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Best WordPress plugins: 80+ tools to enhance your website functionality

Most of you know WordPress — the content management system that powers 42% of the web. The same one that has over 60 million users and is used by massive names like The New York Times, Spotify, and Facebook Newsroom.

One thing that allowed WordPress to reach such popularity is plugins.

These are essentially add-ons that help to extend its functionality. With them, you can conveniently customize the CMS to meet your needs.

At last check, WP offers 58,984 free plugins. Of course, there are also thousands more sold by third parties.

With so many options, it’s very tempting to just go for everything. More has got to be better, right?

Well, not when it comes to plugins, though. A good number to stop at is 20. Too many and you’ll see slow loading speeds, bad performances, and security issues.

But, how do you choose just 20 from tens of thousands of plugins? Well, this article has all the best options to pick from (note that you'll always want to make sure you're using a trusted managed WordPress host to really ensure maximum site performance)

Here are the best WordPress plugins for:

Best WordPress plugins for SEO and performance

Nowadays, SEO goes hand in hand with UX/UI, site performance, and authority. These are all details that go hand in hand when trying to reach the top pages of the search engine listings. For this reason, we picked all the best plugins that won't let you miss out on any of those details.

WordLift – AI powered SEO – Schema

WordLift AI powered SEO Schema plugin for WordPress
FeaturesAdds schema markup, enrich content, content recommendations
Free planFree trial

If you’re looking for the best WordPress SEO plugins that offer professional tools for businesses, you should check out WordLift first. The plugin does a variety of things that might sound complex to newbies. But, it essentially translates your website content into a language that’s understandable and friendly to search engines.

To start, WordLift uses AI to analyze web content and adds schema markup. What this does is that it increases the number of crawlers within your website, making it easier for search engines to access your web pages. This, in turn, boosts your site’s visibility on search results pages.

Beyond that, WordLift also comes with various widgets that allow you to enrich your content to aid with user experience and engagement. This includes:

  • Semantic interlinking
  • Content recommendations
  • Links
  • Event timeline
  • Interactive visuals

With the above, your WordPress site should see a better number of visitors, page views, time spent on the page, and the duration of a session.

And, if you’re wondering about how technical it would be to install, I can tell you that WordLift’s setup is fairly easy. You’ll need to activate the plugin with a key — provided upon purchase — then, it’s all guided from there.

Overall, WordLift is very useful for all WordPress sites. But, it’s especially indispensable to web publishers, bloggers, and SEO managers looking to grab readers’ attention and grow websites’ organic traffic.

SeoSamba for WordPress Webmasters

SeoSamba WordPress plugin
FeaturesWebsite analytics, Google search rankings tracking, multi-site analytics
Free planYes

SeoSamba for WordPress Webmasters plugin helps to improve your site's SEO and boosts your site’s performance with access to great digital marketing tools.

This plugin is an ideal solution for people with large volume WordPress sites or networks of multiple WordPress websites.

By installing it, not only do you get your website automatically added and verified with Google Webmasters tools but it also allows you to check your search engine results rankings with Google. The SeoSamba plugin lets you add as many websites as you wish to your free account. Better yet, you can get analytics on all of them.

More so, you even have several choices on how to view your site’s performance – it’s possible to get a birds-eye view of all your site’s search ranking performances, or you can check each individual site to find out what key phrases generate traffic.

Overall, SeoSamba is a great plugin that helps you track keywords rankings, improve your site for better search engine optimization, and let you manage many aspects of your digital marketing including reviews, social marketing - including with an app! and more. The Enterprise WordPress plugin version offers continuous rule-based on-site search engine optimization, making it ideal for owners of online businesses, especially when marketing multiple websites.


textmetrics WordPress plugin
FeaturesSuggestions on keywords and content, SEO features
Free planFree trial

Texmetrics is a WordPress plugin that helps to create target-audience-specific and SEO-friendly content.

If you’re looking to produce content that will rank higher on search engines, bring more traffic to your site, and increase conversion, Texmetric is the one for the job. This plugin reads your text, analyzes it, and gives real-time improvement suggestions.

Texmetrics will help you to pick the best keywords. It can analyze your chosen keywords’ volume and competition in real-time and give suggestions for any alternative keywords.

More so, the plugin will give you suggestions on how to make the content easier to read and what elements to include to heighten the chances of conversion.

Another great feature is that Texmetrics automatically adds social & SEO meta tags to your posts. And best of all, this plugin can import data from other SEO plugins you may already be using.

All in all, Texmetrics is a useful tool if you’re looking to improve your content and its visibility online.


Gumlet WordPress plugin
FeaturesImage optimization, lazy-load, CDN delivery
Free planYes

Gumlet is an all-in-one plugin that deals with all-things-image-optimization: compression, resize, conversion, lazy-load, caching, and CDN delivery. Especially useful for websites that are image-based, Gumlet can save you loads of time, not to mention the increased loading speed. And by increasing your site speed, you get better chances of ranking on Google. User experience boost comes as a nice bonus too.

Most of the websites have many visuals. That's what keeps audiences engaged. But that comes with certain problems that tools like Google Page Speed Insights or GTMetrix spot. So if any of the below show up on your page speed analysis, Gumlet can help – it's a single tool that's equipped in solving all of these issues:

  • Optimize images
  • Size images properly;
  • Serve images with correct dimensions
  • Serve images in next-gen formats
  • Defer offscreen images
  • Use WebP images

Meanwhile, it’s completely free to start and try out the plugin – it only charges for the bandwidth use if you set up the CDN service. Plus, you get 1GB free to try it out.

The setup is easy as well. You shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes and the rest will be automatic – you set it up and forget it. To help you out, the developer has also prepared an extensive guide.

Altogether, Gumlet is an exceptional image optimization plugin – you set it up and can forget it. It is easy to set up and use, plus, the prices are seriously low.

add featured image custom link wordpress plugin
FeaturesAdding external links to your images without coding
Free planYes

Add Featured Image Custom Link WordPress plugin helps you to add a custom link to the featured image of every single post and page which automatically displays in the front.

If you’re writing a blog, you should know that external links added to your featured images give you plenty of benefits, the main being SEO boosts. A great option for that is the Add Featured Image Custom link WordPress plugin. While adding all of the external links seems like a tedious task, this plugin helps to add external links to the featured images listed in your blog with ease. With no coding required, you can easily use this plugin for your blog or any other type of website.

Additionally, this plugin offers:

  • Compatibility with the classic and the Gutenberg editors
  • Zero coding to achieve the look and functionality that you want
  • Woo Commerce support

If you ever need to add external links to your images but don’t want to deal with coding, the Add Featured Image Custom Link WordPress plugin is the way to go.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO
FeaturesXML sitemaps, schema.org integration, title and meta-description templates
Free planYes

Yoast SEO is the most popular SEO plugin for both personal and business use. An all-in-one plugin, it has pretty much all the features that you need to manage and boost your SEO.

Some of the most notable ones include:

  • Advanced XML sitemaps to help search engines’ crawlers to better access your site’s content and understand your site structure
  • Ready-to-use templates for title and meta descriptions
  • Schema.org integration to ensure that search engines can understand your web pages easily
  • SEO and readability analysis to help you write SEO-friendly content that’s understandable to both humans and search engines
  • Cornerstone content and internal linking features for site structure optimization

And, if you’re willing to pay, Yoast also has a premium version with advanced functionalities like insight tools, automatic redirects, and automatic internal linking suggestions.

In any case, Yoast’s setup is a breeze. You just have to follow the configuration wizard’s instructions.

Overall, Yoast is a top-notch option if you’re looking for a convenient and easy-to-use solution for WordPress SEO.

LiteSpeed Cache

LiteSpeed Cache
FeaturesServer-level cache, image optimization, database optimization
Free planYes

If you don’t already know, speed optimization is now part of the search engine ranking criteria. And, there’s no better help in this regard than LiteSpeed. After all, LiteSpeed web server is among the best web server technologies out there. That is to say, it’s one of the fastest. But, to fully reach its potential, you’ll need to pair it with LiteSpeed Cache.

An all-in-one site acceleration plugin, the WordPress plugin offers tons of features. Among them are:

  • Server-level full-page cache for faster page retrieval
  • Crawler to refresh pages that have expired in the cached
  • Image optimization to reduce file sizes
  • CSS, JavaScript, and HTML minification

Once you’re done with the configurations and setups, you can deploy the plugin and your WordPress site should see better performance.

Speaking of setups, LiteSpeed cache works right out of the box. All you have to do is install and activate it. Very straightforward, indeed. Just one thing to keep in mind – you'll need a provider that uses LiteSpeed web servers. Such as Hostinger.

All things considered, LiteSpeed will suit anyone and everyone looking to speed up their WordPress site.


FeaturesRedirection management, 404 error tracking, full logging
Free planYes

In case the name doesn’t make it clear, Redirection helps with, well, redirection management. It manages 301 redirections, keeps track of 404 errors, and helps with other loose ends to reduce errors and improve your site ranking.

To start, Redirection allows you to redirect based on URL matching as well as other conditions. For instance, redirect only if the user is logged in/out or redirect if the user is using a certain browser.

Additionally, the plugin provides a configurable logging option, too. With it, you can view all redirects alongside information on the visitors, the browser users, and the referrers.

The plugin’s other functions include adding HTTP headers, keeping track of all 404 errors on your WordPress site, and more.

As for ease of use, you can easily install the plugin with a click and then you will be guided every step.

All in all, this plugin suits all WordPress websites looking to ensure a great user experience and boost SEO health.

Best WordPress plugins for eCommerce, payments, and store enhancements

The apps in this category make it easier for you to sell online as well as enhance your online store. This includes an all-in-one sales solution, abandoned cart option, and payment solutions.

3CX Live Chat

FeaturesLive chat with options for video, call, and team communication
Free planYes

3CX Live Chat is another live chat solution for WordPress websites. The best part about it – it’s completely free.

In combination with 3CX StartUP, it allows companies to add up to 10 complimentary users, without any hidden costs or ads. Besides, it takes virtually 2 minutes to set up and enjoy features like:

  • Converting chat to call or video conference at any point
  • Assigning chats to a particular agent or have groups of agents answering
  • Accessing live chat history
  • Answering calls, live chats, SMS, Facebook and, very soon, WhatsApp messages using one centralized platform
  • Sending simple 3CX Talk links for customers to reach agents
  • Customizing live chat bubble to fit your branding

If your business requires a bigger user count or more advanced features, 3CX StartUP also offers a PRO version. By upgrading, users can also enjoy a choice of SIP Trunk, multi-level IVR, call and chat reporting amongst others.

Without a doubt, being able to quickly connect with your customers and resolve their issues is extremely important for any business, so make sure to give 3CX Live Chat a go.


FeaturesCentral dashboard, dozens of integrations, extensive built-in features and tools
Free planYes

If you’re curating a list of the best WordPress eCommerce plugins, WooCommerce has to be on it and at the top. The plugin has everything you need to create and run an online store. And, you can keep track as well as configure everything from a central dashboard.

The plugin comes with a slew of built-in tools, integrations, and handy features. Some of the most noteworthy ones include payment solutions, integration with carriers, and integration with various marketing and social platforms.

All of the above plus more paid and free features are available in the WooCommerce Marketplace and can be easily added to your site with just a click. You’ll even be guided through the setup process.

Powerful, streamlined, and feature-rich, WooCommerce is heaven-sent for all eCommerce sites looking for an all-in-one plugin.


Member press
FeaturesFine-grained control, plenty of integrations, easy setup
Free planNo

In search of the best WordPress membership plugins? MemberPress should be your first pitstop. The plugin offers an all-in-one solution to help you create and manage profitable membership sites.

One of the plugin’s main pulls is that it provides a range of features and tools that simplify the creation, management, and tracking of subscriptions as well as digital download products.

For starters, I particularly liked that Member Press allows you great control over your users’ access to content. You can grant, revoke, and restrict access to pages, posts, videos, categories, and almost every other file. On top of that, you can also time the release of your content with its content dripping feature.

