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TMDHosting review: is it any good?

This TMDHosting review was put together after taking it for a spin over a couple of months. You’ll find valuable information about its prices, ease of use, performance, security, and customer support. You know … the most important things you need before making a commitment to a specific hosting provider.

I am willing to bet that you’ve never heard of TMDHosting. To be truly honest, neither have I until a few months back. Given my job description, the most logical thing I could do was test it out and tell you all about it.

Now, TMDHosting has it all – shared and cloud hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers. The prices are low overall. Even dedicated servers are affordable, starting at $79.97/month, the same range as Bluehost. However, after some initial testing, it is clear that despit affordable pricing, the performance is not great. If you want a hosting service that loads your sites fast, consider something else.

The best TMDHosting alternative
Hostinger is one of the most affordable and feature-rich web hosting providers. With an easy-to-use control panel and amazing tools for eCommerce, marketing, SEO, and excellent performance metrics, it is the best choice if you're looking to host a successful site with minimal effort.
cybernews® score
4.8 /5

Neverthteless, to test the provider, I started out with the cheapest option – shared hosting. The host claims to offer 16 times faster web hosting. More so, the uptime guarantee is an incredible 99.9%. This and many other promises like unlimited storage, bandwidth, and more got me curious to see what the host really has to offer.

⭐ Rating:
💵 Price:From $2.69/monthFrom $2.95/month
📑 Uptime guarantee:100%99.9%
🔥 Coupons:Hostinger coupon 77% OFFWeb Hosting coupons
Storage space (from):100 GB SSD50GB
✂️ Free domain (first year):YesYes
🔒 Free SSL certificate:YesYes
➡️ Site migration:Free Automatic WordPress Website MigrationFree transfer by a specialist
💾 Automated backups:Free (weekly)Yes
📧 Email accounts:Free (up to 100 accounts)Free (unlimited)
👨‍💻 24/7 live support:YesYes
💰 Money-back guarantee:30-day30-day
Best alternatives:

Pros and Cons of TMDHosting

TMDHosting pricing

TMDHosting offers good prices with all its hosting types. The cheapest shared hosting plan costs just $2.95/mo. If you’re looking for a WordPress-specific plan or cloud hosting plans – both come for a very affordable price too. You can also choose from VPS, reseller, or dedicated server hosting.

Type of hosting Best for
Shared hosting A beginner-friendly hosting for smaller sites. Get up to 50% OFF TMDHosting!
WordPress hosting Affordable WordPress-focused hosting.
Cloud hosting Slightly more advanced users. Very affordable and powerful hosting.
VPS hosting Bigger sites and online stores. A slightly more advanced solution.
Reseller hosting Website designers, developers, or those looking to resell websites.
Dedicated hosting Large, resource-heavy sites or projects. This is the most advanced option.

It’s very clear that TMDHosting offers everything that you can think of – from shared hosting to dedicated servers. However, since shared hosting is the most in-demand service, that’s exactly what I’ll be concentrating on for this TMDHosting review.

For shared hosting, TMDHosting has 3 plans. All plans come with a free domain, SSL, unlimited bandwidth and storage space, as well as unlimited email accounts, caching, and free access to Weebly Sitebuilder.

Of course, each plan has its unique range of features too:

Starter 1 website and basic caching. It’ll be best suited for a personal blog or a small project. $2.95/mo
Business Unlimited websites and includes 128MB Memcache instance. For a small-to-medium business site or a popular blog, this is the plan.$4.95/mo
EnterpriseUnlimited websites plus Wildcard SSL, Opcache, and a Memcached instance of 256MB. I recommend this plan to a medium business website.$7.95/mo

Now, before I move on to other pricing details, know that TMDHosting provides these plans for both Linux and Windows. The latter is slightly more expensive. Most people go for Linux hosting, but you know…it’s always good to have options.

Now, there is no one-fits-all plan, therefore the best value will differ depending on your needs.

If one website is enough for you, there is no need to look further than the Startup plan. You get unlimited storage, bandwidth, and freebies like domain and SSL. This is more than enough for a well-functioning site.

Yet, if a single site is too limiting, I suggest you give the Business plan a look. It’s almost just like the Startup, but you get to host as many websites as you want.

Best Value

The best possible price you can get from TMDHosting is if you purchase Starter for a 3-year period. By opting for a 36-month billing cycle you'll keep the monthly rates as low as $2.95/mo for the first instalment.

