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MDDHosting review: is it worth your time?

In this MDDHosting review, I will explore the provider in detail by evaluating its pricing, ease of use, performance, security, and support.

MDDHosting is a small independent web hosting provider that has gained remarkable traction since its launch in 2007. The host offers several hosting types, including shared cloud, VPS, and reseller hosting, with prices suitable for a variety of audiences.

Besides, its claims of 100% uptime, robust security features, and scalability are downright appealing. However, there seem to be some mixed options. While most reviews talk about the provider’s excellent customer service and fast performance, some are uncertain about its features.

The provider promises a lot, however, whether it lives up to its commitments is a question I aim to answer. In this MDDHosting review, I will cover its pricing plans, ease of use, security, and overall performance to confirm its claims!

💲Price:Prices start at 6.99/mo
🏘Hosting type:Shared cloud, reseller, and VPS hosting
🌎Server locations:The US
👨‍💻Support:Ticketing, phone, and customer Discord group
🔥Coupons:MDDHosting coupon 53% OFF
Best alternatives:

Pros and Cons of MDDHosting

MDDHosting pricing & plans

In terms of price, MDDHosting comes at a pretty reasonable cost. Its most popular shared cloud hosting plans range from $6.99/mo to $27.99/mo. Additionally, the host also offers reseller and VPS hosting.

Hosting typeBest for
Cloud hosting
Great for beginners looking to create a personal or small business site
Reseller hosting
Perfect for web developers and designers wishing to sell pre-made websites
VPS hosting
eCommerce stores or business websites with high traffic and rapid growth prospects

Irrespective of your current business stage, the web hosting provider has an option for almost everyone’s needs.

However, MDDHosting stands out among the crowd with its combined (shared + cloud) hosting service, which is the main focal point of this review.

The provider offers 3 cloud plans, with prices ranging from $6.99/mo to $27.99/mo.

Now, no matter which plan you opt for, all allow you to host unlimited domains and come with unlimited email accounts, bandwidth, and MySQL Databases. Additionally, you get free unlimited SSLs, daily off-site backups, as well as Imunify360 and SiteLock Lite packages.

While all plans have quite a few similarities, here’s how they differ in terms of resources:

Plan FeaturesPrice
Turbo The plan offers 25 GB SSD storage, 2 CPU cores, and 2GB RAM.$6.99/mo
Plaid You get 50 GB high-speed NVMe storage along with 2x the CPU cores and RAM of the Turbo plan.$13.99/mo
Plaid Plus The plan comes with 100GB high-speed NVMe storage, 8 CPU cores, and 8GB RAM – all high speed. $27.99/mo
Best Value

If you’re looking to run a personal site for yourself or a small business one for your company, consider the Turbo plan. With a 3-year billing cycle, this plan will cost $251.64 in total.

Another important thing to note would be that the provider offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for its cloud and reseller hosting services. As per this condition, you will get full payment reimbursement if you are not satisfied with the provider’s services within the first 30 days of your sign-up.

MDDHosting also offers you free unlimited website migration. However, it’ll cost $10 per website if you choose to migrate after 60 days of joining. You must note that this free service is only available for accounts with cPanel. If you do not have cPanel access, you will have to pay $25 for every site you migrate.

Overall, MDDHosting offers generous server resources and security measures for the price you pay. Though its plans are comparatively more expensive than other providers, keep in mind that this is shared cloud hosting after all.

Hosting management – is MDDHosting easy to use?

When it comes to ease of use, MDDHosting is pretty simplistic and straightforward. It comes with a traditional WHMCS and a cPanel for all website management tasks.

First, when you create an account, you’ll be redirected to MDDHosting’s web hosting management panel also known as WHMCS.


Here, you’ll be able to manage your billing, domain registration, and SSL certificates, as well as contact customer support.

However, most importantly WHMCS serves as a link to the cPanel. This will be good news for those who prefer cPanel hosting solutions.

MDDHosting control panel

MDDHosting uses a slightly customized cPanel as the main tool for site management tasks.

The panel is well organized and very easy to use. Both beginners and advanced users will have no problem navigating it.

