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Best website builder for actors in 2024

I evaluated the strongest competitors on the market to find the best website builder for actors. I took into account the costs, templates, editors, and other key features for creating an actor portfolio website and narrowed everything down to the top 5 builders.

Building an online presence through a professional website is important for actors. It allows you to put your best foot forward and make a great impression on anyone who looks you up on the internet.

It can help you score new acting gigs and find new contacts.

And getting your career online is a pretty easy task if you trust a good website builder. Basically, zero technical know-how is needed, too. And it can take just a few hours to complete. But you can definitely choose based on your needs. Some builders allow you full control, while others do the leg work themselves instead.

So on our best website builders for actors list, you’ll find the top tools for the job. From easy and affordable to more complex and premium.

Best website builders for actors: ranked

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Best website builders for actors - our detailed list:

After rigorously testing various website builders, I've curated a list of the top 5 platforms ideal for actor websites. The selection criteria focused on essential features such as ease of use, customizable templates, multimedia integration, and cost-effectiveness, ensuring your acting portfolio stands out in the digital realm.

1. Hostinger Website Builder – best website builder for actors overall

Upload storage100GB
FeaturesAI heatmap, social media links integration, SEO tools
Best forProfessional actor portfolios in no time

Hostinger Website Builder, formerly known as Zyro, is the best website builder for actors because of its incredibly cheap pricing (starting at $2.69/mo), versatility, and ease of use. With dozens of templates for professional portfolios, a helpful AI-builder, and integrated marketing and SEO functionalities – it makes building your functional actor website easy.


Why Hostinger Website Builder is great for actor websites?

Hostinger Website Builder boasts rock-bottom pricing, but it’s more than capable of whipping up a great actor website:

  • The cheapest price in the market: Hostinger Website Builder offers a single website builder plan that retails for $2.69/mo. The plan itself is highly versatile as it includes everything from a blogging platform to eCommerce functionalities. Additionally, you get 100GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth, a free custom domain, an SSL, and good marketing and communications tools.
  • Lots of professional templates: There are 130+ modern and high-quality designs in total. Many options focus on portfolios, with visually stunning galleries and video embedding options. And even if you don’t fancy any of them, you can build an entirely custom site from scratch. Plus, the provider is currently working on an AI website generator tool too.
  • Easy-to-use editor: It’s easy to create clean designs with Hostinger Website Builder's drag-and-drop builder. Bear in mind that you will have to oblige to the grid system when placing elements on the page, therefore trading in a bit of customizability in favor of ease of use. Still, adding background images, videos, and galleries is a seamless experience. There’s also a functional blogging tool if you want to run a blog within the website.
  • Built-in SEO and marketing functionalities: Hostinger Website Builder features a bunch of tools to help you reach audiences. Whether you want to bring traffic through search engines or social media – the integrations are all there. Plus, the AI-heatmaps tool helps you optimize the design to be the most engaging it can be.

In short, if you’re looking for a pocket-friendly builder that is a breeze to use and rich in SEO and marketing functionalities, Hostinger Website Builder is your best bet.

2. SITE123 – best for quickly setting up a simple actor portfolio website

SITE123 banner with user interface
Upload storageFrom 10GB to 270GB
FeaturesPre-designed templates to mix and match, SEO tools, eCommerce built-in
Best forSimple and easy websites for actors

SITE123 is a simplistic and straightforward website builder for actors who want to get a website up and running in no time. It’s great for quickly building a website for actor portfolios with marketing and eCommerce capabilities included.

SITE123 for actor websites

Why SITE123 is great for actor websites?

SITE123 is a no-frills website builder with simplistic features, but it works. It’s great for beginners because there’s not a lot of hoops you have to go through:

  • Extensive pricing options: Pricing ranges from $12.80 for the Basic plan to $45.00 for the Platinum plan. The entry-level plan’s price tag may be a bit higher, but it already includes a free domain, eCommerce functionalities, and email marketing support. For the best value, however, I recommend the Advanced plan to anyone looking to build an actor’s website. For $11.88 monthly, you will get 30GB of storage and 15GB bandwidth, a mailbox, and more expansive email marketing and eCommerce capabilities.
  • Templates with responsive design: SITE123 has over 160 fully responsive templates. Customization is limited, but what it lacks in flexibility, it makes up for in usability. The available templates may have a more generic design, but this means they can easily be used in different niches, including actor portfolio websites.
  • Simple editing: On their own, SITE123 templates support a limited amount of customization. But the good news is you can mix and match different templates to come up with something more unique. SITE123 also has several gallery options for both images and videos to help you showcase sample media better.
  • Email marketing, SEO, and eCommerce features: All paid plans have email marketing and eCommerce capabilities built-in. Naturally, the more expensive plan you choose, the more email marketing and eCommerce activities you can do. SITE123 also has a built-in SEO Adviser tool that can help even absolute beginners fix common SEO problems.