Overall, TMDHosting falls among the more affordable hosting providers. The initial prices are very reasonable, and the increased renewal is nothing to pull your hair out for.

I’d also like to mention TMDHosting’s 60-day money-back guarantee policy. Considering that this is double the standard 30-day money-back guarantee, it's a win in my books.

In sum (no pun intended), TMDHosting is affordable and has inclusive plans for most shared hosting needs. Plus, a 60-day money-back guarantee is impressive.

Hosting management – is it easy to use?

Ease of use is a crucial factor in choosing a hosting provider, no matter the experience level. That’s exactly what I tested for this TMDHosting review, and the host seems to do well in this department. The provider comes with a very simplistic native user interface as well as a cPanel integration. Both panels are very easy to get a hang of, so you won’t have to spend time experimenting.

The very first thing you’ll come across after you create an account is TMDHosting’s native user interface.

TMDHosting native dashboard

What I liked about it is that it’s not overcrowded and very simplistic. From here, you can access and manage active service/s, the number of domains, or the tickets you may have opened.

But that’s pretty much it. I didn’t use the dashboard for anything but billing and accessing cPanel.

That brings me to TMDHosting’s choice of website management. So let’s explore the cPanel.

How does TMDHosting control panel look like?

For website management, TMDHosting uses a slightly customized cPanel. When I say slightly, I mean the design only because the functionalities are virtually the same. I have to admit, though, that TMDHosting’s version is easier on the eyes but just as easy to use.

TMDHosting cPanel

From here, you will be managing all the main aspects of your website, like:

  • Managing your domain settings – you can add, set up, and delete your domain(s).
  • Setting up email accounts – in the Email Accounts section, you’ll be able to create new and manage existing email accounts. Just keep in mind as email accounts use the same resources as your site does. These won’t be fit for massive marketing campaigns - just for an occasional mailing or business communication.
  • Activate your SSL certificate – you can find Let’s Encrypt ™ SSL under the Security section. The tool is very straightforward and simplistic. All you’ll have to do is activate your SSL.
  • Install WordPress – you will also use cPanel to install any Content Management System, including WordPress. For this, TMDHosting uses a standard Softaculous App Installer.
  • Access Weebly Sitebuilder – this is a website builder that will help you design your website in case you have no skills or experience in the area.

Overall, cPanel is considered to be the most simplistic control panel. It’s extremely straightforward and well structured, so site management will be a breeze.

All things considered, TMDHosting is very easy to use. Its native user interface is not overcrowded and is useful only for billing and cPanel access. At the same time, cPanel integration makes everything run smoothly. Most people are familiar with it, and if you aren’t, you’ll get the hang of it faster than saying website management panel.

Performance – is TMDHosting fast?

When it comes to performance, TMDHosting left me very confused. While preparing this TMDHosting review, uptime proved to be good, and the loading time could rival some of the fastest hosting providers in the market. Yet, the response time left me disappointed. Let’s dive in to analyze all that in more detail.

TMDHosting uptime and response time

To test TMDHosting’s uptime and response time, I’ve monitored the site for almost a month. In this time, the provider saw 4 outages. These have resulted in 7 minutes of downtime or an overall 99.9% uptime.

I must note that TMDHosting issues an uptime guarantee of 99.9%. As it’s quite difficult to maintain such good uptime (unexpected outages can always happen), TMDHosting promises to compensate you if your uptime falls below 99.9%.

TMDHosting uptime and response time monitoring

While the uptime was reasonable, I cannot say the same for the response time. The average response time has gone all the way up to 2.31s. That’s almost 4 times the market’s average of 600ms.

This could be a point where you decide you’ve seen enough. However, let me interest you by saying that this is a very bizarre measure. This is the only time you’ll see a result as poor as such since further performance results will leave you pleasantly surprised.

Onto the website’s loading speed!

TMDHosting hosting speed

As a starting point, I’ve installed an empty WordPress site and tested its loading speed from 3 locations – the US, the UK, and India. Since my site is hosted in the US, the speediest LCP (Largest Content Paint) was in the US, too just 639ms. As expected, the further away I went from the origin server, the longer it took for my site to load.

TMDHosting speed testing from different locations

But why does LCP matter?

