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Cheap website builder – get the best, for less

In this article, you’ll find some of the most excellent cheap website builders that can help you make a beautiful website quickly. Not only do I cover the cheap pricing options, but I also get into the pros and cons, and recommend specific builders for specific goals.

A quality service doesn't have to squeeze your wallet dry, especially when you want to build your own website. The more money you spend, the better product you get, right?


It's never as simple as this. Some services are serious money-burning schemes, charging exorbitant fees for subpar products. Others, however, offer a completely inexpensive website builder that is a terrific product – giving you great value for money.

These are the ones you want to buy – and these are the products I wrote this list about.

After testing nearly every website builder that exists, I narrowed the list to the top 8 cheapest website builder options.

Sounds good? Let's get to it!

Best cheap website builder: overview

  1. Hostinger Website Builder – best cheap website builder from $2.99/mo
  2. SITE123 – excellent time-saving option for businesses from $12.80/mo
  3. Squarespace – cheap website builder with excellent designs from $16.00/mo
  4. Wix – all-around website builder from $16.00/mo
  5. Gator website builder – very cheap option for beginners from $3.46/mo
  6. GoDaddy website builder – builder with business and marketing features from $9.99/mo
  7. Zenfolio – affordable website builder for photographers from $3.00/mo
  8. Weebly – solid eCommerce website builder option from $6.00/mo

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If you're not sure what online website builder is right for you, you can jump straight to the helpful guide on how to choose the best cheap website builder for you.

1. Hostinger Website Builder – the cheapest website builder

hostinger website builder banner
Lowest price:$2.99/mo
Features:AI tools, intuitive grid building system, smart layout system
Free version:No (free demo only)
Best for:Personal projects
Current deal:Get Hostinger Website Builder, now 75% OFF + 3 months FREE!

Hostinger Website Builder starts at just $2.99/mo, making this website builder climb to one of the top spots on this list. It's one of the best ones, too – so there's no wonder why this website builder is right here, at the very top.

Thanks to an intuitive website building interface, and some excellent basic business tools, Hostinger Website Builder is a top option for beginners looking for an affordable way to make a serious online presence.

Hostinger Website Builder offers 1 website building solution. This is also known as Website Builder and Website Hosting plan. Besides drag-and-drop editor, which is feature-rich and intuitive, you get 100GB disk space, free custom domain for a year, and other sizzling web hosting services.

Hostinger WB template selection

The AI generator will build several example sites based on your needs and preferences. Hostinger Website Builder is working on delivering more AI tools soon.

hostinger WB ai select functions

The site editor itself is sleek, fast, and very intuitive. It's a design that should be easily mastered by experts and those without development skills alike.

adding elements on hostinger wb

And while is the editor is the star of the show, the tools are a perfect supporting act.

hostinger wb all products

Overall – Hostinger Website Builder is a solid, basic online website builder. You can see more about it on our Hostinger Website Builder review.

How good is Hostinger Website Builder's cheapest plan?

Hostinger Website Builder’s cheapest plan is 100% excellent value for money. It lets you connect a custom domain or choose a free domain for a year, as well as include a free SSL certificate, free email, basic SEO features, blogging functionality, and more.

For starters, Hostinger Website Builder offers a free demo version, 30-day money-back guarantee, and 1 paid plan to choose from.

So, let's take a deeper look at what they offer:

The price for the plan is $2.99/month, which is several times less than what other big website builders would charge you. It's also worth mentioning that while the initial billing rate is the same for 12, 24, and 48-month billing cycles, the renewal will vary. Besides, 48-month billing cycle includes additional 3 months for free.

Best Value

Hostinger Website Builder offers excellent value for the money. While there’s only one plan available, you get all the necessities like generous storage, eCommerce functionality, extensive security, and more already included. Five stars. Good start!

2. SITE123 – cheap practical tool for big businesses

Lowest price:$12.80/mo
Features:Simple block builder
Free version:Yes
Best for:Small business sites
Current deal:SITE123 coupon 40% OFF!

SITE123 might not be the cheapest builder on this list, with prices for the Basic plan starting at $11.88mo. But time is money – and SITE123 is a world-class solution in saving that.