Plus, MemberPress integrates with a range of third-party solutions, too. This includes payment gateways, affiliate solutions, podcasting apps, and more.

As for ease of use, the setup is straightforward and smooth. Just install the plugin, fill in your payment gateway details, add your products, and you’re good to go!

In brief, MemberPress is a top-notch addition for membership and subscription sites with its complete and feature-rich solution.

CloudSponge Contact Picker

FeaturesSharing with address books, referral email personalization, analytics reports
Free planNo

CloudSponge Contact Picker is a WooCommerce supported plugin that lets users increase their e-commerce store’s visibility by increasing referral email open rates. It supports various services, including Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL, Hotmail, and many more.

Some of the features include that CloudSponge provides include:

  • Allows users to share via their address books straight from your site
  • Personalized “from” and “subject” fields in referral emails
  • Personalized body with data field from address books
  • Analytics reports that give insights about optimization opportunities

The plugin is not difficult to set up but in case you run into any issues, the experts in the customer success team will give you clear guidance and solutions. The platform is private and GDPR compliant, making your data secure with this provider.

While there is no free version, CloudSponge does offer a 14-day free trial. All premium plans are very comprehensive and come with auto-updates, local/remote debugging, unlimited connected address books, and a universal contact picker for at least 1 website.

To conclude, the CloudSponge plugin is a must-have for all WooCommerce stores with a referral program.


CoDesigner WordPress plugin
FeaturesCustom shop designs, product filters, pricing tables, notifications for WooCommerce
Free planYes

Elementor is a powerful WordPress website builder but even it can feel a little restrictive on the free version, especially when talking about WooCommerce stores. Here comes CoDesigner, which extends Elementor’s functionalities so you could edit each and every page of your WooCommerce store. Including the shopping cart and the checkout.

CoDesigner comes with 60+ widgets, 33 of which are completely free. That includes:

  • 4 free storefront designs
  • Horizontal product filter
  • 16 product components you can customize
  • 2 pricing tables
  • 3 related product design options
  • Gallery sections
  • Cart page customization

If you’d like to have even more options in each of the categories, edit your checkout page, and add a wishlist – the Pro version is available.

And the biggest plus of them all is that CoDesigner is easy to use. It works together with Elementor, so the learning curve is as flat as they get.

Altogether, if you’re looking to extend the capabilities of Elementor for your online store, CoDesigner is one of the best options around. It’s flexible, the free version has many widgets, and the ease of use is there too.

Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce

Abandoned Cart Lite
FeaturesAutomatic abandoned cart emails, notifications for recovery, personalized abandoned cart emails
Free planYes

For those with WooCommerce, the Abandoned Cart Lite is a great plugin to pair it with. While the plugin does offer the same services as many of its competitors, it does what it does well and pays attention to the little details. It guarantees that you can start recovering at least 30% of lost sales with it.

Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce helps you to recover abandoned shopping carts in your WooCommerce shop by sending email reminders to your visitors and customers about their almost completed orders. That is if they have abandoned their shopping carts without checking out.

On your end, you can use the plugin to create unlimited email templates to be sent at intervals. Also, you can add custom variables like customer’s first name, last name, and link in the email template for a more personalized approach.

And, for your customers, they can recover the abandoned carts with one click. Plus, they will also get information on the products that were abandoned. All of these features help to make checking out easier and help recover your lost sales.

Setup shouldn’t take you more than a minute. The plugin even works off-the-shelf as there’s already a default template in place.

An easy-to-use and shrewd plugin, those with WooCommerce will find it to be a great sales tool.


Features50+ cryptocurrencies, auto-conversion, encryption
Free planNo

A plugin for the modern era, NOWPayments allow you to accept online crypto payments. With it, your users can pay for an item in your online store with one of the supported 50+ cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Besides that, the plugin also offers auto-conversion. Hence, your customers can pay in the cryptocurrency of their choice and it can be converted into your preferred one.

However, one thing to note here is that NOWPayments will charge a transaction fee of up to 0.5%. While that’s a bummer, it’s also admittedly relatively low when compared to other providers.

As for getting started, setup is a tad bit more complicated than your usual one-click installers. This is because it involves creating a new payment method in your store. That said, things are still fairly straightforward and there’s a simple step-by-step guide provided.

Overall, this plugin is a good fit if you’re looking to expand your online store’s payment methods or to bring your online store into the 21st century.

APIExperts Square for WooCommerce

APIExperts Square for WooCommerce
FeaturesFast and easy purchases, contactless purchases on mobile devices, card tokenization
Free planNo

APIExperts Square for WooCommerce is a payment gateway solution for managing payments, orders, products, and refunds between Square POS and WooCommerce.

The main feature of this plugin is the management of payments and refunds between WooCommerce and Square. Additionally, the APIExperts Square for WooCommerce plugin synchronizes both products and orders from Square to WooCommerce. It also lets set up bookable products for your customers to book reservations, appointments, or rentals on their own – no phone calls required.

The setup process is surprisingly easy, even though payment gateways are known to cause headaches to store owners. So briefly, this is a good option if you use Square and want to integrate it with your WooCommerce store.

All in all, this plugin helps to accept Square payments, sync orders between platforms, manage product inventory, and more. It’s a great addition to WooCommerce and makes managing it way easier.

Email Verification for WooCommerce

Email verification for WooCommerce
FeaturesNew user verification through email, content blocking, user re-verification
Free planYes

Email Verification for WooCommerce is an easy way to automatically confirm actual customers and filter out bots. If you’re running an online store you’re most likely asking users to register before they make a purchase. If you’re not asking users to verify the email address it’s highly likely that you will get loads of fake registrations or even bots.

Email verification helps to sift the traffic and keep only valid users. The app generates a verification link that is sent to your clients either in a separate email or as a part of the “Customer new account” email from WooCommerce.

You can choose from two versions of this app free and paid. With a free version, you can request an email verification for new and already existing registrations, manually verify and unverify users or send a new verification email. You can also set it up to automatically remove unverified users to avoid scam registrations.

If you choose the paid version, on top of all the free features, you’d also get to customize your verification emails, selectively restrict unverified users from accessing specific pages like a checkout. More so, you can expire existing verification links.

The setup is a breeze and this is one of the most useful plugins to have if you have an online store.

All in all, if you’re looking to prevent unnecessary scammy registrations on your eCommerce site, Email Verification for WooCommerce will do the trick.

Smart WooCommerce Search WordPress plugin
FeaturesWooCommerce search filters, search predictions, personalized product suggestions
Free planFree trial

Are you looking to optimize your online shop’s search page to better user experience and increase conversion? Smart WooCommerce Search plugin by Searchanise allows you to add smart search engine and product filters to the site search function.

By enhancing your website’s default site search functionalities, you increase the chances of conversion. Visitors are more likely to purchase products if the search is quick and effortless.

Here’s what you can expect from the Smart WooCommerce Search plugin:

  • Integrated advanced search that predicts, autocorrects, or suggests searches according to what the user is typing into the search bar
  • Filters on the search page for more effective query results narrowing
  • Personalized product suggestions based on visitors’ search history
  • Live product preview option in the drop-down menu after getting the query in the search bar
  • Analytics tool that analyzes your visitors’ behavior on the site
  • Customizable settings to seamlessly integrate plugins design to your WooCommerce site
  • Automatically customized for mobile device searches

Simply put, Smart WooCommerce Search makes the search much more simple and organized.

As a whole, Smart WooCommerce Search is a useful plugin that helps to better organize online store item search functionality.

WordPress Amazon S3 – Wasabi Smart File Uploads Plugin

wordpress amazon s3 wasabi upload
FeaturesUpload multiple files directly to WordPress and Amazon S3
Free planYes

Amazon S3 – Wasabi Smart File Uploads plugin lets you upload multiple files directly from your local to S3 bucket at once without occupying server storage.

The Amazon S3 – Wasabi Smart File Uploads WordPress does a simple, but a genius job – it allows you to upload local files bucket using a custom file upload. It saves you time, server storage, and allows you to sell easily.

This plugin comes with a bunch of useful features, such as:

  • Upload multiple files at once
  • Configure and list files on your Amazon S3 and Wasabi bucket
  • Upload files from WooCommerce and Dokan dashboards
  • Manage Wasabi and Amazon S3 files directly from your WordPress dashboard

So simple, yet so great to have. The Amazon S3 – Wasabi Smart File Uploads WordPress plugin gives its users more control over their listings and saves them time by letting them upload and manage their files from the same dashboard.

Mergado Pack

mergado pack wordpress plugin
FeaturesPrice importing, feed exporting in batches, analytics
Free planYes

Mergado Pack WordPress plugin is a free tool that makes managing online marketing easier.

This plugin generates a universal feed and implements conversion tracking scripts. Additionally, Mergado Pack helps you create better XML data feeds and integrate services like Facebook Pixel, conversion tracking for Google Ads, and more.

This single tool is equipped with these features:

  • Export universal feed Mergado XML
  • Price importing from Mergado XML
  • Multisite compatability
  • Google Ads conversion tracking and remarketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Additional services like Glami, Heureka, Kelkoo, Biano, and more

Overall, the Mergado Pack WordPress plugin is packed with many marketing functions that will help you improve your advertising – it’s especially useful for beginners and people that are not sure how to do all these tasks manually.

Extra Product Options for WooCommerce

extra product options for woocommerce wordpress plugin
FeaturesAdding custom fields and sections to your WooCommerce store
Free planYes

The WooCommerce Extra Product Options (WooCommerce Product Addons) WordPress plugin lets you add custom product fields and sections to your product page, making your WooCommerce product page more customized.

This WordPress plugin helps you to minimize the effort that is needed to showcase and manage products on your WooCommerce page. It does that by letting you utilize these features:

  • Add custom fields (14)
  • Add custom sections
  • Change display rules and styles
  • Modify “Add to cart” buttons
  • Custom hooks
  • Edit, Remove, Enable, or disable the extra product fields

And these are just the features you get with the free plan. If you end up wanting to try the premium version, you’ll get the opportunity to add additional 6 custom fields to your store, as well as the possibility to add price fields (fixed, custom, dynamic, or percentage).

The Extra Product Options for WooCommerce WordPress plugin is a great way to simply manage and categorize all the products in your WooCommerce store without putting in unnecessary effort.

SW Product Bundles

SW Product Bundles WordPress plugin
FeaturesCreate and customize product bundles
Free planYes

SW Product Bundles helps you to create new product packages by bundling up existing products on your WooCommerce.

If you’re looking to create bundles of related items in your online stone, SW Product Bundles is here to help. The plugin makes it very easy and quick to create a new product category. By creating bundle offerings you can join similar products and apply bundle discounts.

Here are a few functionalities SW Product Bundles provides:

  • Allows creating bundles of products quickly
  • Includes shortcodes to the bundles on the homepage
  • Allows altering slider speed and intervals
  • Is fully responsive on any screen
  • Allows managing the amount of product displayed

In addition to the free plugin, SW Product Bundles also include a paid version. The premium version includes free plugin’s functionalities, as well as includes detailed documentation and free lifetime updates.

As a whole, SW Product Bundles is a very useful tool for online store owners looking to create beautiful product bundles on their site quickly and effortlessly.

EAN for WooCommerce

FeaturesManage product EAN code, product search by EAN, save product’s EAN in backend
Free planYes

EAN for WooCommerce plugin that helps to manage products’ EAN code in WooCommerce easier.

Once installed, the plugin allows you to automatically or periodically generate, copy, assign and delete EANs in bulk.

Here are the main features that come with the EAN for WooCommerce plugin:

  • Save product’s EAN in backend
  • Product search by EAN in frontend and backend
  • Show EAN in order items table
  • Set EAN code for variable products
  • Export and import EAN

In addition to the free plugin, there’s also a premium version too. If you opt for the paid versions, you can also generate and display barcode images for your product’s EAN. On top of that, you get the ability to print multiple EANs and barcodes to a PDF file.

All things considered, the EAN for WooCommerce plugin works wonders for everyone who wants to optimize their eCommerce functionalities by managing the product’s EAN.

Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce

FeaturesSetting delivery time and date, a number of orders per day limit, “As soon as possible” deliveries
Free planYes

Order Delivery Date Pro is a plugin for delivery optimization and improved customer experience. It’s compatible with WooCommerce and lets you deliver products on the client’s preferred date and time.

This plugin is great for online stores as it allows customers to choose the delivery date in the shopping cart and can even help reduce the number of cart abandonments. And if your store includes virtual products, you can disable the delivery function for them.

Here are the main benefits that the free plugin offers:

  • Delivery date and time selection
  • Estimated delivery time selection
  • Ability to limit the number of orders per day
  • “As soon as possible” deliveries
  • Ability to disable delivery for virtual or featured products

Although the free version is quite thorough, you can enjoy even more benefits with the paid Pro version. These include letting the customer (or admin) change delivery date and time, setting dates or excluding weekdays when you don’t deliver, and more.

All in all, if you’re looking for convenient delivery management tools, Order Delivery Date Pro is a very functional plugin that can help you create complex delivery schedules simply.

Best WordPress plugins for website building

Website-making can be a landmine to navigate: complicated and time-consuming with plenty of things to do. To simplify the process, website builders remove the need for coding, design skill, and technical know-how. Instead, it lets you quickly and easily get a site up and running.

For easy website-making, Visual Composer is one of the essential WordPress plugins, especially for beginners. Featuring a variety of tools and features, the plugin lets you swiftly and easily build your WordPress site.

An all-in-one plugin, Visual Composer has all the tools and features you need to build a site without coding or technical know-how. For starters, the plugin offers 10+ landing page templates for free. Here, you can personalize them to suit your needs and preferences.

However, if you prefer to build your own layouts, instead, you can find hundreds of elements that you can mix and match with Visual Composer’s intuitive drag-and-drop editor. Just drag the elements you want and drop them where desired.

Very importantly, Visual Composer is also mobile-friendly and responsive. Your site is automatically adjusted to suit the viewing device — whether it’s a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop.

As for installation, Visual Composer requires only one click like most WordPress plugins. Once done, you just need to activate it. You will find that some elements and templates are already pre-loaded in your library. From there, it’s a piece of cake to build a site.

In a nutshell, Visual Composer is a great option for those wanting to have a site up quickly and easily — regardless of if it’s a blog, business website, or small eCommerce store.

Droit Dark Mode

Droit Dark Mode
FeaturesCompatable with the majority of the themes, floating switch, multiple color presets
Free planYes

Dark mode is known to boost user satisfaction as well as conversion rates. Droit Dark Mode plugin is what allows you to enable dark mode on your WordPress website and works with the majority of the themes available on the market.

The plugin is fully functional even on its free version and includes:

  • Multiple switch styles
  • Floating switch button
  • Setting dark mode as default for the website
  • Compatability with Elementor widget and Gutenberg blocks
  • Multiple color presets
  • And more

This allows for fully compatible dark mode design to be applied on your theme for free. However, a paid option is also available.

In the Pro version, you’ll also be able to configure image brightness, opacity, and contrast as well as set dark mode to specific pages, posts, and categories or even WooCommerce products. It has a bunch of advanced settings for unique needs.

Best of all, the plugin is very intuitive and requires no coding on your side.

All in all, Droit Dark Mode is one of the best plugins for enabling dark mode on your WordPress website. It is very compatible and functional, no to mention easy to use.

Kali Forms

Kali Forms
FeaturesContact, payment, feedback forms
Free planYes

The Kali Forms WordPress plugin makes it easy to create contact forms, payment forms, and feedback forms for your website using a flexible and user-friendly drag-and-drop builder. The way that this WordPress plugin works is that you can easily create and customize forms for your WordPress website all without writing a single line of code.

It gives you two choices when building forms – start from scratch with their easy-to-use drag and drop builder or build a form with their predesigned templates.

The free plan comes with two predesigned templates for a standard contact form and an employee information form. The Pro plan offers 13 additional template designs, such as customer feedback forms, art contest forms, and donation forms just to name a few. The forms built with the Kali Forms plugin are fully mobile responsive, so they will look great on mobile, laptop, and desktop devices.

While Kali Forms was designed to be user-friendly, that doesn’t mean you’re able to create simple, basic forms – this plugin allows you to make visually appealing multi-page forms that even use conditional logic.

Briefly, if you're looking for one of the best WordPress plugins for form creation, Kali Forms is definitely capable of making you look professional.

WP VR – 360 Panorama and Virtual Tour Builder For WordPress

wp vr wordpress plugin
Features360-degree video support, full-window virtual tours
Free planYes

WP VR is a panorama and virtual tour builder for WordPress by rextheme.com that allows your visitors to take a tour of your place remotely to keep them engaged.

Even just viewing a simple scene with one 360-degree image will add extra appeal to your site – and that is made possible with WP VR. If you run a blog or sell properties as a real estate realtor, a virtual tour will make your site more interactive.

WP VR has both free and premium versions that offer features such as:

  • Virtual tours
  • Panorama images
  • Scene gallery
  • Background music
  • Gyroscope support
  • WooCommerce product support

After utilizing those, you can implement other features that the plugin offers, such as setting your custom rotation settings, applying zoom settings, and control buttons of your choice.

WP VR – 360 Panorama and Virtual Tour Builder For WordPress plugin engages the visitor and is easy and intuitive to use – perfect for beginners at web development and users experienced with interface design.


FeaturesDrag-and-drop editor, pre-built form fields, payment integration
Free planYes

JetFormBuilder is a multifunctional form builder working on Gutenberg block editor. It allows you to easily build and customize any type of forms for unique needs.

The plugin includes a bunch of tools and functionalities to be the only form builder you might ever need:

  • 21+ pre built form fields that you can mix, match, and customize
  • Multiple form types including single-step and multi-step ones
  • Various actions upon the submission of the form, including sending an email, registering an user, redirecting to a page, and so on
  • Integration with payment methods

One of the best parts is that the plugin is absolutely easy to use, designed with beginners in mind. It works on Gutenberg, and forms are customized using a drag-and-drop editor. This also allows completely unique looks.

And while most of the functionalities can be enjoyed for free, a paid version also includes payment integrations, marketing automation, autocomplete functionality, and more.

All in all, if you’re looking for a simple to use yet powerful and good-looking form builder, JetFormBuilder is among the top plugin options to consider.


FeaturesFree widgets, over 100 templates, drag-and-drop editor
Free planYes

Elementor is the most popular website builder out there with over 5 million active installations and thousands of 5-star ratings.

Here, you can choose from over 100 templates and, then, customize them with Elementor’s design features. You can deck out your site with some of the 40+ free widgets offered, too. Alternatively, you can also build your site by choosing from its over 300 blocks and stacking them.

But, comparatively, Elementor is still rather restrictive with its free plan. For advanced features, you’ll need to upgrade to Elementor Pro. Then, you’ll get things like motion effects, marketing automation, and CRM integration.

However, whether free or paid, installation of Elementor is as easy as ABC with WordPress’ built-in installer. Once done, just activate the plugin and get editing.

Easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, and convenient, Elementor is the perfect solution for anyone looking to get a site online fast and fuss-free.

Droit Addons for Elementor

Droit Addons for Elementor
FeaturesWidgets for Elementor, responsive page templates, presets
Free planYes

Droit Elementor Addons extends the Elementor builder functionality by adding a bunch of widgets, preset library, on-demand asset loading, and more. With the help of the plugin, it is easy to design unique and functional WordPress websites.

Among the key features, Droit Addons for Elementor will supercharge your site with:

  • Beautiful and professionally made widgets
  • Prebuilt responsive template blocks
  • Prebuilt responsive page templates

All of the above can be found in the free version of the plugin, but to take advantage of all of the functionalities, Pro version will be needed. It will add:

  • Header and footer builder
  • Mega menu builder
  • Popup builder and widgets
  • Parallax effects
  • WooCommerce addons
  • And much much more

The plugin is as easy to use as Elementor itself, so you’ll have no problem customizing and creating beautiful designs. I must mention though, that while free version already expands Elementor by quite a bit, Pro is very much worth it.

All in all, if you’re looking to expand your website design with Elementor, Droit Addons for Elementor adds a lot of flexibility thanks to its responsive and professional widgets.

JetSticky For Elementor

JetSticky For Elementor WordPress plugin
FeaturesAllows to make sections sticky in the Elementor builder
Free planYes

JetSticky is a free WordPress plugin for websites built with Elementor. This plugin extends Elementor’s functionality by making sections and columns built with this builder sticky.

If you wish for some sections of your website to remain visible no matter if the user scrolls up or down the page, JetSticky makes it possible. This plugin is very easy to use as all you need to do is choose a section in your Elementor builder and go for the Advanced settings. Just flip the On slider in the JetSticky section and that’s it.

In addition to ease of use, the plugin also includes a few useful features:

  • Ability to choose devices (desktop, mobile, tablet) that these sticky sections should appear
  • The option to style the design of the sections
  • Ability to change the transition duration

While these features are available with the free plugin’s version, there’s also a premium solution. The paid JetSticky version is called JetTricks and includes more features like HotSpot widgets for elements, the ability to unfold elements, section particles, and many more.

Overall, JetSticky is a functional solution for those looking to add stationary sections to their website.

Magic Content Box

FeaturesPage content builder, pre-designed block, header, and button layouts, image masking shapes
Free planYes

Magic Content Box is a page content builder working on Gutenberg block editor. It’s a great assistant when you want to build a neat-looking website quickly.

It’s a very comprehensive premium plugin which includes a handful of features that will help you achieve your vision:

  • 9+ layouts for the header section with reverse option
  • 9+ block layouts with reverse option
  • Over 30 image masking shapes
  • Multiple button layouts with icon option
  • Inner custom content container
  • 12+ top/bottom shape dividers
  • Typography and color controls
  • Gradients Color Effect

And that’s not all – the plugin is regularly updated, adding new features and staying up to date with the latest versions of WordPress. For your comfort, the plugin is fully responsive and can be used on mobile devices as well as tablets.

While there is a free version available, it’s fairly limited in terms of layouts, typography, color controls, and masking shapes.

With easy setup, a bunch of functionalities, and great support, Magic Content Box is an ideal solution for building your dream website fast.


FeaturesLive chat integration, e-commerce data about customers, mobile apps
Free planYes

Smartsupp plugin is a personal shopping assistant which helps your visitors become your clients.

The way this plugin works is it combines live chat, chatbots, and video recordings to save your and your customers’ time.

The Smartsupp plugin is a very useful tool for businesses of any size. Some of the main perks it provides you with are:

  • Live chat integration
  • 1 support agent
  • 14-day conversation history
  • Basic visitor information
  • iPhone, iPad, Windows, and Android app
  • Chat box customization options

The free tier of the plugin is extensive in terms of benefits, but if your website receives a lot of traffic, the paid plans are worth taking a look at. For instance, with a paid subscription, you’ll be able to integrate email and FB messenger on top of the live chat. Plus, you can put 3 agents to work (upgradable to 20) to avoid your customers waiting in a queue.

It’s worth mentioning that no matter whether you end up investing in a premium tier or want to enjoy the free plan, the plugin complies with strict EU data protection laws.

Overall, Smartsupp is an inexpensive customer support service solution for any company, no matter how big or small.

Best WordPress plugins for extending site functionality

The plugins in this category are used to add custom functions to your WordPress site that might not be readily available in the default version. For example, podcasting, eLearning, and event management. They are a great help if your site has a more niched function.

AppMySite – Create an App with the Best Mobile App Builder

FeaturesWebsite builder, code-free development, multi-platform support
Free planYes

AppMySite is a free platform that enables you to create mobile apps for your WordPress site. With the use of the AppMySite plugin, you’ll be able to connect and sync all of the content on your website with your app.

Some of the key AppMySite benefits that users can enjoy for free are:

  • Multi-platform support, including Android and iOS
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce and WordPress sites
  • Support for posts created by third-party plugins
  • Real-time syncing between the site and the app
  • App preview with live emulators
  • Social media integration

AppMySite is very simple to get a hang of as you get to build and design an app without any technical knowledge or coding. Once your final result is ready, your website will be automatically connected to your app with the help of the AppMySite plugin.