Largest Content Paint is one of a few measures that Google considers when sorting sites. If your LCP is lower than 2.5 seconds, you can expect a spot in Google’s paradise, also known as the first page. Sometimes it can be a factor that determines if your site can rank at all.

It seems that TMDHosting had 0 problems as even the furthest location’s time only came up to 1.4 seconds. This leaves more than enough wiggle space.

Good To Know

TMDHosting has 7 data centers worldwide, so you get to choose a server closer to your target audience. You can either go with Chicago (US), Phoenix (US), London (UK), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Singapore (Singapore), Tokyo (Japan), or Sydney (Australia).

All went well with an empty website, but what about a fully built site?

It seems that TMDHosting passed this test with flying colors. The fully built website’s LCP has barely increased up to 870ms. Great result as this leaves loads of room to the undesired 2.5 seconds.

TMDHosting fully built website loading speed

Now that we’re examining a content-filled website, LCP is not the only measure we should evaluate. Another important measure is Fully Loaded Time, which stands at just 1.4 seconds. As long as this measure is under 3 seconds, the site is guaranteed to have less bounce-off due to long loading time.

Overall, TMDHosting performed beautifully in terms of speed. The LCP was great, under 2.5 even on the other side of the world, and the fully loaded time was just 1.4 seconds.

Good so far, but how will TMDHosting act under a little bit of pressure? Let’s find out.

TMDHosting stress testing

A stress test is meant to test a provider’s ability to handle the traffic. At some point, your site might experience a big traffic increase, and you want to be sure that the provider will be able to handle that.

To begin the test, I’ve sent 50 VUs (Virtual Users) to my site and let them hang around for about 5 minutes. Keep in mind that 50 VUs is a lot for shared hosting, as such continuous traffic could result in 50 000 monthly visits. But I wanted to test TMDHosting’s limits.

And it seems that 50 VUs was just too much for TMDHosting.

TMDHosting stress test (fail)

Simply put, the provider got overwhelmed by such intensity. Out of 4696 requests made to the server, almost ⅕ have failed (red line). Okay, so 50 VUs have knocked off the roof, but I’m still curious to know how much can TMDHosting handle.

I’ve decreased the number of visitors by 5 until I pass the test. The first success was with 30VUs.

TMDHosting stress test (pass)

This time around, the graph looks much better. The response time (blue line) has remained relatively stable, and there’s only 1 failed request (red line). The single failed request suggests that this is the maximum we can expect from TMDHosting’s cheapest plan.

Even though the first stress test failed, remember that 50 VUs is very intense traffic that not every shared hosting service provider will be able to handle. Even 30 VUs is considered a high number, but TMDHosting did well in the end.

In general, TMDHosting managed to provide me with overall good performance results. Although the response time got me worried for a second, the provider’s loading speed and reasonable stress test results proved that there’s nothing to worry about too much.

Security – is TMDHosting secure?

When it comes to security, it seems that TMDHosting offers all the necessities.

To prepare this TMDHosting review, I had to see how secure the provider is. And I was not disappointed. All plans include the main features like SSL, firewalls, and backups free of charge. However, there are a few additional paid options too.

In terms of free security features, here’s what you get:

  • An in-house firewall filters all the data that is entering your network. If there are any suspicious activities, the data is prevented from entering your network.
  • Bitninja is a web-based firewall that safeguards WordPress websites against DDoS attacks.
  • SSL certificate is an essential tool for all websites as it creates a secure connection between browsers and the server.
  • Live malware protection – this tool makes sure that your server is well functioning and there are no issues.
  • Automatic daily backups – you can restore your website to a previous version in case something happens. Just remember that a version of your website is kept for only 5 days.

Now, if you’re willing to spend some money on security, here are a few paid options:

TMDHosting paid security features
  • SiteLock Basic ($19.95 per annum) – it protects your website against malware, hackers, and other threats. I find the price excessive since Wordfence is free. Even Sucuri has a free version.
  • Domain privacy ($11.99 per annum) – it hides your personal information that you had to give up when registering a domain from publicly accessible databases.
  • SpamExperts ($9.95/mo) – this tool protects your email inbox from any spam and unwelcome emails.

Overall, while preparing this TMDHosting review, I discovered that the host takes security seriously and provides many features for free. Most of them, anyway. With its in-house web firewall and live malware protection, you’ll be protected against the most common threats.

Will TMDHosting customer support help me?