With a solid block-based building system, you can make intricate and massive websites for all kinds of businesses, complete with various professionally-made sections. All of that, with no prior website building experience required.

Using SITE123 is as simple as...as simple as...fine, I'll say it. It's certainly as simple as counting 1-2-3. All there is to it is picking the type of website you wish to have.

site123 template website selection

And then, a test website will be made – it's up to you whether you wish to use any of other existing templates.

site123 example template 2

Or simply go to town with the section editor, picking from over 150 site blocks and making the kind of website you wish to have.

site123 adding sections pages

Instead of having to deal with the specific blocks including things such as text or images, here you get everything pre-made. Sections for blogs, testimonials, team members, products, sales, portfolio tools, and more massively reduce the website building time, letting you focus on more pressing matters.

SITE123 saves time – and offers some good deals, while doing it. Have a look at our SITE123 review to know more.

How good are SITE123’s cheapest plans?

SITE123 cheapest plans offer a solid value for money – with the long-term pricing applied, it becomes even more low-priced. Despite all 5 plans being affordable already, they include the removal of SITE123’s floating tag, the ability to use custom domain names, and a free domain for a year.

Let's take a deeper look at all of them, see how much they cost, and which offer the best value for money:

  • Basic ($12.80/mo) – you get 10GB storage and 5GB monthly bandwidth, making the subscription a good option for small to medium personal websites. Email marketing is available but limited to 100 messages a month. There's eCommerce, too, but it allows a total of 10 products only.
  • Advanced ($11.88/mo) – includes 30GB storage, 15GB bandwidth, and professional mailboxes for sending and managing emails. Mailing list messages increase to 1,000 a month and the eCommerce order limit (per month) is 50. Such resources make this plan an attractive option for small to medium businesses.
  • Professional ($17.28/mo) – getting 90GB storage and 45GB bandwidth makes this plan sufficient for seriously big sites. You also get to enjoy advanced website statistics, 5 separate mailboxes, website multi-language tools, and an eCommerce 500 monthly order limit.
  • Gold ($20.88/mo) – 270GB storage and 135GB bandwidth, enough for pretty much everyone and everything. You also get 10,000 monthly email messages, 10 mailboxes, 5 multilingual sites, and advanced features for eCommerce with unlimited items. A big plan for big projects.
  • Platinum ($45.00/mo) – 1000GB storage and bandwidth, is more than generous for a large business site or an online store. You also get 50,000 monthly email messages, 25 mailboxes, unlimited language choices, and advanced features for eCommerce with unlimited items.
Best Value

If you need a simple website builder for serious long-term work, the Advanced plan is the most affordable way to go. You’re getting enough resources for a medium or growing business site for $7/mo more. For a solid eCommerce website, the Professional plan is exactly what you need to develop a big, competitive and international business website for $17.28/mo.

3. Squarespace – beautiful designs, affordable websites

Lowest price:$16.00/mo
Features:AI tools, intuitive grid building system
Free version:No
Best for:Small businesses
Current deal:Get up to 30% OFF Squarespace!

Squarespace starts at $16.00/mo – for that price, you'll gain access to the ultimate mission control center. It aims to be more than just a regular website builder – if you're in a market for an online store platform, email marketing tool, social media branding tool, and more, Squarespace is the option to pick.

Platform's first claim to glory comes through its themes. Simply put, the designs are modern and quite beautiful, putting images first and letting your visual stories speak for themselves.

squarespace theme selection

A simple guide will teach the basics, and then, you'll be sent to the dashboard – which includes everything you can do in Squarespace, all in one place. There are tools for site design, online sales, marketing, scheduling, analytics, and more. This is where you can do all of your email marketing, social media posting – all that jazz.

squarespace website editor dashboard

The website design itself will be incredibly effortless, with plenty of pre-made sections that will automatically adapt to your chosen theme, as well as selected fonts and color schemes. But there's also an option to make these sections yourself!

squarespace adding a new section

As far as online businesses are concerned, there are some interesting things, too. For instance, I loved the guided experience when setting up my online store, making sure everything is perfectly sorted out, and as simple as possible.

squarespace questionnaire complete

Overall, Squarespace makes it effortless to build a beautiful, modern, and entirely custom website with all the business-related trimmings. Read the full Squarespace review right here!