The free version is very inclusive but you can also take advantage of the extra functionalities that the paid version offers. The premium features include instant app delivery, unlimited app updates, premium customer support, and more!

To conclude, if you’re not into coding but want an affordable solution to turn your website into an app, AppMySite is what you’re looking for.

Tutor LMS – eLearning and online course solution

Tutor LMS
FeaturesCourse builder, front-end student dashboard, WooCommerce integration
Free planYes

For those of you who want to run an eLearning site, Tutor is one of the best free WordPress plugins for it. Packed with features, you’ll find everything you need to create and monetize a full-fledged eLearning site.

For starters, the plugin offers complete functionalities that make managing, creating, and monetizing your online school and online courses effortless. Some of its more helpful features include:

  • Course builder
  • Unlimited courses and lessons
  • Multiple video sources
  • Lesson management
  • Quiz creator
  • Course widget
  • Course marketplace

But, Tutor doesn’t just make things easier for you. It also takes care to cater to your customers: your students. The plugin has an easy-to-navigate front-end student dashboard. Here, they can track their course status, progress, notifications, and whatever else you set on the backend.

On top of that, Tutor is also integrated with WooCommerce. This means that you can access various eCommerce functionalities and easily sell your courses on your site.

The best thing is that all of these features are available even if you don’t know a single line of code. Setup involves only one click and making full use of the entire plugin is just as intuitive and straightforward.

Comprehensive and convenient, those providing online classrooms, training courses, and professional continuing education will find Tutor extremely useful.

Seriously Simple Podcasting

Seriously Simple Podcasting
FeaturesRSS feed generation, embeddable widgets, Castos integration
Free planYes

If you’re in search of the best WordPress plugin for podcasts, Seriously Simple Podcasting is a good place to start. Easy to use, filled to the brim with features, and plenty of customization options, the plugin is a fan-favorite.

Despite being free, Seriously Simple Podcasting offers quite a few advanced features catering to your podcasting needs. This includes:

  • Generating an RSS feed on your WordPress site that’s compatible with multiple platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcast, and more
  • Embeddable widgets to curate, display, and feature custom playlists
  • Embed and display a range of video players anywhere within your podcast post. This includes players from YouTube, Vimeo, and VideoPress
  • Free analytics

One thing to note here is that Seriously Simple Podcasting allows you to host your audio file wherever you want. Most people will opt for the WordPress media library.

However, the plugin does heavily suggest that you go with its parent company, Castos. Fair enough. And, if you do integrate the two, you get to enjoy some additional benefits. For instance, automatic syncing and advanced analytics.

In any case, there’s no reason to worry about ease of use as the plugin lives up to its name. To set up Seriously Simple Podcasting is seriously straightforward. Just click install, proceed with some basic configurations, and you’re good to go.

Packed with features, the easy-to-use Seriously Simple Podcasting is suitable for most podcasters — particularly those on tighter purse strings.

WP Event Manager

WP Event Manager
FeaturesFrontend forms, previews, easy interface
Free planYes

WP Event Manager is a good plugin to have in your arsenal if you’re dabbling in event management. Feature-rich, intuitive, and streamlined, the plugin makes event management a breeze.

With the plugin, you have all the tools you need to create, manage, and promote event listings. Plus, all of these tools are easily accessible via one dashboard.

Now, WP Event Manager has an extensive list of tools and features. But, some that caught my eyes are:

  • Frontend forms for guests and registered users to submit and manage event listings
  • Preview of listing before it goes live
  • RSS links to allow attendees to be notified of new events that match their search
  • Custom event fields

And, if you’re willing to invest, you get more comprehensive and advanced features. For instance, Google Map, WooCommerce’s Event Sell Tickets add-on, and event alerts.

Setup is a breeze with WordPress’ one-click automatic installation. Plus, when it comes to user-friendliness, WP Event Manager doesn’t require coding skills so it’s great for rookies. However, the plugin does make things easier for developers with developer-friendly code, debug mode, and more.

In brief, event organizers, managers, and anyone in the field will undoubtedly find WP Event Manager a boon and one of the best solutions in the market.

Super Floating and Fly Menu

Super Floating and Fly Menu WordPress plugin
FeaturesFloating menu icons at any point on the site, 15 pre-designed templates, customization options
Free planNo

Super Floating and Fly Menu is a paid WordPress plugin that adds a floating menu functionality to your site.

If you’re looking to enhance your user experience by making your menu accessible not only at the top of your page but also at any point while scrolling down, Super Floating and Fly Menu is a great solution.

This paid plugin comes with 15 pre-designed floating menu templates, 10 fly menu designs, numerous animation elements, many menu positions on the page, and selective menu display on different pages. Simply put, you are free to pin your floating menu anywhere ( middle left, bottom right, top left, etc) on your page, as well as customize menu icons in terms of size, shape, and color.

All in all, Simple Floating Menu is a very useful tool to improve your user experience by allowing them to access your website’s menu functionality and flip through pages quicker.


FeaturesMultiple donation options, quick set up, SSL/TLS encryption
Free planYes

Donorbox is a donation form plugin that works on both WordPress as well as standalone websites. It's very easy to set up – you can either embed it to the website or use a popup widget. One of the best parts of it – you can set up recurring donations and different plans, which is very convenient for your supporters.

Donorbox has several types of functionalities. You can choose to create:

  • Donation form
  • Donation button
  • Fundraising page
  • Crowdfunding page
  • Text-to-give messages

The plugin only charges 1.5% transaction fee. Plus, Stripe and Paypal have discounted rates for donations, so make sure that you take advantage of it.

Lastly, Donorbox offers plenty of automated functions – recurring donations, donation management and reporting, and even integrations with MailChimp and Salesforce.

This plugin is great for both experienced and inexperienced users – it offers incredible UX for your site’s visitors, making the whole donation process a breeze.

WP Google Map Plugin by Flipper Code

WP Google Map Plugin
FeaturesUnlimited locations, customizable markets, responsive maps
Free planYes

Displaying your physical location is a huge benefit in terms of user experience. WP Google Map Plugin by Flipper Code is a great way to make it into reality easily. WP Google Map Plugin allows embedding Google Maps into your pages, widgets, and custom templates.

The free version includes:

  • Unlimited locations and multiple locations on a single map
  • Custom map zoom levels, heights, and widths
  • Draggable and responsive maps
  • Multiple language support

However, if you’d like to cluster markers (for multiple locations), display layers, import/export locations, add geo-locations, and many more – the Pro version is available, too.

The plugin is pretty easy to use. You’ll need to add your API key, create a map based on your needs, and insert a shortcode where you need the map to be placed.

Briefly, WP Google Maps Plugin allows for an easy way of adding customized Google Maps to your site. It’s a big user experience booster.

Emojics – WordPress Reaction Buttons and Feedback Emoji Plugin

Emojics WordPress plugin
FeaturesAnalytics, collecting feedback, customer interaction
Free planNo

Emojics is a paid WordPress plugin that helps to collect feedback with the use of emojis.

Have you been struggling with collecting feedback and analyzing data? This plugin makes it easy, as its main aim is to collect feedback in the form of emojis and emoticons analytics.

Emojics increase user engagement (people are more likely to click on emojis rather than to write a text about their experience). If you end up looking deeper into the analytics it provides, this plugin is pretty great for improving your site – visitors can leave honest feedback about the goods that you offer with just a click.

Here's what Emojics can offer for your website:

  • Advanced customizations
  • Reaction button widget
  • Advanced analytics
  • Data history
  • Ability to remove the watermark

There also is a specific Emojics reactions widget that helps to grow your contact list by converting visitors into subscribers.

All in all, Emojics is great if you want to receive feedback on your products or services quickly and easily.

PeepSo – Registration, User Profiles, Community, Membership

PeepSo WordPress plugin
FeaturesUser registration, community creation, real-time user notifications
Free planYes

PeepSo is a free social network plugin that allows you to effortlessly add a social network or an online community to your WordPress site.

Have you ever wanted to create a social network? With PeepSo, you can do that in just a few clicks. The PeepSo plugin adds social networking to the main area of your WordPress site.

It truly is a community plugin that takes “community” seriously – all the functions that you could possibly need are already implemented. It displays users’ photos, videos, and even friends lists. It allows having a social media aspect in your WordPress site, with a modern look and feel, as well as scalability. The main advantage of PeepSo when compared to other plugins that offer the same functionality is that it works straight out of the box, making starting a social network extremely easy.

More so, you can choose from 3 paid plans to extend the functionalities even further: with all paid plans, you get a theme and an ebook, while the number of addon plugins ranges from 6 to 21.

All in all, PeepSo is a great and simple way for building a community right in your WordPress website.

Wisepops – Advanced Popup Builder

Wisepops WordPress plugin
FeaturesAnalytics, behavioral tracking, popup building
Free planFree trial

Wisepops Advanced Popup Builder plugin helps you to target your site visitors with the perfect message crafted specifically for them.

The plugin makes direct targeting very easy. All advanced popups work based on code, but you won’t have to see it. This plugin automatically installs the Wisepops tracking code across your website.

But what can you do with a plain tracking code? Well, the Wisepops plugin allows you to design your popup with their drag and drop editor or to customize it with one of their premade templates.

More so, it has many other advanced features, such as creating visitors’ profiles for personalized targeting and collecting feedback from visitors exploring your website.

Wisepops Advanced Popup Builder plugin allows you to optimize everything about your popup, starting with colors, and ending with targeting and timing.

WP Fix It Connect

WP Fix it WordPress plugin
Features24/7 WordPress support, troubleshooting
Free planNo

WP Fix It Connect is a simple and fast WordPress support plugin.

Are you looking to have support available to you speedily and at any time. WP Fix It Connect allows you to contact a support agent and connect him to your website. This way an experienced WordPress specialist will be able to instantly help you with any problems your site might be having.

With this plugin you can:

  • Explain your problem to an experienced WordPress specialist and get it resolved quickly
  • Watch the agent fix your issue in real-time

Regardless, you get to enjoy quick and effective WordPress support at all times. The best part is that you can do all of this without having to provide a log into your website. The agent will be able to connect to your screen right away.

Overall, WP Fix It Connect will fit you best if you’d like to have experienced agents that can help you with your WordPress website at your disposal at any time.

Echo Knowledge Base for Documentation and FAQs

echo knowledge base wordpress plugin
FeaturesDesigning and managing knowledge bases
Free planYes

The Echo Knowledge Base for Documentation and FAQs WordPress plugin offers intuitive features that give the ability to quickly set up and customize articles, categories, and multiple knowledge bases.

Echo Knowledge Base for Documentation and FAQs combines ease of use with more advanced features tailored for businesses and organizations, such as:

  • Easy setup
  • Organization of your documentation by team, product, and service using the Tabs Layout
  • Fast search bar with listed results
  • Ordering of articles and categories alphabetically, chronologically, or in any other order
  • Multiple knowledge bases
  • Tags, breadcrumb, back button, and comments for documents
  • Auto-generated TOC
  • Access managers
  • Article rating for your site’s visitors
  • Search analytics

This plugin was coded in a way that it will provide the best SEO results, and it is visible by the features that it offers – TOC, organization, tags are there for you to rank better on search engines.

The Echo Knowledge Base for Documentation and FAQs WordPress plugin helps to create knowledge bases that not only look good but are easy to manage and rank great on search engines.

FooGallery – Best Responsive Image Gallery

FooGallery WordPress plugin
FeaturesPre-built layouts, lazy loading, drag-and-drop editor
Free planYes

FooGallery is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin meant to enhance your website’s gallery.

If you’re looking for a plugin that can transform your gallery page from a cluster of images to a sleek and customizable layout, FooGallery’s got you. The plugin comes with stunning pre-built gallery layouts that can be easily edited to fit your personal needs.