SITE123’s bottom line is all about simplicity and convenience. If you’re looking for a builder with the least amount of tinkering needed, this is a great pick.

3. GoDaddy website builder – excellent features for business and branding

GoDaddy website builder banner
Upload storageUnlimited
FeaturesBeautiful galleries, business integrations, professional email account, branding tools
Best forBusiness-focused actor websites

GoDaddy is a strong option for building a commercial actor website because it is simple, efficient, and business-focused. You will get to access a user-friendly builder, professional website and social media templates, and various business and marketing tools.

GoDaddy for actor websites

Why GoDaddy is great for actor websites?

GoDaddy offers modern actor templates for websites, and you have the option to get a business-focused plan if you want to sell your services or merch online:

  • Affordable prices: GoDaddy’s plans range from $9.99 to $16.99 per month. The cheapest plan is good for simple portfolios. But if you want to directly sell your services or merch online, the Ecommerce plan is the way to go. The plan offers a myriad of online store and marketplace functionalities, as well as additional marketing features.
  • Professional responsive templates: GoDaddy has over 100 templates, but all of them are kind of similar-looking. Nonetheless, you can expect clean, fresh, and modern designs. More importantly, there are options made especially for creative professionals' websites with beautiful video galleries, so finding a suitable design for actors shouldn’t be too difficult.
  • A what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor: Everything you might need to build your website is in one place. Depending on the plan you choose, you will get access to built-in functionalities that make website creation stress-free. Customizing templates is also quick and simple. You just have to tweak sections that are already pre-designed, but note that this gives you a little less design flexibility compared to many other editors.
  • Practical branding and built-in SEO tools: Users can take advantage of GoDaddy Studio to easily create branded content for their website and social media pages. Plans from Standard and above also offer a built-in website optimizer for SEO. Lastly, one of the biggest strengths of GoDaddy is that all plans come with a personal email address included—super helpful if you want a professional email to give out to potential clients.

All in all, GoDaddy should be your top choice if you want to easily integrate business and commerce into your portfolio website.

4. Squarespace – builds a visually stunning website for actor

Squarespace banner with user interface
Upload storageUnlimited
FeaturesProfessional email, eCommerce built-in, SEO tools, social media account syncing
Best forProfessional and business-oriented actor sites

When it comes to actor websites, Squarespace is highly recommended because it can produce visually stunning results with relatively little effort. Additional business tools and marketing functionalities are ideal if you are looking to design an aesthetically striking website with an intent to monetize.

Squarespace for actor websites

Why Squarespace is great for actor websites?

Squarespace’s plans may be on the more premium side but it’s very much worth it given its functionalities, user-friendliness, and impressive designs:

  • Premium plans: Squarespace’s plans range from $16.00 to $49.00 per month. All come with a free custom domain, SSL, and unlimited bandwidth and storage. The Business plan ($27.00/mo) gives the best value for money since it comes with extra helpful features – professional email, advanced website analytics, and even fully integrated eCommerce tools. Note, though, that if you’re serious about selling merch or services on your website, I would recommend that you go for any of the Commerce plans because of the additional business-focused functionalities and 0% transaction fees that they come with.
  • Visually stunning templates: Squarespace offers 110 curated templates that look and function amazingly well. There are options for portfolios, professional websites, and eCommerce sites, among others. Squarespace also supports video embedding (which, again, is awesome for maximum visual impact). Its image galleries are some of the best available at the moment, as well.
  • Intuitive editor: Using the Squarespace editor is a fuss-free experience. Granted, it’s not the most customizable platform out there. However, given that its templates and design elements already look great, to begin with, a professional-looking website is pretty much guaranteed even with little effort.
  • SEO and eCommerce functionalities: All plans boast SEO features for site visibility, as well as basic website metrics. Moreover, eCommerce functionalities come aplenty on the higher-tier plans — including subscription-based selling, gift card support, advanced shipping and discount, and syncing your products on Facebook and Instagram. It's among the top eCommerce website builders around.

