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Best sports team website builder in 2024

In this article, I’ve analyzed the 5 best sports team website builder options and compared their pricing, templates, editors, and extra features. There is also a guide at the bottom on how to create a sports website.

To have a website for a sports team, whether it’s a hobby-based sports organization or a professional one, is a must. It can help club members stay up-to-date with the team’s latest events and activities and attract new players. More so, professional sports teams will be able to market themselves more effectively and sell tickets to sports events on their official site.

While making an attractive and interactive website might seem daunting at first, a sports team website builder is an excellent way to have a site up and running with minimal fuss and costs involved. They require little-to-no technical skill and can produce a beautiful and functional website in as fast as a few hours.

Check out our 5 best solutions below!

Best sports website builder options

Best sports team website builders - detailed list:

I've tested different web builders and compiled a list of the top 5 suited for sports-related websites. The picks are based on customizable templates to showcase team spirit and updates, affordability, and, of course, ease of use.

1. Wix

Features2 editors, SEO features, social media integration, and email marketing tools
TemplatesOver 900 all-purpose templates
Best forOne-of-a-kind and highly customized sports site
Free planYes

Wix is the best sports team website builder, known for being fully customizable and affordable. It is the best choice if you want to enjoy as much freedom in design as possible. The entry-level plan starts at $14.50/mo. No matter what plan you choose, you will get 900+ templates, 2 editors, and helpful eCommerce and events functionalities.

Why should you choose Wix for your sports website?

Wix emphasizes artistic freedom, so it’s a great fit if you’re highly particular about the website you want to set up:

  • Reasonable pricing: Wix plans start at $0.00/mo and go as high as $79.50/mo. However, the free plan is only good to test the builder out, not building professional sports teams' sites. Therefore, pricing plans are the way to go, with the best one being Business ($79.50/mo), as it comes with 100GB storage and a free domain, as well as an event calendar app, standard eCommerce features and site analytics. The plan enables you to sell tickets or run a fan shop online, as well as dropship up to 250 products.
  • 900+ theme options: Wix has the largest template library in the industry, with over 800 different ones to choose from. Even better, all templates are well designed, modern-looking, and responsive.
  • Flexible design experience: Wix comes with 2 editors that require no coding skills. For complete design freedom, you can pick one out of many templates and edit it with a fully-flexible drag-and-drop editor. On the other hand, for a quicker site-building process, you can go with ADI (artificial design intelligence), which automatically designs a website for you. While a drag-and-drop editor gives you full freedom, ADI is preferred by newcomers due to its simplicity and less intense customization options.
  • Nice eCommerce and event functionalities: All plans (except Light) guarantee secure online payments and allow the selling of products, as well as memberships. You can also monetize standalone videos of your choice or use a convenient scheduling solution to set up workshops or conferences.

All in all, Wix is unbeatable when it comes to design customization. The eCommerce functionalities offered by Wix’s business plans are tempting selling points, too.

2. Hostinger Website Builder

FeaturesDrag-and-drop editor, grid building system, AI tools, SEO and marketing tools
TemplatesOver 130 all-purpose templates
Best forFunctional sports team sites on a budget
Free planFree demo version

Hostinger Website Builder, formerly known as Zyro, is one of the best website builder for sports teams due to its ease of use, remarkably low prices, and premium features. Despite the very affordable price, the builder offers a wide array of responsive templates, freebies like a domain, an SSL, or a functional drag-and-drop editor that simplifies any sports project creation.

Why should you choose Hostinger Website Builder for your sports website?

Hostinger Website Builder is a functional and user-friendly website builder at a very competitive price. It’s suitable for all sorts of projects, including websites for sports clubs and fan clubs:

  • Very affordable price: While Hostinger Website Builder has only one plan, it comes with very generous features like 100GB storage, 100 business email accounts, unmetered bandwidth, the ability to create up to 100 websites, a custom domain, free SSL, and much more. All of that for just $2.69/mo. Plus, if you go for the 48-month billing cycle, you'll get 3 months of services for free.
  • 130+ modern templates: Hostinger Website Builder offers dozens of responsive and easily-customizable templates. More importantly, there are quite a few templates for sports sites specifically. Not feeling the templates available? Build a site yourself from scratch by opting for an empty grid.
  • No-fuss editor: Hostinger Website Builder is one of the best drag-and-drop website builders. You can easily move elements around to your liking. However, since it follows a grid pattern, you have to comply with the placements dictated by a grid. This makes the entire process much simpler at the expense of design flexibility.
  • Built-in SEO and marketing tools: If you need extra help with SEO (search engine optimization) and marketing, tools like Google Analytics and visitor remarketing are available for use. For easier communication with your users, Messenger and WhatsApp live chat integrations are also available. More so, Hostinger Website Builder includes many AI tools like the heatmap, as well as a slogan, logo, and content generator.

In short, Hostinger Website Builder is an affordable platform that comes with many premium additional features which will help in making a beautiful website for sports-related matters.