Here’s what MDDHosting’s cPanel looks like:


Now here are some of the main features that can be found in the cPanel:

  • Domains – in this section you’ll be able to connect and manage all domain-related settings.
  • Email – here you can easily set up and manage your email accounts. The process is very straightforward and simplistic. However, keep in mind that email accounts use the same storage as your website, meaning this service is only good for casual mailing and not for big marketing campaigns.
  • Backup – the provider stores your website’s daily backup for at least 7 days at an offsite location. Monitor all your backups closely right from the control panel in the JetBackup section.
  • Support – you can access multiple support options like opening and viewing tickets, searching the knowledgebase, and checking the server status right from the cPanel.

The bottom line is MDDHosting is easy to use. The provider caters to the needs of both newbies and the experienced with a functional combination of the traditional WHMCS and a simplistic cPanel.

Performance – is MDDHosting fast?

Most MDDHosting reviews rave about its top-notch performance, and I couldn’t wait to confirm (or deny) the claim myself. So I ran a few performance-related tests and can confirm that the host is reliable, fast, and can handle traffic jumps like a champ.

MDDHosting uptime and response time

For this MMDHosting review, I have monitored the provider for nearly a month. In this time, the host had 4 outages with 4 minutes of downtime. This has resulted in a near-perfect 99.99% uptime.

I must note that the host does come with a 100% SLA uptime guarantee. However, since server maintenance and other unexpected circumstances make 100% uptime nearly impossible, 99.99% is the next best thing.


Now as far as the response time is concerned, it has averaged at 503ms. While MDDHosting’s response time was not the most stable, it still managed to fall below the market’s average of 600ms.

Overall, when it comes to uptime and response time, MMDHosting is a reliable and speedy hosting provider.

MDDHosting loading speed

When it came to the load time, MDDHosting was more than exceptional. I ran a few loading speed tests to explore how fast the provider can load an empty and fully-built website.

To better understand the results below, here are the 2 main measures I take into consideration explained:

  • Largest Contful Paint (LCP) – it displays the time it takes for the largest content (image, font, video, etc.) on the site to be loaded. It is also one of the measures Google weighs when ranking websites on its search result page. For best results aim for a time below 2.5 seconds.
  • Fully loaded time – this, as the name suggests, shows the time it took for the website to fully load. Since load time has a big impact on user experience, aim for a time that’s below 3 seconds.

Now, my website is hosted in the US, so expectedly, that’s the location with the best outcome. The LCP in the US is only 373ms.


As the distance between the server where the website is hosted and the user increases, so does the LCP. Good thing, none of the locations has surpassed the undesired 2.5 second time mark. However, I must note that MDDHosting has data centers in the US alone.

Now testing a fully-built WordPress website, the result has surpassed my expectations yet again, with an LCP of just 765ms.


Now that we’re looking at a fully-built website, there’s one more measure to consider, and it’s the Fully Loaded Time. Once again, MDDHosting does demonstrate impressive results by keeping its Fully Loaded Time at a speedy 771ms. Very far from the undesired 3-second mark indeed.

In short, looking at the load times, MDDHosting proved to be very fast. Both LCP and Fully Loaded Time were significantly speedier than the undesired maximum benchmarks.

MDDHosting stress testing

For this last test, I examined MMDHosting’s abilities in handling increased traffic on the website.

To begin the test, I’ve sent 50 virtual users (VUs) to my website. Keep in mind that this is pretty intense traffic. If you have 50VUs on your site at all times, it could easily round up to 50 000 monthly visitors.

This, however, did not scare MDDHosting, and it handled the full 50VUs without even breaking a sweat.


In a perfect scenario, the blue line (response time) should remain stable and speedy despite the grey line (number of visitors) increasing. Additionally, there should be no failed requests (red line).

And as you can tell, MDDHosting got as close to perfect as possible. The response time remained flat throughout the whole test and the red line was nowhere to be seen, as it should.

Overall, the provider performed well even with 50 visitors and remained as fast as it would with 1 visitor.

MDDHosting successfully passed all my performance-based tests, and I can easily see it competing with the fastest hosting solutions out there. It is fast, stable, reliable, and easily handles large website traffic.

Security – is MDDHosting secure?

Looking at MDDHosting’s security package, it is clear that the provider takes security seriously. The host includes both basic and advanced security solutions like an SSL, SiteLock, Imunify360, and automatic backups.