How good are Squarespace's cheapest plans?

Squarespace offers pretty good value for money – it includes a solid amount of business features, a beautiful website editor, and still manages to be perfectly affordable for personal users. The best part is that every single plan, including the cheapest subscriptions, offers all the essential features needed – a free custom domain and SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth and storage, SEO features, and basic website metrics.

While there is no free plan, everything can be tested through the 14-day free trial. However, once it expires, you’ll have to pick a premium plan if you want to make use of all Squarespace has to offer. Here’s how the 4 plans differ from each other:

  • Personal ($16.00/mo) – all the website editing features and access to basic business tools – good for personal or portfolio websites.
  • Business ($23.00/mo) – professional email from Google, premium integrations and blocks, complete customization with CSS and JavaScript, marketing tools, and even eCommerce integration. I recommend this plan for small businesses and design-savvy users, but not online shops – as it includes an additional 3% transaction fee.
  • Basic Commerce ($27.00/mo) – no transaction fee, customer accounts, eCommerce analytics, merchandising tools, and sales on Instagram. Good for selling online!
  • Advanced Commerce ($49.00/mo) – this is pretty much a Basic Commerce on steroids. What’s extra? Abandoned cart recovery, you can sell subscriptions, advanced shipping and discount codes, and commerce APIs. Good for a growing online shop.
Best Value

The Personal plan is the cheapest one available ($16.00/mo) and yet is rich in resources and offers quite a few freebies. The unlimited storage and bandwidth limits make the subscription an incredible pick for a small website. For eCommerce solutions, however, the Basic Commerce plan lets you sell products with no transaction fees.

4. Wix – all-around low cost superstar

Lowest price:$16.00/mo
Features:2 website building solutions, excellent customizability
Free version:Yes
Best for:Design and editing freedom
Current deal:Get an additional 10% OFF Premium Wix plans using code 'CyberNews10!'

Wix Combo plan costs $16.00 a month: but considering just how much you get for your money, this is a certified bargain. How so? Well – Wix is often considered to be one of the best website builders in the world.

With 2 very intricate and very different site editors, over 700 lovely and customizable templates, and a massive array of tools to build and edit your site, Wix is a top-class tool for top-class pages.

Upon starting, you'll get to choose your adventure: either you want to use Wix ADI – an AI-powered website generator that will make a website based on preferences and answers, or Wix Editor – an intricate, pixel-perfect editor that will let you edit beautiful pre-made themes with unmatched precision.

wix choose type of editor

If you were to pick the Wix ADI, there will be a simple questionnaire process, with the platform trying to get the most information out of you. This includes answering the question about your business, adding some of its data, and even choosing the specific elements and features for the site to have.

wix review adi setup 3

If you're more interested in Wix Editor, instead of doing all this, you'll go straight to picking out a preferred template which you'll later get to edit. Wix has over 700 design options separated into different topics and niches.

wix main editor

And really, it's the Wix Editor that's the star of the show here. You can pick out from hundreds of various elements to add and move around, as well as apps to connect. The site can be edited very extensively, letting you not have to adapt to the theme, but instead, make a site that's uniquely yours.

wix editor overview

Wix is a tool that can help you make a completely custom website. For that price? As I said on my Wix review, it's a no-brainer.

How good are Wix’s cheapest plans?

While Wix isn't the cheapest website builder on this list – far from it! – but it absolutely knocks the "value for money" criteria out of the park. Even the most low-priced plans offer unrestricted access to both Wix ADI and Wix Editor and you get a free domain, SSL certificate, and can connect a custom domain and remove ads.

On top of the free version (limited plan that is suitable for testing only), you get 7 premium plans. 4 of them are for regular websites:

  • Combo ($16.00/mo) – you get 3GB of storage and access to all Wix design tools and editors. This plan works great for a personal blog or a school project.
  • Unlimited ($22.00/mo) – includes 10GB of storage, additional marketing, visitor analytics apps. A solid option for smaller marketing-centered websites.
  • Pro ($27.00/mo) – 20GB of storage, plus an events calendar app, a professional logo, and social media logo files. If you have a serious blog or a small business, this plan will suit you.
  • VIP ($45.00/mo) – all the Pro features, plus 35GB of storage, and priority customer support. It’s convenient for a small to medium business that requires more storage.