TMDHosting's customer support team can be reached via 2 channels: live chat and a ticketing system. Both options are available 24/7. More so, the provider guarantees someone will help you in 15 minutes or less. Plus, you can browse its extensive knowledge base.

Naturally, I wanted to test that 15-minute thing TMDHosting guarantees, so for this TMDHosting review, I decided to use the live chat option – my favorite. Lo’ and behold, it took less than one minute for an agent to connect. The agent was really friendly too.

TMDHosting live chat support

I didn’t ask something complicated. All I wanted was to get some information on how to create an email account. The agent promptly gave me a quick step-by-step guide. I love when agents give you actual answers, no matter how simple, instead of giving you a link to the knowledge base.

Now, if you want to search for answers yourself or learn about hosting and what TMDHosting offers, you can access the provider’s knowledge base.

TMDHosting knowledge base

It includes useful and updated articles with loads of different topics. Plus, the topics are alphabetized, and I’m a real sucker for that. Borderline obsessed, actually. Let’s be honest the searching process gets that much easier.

All in all, I was more than happy with TMDHosting’s customer support service. I didn’t have to wait long for a support agent to connect, and he was friendly and helpful. Plus, the knowledge base provides you with plenty of information you’ll need down the road.

TMDHosting review – the final verdict

Well, there you have it. For this TMDHosting review, I managed to look at the most important aspects that can make or break a hosting provider, and TMDHosting easily passed my test. With the good and the bad, I think this provider can give you what you need.

Let’s quickly run over the main aspects again.

Affordable solution for smaller projects
TMDHosting is an affordable provider with prices starting at $2.95/month for 36-month subscriptions. However, the renewal price is nearly double that.
Ease of Use
TMDHosting is very easy to use as it uses a standard cPanel for website management tasks.
The provider’s performance was confusing. The uptime (99.9%) was lower than guaranteed, and response time sat at a very low 2.31s. Yet, a fully built website’s loading time was a very fast 1.4s.
TMDHosting comes with many free security features like SSL certificates, backups, firewalls, and DDoS protection.
I had a good experience with TMDHosting customer support. I got a reply in under a minute, and all my questions were answered promptly.

So who do I recommend TMDHosting to?

To sum up the whole TMDHosting review, I think TMDHosting is more than suitable for beginners and small businesses. It’s affordable, easy to use, the customer support service is good, and you have plenty of features to play around with.

Alternatives to TMDHosting

While TMDHosting review proved that it is a decent hosting provider with some powerful suits, people may be looking for something different. That is why I’m ready to offer a couple of alternatives – Hostinger and HostGator.


Hostinger is known in the hosting world for its crazy cheap prices and excellent performance. Its rates start at just $2.69/month for shared hosting. Plus, when ready, you can upgrade to Hostinger’s cloud or VPS hosting, whose prices start at $7.19/mo and $4.49/mo, respectively.

Even though Hostinger’s prices are low, its performance is excellent, making it one of the best-performing hosting providers on the market. Plus, it comes with a custom control panel called hPanel that’s easy to use.


HostGator is yet another affordable TMDHosting alternative. The prices start at $3.75/month for shared hosting, and you are free to upgrade to its VPS or dedicated hosting whenever you’re ready. The rates start at $36.99/mo and $91.98/mo.

HostGator may not perform as well as Hostinger, but it still managed to provide some adequate results. Moreover, the provider offers resource-rich plans, and with a classic cPanel for website management, it is very easy to use.

TMDHosting FAQs


prefix 4 months ago
To be honest I have been with them for a number of years but the last 12 months its got really bad, can't even update a simple wordpress site without 500 internal server issues. Super slow, just get excuses why its happening, but funny it never happened before and I have not really changed much with my sites, I even removed one of the larger sites to see if that would help, but it did nothing.

I will be moving to another host, not sure who because this seems to happen with many of them. All good at first and then they load up their servers and everything gets slow and issues start to appear.
Cybernews Team
prefix 4 months ago
Hey, thanks for reaching out. We get how frustrating this situation must be. Our suggestion is to reach out to support again. Sometimes, staying in touch with them can lead to better solutions. Clearly explain the issues you're having and how unhappy you are with the service. Ask if there are any steps they can take to fix the slow performance and server errors. If that doesn't work, it might be time to look for a new provider that fits your needs better. You might want to consider checking out Hostinger; they offer fast speeds and ample storage. Hope this helps!
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