Here are some of the main free FooGallery features:

  • Responsive layout templates that adapt to any screen
  • Loads of customization options – rearrange images with a drag-and-drop editor, adjust borders, spacings, colors, and shadows
  • Performance-focused approach – supports lazy loading, reduces content layout shift, and optimizes code
  • Heavy focus on SEO

Alongside the free version, FooGallery also has 3 paid options. By purchasing the plugin, you 3 more layout templates. Then, depending on the plan you choose, you get multi-level filtering for the gallery, dynamic gallery functionalities, watermarking, no right-click functionality, and many more.

As a whole, FooGallery will most benefit those looking to integrate a responsive and sleek-looking gallery page onto their WordPress site.

pretty links wordpress plugin
FeaturesShortening links with your own domain, tracking URL hits, reporting on click details
Free planNo

The Pretty Links WordPress plugin unlocks more affiliate revenue from your existing and new content automatically by simplifying, tracking, managing, and sharing any URL on or off of your WordPress website.

The Pretty Links plugin enables you to shorten links using your own domain name, instead of using a different service such as tinyulr or bit.ly. In addition to creating clean links, this plugin tracks each hit on your URL and provides a report of where the hit came from, the browser, OS, and host.

While it mainly shortens links, the Pretty Links plugin also:

  • Tracks the number of clicks per link
  • Provides a report where you can see a chart of clicks per day
  • Allows to view click details including IP address, remote host, browser, and referring site
  • Enables to send your links via Email directly from your WordPress admin

The Pretty Links WordPress plugin is the best tool to make your links look cleaner with the added benefit of providing tracking data from your URL hits.

Estatik – Real Estate Plugin

Estatik WordPress plugin
FeaturesA theme, photo gallery, listing, sorting filter
Free planYes

Estatik is a WordPress plugin for real estate agencies and realtors looking to build a real estate website.

The plugin easily and quickly transforms a WordPress site into a real estate website. It comes with a single free theme and the setup takes barely any time.

Here are some of the functionalities you can expect with a free Estatik plan:

  • Filter to sort by price, date, popularity
  • Customizable categories, types, statuses, and slideshow
  • Photo gallery
  • Widgets like search, mortgage calculator, and slider
  • Saved searches & wishlists

In addition to the free plan, there’s also a paid plugin version. If you purchase any of Estatik’s premium plans, you get additional features like a map widget, a subscription option (PayPal), more themes, white-label, field builder, and many more.

As a whole, Estatik is a WordPress plugin that will best benefit real estate agencies or agents looking to build a functional real estate website quickly.

Multicollab – Google Doc-Style Editorial Commenting for WordPress

Multicollab WordPress plugin
FeaturesAdd, edit, and assign comments on Gutenberg editor
Free planYes

Multicollab is a WordPress plugin that adds Google Docs functionality to your website.

If you have multiple people collaborating on your content, Multicollab might save you some time. This plugin makes it very easy and simple to share editorial feedback right there on your WordPress website.

Here are a few key features of how Multicollab enhances your experience:

  • Allows to mention or assign team members to the comment
  • Enables to reply to already made comments
  • Lets mark moments as done (resolved)
  • Includes an activity center where you can manage all comments
  • Allows generating and sharing a link to a specific comment

In addition to the free plan Multicollab also offers paid options. On top of the free functionalities, the Premium version allows:

  • Commenting not only on text but on images, videos, audios, and more, too
  • Getting email notifications for new comments and mentions
  • Suggestion mode – teams can easily track WordPress text or media that has been changed
  • Advanced reports – The Activity Timeline for progress and Quick Snapshot Reporting for the latest activities on each page and post

Overall, Multicollab will best benefit site owners that are looking to make collaborations on WordPress quicker by adding an easy-to-use editorial feedback functionality.

ProfileGrid – User Profiles, Memberships, Groups, and Communities

ProfileGrid WordPress plugin
FeaturesCreate, customize and manage user profiles
Free planYes

ProfileGrid is a user profile builder plugin meant for any WordPress website.

If you’re looking to create a user profile on your site or a membership account interface, ProfileGrid is there to help. The plugin provides you with a beautifully laid out and customizable front-end and a simplistic and functional dashboard for management.

If you’re curious to know more about what ProfileGrid does? Here are a few main functionalities:

  • It is compatible with a WooCommerce site
  • Allows building and managing complex registration forms
  • Enables to create group events
  • Allows content restriction (only for registered users),Makes it possible to add dynamic slugs to your user profile permalinks

These are only a few out of many free plugin functionalities. However, in addition to the free plugin, ProfileGrid also offers a paid version. If you choose to invest, you can unlock such features as Strip payments for memberships or subscriptions, MailChimp integration, custom group fields, and many more.

In sum, ProfileGrid is a powerful and functional WordPress plugin that will make online profile creation that much simpler.

Social Chat

Social Chat WordPress plugin
FeaturesLive WhatsApp chat on the site integration
Free planYes

Social Chat is a free WordPress plugin that integrates WhatsApp chat functionality directly into your website.

Are you looking for an easy way to implement WhatsApp into your website, so your visitors can reach you right from your site? Social Chat can help with that. This plugin allows your site visitors to open a conversation directly to your WhatsApp phone number right from your website.

Additionally, you can also pre-set a message that will greet your visitors automatically whenever they first contact you.

Now core functionalities come with the free plugin version. However, a paid option also exists. If you choose to invest, you unlock additional functionalities like adding multiple agents into the chat and an icon, agent message, and chat color customization.

Overall, Social Chat is a very straightforward solution for those who want to add WhatsApp live chat functionality to their site.

User Role Editor

FeaturesCreate new roles, add new role capabilities, assign custom roles to users
Free planYes

User Role Editor is a WordPress plugin that enables effortless modification of user roles and capabilities.

If you’re not pleased with standard WordPress roles and want to adjust them - this is it. The plugin allows you to modify the user’s rights and capabilities within the system.

With User Role Editor, you can:

  • Create a new role from scratch or edit an existing one
  • Rename roles
  • Add new capabilities to the selected role
  • Delete self-made roles
  • Assign new roles and capabilities to the specific user

The plugin has a very straightforward interface, so you can make adjustments with just one click. Simply check boxes of capabilities you want to add to the chosen role, click the “Update” button, and you’re good to go. Multisite support is provided as well.

User Role Editor plugin has a premium version that provides even more benefits, such as support in WordPress Multisite setups when managing roles and capabilities. However, the free version is more than enough for most.

User Role Editor will most benefit people who have multi-authored websites and want to customize the abilities of each role separately.

Click to Chat

FeaturesWhatsApp chat integration, pre-configured messages, Google Analytics integration
Free planYes

Click to Chat is a WhatsApp plugin for WordPress, which adds WhatsApp chat functionality to your site so the website visitors can reach you just with one click. Once the plugin is activated, the WhatsApp icon button will be added to the bottom-right corner of your site. This will improve your customers’ user experience and enhance engagement.

Here are the main things you can do with the Click to Chat plugin:

  • Add pre-configured messages
  • Integrate with Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel
  • Notify people about working hours/holidays
  • Customize the chat integration to match your site’s design

This is what the free version covers, but a premium one also exicts. If you opt for the latter one, you get more advanced features like the ability to add numerous team members (including their names and labels), customize colors, icons, and so much more.

Click to Chat is strongly recommended for everyone who wants to improve their customer service, enhance engagement and boost sales.

PDF & Print by BestWebSoft

FeaturesGenerates PDF files and printing pages
Free planYes

PDF & Print is a WordPress plugin for creating PDF files and printing pages instantly.

The plugin comes with multiple perks. You can add PDF & print buttons to your website’s pages, posts, and widgets. Plus, it allows you to generate customized documents with useful data for archiving, sharing, or saving.

Here’s what the PDF & Print plugin does for you:

  • Adds PDF & print buttons to your website automatically
  • Allows to choose the button positions in your website
  • Adds buttons to the widget area
  • Changes PDF button action
  • Displays PDF & print buttons for specific user roles
  • Adds custom code

Even though the free plugin version should be more than enough for most, the premium version provides you with pro features such as adding an image or text watermark, creating a custom document footer and header, adding and managing custom fields/data, and so much more.

Saving time and increasing sales are the main reasons why one should go for PDF & Print plugin.

Masks Form Fields

FeaturesAdd period, comma, percentage, and other characters automatically
Free planYes

Masks Form Fields is a 100% free WordPress plugin that allows you to add masks in the form’s fields. When using this plugin, all you have to do is add a class of your choice in the form field that you want to apply the mask to. Here's an example of use with Contact Form 7: [tel your-phone class:phone placeholder "Phone"].

This plugin can also work with WooCommerce, yet for that, you need to add a custom script.

Now talking about simplicity, the plugin is easy to install. There are 2 different ways to do that. The simplest one is to search for the “Masks Form Fields” plugin in your WordPress dashboard, or you can follow these quick steps:

  1. Go to WordPress.org and download the plugin.
  2. In your WordPress dashboard, upload the ZIP file through the ‘Plugins > Add New > Upload’ screen.
  3. Activate the plugin via the ‘Plugins’ menu.

The only drawback is that the plugin doesn’t support WooCommerce.

Masks Form Fields is recommended for everyone who wants to improve their website’s user experience when filling in the field.

WPBot – ChatBot for WordPress

FeaturesChatbot integration, automatic response creation, chatbot display settings
Free planYes

WPBot is a plugin that lets you integrate a chatbot into your WordPress website. All you need to do is install it and the chatbot will chat with your site visitors depending on the responses you create from your WordPress backend.

And that’s not all – you can also create small FAQ sections or let customers leave their phone numbers or contact you through email.

The free plugin includes benefits such as:

  • Adding a chatbot
  • Creating responses from your WordPress backend
  • Adding hyperlinks in responses
  • Setting pages where the chatbot will appear

WPBot is very simple to use even for complete newbies. It can help improve customer satisfaction as well as conversion rates.

The free version of the plugin gives you all the basic functionalities that it has to offer. Meanwhile, if you have a lot of visitors and are in need of a premium solution, the paid plans are more inclusive. For instance, you get live chat, Facebook messenger, and Telegram addons. On top of that, you can enjoy lifetime priority support and no renewal.

All things considered, WPBot is an impressive chatbot solution for those looking to improve customer satisfaction on their site. Best of all, it requires no technical knowledge.

TextUnited – WordPress website translator

FeaturesSimple installation, theme and plugin compatibility, professional translation tool
Free planYes

TextUnited is a plugin that lets you rapidly set up your website to be available in multiple languages. Not only can this help boost your conversion rates, but it can also make your visitors feel more welcome.

Some of the best features that TextUnited offers are:

  • Quick and simple installation
  • Maximum compatibility across different themes and plugins
  • A professional and constantly improving translation tool
  • Translated pages indexed by search engines
  • Possibility to tweak translations on the go

With TextUnited, you won’t break a sweat trying to figure it out. All you have to do after the installation is create a TextUnited account straight from your WordPress dashboard. Then, just pick any languages you want, select the pages you want to be translated, and that’s it!

The free version lets you translate up to 1000 words per month in any language of your choice.

Now if that’s not enough, premium plans allow you to translate 50,000/mo. Best of all, paid plans come with a free 14-day trial and the full TextUnited translation management system.

Overall, if you want a quick and affordable solution for translating your website and expanding your target audience on a global scale, TextUnited is a great pick.

Best WordPress plugins for booking

Whether you have a travel agency, a restaurant, or provide services – booking online is a way to go. Booking plugins will help you automate the workflow and avoid those unpredictable calls and emails at odd hours.

Modern Events Calendar Lite

Modern Events Calendar Lite WordPress plugin
FeaturesUnlimited events, count-down for events, different event display and categorization options
Free planYes

Modern Events Calendar Lite is a free WordPress event calendar plugin that allows you to easily display events and take bookings right there from your site.

If you’re looking for a functional and sleek-looking event calendar that will help you manage your even bookings quicker, Modern Events Calendar Lite is a very good choice. With a modern interface and many advanced features, M.E. Callendar makes booking management a breeze.

Some of the most notable free plugin features allow you to:

  • Create unlimited events
  • Add maps to pinpoint the event’s location
  • Repeat events
  • Set count-downs for each event
  • Include social sharing buttons
  • Create event categories and group events
  • Display events in different forms (full calendar, slider, grid, countdown, daily, or weekly view)

Additionally, Modern Events Calendar Lite is compatible with popular WordPress builders like Elementor, Visual Composer, Divi Builder, and Beaver Builder.