And the other 3 are focused on selling online:

  • Business Basic ($27.00/mo) – comes with 20GB of storage, basic features for eCommerce, secure online payments, recurring payment options, and customer accounts. For a small shop just starting out, this plan is more than enough.
  • Business Unlimited ($32.00/mo) – everything in the Basic plan, plus storage bumps to 35GB. Additional eCommerce tools, such as subscription sales, dropshipping, and product review features. A good option for subscription/dropshipping-based businesses and bigger online projects.
  • Business VIP ($59.00/mo) – everything in the Unlimited plan, except storage goes up to 50GB. There are even more eCommerce features – loyalty program and sales tax calculation. Priority support is added as well! This plan has virtually anything you might need for a large successful project.
Best Value

When looking for tools to build a small personal website, the Combo plan is the cheapest option available. You’ll get yourself all the things needed to have an online presence, including 20GB of storage resources, the Wix ADI website generator, and the Wix editor. However, if you’re planning to make money by selling stuff, check out Business Basic for $27.00/mo.

5. Gator website builder – cheap and simple website builder

Lowest price:$3.46/mo
Features:Quick, automatically-generated websites
Free version:No
Best for:Small businesses
Current deal:Get up to 65% OFF HostGator!

Gator costs less than 4 bucks a month – making it one of the cheapest website builder options out there. On top of that, recently Gator has gone through a facelift, making it a super simple, super-fast website builder, perfect for small businesses and users without development skills.

If you're looking to save some money (and some time!), Gator is a top-notch solution.

And, regarding website building, if you wish to see the best of what Gator can offer, take my suggestion – pick the Express option. The intelligent automatic editor is the new solution from Gator, making building sites incredibly simple.

gator choose way to make a website

No joke – it only took me a few minutes to breeze through the editing process. During that, I was given options to choose how my website will look: its theme, color scheme, and even smaller things, such as the navigation style.

gator navigation style

These are no website templates, so prevalent in most other website builders. Instead, you'll leave the setup menu with a custom website, made entirely by you. It's just that simple.

gator express website editor

As noted in the new Gator review, this builder makes everything as simple as possible and takes a lot of hard website editing questions right out of your hands. If you're a beginner who just wants to make a simple website, Gator will be perfect.

How good are Gator’s cheapest plans?

Gator is certainly good value for money – it's one of the cheapest website builders on our list, and it does the simple things very well. While offering plans for a cheap price, Gator also makes sure they are inclusive of a free domain and SSL certificate, unmetered bandwidth, and content delivery network (CDN).

What I didn't really like was the fact that Gator has no free plan, and even no free trial. However, you’re still getting a full money-back guarantee, allowing you to get your payment back if you're not satisfied.

So, before getting a plan, let's see what they offer:

  • Express Start ($3.46/mo) – all the core website building features. You can sell online, but only 3 products, and there's a 3% transaction fee. A good option for personal sites – but not selling.
  • Express Site ($5.39/mo) – you can sell 5 items now (but the transaction fee stays)! Priority customer support and booking features are also added, making this a solid option if you're running a business that needs appointments.
  • Express Store ($8.30/mo) – now this is an eCommerce plan! Everything from the Express Site plan, plus no transaction fees, and unlimited products. It’s a great option for an online store.
Best value

For sites that are rather small or personal, consider the Express Start plan. For only $3.46/mo, you have yourself an editor, a domain, and an SSL certificate – all you need to get a kick start. What’s also great about Gator is that its eCommerce plan has unlimited products and no transaction fees – all of that for only $8.30/mo. And that’s a price you don't see every day.

6. GoDaddy website builder – affordable and perfect for marketing

Lowest price:$9.99/mo
Features:Excellent marketing features
Free version:No
Best for:Businesses looking to find new audiences
Current deal:Get up to 33% OFF GoDaddy website builder!

GoDaddy website builder starts at $9.99 a month – and for that price, you're getting more than a website builder. Seriously: GoDaddy itself calls this "Websites+Marketing", so you know that there's something more cooking down there.

