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JavaPipe review: underrated but ready to make a splash?

A veteran in the industry, JavaPipe has 20 years of experience. The provider made its way into users’ hearts by offering the “fastest WordPress hosting on the market,” sophisticated security features, and ease of use all at affordable prices.

Or, at least, that’s what it claims. But, frankly, most people have never heard of JavaPipe hosting.

This could be because it caters to experienced webmasters as it specializes in Tomcat-based hosting for Java developers. Or, it could be that the provider simply doesn’t live up to its claims – I can’t tell for sure.

And, that’s why I did some detective work to get to the truth. For this JavaPipe review, I’ve researched, monitored, and tested the provider thoroughly everything from its pricing and performance to ease of use and security.

PriceWordPress Cloud hosting starts at $9.00/month
Hosting typesCloud WordPress, Java, PHP, dedicated hosting
Server locationsUSA, Germany, the Netherlands, Romania
Support24/7 ticket support
Current dealGet up to 40% OFF JavaPipe!
Best alternatives:

Pros and Cons of JavaPipe

JavaPipe pricing and plans

One of JavaPipe’s most sought-after solutions is cloud WordPress hosting, which costs $9.00/mo. But, other options such as Java, PHP, and dedicated hosting are also very popular.

Type of hostingBest for
WordPress hostingBloggers, beginners, and WordPress sites looking to maximize functions and security.
PHP hosting Advanced security, more flexibility, and websites that rely heavily on a CMS.
Java hosting Developers, web-based apps, and websites with user-oriented content.
Dedicated server hostingSites with heavy traffic, game servers, and advanced users that want complete control over the server.

Since WordPress powers 42% of the web and is beginner-friendly, most of us start our hosting journey with it making it an extremely popular choice. It is also the star of this JavaPipe review.

Unlike your typical hosting providers out there, JavaPipe keeps things extremely simple and offers only 1 WordPress plan. But, you can choose whether you want it to be based in the USA or Europe. Based on your decision, the plan costs $9.00/mo or €8.64/mo.

However, regardless of the location, it's still the same plan with identical server resources. Now speaking of resources, JavaPipe WordPress hosting plan comes with unlimited websites, 20GB SSD storage, 1TB of bandwidth, and unlimited databases.

In addition to the above, you also get features like:

  • Unlimited SSL certificates
  • DDoS protection
  • Automated daily backup and one-click restore
  • One-click installer for WordPress and LiteSpeed cache plugin
  • Staging area
  • Pre-configured Cloudflare

I’d consider JavaPipe’s price to be on the higher end, especially with the storage space you're getting.

However, I’d say that it still has a very competitive rate for what you get in return. Let’s also not forget that this is cloud hosting and the provider is rather unsparing with its other resources and features. Plus, there are no increased prices upon renewal.

Best Value

To secure the lowest monthly rates, pick a 3-year billing cycle. Although a large initial prepayment is needed, you'll be able to enjoy the lowest introductory monthly price of $9.00.

If you aren’t too concerned about budget but would prefer a shorter subscription, JavaPipe offers a 1-month contract at $15.00. Alternatively, you can also test it out with its 30-day money-back guarantee.

However, JavaPipe’s refund is slightly complex. It’s issued conditionally and you’ll need to provide a valid reason where the issues were due to its fault. Plus, as with most providers, it mostly covers only hosting services.

So if you find JavaPipe's lackluster features too much of a deal-breaker, I highly suggest you look into our best WordPress hosting providers list – maybe you'll find something closer to your heart.

Providing generous resources and features at a competitive price, JavaPipe WordPress hosting plan offers good value.

Hosting management: is it easy to use?

JavaPipe uses Cyberpanel for its WordPress hosting management. The interface is essentially divided into 2 areas: the Main area where you can find your primary functionalities and the Server area for the advanced functions. Both are modern, clean, and very easy to find your way around.