While the free plugin’s version is very functional, the provider also offers a paid option. The premium solution adds extra functionalities like reminders, location directions, a ticketing system, a weather module, and an online booking system.

All in all, Modern Events Calendar Lite is a very functional event calendar for those looking to display and manage their online events in an organized manner.

WP Travel

WP Travel
FeaturesUnlimited tour packages, tour filters, payment integration
Free planYes

WP Travel is a travel engine that is meant for setting up a travel agency or a tour operator website. By using this plugin you can easily set up a clean-looking website with all the destinations, tours, and information regarding it all.

You can either go for a free or a paid version. The main difference between the two is the variety of options available.

The free site allows you to set up a gallery, multiple pricing, and dates, a trip booking tool, partial payments, standard PayPal integration, as well as unlimited trip options. This way you can create tour packages, accept travel bookings, and receive payments.

Paid option adds an abundance of extra features on top of free options. You will get more payment options like Paystack, PayU, PayFast, PayPal Express, and many more. Additionally, it includes itinerary PDF downloads so you could send itineraries to your clients. There’s also MailChimp inclusion that allows to set up an email marketing campaign.

The setup is pretty easy as all you have to do is download the plugin, activate it.

In other words, if you’re looking to create a customized travel-related page, WP Travel is just the tool.

eaSYNC – Free Booking Plugin for Hotels, Restaurant and Car Rental

FeaturesResponsive booking forms, automatic email confirmations, easy integration
Free planYes

eaSYNC plugin allows you to set up an easy booking system for car rentals, hotels, or restaurants. This is a useful tool if you’re looking to integrate booking options onto your website, may it be car booking, table booking for special occasions, or an overnight stay, the tool includes it all.

The plugin comes free of charge and it is very easy to use for you and your visitor.

The visitor gets a clean and well-organized page where they can choose the dates of the reservation. If it’s a hotel or a car rental, the user gets to choose either the type of room or the model of the car. More so, there are options to set up a car pickup point. Overall, the plugin is PayPal-ready, so the fee part is simple to manage too.

All you have to do is download the plugin and activate it. Once that’s done, on the back-end, you can manage plugins setups to include your terms and conditions, customize booking confirmations by email, add a special request section, and many more.

Simply put, if you’re running a car rental service, a restaurant, or a hotel website, Easync bookings will help you to manage your bookings quicker and easier.


FeaturesBooking calendar, deposit support, multiple languages
Free planYes

Rentle is an all‑in‑one eCommerce rental software for handling rental and activity bookings on your WordPress website.

This WordPress plugin has two plans – a free Rentle Lite and a premium Rentle Core.

Even if you choose the free plan, you get plenty of features that make renting as smooth as selling and buying. You get access to a booking calendar with real-time inventory availability, as well as easy payment handling with deposit support. With Rentle Lite there’s no risk of overbookings, not to mention, it has barcode scanning and chat support.

The Rentle Core plan scales to the needs of larger rental businesses. It has several additional features that make it worth considering, for example, multi-location support and multiple languages for your WordPress site. More advanced online store settings are included, too. Not to mention, you can also handle walk-in rentals with this plan as well.

This plugin really believes in rentals becoming the future of consumption with its ways to remove friction in the renting industry. The solutions offered by this plugin guarantee better experiences both for the customers of the plugin and the end-user.

Bookly – WordPress Online Booking and Scheduling Plugin

Bookly WordPress plugin
FeaturesBooking calendar, reminder SMS to clients
Free planYes

If you’re looking for an add-on to help you with your online booking system, this might just be it. Bookly is a free scheduling plugin that allows you to take online bookings in an automated manner.

The plugin is meant to make your scheduling experience much quicker and easier. Depending on which version you choose, free or paid, you will get a slightly different variety of options.

The free plugin allows you to:

  • Customize your booking form
  • Easily manage your clients’ list and their appointments
  • Color-code your appointment calendar
  • Automatically approve or cancel appointments
  • Set up, customize, and automatically send your clients’ reminder SMS

Now talking about the paid version, Bookly PRO - there are a few additional perks. You will get Google Calendar integration, built-in Zoom & Zapier integrations, analytical reports, an unlimited number of services, and staff members.

All in all, Bookly is an amazing addition to your website if you’re looking to make your appointment booking process simple and easily manageable.

Salon booking system

Salon booking system WordPress plugin
FeaturesPayment options, booking options, automated registration, easy management
Free planYes

Salon Booking System is a free WordPress plugin that offers a fully complete and easy to manage appointments scheduling system.

The main purpose of the Salon Booking System plugin is to save you time and money by making your appointment booking process quick and structured.

Here are the main features you can expect from Salon Booking System:

  • Allows adding unlimited staff members and services
  • Offers Google Calendar two ways synchronization
  • Includes a discounts and couponing system
  • Allows setting up email and SMS notifications
  • Front-end shortcodes
  • Monthly updates

While a free version is very functional, the paid option adds a few extra functionalities. For a few $ per month you’ll get a quick booking overview functionality, online payment option, and a free mobile app for staff members.

Overall, Salon Booking System is a great plugin for automating registration processes so you can be focused on what you do best.

Appointy – WordPress Appointment Booking and Online Scheduling

Appointy WordPress plugin
FeaturesOnline appointments, calendar bookings, payments
Free planYes

Appointy is a popular WordPress appointment scheduling and booking calendar plugin.

If a simplistic yet functional online booking interface is something you’re after, give Appointy a look. The plugin is easy to integrate onto your website and enables you to accept online accept appointments, calendar bookings, and payments 24×7.

With the free Appointy version you get:

  • Single staff account
  • 5 services
  • 100 appointments a day
  • Clients self-schedule
  • Accept payments through Square
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly availability
  • Automated reminders
  • Client verification

Additionally, there is a paid version of this plugin. By purchasing Appointy, you unlock such functionalities, like unlimited services, more staff accounts, 2 000 appointments a day, two-way Google Calendar synchronization, Google Analytics, and accepting prepayments through Stripe, PayPal, and Authorize.Net.

All in all, Appointy is a very functional and simplistic booking plugin for any business that is planning to accept online bookings.

Best WordPress plugins for security and policy

Featuring vital additions, the plugins in this category keep your site and its content safe as well as compliant with regulations. Among their functions are regulatory compliance, protection against malicious attacks, and backups.

Duplicator – WordPress Migration Plugin

Duplicator WordPress plugin
FeaturesSite migration, manual backups, site copies for staging
Free planYes

Duplicate is a very popular plugin with over a million active users. It is an easy, powerful, and quick migrator tool for any WordPress website.

This free plugin helps you to move, migrate or even clone your website making it much easier to migrate it between domains or hosts. Even better, it promises zero downtime.

Other useful features allow you to make manual website backups, pull down live websites to localhost for development or duplicate it to a staging environment and pull the site from staging to live. More so, the website can be bundled up for later use or distribution.

Additionally to the free version, there’s also a paid one. For a few $ per month, you will be able to make scheduled backups, use Recovery Points for very fast installs, migrate WordPress multisite network in one go, connect to cPanel from installer directly, and many more. Simply put, faster and more advanced site migration/backup options.

Overall, Duplicator is one of the best WordPress migration plugins that enables you to copy and backup your website. So if you’re looking to do any of that, Duplicator is at your service.

WP Hardening – Fix Your WordPress Security

WP Hardening WordPress plugin
FeaturesHardening audit, security fixes
Free planNo

WP Hardening performs real time security audits of your website to see missing security practices.

If you're looking to maintain your WordPress security, WP Hardening offers you multiple solutions. By implementing this one-step solution, you’re able to maintain admin and API security, perform basic security hardening and disable information disclosure.

Here some of the main security features you can expect:

  • Rock-solid website firewall
  • Virtual patching
  • Malware cleanup
  • Bad bot protection
  • Blacklist monitoring
  • File upload scanning
  • IP & country blocking

Additionally, you also get a visual dashboard where you can see all the information on how many attacks have been blocked and other details.

This single plugin makes sure that all possible security gaps are detected before any damage can be done. Additionally, if your site gets effected, WP Hardening is the first to jump and fix the issue.

WP Hardening – Fix Your WordPress Security by Astra is an admirable WordPress plugin that effectively detects and patches all potential security issues your site might have.

Free GDPR and CCPA Cookie Consent
FeaturesFully customizable, legally compliant, central admin panel
Free planYes

This plugin isn’t exactly one of the fun WordPress plugins but it does take care of the necessaries. The GDPR & CCPA Cookie Consent plugin helps to make your WordPress site compliant with various privacy policies in the EU, US, UK, and more.

Here, the Cookie Consent Management Platform enables you to display a cookie banner or notice on your site and ensure that your site is compliant with all general regulations including the GDPR, the CCPA, and the PECR.

If you’re particular about your site’s looks, you’d be glad to know that you can fully customize the banner color, style, and size to match your preferences. You can easily add the cookie banner to your WordPress site at any position you’d like, too.

Speaking of easy, this plugin is certainly that. Installation can be done in seconds. You don’t need any technical, coding, or legal skills.

Plus, you can control everything from a centralized admin panel. All settings can be configured here. You can even effortlessly enable a cookie with just a single toggle switch.

Ultimately, this is one of the must-have WordPress plugins to ensure that you’re compliant with different countries' privacy regulations.


FeaturesFirewall, reCAPTCHA, system checks
Free planYes

The name itself says it all — RSFirewall! is enthusiastic about protecting your WordPress site from malicious users and attacks.

The plugin covers a variety of known vulnerabilities and security gaps with a range of features. This includes:

  • WordPress Firewall
  • SQL injection protection
  • reCAPTCHA for all registration, login, and commenting forms
  • Active monitoring of files
  • Automatically block repeated offenders’ IP addresses
  • Email notifications for detected threats
  • WordPress and server configuration checks

While the list of features is a good start, you might need even more protection. In that case, you’ll need to fork out for its paid version. Here, you’ll get more advanced and comprehensive features such as Two Factor Authentication, country blocker, and whitelisting of blocked PHP files.

Whether paid or free, you can use WordPress one-click install to easily set up in no time. Upon activation, out-of-the-box protection is available. But, you’d do well to still configure the options to better fit your site.

No-nonsense and comes with various measures, the RSFirewall! is a good plugin for those serious about security.

Quttera Web Malware Scanner

Quttera Web Malware Scanner WordPress plugin
FeaturesOne-click scanning, malware detection, blacklist statys, reports
Free planYes

Quttera Web Malware Scanner is a free and open-source plugin for detecting malware, trojans, backdoors, and other common WordPress vulnerabilities. It scans your website and alerts if an issue is found.

While it is always better to prevent a problem in the first place, Quttera Web Malware Scanner stands in the last line of defense – notifying you in case there is a problem.

So, what can this plugin find?

  1. Malware, trojans, backdoors, worms, viruses, shells, spyware;
  2. JavaScript code obfuscation;
  3. Exploits;
  4. Malicious iframes, code injection, and obfuscation;
  5. Auto-generated content and redirects;
  6. If your website has been blocklisted by Google.

All of this comes for free. However, if you do have a positive on any of the issues, Quttera developers provide a paid service to get the problem solved. Starting at $179/year, the experts will automatically scan your site and remove any of the found issues.

The plugin is very easy to set up and use. Once you install it, you can scan the website with a single click of a button.

Briefly, Quttera Web Malware Scanner is the essential security tool for finding the vulnerabilities that have made their way to your website already.

DeBounce.io Email Validator

DeBounce WordPress plugin
FeaturesRemoves invalid email addresses and spam, checks mailbox existence
Free planNo

DeBounce is a WordPress plugin that helps to validate emails on all WordPress forms.

Are you dealing with online registrations or are just looking to collect your visitors’ contact information? DeBounce helps you to catch and remove invalid email addresses. DeBounce.io API platform and is well compatible with Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, WordPress comments, WordPress registration forms, WooCommerce, Ninja Forms, Jetpack/Grunion, and with any other form with the is_email() function.