Well, there definitely is.

This excellent suite for small businesses is a great option if you're looking to give your brick-and-mortar business an online presence, or wish to build a new audience using marketing and search engine optimization tools.

You get started with GoDaddy by simply choosing the type of website you wish to have.

godaddy builder setup

Then, without much fuss, you make your way into the site editor, where a pre-made site is already waiting to be edited. The editor is sleek and intuitive, letting you quickly jump through various color schemes and layout options, without losing any of the content. Everything is rather nice and simple.

godaddy builder editor

As for adding the content, GoDaddy offers numerous sections you can add, including some of the basic stuff like text, photos, and video, and more intricate things – like menus, livestreams, and donation buttons.

godaddy builder sections available

But it's not the website builder that's the star of the show! ("Really, on a cheap website builder post?")

Yes – by far the coolest thing about GoDaddy website builder is called InSight. It's a marketing tool that asks you what specific goals you wish to reach with your website.

Then, it goes on to build you a special battle plan that will help you do it. It even helps you follow your progress and gives a score for your efforts!

godaddy builder insight setup

I cover this process much, much deeper on my GoDaddy website builder review. But overall, if you wish to build a serious online presence but don't know where to start, GoDaddy website builder is an excellent option.

How good are GoDaddy’s cheapest plans?

All of GoDaddy website builder’s plans, including the cheapest ones, come with an extensive marketing suite, so you can be sure of all-inclusive services. What’s even better is that all 4 plans will get you stocked with unlimited storage and bandwidth, a free SSL certificate, and a professional Microsoft email for a year.

You can get a grasp on the premium plans with the free 14-day trial, however, there’s no free plan offered. Before testing everything now, it’s important to know what all of the 4 plans have to offer. So, let’s check it it right now:

  • Basic ($9.99/mo) – an optimal pick for simple and basic sites. You can connect 1 social media platform, make 5 monthly posts on it, and send you 100 monthly marketing emails.
  • Standard ($9.99/mo) – SEO tools are added. You can connect 3 social media platforms, create 20 monthly posts, and send 500 emails. This plan goes well with a small business that’s just starting out.
  • Premium ($14.99/mo) – unlimited social media platforms, posts, and responses, and 25k emails per month. Unlimited content creation, online appointment features. For a growing business, the plan will not be disappointing.
  • eCommerce ($16.99/mo) – this is the only plan that is optimal for selling online. It comes with all the features that other packages include, plus complete eCommerce tools for an online store.
Best value

The lowest cost plan to get you your money’s worth is certainly the Basic plan. After all, you’re packed – unlimited bandwidth and storage resources, social media integrations, and a professional email that can make your business look more credible for clients for $9.99/mo only. While GoDaddy’s eCommerce solution is quite expensive ($16.99/mo), you get unlimited products as well as other useful eCommerce tools.

7. Zenfolio – cheap website builder for photographers

Lowest price:$3.00/mo
Features:Protography-centered website builder
Free version:No
Best for:Photographers making portfolios
Current deal:Get up to 50% OFF Zenfolio!

Zenfolio is certainly a unique builder on this list. It's the only specialized option, focusing primarily on photographers and starting at just $3.00 a month. It's an affordable way for photographers to store, showcase, and sell their art.

Excellent for both beginner users just looking to show what they make, and professionals, working with buyers and clients all across the world, Zenfolio is a very exciting builder.

Setting up Zenfolio is seriously simple: at first, you just choose the type of website that you want. It can be a gallery, displaying a variety of images, or a classic website – showcasing you and your art in a more professional, curated way.

zenfolio portfolio startup

Then, the dashboard will guide you though the editing process, giving you all the tips for making a website, as well as showing your site activity.

This is where from you can use some of the photography-specific features, such as setting password-protected pages for your clients to visit, or even setting up automatic Lightroom integration for seamless photo transferring.

zenfolio portfolio dashboard

As for the site editing itself – it's very simple, and that seems done almost by design. Zenfolio's editor is minimalist, uses only a few basic templates, and a small variety of sections.

Here, your images will do all the heavy lifting, not the site sections.

zenfolio site design

And really, that's the way it should be. Zenfolio is a photography website builder, that makes generating websites for yourself and your clients as simple as possible. I liked it a lot on my Zenfolio review – it's a cheap website builder that's perfect for all the photography and design pros.

