services are known to collect and sell your data to third parties, or even install malware on your device.

A better alternative is freemium VPNs – free versions of paid VPNs. They’re trustworthy and offer basic security. However, they’re limited in servers, features, and, often, speeds.

The best solution is going for premium providers and making use of their free trials and money-back guarantees.

  1. NordVPN – offers a 7-day free trial for Android that you can use on other devices after setup. A 30-day money-back guarantee is also included.
  2. Surfshark – has a free 7-day trial for macOS, Android, and iOS users as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee to test the service out.

Video review

Watch our video about the best VPNs for Xbox to make the right purchase decision. You'll learn everything about the top products – from price to features, to security, and more.

Final thoughts

Xbox VPNs are useful for unblocking geo-restricted games and other content, as well as ensuring overall privacy and security while gaming. When looking for a VPN for Xbox, it’s important to find services that support router setup, ensure great security features, don’t compromise speeds, and are capable of unblocking geo-restricted content.

Our top suggestion is NordVPN. It retains an average of 90% of initial connection speeds, has excellent security features, and doesn’t drain your wallet. Coming at $3.39/month, NordVPN will help you forget all about geo-restrictions or DDoS attacks and let you game freely and in peace.

A VPN is also useful for general security on all devices. It hides your private information and IP address to protect you from malicious actors and your internet service provider. It’s a great tool for ensuring your online activities are visible to your eyes only.


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