Here’s what the plugin does for you:

  • Checks mailbox existence
  • Removes invalid and hard bounce email addresses from your database
  • Verifies catch-all domains
  • Removes email addresses with invalid syntax from the mailing list
  • Can remove duplicate email addresses
  • Removes spam

All things considered, DeBounce is a highly valuable addition to those that are dealing with high volumes of registration forms. It’s an easy and quick way to sort out your mailing list.

reCaptcha by BestWebSoft

recaptcha wordpress plugin
FeaturesAdding reCAPTCHA to your website forms
Free planYes

The reCaptcha by BestWebSoft WordPress plugin helps to protect WordPress website forms from spam entries.

The reCaptcha by BestWebSoft plugin is an effective security solution that protects your forms from spam entries by generating reCAPTCHA forms where your website users are required to confirm that they are not a robot before their form can be submitted. It has many uses, but just to name a few, you can add reCAPTCHA to logins, registrations, password recoveries, comments, and contact forms.

Even in the free version of the plugin, you get to:

  • Add reCaptcha to logins, various types of forms, and testimonials
  • Hide reCaptcha for the allowlisted IP addresses
  • Hide reCaptcha in your forms for certain user roles
  • Add custom code via the plugin settings page

The reCaptcha by BestWebSoft WordPress plugin adds another layer of spam protection to your website with ease.


FeaturesAutomatic backups, selection of storage location, one-click restore
Free planYes

Boasting that it has the world’s highest ranking and over three million currently active installs, UpdraftPlus is the best WordPress plugin for automatic backups.

With the plugin, you can easily backup your files/database into the cloud and, when needed, restore everything with just one click. This should keep your files and database safe from unsavory circumstances like server crashes or malicious attacks.

Additionally, you also get to choose where the copies will be stored, which is a huge appeal for many. For instance, you can store them on GoogleDrive, UpdraftVault, Openstack, or email. And, if you have the paid version, you can also back up to Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Storage, or WebDAV.

Setup is beginner-friendly and takes just seconds. Plus, since everything is automated, there’s no complex skill required. You just need to schedule the backups.

Straightforward, extremely convenient, and flexible, it’s no wonder that UpdraftPlus is such a major hit with WordPress sites looking for reliable backups.

Secure Copy Content Protection

Secure-Copy Content-Protection-WordPress-plugin
FeaturesDisabling right-click, content copy protection, alert messages
Free planYes

Secure Copy Content Protection (SCCP) is an all-in-one WordPress plugin that protects your content from being plagiarized.

Once the plugin is activated, the user can no longer select the whole content or parts of it until he pays.

Here are the main features you get with Secure Copy Content Protection plugin:

  • Disabling right-click on the context menu
  • Alert Message for your visitors to not copy the content
  • Password protection for chosen posts or pages
  • Gated Content for subscribers only

Additionally to the free plan, SCCP has paid options too. If you opt for one of the premium options, you get additional features like Mailchimp integration, front/back blocker, geo-blocking, IP address blocking, Paypal as a paywall for your content, and many other valuable features.

Secure Copy Content Protection is recommended for everyone who wants to protect themselves from content theft. It’s commonly used by bloggers and publishers who want to monetize their content and those who want protection from bots, hackers, and spam comments.

Trusona for WordPress

FeaturesTwo-factor authentication methods, hidden username and password at the login section, QR code display at login
Free planYes

Trusona offers passwordless two-factor authentication login methods for free. All you have to do is point your mobile device to a secure QR code and you’re logged in.

The plugin is convenient for ensuring extra security and making your website less vulnerable to attacks.

Here are some of the features you get for free:

  • Passwordless multi-factor authentication with support
  • Hidden username and password from the login section
  • Dynamic QR code display at login
  • One-click installation
  • Trusona ONLY mode which doesn’t allow to show username and password fields

Not only does the plugin allow you to reduce the risk of being hacked but it also makes logging in much easier. You don’t have to worry about your password being compromised or you forgetting it.

And if you want to secure your whole enterprise or customers, you can make use of the variety of Trusona’s paid subscriptions. They include step-up authentication for extra protection and identity verification with government-issued IDs via AAMVA.

Overall, Trusona is an excellent WordPress user-approved service that can ensure maximum security for your site without the use of a password.

Best WordPress plugins for automation

Running a WordPress site often involves tackling a range of multi-natured time-hogging tasks. This includes content creation, scheduling, and social media marketing. The apps below help to automate, simplify, and accelerate the workflow.

Blog2Social: Social Media Auto Post and Scheduler

FeaturesAuto-posting, customization options, social media scheduler
Free planYes

Blog2Social books a spot on this list because it’s one of the top WordPress plugins that you can install on your site for social media marketing.

The plugin automatically posts, cross-promotes, and shares your blog posts, sites, and even products to various social media platforms. You can share links to external content as well. The 18 platforms include the usual names such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Telegram, and Reddit.

With it, you can cut out the time and headache associated with manually sharing and promoting your post and site on various platforms.

Plus, it also offers a scheduler. Here, you can configure to post once, repeatedly, or at intervals to multiple profiles, pages, and groups. You can also pre-select the publication time for maximum engagement.

On top of that, you can customize those social media posts with hashtags, emojis, and images too. And, if you’re familiar with programming languages, you can edit the complete HTML markup for re-publishing on platforms like Tumblr and Medium.

Even better, the Blog2Social plugin is as easy as it comes. Just install the plugin via your Admin panel and activate it. Once done, you can jump right in.

If social media marketing plays a role in your WordPress site, you’ll find a good use for the Blog2Social plugin.


FeaturesReal-time calendar syncing, automatic mail and text reminders, video meetings on website
Free planYes

Meetfox is basically a plugin that streamlines your business online. Unlike other plugins that cater for everything, it mainly focuses on three aspects: scheduling meetings, hosting video calls, and collecting payments.

To start, the plugin simplifies the scheduling process for meetings. Some of the features designed for this include customized booking page, real-time calendar syncing, and automatic reminders to the parties involved.

Beyond that, Meetfox also makes it easier to meet your clients online with its in-browser video conferencing solution. Just like other similar solutions, it allows for screen-sharing and recording.

Finally, Meetfox also offers various features that handle payments. For instance, integration with payment gateways, automatic invoices, and customizable cancellation policies.

With its many tools and features, you wouldn’t fault Meetfox for being complicated. But, surprisingly, it’s easy to navigate and extremely organized. Setup requires that you create a MeetFox account but, once done, the entire process can be completed in under two minutes.

All things considered, Meetfox will best suit those with clients that require a lot of face-time or back-and-forths.

Strive Content Calendar

Strive Content Calendar
FeaturesAll-included content calendar, editorial statuses, customizable checklists
Free planFree trial

One of the best WordPress plugins for content creators, Strive simplifies and improves the management of your editorial calendar.

An all-in-one solution, Strive offers everything you need for a seamless editorial and publishing workflow. Among its most helpful features are:

Birds-eye view of your content calendar and all the publishing schedule as well as the deadlines within. You can add, edit, and reschedule the elements within the calendar.

  • Four editorial statuses — not started, writing, editing, and complete — to better organize the workflow
  • Customizable checklists for every stage of the content creation process
  • Revamp, edit, and republish old content with its Revision feature
  • View all unpublished drafts with the Pipeline to ensure nothing falls through the crack

As you can probably deduce from above, Strive offers quite a few features where many overlap with each other. Hence, I was ready to give it some wiggle room when it comes to user-friendliness.

However, while I find its interface rather full, it’s far more organized and neat than I had expected. Plus, the setup is quick and painless. Even better, there’s no credit card required for the 30-day free trial. That’s always a plus.

As a whole, bloggers, content managers, and just about anyone working with content and editorial will find Strive extremely convenient.

Easy Drag And drop All Import: WP Ultimate CSV Importer

Easy Drag And drop All Import: WP Ultimate CSV Importer
FeaturesDrag-and-drop upload, multiple file types like .csv, .xml, .txt & .zip, WooCommerce data upload
Free planDemo version

WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer is an import tool that lets you easily get all your CSV/XML data into your WordPress website.

What is this plugin’s selling point?

Well, this plugin allows you to import/update data with a scheduled import or all in one go – all depending on your needs and preferences. Multiple file formats are supported.

WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer is also capable of importing not only data but also images in bulk either from your local computer or from any external URLs as well. The images are promised to retain their SEO options, making your job of managing your WordPress website way easier.

The plugin imports/updates most of WordPress’s default modules and other WordPress third-party add-ons. Thanks to drag-and-drop functionality, it also takes almost no time to get your files ready.

WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer is a great tool that helps to make website development easy.

Tracking Pixel for Gravity Forms

Tracking Pixel for Gravity Forms WordPress plugin
FeaturesSubmit events to Facebook Ads manager, multiple feeds with conditionals, dynamic values on payment forms
Free planYes

Tracking Pixel for Gravity Forms is a WordPress plugin that helps to add Facebook event tracking to your Gravity Forms easily. This is done by using Facebook’s Tracking Pixel, and all you’ll need is to have Gravity Forms 2.0+ and a Facebook Ad Account.

By using Tracking Pixel for Gravity Forms plugin you’ll be able to submit events to Facebook Ads Manager and add multiple event feeds with conditionals.

More so, track pagination events and easily integrate dynamic event values on payment forms. This option comes with already integrated payment platforms like Paypal Standard, PayPal Pro, Stripe, and more.

If you would like to further personalize the settings, you can customize such elements as event categories, content names, labels, and even values.

Overall, Tracking Pixel for Gravity Forms will best suit those looking for a way to easily add Facebook event tracking to the Gravity Forms.


wordpress plugin pingler
FeaturesAutomatic website pinging
Free planNo

The Pingler WordPress plugin automatically sends the update information to Pingler.com every time you publish a new post so the whole world can be notified that you keep your content fresh.

The Pingler WordPress plugin automatically pings crawlers, indexers, search engines, and ping services to inform them of your URLs. And these guys always prefer fresh and updated unique content! Pingler acts as a middleman giving everyone a notification that your website has fresh content. The key feature of this plugin is that it increases the exposure of your website, which in turn brings more traffic.

This service helps its users to get indexed and ranked faster than they normally would if they wanted to wait for the search engines to naturally perform indexing. Pingler also lets you use specific keywords you’d like to rank for.

Overall, the Pingler WordPress plugin saves you time by letting search engines know that you have updated your content and you’re ready for new traffic.

FotoWare WordPress Lite

FotoWare WordPress Lite plugin
FeaturesDigital asset management, support for all default themes, cloud storage
Free planYes

FotoWare WordPress Lite connects FotoWare digital asset management platform with your WordPress website for easy and convenient photo storage and management. It’s compatible with a whole set of WordPress themes and works on all posts, pages, and custom post types.

Here are all FotoWare WordPress Lite features:

  • Support for WordPress HTML and Visual Editor
  • Compatable with all default WordPress themes
  • Support for Gutenberg block editor
  • Compatible with all posts, pages, and custom post types in WordPress
  • Compatible with Multisite
  • Multilingual support

The plugin is easy to use and requires no coding. You’ll just need connect your FotoWare account with WordPress, and you’ll be able to start adding the images from the cloud.

Altogether, FotoWare WordPress Lite is a useful addition if you are using a digital assent management platform and want to connect your images to the website without manually importing/exporting them from multiple sources.

Emercury Extension For Contact Form 7

Emercury WordPress plugin
FeaturesUnlimited contact forms, personalized emails, email tracking and analytics
Free planFree trial

Emercury extension for Contact Form 7 is a WordPress plugin that helps to easily and quickly grow your email list.

Are you looking for a simple way to collect your visitors’ email addresses? This plugin embeds sleek-looking Emercury for Contact Form 7 sign-up forms onto your WordPress website for an easy sign-up process. Additionally, every visitor that has filled out the form is automatically added to your Emercury account.