How good are Zenfolio’s cheapest plans?

Zenfolio can offer some good value for money for its cheapest plans – and you can use the free trial to see it for yourself! While the builder is focused on personal websites, it does offer some useful SEO tools, video hosting, and free live webinars with Q&A for all of its plans.

If you wish to try Zenfolio out, the provider offers a free 14-day trial. Keep in mind that free plans are only suitable for testing out the service and not much else.

To find out what Zenfolio can really offer, we need to go deeper into Zenfolio’s paid plans. Let’s see how the plans are different from each other:

  • Portfolio ($3.00/mo) – you get 15GB of storage, 7 basic 1-page templates, shareable client galleries. Good for basic portfolio sites.
  • PortfolioPlus ($7.50/mo) – offers 100GB of storage, one-page and multi-page templates, email marketing, and eCommerce features. Suitable for freelance photographers, and those looking to sell prints and downloads of their art.

And now – the Pro plan, suitable for professional users.

  • ProSuite ($15.00/mo) – not only are you getting 1TB of storage, you also get to use automated client bookings, pre-paid packages, and auto fulfillment. Perfect for professional photographers that want to spend more time taking photos than managing their website.
Best value

For a personal portfolio solution, Zenfolio’s ideal offer is certainly the Portfolio plan. You’ll have yourself a one-page website with enough storage to create a gallery with all of your precious artwork for as little as $3.00/mo. But, if you’re looking to create a website for more professional services or selling online, consider the ProSuite subscription.

8. Weebly – affordable way to sell online

Lowest price:$6.00/mo
Features:Simple eCommerce tools
Free version:Yes
Best for:Small businesses looking to sell
Current deal:Get up to 33% OFF Weebly!

Weebly offers a free plan, and its premium options start at $6.00 a month: making it a pretty good deal right out of the box. Plus, this simple website builder is owned by Square – a massive payment platform, giving Weebly a lot of excellent eCommerce features.

It's a solid cut-price deal for both regular sites and online stores.

You start your Weebly journey by choosing from one of the available templates. They're simple and separated into several different categories for different goals.

selecting a weebly template

Then, it'll be all about the editing. Weebly uses a classic drag-and-drop editor, which allows you to pick any of the available blocks and build a website with them. As the name goes – just drag and drop them on your page.

weebly editor

Once everything is tailored to your liking, you can go check out Weebly's secret weapon, it's very solid eCommerce suite. Everything for eCommerce is available directly from the Weebly dashboard. Even a complete beginner will be adding coupons and gift cards, and adding it products in no time.

weebly ecommerce review adding product

With the combination of a simple drag-and-drop website builder and a solid online store platform, Weebly is perfect if you're looking to sell online, and not break the bank while doing so. Check out the Weebly review to know more.

How good are Weebly’s cheapest plans?

Weebly offers a pretty wide range of subscription options, from very cheap plans to a little more expensive ones. Different plans come with different purposes, however, all paid options include an ability to connect a custom domain, a free SSL, and basic SEO features.

Despite the free option that Weebly offers, which is very limited and only suitable for testing the service out, there are low-priced deals for those on a budget, and more costly eCommerce-centered options for those looking for solid value.

However, before jumping on the cheapest $6.00 plan and calling it a day, there are a few things to consider. Let’s take a look at what the plans offer:

  • Free – Website on Weebly’s subdomain, Weebly ads, 500MB storage.
  • Personal ($6.00/month) – connect personal domain, free SSL, basic marketing and unlimited items, in-store pickup, and more.
  • Professional ($12.00/month) – on top of the Personal plan's offerings it also removes Weebly ads, and includes unlimited storage and advanced site-building features.
  • Performance ($26.00/month) – everything from Professional plan, plus you can accept payments through PayPal.
Best value

So there you have it – if you’re not going to use your site to sell products, Professional is a magnificent pick for a small to medium website, or a portfolio. You get a simple to navigate drag-and-drop editor, unlimited storage, and no Weebly’s branding on the site. For eCommerce, it’s worth investing $14 per month more to get yourself the Performance plan. You get to enjoy unlimited products, advanced analytics, and more solid eCommerce features.