In summary, Squarespace is an amazing builder if you want beautiful results for little effort and don’t mind spending a little bit extra for top-tier aesthetics. Plus, business functionalities are there if you want to earn a little extra selling merch or services.

5. Wix – great for artistic freedom and actor website design customizability

Wix banner
Upload storageFrom 2GB to unlimited
FeaturesPowerful drag-and-drop editor, AI template generator, SEO tools, video backgrounds
Best forOne-of-a-kind actor portfolios and business sites

Wix is a powerful website builder offering the most artistic freedom and design flexibility. With hundreds of templates, 2 editor options (ADI and drag-and-drop), and a great blogging platform, it allows you to build an actor website exactly as you wish. It's the ideal builder for anyone who wants to execute a specific design vision.

Wix for actor websites

Why Wix is great for actor websites?

Wix is a flexible website builder with all the whistles and bells for unique and functional websites:

  • Wide range of plans: Wix plans range from $16.00 to 159.00 per month, so there’s something for everyone. However, the Core ($32.00/month) plan gives the best value for actor portfolios with 50GB storage, free domain, 5 WIX video hours, and the possibility to accept online payments. Meanwhile, the Business ($32.00/mo) plan is the best pick if you want to also sell services or merch on your website, as the plan includes more eCommerce features than Core.
  • 800+ customizable templates: With more than 900 templates (several of them being portfolio or actor website templates), you won’t run out of design inspiration with Wix.
  • Two editors: Wix houses 2 types of editors – ADI and drag-and-drop. The AI-powered ADI editor automatically generates a website for you based on your preferences. The drag-and-drop website builder, on the other hand, lets you build a website either from scratch or from one of Wix’s templates. In any case, streaming videos, setting up video libraries, and using video backgrounds on your website are all just one click away. And, if you want to write exclusive content, creating a blog using these editors is a breeze, as well.
  • SEO, social media, and marketing tools: Wix offers a guided SEO tool that helps beginners craft SERP-friendly websites. You can also take advantage of the marketing suite Ascend for branded email and social media content creation.

Overall, Wix is the best website builder for actors if your main priority is design flexibility and customizability.

Best website builder for actors: final recommendations

The best website builder for actors varies for everyone. Simply put, the right builder for your use case depends on your goals, preferences, and priorities.

That said, the 5 builders I listed here are all strong contenders with unique strengths. No matter if you're building a simple portfolio website or an actor business project, I’m sure there’s at least one option on this list that will satisfy your needs.

Ready to make a decision? These are the best website builders for actors. Let’s jog your memory:

  • Hostinger Website Builder is dirt-cheap yet versatile and functional, making it perfect for portfolio websites.
  • SITE123 offers a quick and painless website creation experience with its simplistic editor.
  • GoDaddy website builder is great for its business features, professional email, and affordable prices.
  • Squarespace wows with stunning templates and can create beautiful websites with little effort.
  • Wix offers hundreds of templates and has editors that allow the most artistic freedom.

What should you look for in an actor website builder?

An actor website builder should offer templates and tools that fit your purpose. It must be easy to use and versatile enough to accommodate your various needs.

Here are the most important factors you should consider:

  • The selection of templates offered. Not all professional actor websites are going to look the same. Some actors might simply need templates that highlight their headshots and video samples, while others might need to sell merch or publish blog posts regularly. Make sure to list down your needs and wants, then let them guide you. For instance, if you need visually striking templates for both a portfolio and an online store, Squarespace is hard to beat.
  • What specialized tools are available. Visualize your ideal website. What tools do you need to make it a reality? Do you need to have a customizable gallery? Should checkout and shipping be integrated into the platform? What about videos? Do you want a builder that supports video backgrounds (just like Wix)?
  • Social media, SEO, and marketing functionalities. Having these functionalities built-in can help you attract more traffic and grow your audience outside the walls of your website. As an example, GoDaddy Studio makes it easy for you to generate branded content for your social media pages, while Hostinger Website Builder supports live chat integration via WhatsApp and Messenger.
  • Ease of use. The point of using a builder for your actor website is increased accessibility and ease of use. After all, you’re probably looking for a builder because you don’t have experience in actor website design and development. That said, simplistic builders like Hostinger Website Builder and SITE123 will make the entire process quick and fuss-free.

Overall, many website-building tools are amazing at what they do. So only by analyzing your own needs and skill level and putting that together with the budget available will you be able to make a great choice.

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