Here are a few more features of how Emercury helps you to build and manage an email list:

  • Allows to set up and personalize your emails/autoresponder
  • Emercury offers over 200 available app integration to further enhance the plugin’s functionality
  • Gives access to unlimited contact forms
  • Includes link tracking and segmentation options for more direct targeting
  • Includes email tracking solutions and analytics

The variety of features depends on which plan you choose to purchase. However, before you make up your mind, you can test this plugin for free.

All in all, Emercury is a simplistic WordPress plugin that will help anyone looking to build and manage an email list.

Pegasaas Accelerator WP

pegasaas accelerator wp
FeaturesAutomated web performance optimization
Free planNo

The Pegasaas Accelerator WordPress plugin optimizes your WordPress websites and posts for maximum speed.

The Pegasaas Accelerator WordPress plugin uses Pegasaas API in combination with over 30 different web performance transformations, to solve the all issues your website could have. It improves both bounce rate and search ranking. While it sounds complicated, this plugin does all of that with the use of these features:

  • Automated web performance optimization
  • Image optimization
  • Minification of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML
  • Enabled browser caching
  • Enabled GZIP compression
  • Combine CSS and JavaScript
  • Reporting of load time metrics and speed scores
  • Website staging mode

The Pegasaas Accelerator WordPress plugin improves your website’s bounce rate and search ranking by automatically optimizing your website’s performance. It saves you money and time by handling all the complex and processor-intensive aspects website optimization requires.

Booter – Bots & Crawlers Manager

Booter WordPress plugin
FeaturesPrevents bots and crawlers from damaging a website, treats the damage
Free planYes

Booter is a free WordPress plugin that helps to prevent and treat the damages caused to your site by crawlers and bots.

This plugin uses numerous technologies to ensure that crawlers and bots are unable to cause damage to your site. Additionally, if there is some damage, the plugin helps you to resolve the issue. The use is pretty simple, you just have to type in some information to correctly set up the app, and the rest is taken care of for you.

Here are a few things Booter does to prevent the attacks:

  • The plugin enables you to create an advanced robots.txt file
  • You can view a 404 error log
  • It blocks the bots that are trying to overwhelm the server with increased traffic or are searching for security vulnerabilities

Since the plugin does not also prevent but treats existing issues, here’s what you can expect:

  • Limitations for requests from crawlers and bots. Once limits are exceeded, the requests will be rejected for some time
  • Unwanted link rejection

In sum, Booter is a good website security enhancement for anyone looking to secure the site against malicious attacks.

WooCommerce Google Sync

FeaturesProduct importing, product syncing, category syncing
Free planYes

GoogleSync is a plugin that does exactly what the name says – it syncs your WooCommerce products and categories with Google Sheets. To put it simply – it’s a tool for managing your business’ inventory.

The plugin is very simple to implement as all you have to do is fill the required information in a provided Google Sheets template.

These are some of the perks that WooCommerce Google Sync offers:

  • One-click importing
  • Syncing of all products
  • Syncing of all categories

The best part? You get all of it for free. But if you want more convenient benefits, the paid version includes unlimited updates, up to 50 sites, pro customer support, and hourly, twice a day, or daily auto-sync.

If you’re having trouble managing your inventory and don’t want to spend more time on it than needed, the GoogleSync plugin will help you to effectively organize and sync your products.

Advanced Database Cleaner

Advanced Database Cleaner WordPress plugin
FeaturesDelete orphaned items, overview database, automatically run clean up
Free planYes

Advanced Database Cleaner is a must-have WordPress plugin that cleans up and optimizes your database by deleting unnecessary data.

Clean and optimized databases contribute to a faster website performance. There are quite a few useful tools the plugin offers.

Here’s what you can expect Advanced Database Cleaner to do for you:

  • Clean up posts table, orphaned metadata, comments table, and expired transients
  • View and manage tables, options, and cron jobs
  • Keep the last x days' data
  • Overview database
  • Reduce database size
  • Automatically run a clean up/optimization

In addition to the free version, Advanced Database Cleaner Pro version is also available. If you opt for the paid option, you’ll get advanced features such as technical support, the ability to detect and delete orphaned options, tables, cron jobs, scan and edit categorization, and even more.

In sum, Advanced Database Cleaner is recommended for those who want to speed up their websites and keep their databases free of outdated files.


FeaturesCreate forms, quizzes and surveys
Free planYes

There’s no better way to engage with your website visitors and collect valuable data than by presenting forms and surveys that allow people to express their opinion. Formaloo does just that – it is a drag-and-drop platform that lets you build quizzes, surveys, and forms on your WordPress website. No coding required.

While there are plenty of options out there that allow website owners to create forms or quizzes, these features make Formaloo stand out:

  • Data aggregation and analytics tools
  • Collaboration with secure access management
  • Accepts payments
  • Collects responses even when offline
  • Compatible with over 3000 apps and plugins

When your projects are complete, you can check out the results stored in a cloud database created just for you.

The best part about Formaloo is that it is completely free! You can choose from a variety of free templates and create unlimited quizzes, surveys, and forms.

Best WordPress plugins: final recommendations

Frankly, it’s an exercise in restraint to choose just a few plugins when there are thousands of options out there. But, just like in life, you can’t have it all.

Hence, below, you’ll find just 86 of the best WordPress plugins and a quick reminder of why they deserve a spot on your site:

  1. Modern Events Calendar Lite – adds event display and booking functionalities to the website.
  2. WordLift – schema markups and widgets to boost your site’s ranking and engagement.
  3. SeoSamba – helps to improve website's SEO and boosts its performance.
  4. Textmetrics – create target-audience-specific and SEO-friendly content.
  5. Gumlet – all-in-one image optimization plugin.
  6. Add Featured Image Custom Link – adding external links to your images without coding to boost SEO.
  7. Yoast SEO – the most popular plugin to manage and boost your SEO.
  8. LiteSpeed Cache – all-in-one site acceleration plugin to optimize site's speed.
  9. Redirection – helps to manage redirections.
  10. 3CX Live Chat – a live chat solution with options to jump on a call or a video chat.
  11. WooCommerce – best WordPress eCommerce plugin to run an online store.
  12. MemberPress – a complete set of tools and features for membership site management.
  13. CloudSponge – allows to import contacts from the Address Book of many different email service providers.
  14. CoDesigner – custom design widgets for WooCommerce stores built on Elementor.
  15. Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce – helps to recover abandoned shopping carts.
  16. NOWPayments – enables online crypto payment.
  17. APIExperts Square for WooCommerce – seamless connection between Square and WooCommerce.
  18. Email Verification for WooCommerce – automatic email verification emails for users.
  19. Smart WooCommerce Search – optimize your online shop’s search page.
  20. WordPress Amazon S3 – Wasabi Smart File Uploads – upload and manage multiple files.
  21. Mergado Pack – generates a universal feed and implements conversion tracking scripts.
  22. Extra Product Options for WooCommerce – add custom fields and sections to your store.
  23. SW Product Bundles – helps to bundle up existing products on a WooCommerce site.
  24. EAN for WooCommerce – helps to management products’ EAN code in WooCommerce easier.
  25. Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce – allows customers to choose the delivery date.
  26. Visual Composer Website Builder – an all-in-one solution to get your site up quickly and easily.
  27. Droit Dark Mode – fully compatable and functional dark mode plugin for WordPress websites.
  28. Kali Forms – one of the best WordPress plugins for form building.
  29. WP VR – create virtual tours on your WordPress website.
  30. JetFormBuilder – multifunctional and beginner-friendly form builder.
  31. Elementor – the best WordPress website builder plugin.
  32. Droit Addons for Elementor – beautiful and responsive widgets for Elementor.
  33. JetSticky for Elementor – allows to add sticky sections to Elementor.
  34. Magic Content Box – is a page content builder that works on Gutenberg block editor.
  35. Smartsupp – works as a personal assistant in advising online store's visitors.
  36. AppMySite – it enables you to create mobile apps for your WordPress site.
  37. Tutor LMS – easy to use and functional eLearning and online course solution.
  38. Seriously Simple Podcasting – an easy-to-use plugin to meet various podcasting needs.
  39. WP Event Manager – streamlines the event management process on your site.
  40. Super Floating and Fly Menu – adds a floating menu functionality to your site.
  41. Donorbox – the best WordPress plugin for accepting donations online.
  42. WP Google Map Plugin – allows embeding custom Google Maps easily.
  43. Emojics – a WordPress plugin that integrates reactive emojis to the website.
  44. PeepSo – allows to add a social network or an online community to the WordPress site.
  45. Wisepops: Advanced Popup Builder – allows to build targeted pop-ups.
  46. WP Fix It Connect – support and troubleshooting plugin.
  47. Echo Knowledge Base for Documentation and FAQs – design and manage knowledge bases.
  48. FooGallery – pre-built gallery layout templates.
  49. Pretty Links – enables you to shorten links using your own domain name.
  50. Estatik – offers various functionalities and a custom-built theme for real estate websites.
  51. Multicollab – adds easy and quick editorial feedback in Gutenberg editor.
  52. ProfileGrid – a profile builder plugin for WordPress.
  53. Social Chat – WhatsApp live chat integration.
  54. User Role Editor – enables effortless modification of user roles and capabilities on the site.
  55. Click to Chat – adds WhatsApp live chat functionality to your site.
  56. PDF & Print by BestWebSoft – it generates PDF files and printing pages.
  57. Masks Form Fields – this plugin adds masks in the form’s fields.
  58. WPBot – plugin for integrating a chatbot into your WordPress website.
  59. TextUnited – plugin for translating WordPress website's pages to multiple languages.
  60. WP Travel – plugin for establishing a travel agency or tour guide and selling services online.
  61. eaSYNC – free booking plugin for hotels, restaurants, and car rental.
  62. Rentle – all-in-one rental software solution with free option available.
  63. Bookly – free plugin for automated online bookings.
  64. Salon Booking System – a functional and easy to manage appointments scheduling system.
  65. Appointy – an appointment scheduling and booking calendar plugin.
  66. Duplicate – easy, powerful, and quick migrator tool for a WordPress website.
  67. WP Hardening – performs security audits on your website to detect missing security practices.
  68. FREE GDPR & CCPA Cookie Consent – legally compliant privacy notices.
  69. RSFirewall! – offers various security measures for your WordPress site’s protection.
  70. Quttera Web Malware Scanner – offers free malware and other common WP vulnerabilities detection.
  71. DeBounce – a plugin that helps to validate emails on all WordPress forms.
  72. reCaptcha – a plugin to add reCAPTCHA to various forms on your WordPress website.
  73. UpdraftPlus – takes care of automatic WordPress backups.
  74. Secure Copy Content Protection – protects your content from being plagiarized.
  75. Trusona for WordPress – offers passwordless 2-factor authentication login methods.
  76. Blog2Social: Social Media Auto Post & Scheduler – automates social media marketing.
  77. Meetfox – streamlines your business and meetings online.
  78. Strive Content Calendar – simplifies and streamlines the editorial workflow.
  79. WP Ultimate CSV Importer – drag-and-drop import plugin for WordPress.
  80. Tracking Pixel for Gravity Forms – easily add Facebook event tracking to your Gravity forms.
  81. Pingler – automatic website pinging.
  82. FotoWare WordPress Lite – digital asset management application for WordPress.
  83. Emercury – helps to collect, build, and manage email lists.
  84. Pegasaas Accelerator WP – optimize your WordPress websites and posts for maximum speed.
  85. Booter helps to prevent and treat the damages caused to your site by crawlers and bots.
  86. WooCommerce Google Sync – it syncs your WooCommerce products and categories with Google Sheets.
  87. Advanced Database Cleaner – it cleans up and optimizes your database by deleting unnecessary files or data.
  88. Formaloo – create free quizzes, surveys and forms.

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Michael Amaral
Michael Amaral
prefix 1 year ago
Woo! Good job Kotryna Degutytė. Thanks for sharing.
I would like you to have a look at Portfolio Designer Lite. It’s a very clean, free and responsive WP plugin that you can use to showcase your WordPress gallery in a eye-catchy way. It’s core features like Grid Layout, Masonry Layout, Slider Layout are really fabulous.
Find it here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/portfolio-designer-lite/
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