When you log in, you’ll see the dashboard also known as the Main area. This is what it looks like:

javapipe dashboard screenshot

Here, everything is neatly arranged in an orderly fashion. Even if you’re a newbie or not very technical, it’s easy enough to get around as everything is aptly labeled. This is where you can set up email accounts, add subdomains, access file manager and databases, and more. You can even clone and put your site to staging here.

javapipe list of websites on your server

But, when you need even more advanced features and tools, the second area Server is where you can find them. It’s still clean and well-organized but also packed with higher-level functionalities like web terminal management and security.

In brief, JavaPipe usage of Cyberpanel for hosting management is a good choice. Intuitive, modern, and has everything you need, both amateurs and professionals will find it incredibly useful.

Performance: is JavaPipe fast?

Speed and uptime are the first things to look for when choosing a hosting provider. I’m glad to announce that when it comes to everything performance-related, I’d happily give JavaPipe my stamp of approval. The provider is fast, has reliable uptime, and handles traffic seamlessly.

JavaPipe uptime and response time

I monitored JavaPipe for a couple of weeks to see if the SLA uptime guarantee of 99.9% is true. And, well, it is! My site remained online >99.99% of the time, with only 1 minute of downtime.

javapipe uptime and response time

The results show that JavaPipe is an extremely reliable hosting provider with a >99.99% of uptime, overpassing its 99.9% uptime promises by a big margin.

Additionally, this test shows the response time as well. The average response time ended up being 466ms. Since we’re aiming for our response time to be lower than 600ms, I consider this a huge success – even the maximum response time didn’t overpass that. The response time was also very stable, without huge bumps in the testing.

By the way, our tool (Pingdom) tests the response times accross multiple locations in the US, Canada, and Europe. So the actual result for your audience will depend mostly on how far away they are from the server. For example, if you choose to host in the US server and the audience is in Chicago, the response time might not even reach 100ms. However, if your visitor connects from Austrialia – the response time will increase significantly.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with the uptime and response time results – JavaPipe kept its claims and ended up performing even better.

JavaPipe speed test

First things first, I tested its speed with an empty WordPress site. My goal here was to get a Largest Contentful Paint below 600ms, which will make it very fast. And, the hosting God answered my prayers with an LCP of just 491ms.

javapipe speed test with an empty wordpress site

Next up, I ran the test with a fully-built WordPress site. This time, the LCP loaded in 760ms. For a fully built site, that’s an incredible result! It’s just slightly over a third of 2.5s, which is the ceiling of what Google considers to be excellent results.

javapipe speed test with a fully built wordpress site

Now looking at another important measure – fully loaded time, the site only took 0.8s to get fully loaded. For the best user experience and potentially lower bounce-off rates, this time should remain under 3 seconds. Clearly, JavaPipe had no issues delivering spectacular results.

If I have to venture a guess, I’d say that most of the speed could be attributed to JavaPipe’s usage of LiteSpeed web servers for WordPress hosting. After all, it’s one of the best web server technologies around. Additionally, if speed is your top priority, take a look at our list of fastest web hosting providers.

But, do note that the provider’s data centers are only in the USA and Europe. Our website is hosted in the United States, so, you might see slower results courtesy of latency if your visitors are mostly in other regions. But, in any case, I don’t foresee terrible results.

JavaPipe stress test

One last test before I wave JavaPipe through – a stress test to see if it can handle traffic. Hence, 50 virtual users (VUs) headed their way.

For this test, speed (the blue line) must be stable as the number of visitors (the gray line) increases. Meanwhile, failures (the red line) aren’t an option and shouldn’t be there.

Keep in mind that 50VUs is pretty intense traffic. 50VUs roaming on your site continuously could result in a monthly traffic of 50 000 visits.

And it seems that JavaPipe had no problems handling such traffic. The provider passed the full 50VUs test.

javapipe stress test results

Well, the speed was a little more choppy than I’d hoped for and you can see some spikes as the number of visitors went up. But, even at the highest peak, the speed never exceeded 400ms. So, that isn’t too much of an issue for me. Certainly, not a deal-breaker. Plus, failures also remained at 0.

All things considered, I’m very satisfied with JavaPipe’s performance. Extremely fast and handles traffic well, it lives up to its braggings.