While writing this MDDHosting review, I realized this web host offers an extensive range of security features. It includes a free SSL certificate, daily backups, and free SiteLock Lite – the antivirus for your website.

Here’s a quick breakdown of all the security features:

  • Free unlimited SSL certificates an SSL certificate ensures an encrypted connection between the server and the user. MDDHosting lets you install an unlimited number of SSL certificates. Additionally, there are numerous paid SSL options too.
  • Automated backups – MDDHosting comes with automated daily backups that are stored on offsite servers for up to 7 days.
  • SiteLock Lite – all plans come with a free SiteLock Lite. It is a malware scanner protecting your website from all kinds of viruses and cybercrime. Besides, it offers blacklist monitoring for 5 pages with every plan.
  • Imunify360 Server Security & Malware Scanner – it is an AI-powered security solution that offers protection against known and unknown attacks. It comes with a server-level firewall, antivirus, patch management, and malware scanner among many others.

On top of its free tools, MDDHosting also offers a spam filtration feature for an extra cost.

I must say, MDDHosting comes with numerous useful security tools. However, I must note that the lack of DDoS protection is a little concerning.

Customer support – will MDDHosting support help me?

MDDHosting offers multiple customer care channels like ticketing, a customer Discord group, and a phone line for sales and billing-related matters specifically. That said, you can also access its extensive knowledge base and a community forum for self-help.

MDDHosting’s main support channel and my preferred method of contact is ticketing. Overall, you can expect prompt replies. However, this is no live chat, so the answer will take a bit. More so, the agents are very knowledgeable and will do their best to solve the issues at hand.

Now if you prefer to find the information yourself, MDDHosting’s vast knowledge base is loaded with guides, tutorials, and blogs on pretty much everything technical. However, you will find most of the section dedicated to presales support. Regardless, the information included is pretty detailed and up to date.

In addition to that, its community forum will bring you answers to all the common questions you may have. It’s always great to hear what the other users have to say.

Overall, MDDHosting customer care is quite satisfactory. All of my interactions were professional, and I got helpful answers. However, you cannot ignore the lack of live chat support and the phone support is only available for sale and billing queries.

MDDHosting review – the final verdict

My experience while testing the host for this MDDHosting review was quite pleasant. The provider performed way better than I’d expected it to. It is fast, reliable, and provides excellent customer support. However, it’s definitely on the more expensive side compared to its rivals – it makes up with the performance, I guess.

Powerful hosting for medium-sized business sites
MDDHosting prices start at $6.99/mo for fully managed cloud hosting. The provider offers pretty inclusive plans, in terms of resources and security features.
Ease of use
MDDHosting comes with a traditional WHMCS and a cPanel. Both panels are very intuitive, functional, and easy to use.
The provider demonstrated a reliable performance with an uptime of 99.99%. More so, the load times were very speedy and the host is very capable of handling big traffic surges.
From daily backups and an application firewall to free SSL certificates and malware protection, MDDHosting has a well-rounded security package.
MDDHosting offers a ticketing system, as well as help via phone for sales and billing matters. Otherwise, clients can turn to a community blog or a Discord group.

Who do I recommend MDDHosting to?

MDDHosting is certainly one of the best cloud hosting services for small to medium-size businesses looking to run professional websites. For a reasonable price, you get ease of use, fully managed shared cloud hosting services, speedy performance, and attentive customer support.

Alternatives to MDDHosting

While MDDHosting is fast, secure, and easy to use, it may not be exactly what you’re looking for. Do not worry, though, as I’ve shortlisted a few good hosting solutions that might work for you – Hostinger and Liquid Web.


Hostinger is one of the top web hosting services, with its shared hosting plans being some of the cheapest in the market.

Its strong suits include great load speed, reliable performance, and cheap WordPress hosting – $1.99/mo for starters. Small businesses can also consider its cloud hosting services starting with $9.99/mo.

Liquid Web

If you’re looking for an alternative VPS hosting option, Liquid Web is certainly a great one.

Even with the basic plan starting from $15.00/mo, you get generous server resources, a control panel of your choice, speedy performance, and extensive security measures.

4.8 /5
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