Cheap website builder: final recommendations

There are many website builders that can help you save some money – but the ones mentioned on this post are my personal favorites. Some of them are downright cheap – offering the best affordable price in the market, whilst keeping up in quality with their more expensive counterparts.

Others are on the more expensive side, instead offering excellent value, and aiming to save your time and nerves.

Either way, let's recap the top cheap website builder options:

  • Hostinger Website Builder is the cheapest website builder here: and it's also perfect if you want to quickly make a website that just looks good.
  • SITE123 offers a minimalist, affordable way to make a massive professional website.
  • Squarespace gives excellent templates, and easy-to-manage business tools, as well as social media branding and posting.
  • Wix is one of the best website builders in the world, and for a reason: 2 different building solutions, and excellent functionality make this the most versatile tool here.
  • Gator website builder offers a very affordable website solution for total beginners, thanks to a foolproof site editor.
  • GoDaddy website builder has excellent business tools, not only giving you tips on how to succeed but also making sure that you actually do.
  • Zenfolio is an option for photographers, excellent for portfolio websites and online sales.
  • Weebly is a simple, affordable website builder, best suited for selling online.

And, there you go! You’d do well with any of these providers. But of course, each has its pros and cons – so, look at your needs, wants, and preferences, to pick out the one that suits you best.

How to choose the best cheap website builder?

Once all the providers are compared and accounted for, a natural question might come to mind:

"How DO I choose the best affordable website builder?"

After all, every builder is going to promise you virtually the same benefits: great ease of use, beautiful designs, excellent online tools – only for you to compare the prices and see that they're drastically different. So, what gives? When is it fine to take the option for cheap websites, and when is it better to go for more?

Let's talk about that.

In general, only you can answer this question. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to website builders – but mostly, they can be separated into three different categories.

Super value builders

  • Buy, when: you want a simple website with no bells and whistles attached
  • Avoid, when: you're making an online business, are looking for special features

This is your Hostinger Website Builder or your Gator. These builders will cost very little and are perfect for personal websites, school projects, or simple landing pages for your brick-and-mortar business. For many people, such builders include everything they could possibly need – hosting and a domain name, some page designs, and designated spots to add information in.

However, if you decide to use this builder for something more – like advanced SEO tools, blogging functionality, or selling online, you might run into some troubles. Most top features are hidden under a paywall, so you might have to spend a lot more just to unlock them. Plus, those features are usually much worse that their expensive counterparts! Nothing sucks quite a much as paying extra just to unlock a feature that is also pretty bad.

Use these for your basic cheap websites. Avoid them for your massive businesses.

Smart niche builders

  • Buy, when: it offers an exact solution to your problems
  • Avoid, when: you don't have a clear plan of what your website is going to be

When looking for a website builder, most of us have a goal in mind – what exactly they want the website to be, and what it should do. Zenfolio is the best example of a niche builder – it offers smart photography features, perfect if you're looking to build a portfolio, or work with clients. If you’re in photography school and don’t know squat when it comes to web development, this is a lifesaver.

But there are some possible issues, too – for example, trying to use Zenfolio for literally anything else. Or picking up Weebly, and suddenly realizing you don't want to sell online after all.

Pick these when you're extremely certain about what features and tools you want.

All-around online tools

  • Buy, when: you're making a business, based around your website
  • Avoid, when: you're on a budget

This category is reserved for serious business. This is where you'll find names like Wix and Squarespace. They're not very cheap website builders per se, but the additional features they offer might more than make up for the price increase. Completely universal, such tools can be used for blogs, portfolios, online stores, and much more, letting you take full control of what features and tools you really need.

They usually have several bespoke solutions included in one product: with their own blogging platform, marketing tools, eCommerce suite and more.

Of course, such products tend to cost more as well. If you'll only need a fraction of what they offer, it's not a worthy deal. But if you plan to make all kinds of websites, and make the best out of provided apps and tools, this will not be money wasted.

Use them if you want a complete solution.

4.4 /5
Special deal
-37% OFF
4.6 /5
Special deal
-75% OFF
4.2 /5
Special deal
-40% OFF

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