Security: is JavaPipe secure?

JavaPipe offers a number of security solutions but, unfortunately, not the full stack. You do, however, get some essentials like SSL certificates, backups, DDoS protection, and firewalls.

Let’s take a closer look:

  • SSL certificates – JavaPipe WordPress hosting comes with free SSL certificates to create an encrypted connection between your site and your visitors. That’s a pretty standard offering but what sets JavaPipe apart is that it offers unlimited free SSLs that automatically renew. Most providers offer only one SSL certificate.
  • Backups – It also provides both automated and daily backups. Plus, there’s a one-click restore to quickly revert to your previous version, too.
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection – A serious and devastating attack, DDoS floods your site with traffic to disrupt it. The provider uses load balancing technology to filter out the compromised traffic.
  • Firewalls – firewalls filter out malicious traffic from reaching the server and your project. You can set up, enable, and disable custom firewall configurations straight from JavaPipe control panel.

All things considered, JavaPipe’s security measures are better than many other providers in the market. But, if security is your only priority, you can take a look at our list of the most secure web hosting providers – you won't be disappointed.

Will JavaPipe support help me?

JavaPipe has 24/7 ticket system support, while live chat is reserved for sales questions. There's also a knowledge base covering a broad range of topics.

My support channel of choice is always live chat, so I'm a tiny bit disappointed that technical inquiries are only solved through tickets. In any case, JavaPipe promises to answer them in 15 minutes – which is much better than what some providers can offer even via live chat.

Now, if you do not want to contact anyone – knowledgebase is more than capable of solving the majority of your questions.

JavaPipe knowledge base

In there, you'll find topics covering both your account and billing managment as well as hosting management stuff – domains, control panel, databases, and more.

All things considered, JavaPipe has the support department covered. And while I'd like to see some more live chat action going on, there's surely enough ways to get some quality help now, too.

JavaPipe review: the final verdict

All in all, this JavaPipe review proves that it’s not that easy or wise to just indiscriminately dismiss the more underrated hosts. Sure, they aren’t perfect but they could be every bit as good as the household names.

Here’s the final verdict of JavaPipe’s WordPress hosting service:

Reliable WordPress hosting provider
The price is reasonable for liberal resources and features you get.
Ease of Use
It uses Cyberpanel. The interface is neat, well-organized, and user-friendly.
JavaPipe excels with stunning speeds and good handling of traffic.
JavaPipe includes SSL certificates, automatic backups, DDoS protection, and firewalls.
Support is available 24/7 via tickets and JavaPipe promises 15 minute response times. Meanwhile, live chat is reserved for sales inquiries only.

I’d recommend JavaPipe – especially to those building smaller WordPress sites. After all, the provider is extremely fast, easy to handle, and comes with some top-grade tools and features.

JavaPipe alternatives

If you find that JavaPipe isn’t the provider for you, that’s alright. You can always take a peek at our lists of best WordPress hosting providers or best Cloud hosting providers. There are plenty of other options out there. But here are two providers that are pretty good alternatives to JavaPipe.


A WordPress-centric provider, SiteGround is perhaps JavaPipe’s biggest rival as they’re around the same price point. SiteGround’s cheapest plan costs $2.99/month and it has all the basics you need to run your WordPress site.

And, for something more on par with JavaPipe’s plan, check out SiteGround’s $4.99/mo mid-range plan. This comprehensive plan comes with 20GB of disk space, unmetered bandwidth, free SSL, daily offsite backup, and many more features and tools.

Plus, SiteGround is also popular for both its excellent performance and unparalleled support team.

WP Engine

This is a premium WordPress-exclusive host where plans start from $22.50/month. WP Engine is known for offering enterprise-grade WordPress hosting with tons of advanced features and tools.

Besides that, WP Engine has long been hailed as a hero when it comes to performance. Optimized for WordPress, it’s remarkably fast and extremely reliable.

4.8 /5
Special deal
-77% OFF
4.5 /5
Special deal
-75% OFF
4.3 /5
Special deal
-80% OFF

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