3. Web.com

web.com banner
FeaturesBlock-based editor editor, events and scheduling, email marketing, social media integration
TemplatesOver 130 all-purpose templates
Best forBuilding sports team landing pages and eCommerce sites
Free planNo

Web.com is yet another simplistic and versatile sports website builder that's affordable and flexible. For just $1.95/mo, you get to enjoy a functional drag-and-drop editor, a wide variety of responsive templates, and security features like perfect privacy, an SSL, and professional design help if you need it. In simple words, Web.com is perfect for anyone looking to build simple team and league websites.

Why should you choose Web.com for your sports website?

Web.com is a simplistic and affordable, as well as full-featured sports team website builder. Here are some of the main features the builder has to offer:

  • Easy on the pocket: Web.com's pricing plans range from $1.95/mo to $3.95/mo. However, for a low price, you get all the essentials like a free domain, email addresses, 1 hour of website design support, and over 100 templates. The Starter plan is good enough for simple sports team websites, but choose the Marketing plan if you’re planning to sell tickets and/or team merchandise products, as it allows you to list your site with local business directories and search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • Large template library: Web.com offers over 194 templates to choose from, sorted into categories such as automotive industry, entertainment and media, fitness, and more. All the templates are fully responsive, and the eCommerce-oriented designs include CTA features. The templates are especially useful if you want to elevate your sports team site to a professional business level.
  • Easy-to-use editor: Web.com uses the drag-and-drop editor for website building, and you can follow a very simple yet effective building process. It includes pre-designed blocks and allows for easy color and font customization, as well as connecting various business accounts like Google Analytics and image optimization.
  • Built-in functionalities: Web.com comes with great additional features, including templates for events, scheduling, and more.

Briefly, Web.com is an affordable and flexible website builder that's excellent for building a simple yet beautiful ports team site with scheduling, merch, and general information pages.

4. SITE123

SITE123 user interface
FeaturesSection-based editor, restricting parts of the website, SEO and marketing tools
TemplatesOver 160 all-purpose templates
Best forQuick and easy sports-related website making
Free planYes

SITE123 is another functional sports website builder for simple and speedy site creation. This all-in-one platform offers ease of use, handy features for advertising, and even the ability to restrict parts of the site for membership owners only. SITE123 is a solid platform for those looking to make a site as quickly as 1,2,3.

Why should you choose SITE123 for your sports website?

SITE123 puts simplicity and ease of use above all else. It’s great for complete newbies who want to set up a website quickly without having to bother with too many steps:

  • Inclusive pricing: SITE123’s paid plans cost between $11.88/mo and $45.00/mo but don’t let the premium pricing scare you. The cheapest one (Basic) already includes most of the functionalities needed to build a running website. For sports teams, however, I recommend getting the Advanced plan since it comes with 30GB of storage, 15GB of bandwidth, and mailboxes in exchange for $7 extra per month. There’s a free plan, too, but it’s too limited to be used for anything other than getting the feel of the builder.
  • Variety of responsive templates: When it comes to templates, SITE123 has over 160 options to choose from. Around 15 of them are sports templates. Although these templates are not the most customizable or sleek-looking, they are all responsive, meaning your site will look great on a mobile device or any desktop devices.
  • Simple design editing: SITE123’s editor is user-friendly and allows you to mix and match templates. It is quite limited in terms of customization due to its simplicity, but building a sports website with it becomes a piece of cake.
  • Powerful features: To boost the site’s visibility and interaction, SITE123 offers features like SEO Adviser and an email marketing tool. Additionally, it also offers an events calendar, which will be useful for displaying upcoming games or any other upcoming events. You can even sell tickets to said events directly from your website.

Overall, SITE123 is one of the most beginner-friendly options for those looking to build websites for sports clubs. If you’re all about easy set-up and straightforward tools, don’t skip this one.

5. Elementor

elementor banner
FeaturesDrag-and-drop editor, custom logos, eCommerce tools, marketing tools
TemplatesOver 100 all-purpose templates
Best forProfessional sports team or merch websites
Free plan30-day money-back guarantee

Elementor is a great website builder for sports teams if visual impact is your number one priority. With plans starting at $2.99/mo, it offers visually stunning templates and built-in eCommerce features. It’s a good choice for users looking to build an aesthetically pleasing team or a league website without too much effort.

Why should you choose Eelementor for your sports website?

Eelementor attracts users with its high-impact results that require barely any effort. It’s truly a decent option for building a professional-looking sports team website:

  • Premium plans: Eelementor has 4 plans, with monthly costs ranging from $2.99/month to $22.99/month. The free builder plan included with the Lite hosting plan will let you include website elements such as videos, text blocks, dividers, and headings. The Pro plan also includes more generous elements like animations, galleries, and tables, which are particularly useful for a striking sports team or sporting events site.
  • Beautiful templates: Eelementor offers over 100 beautiful templates for all kinds of websites, including Events & Entertainment, Landing Pages, and Media & Blogs. Whether you're looking to build a sports event, sports team, or an eCommerce site for merch, this website builder has you covered.
  • Intuitive editor: Eelementor offers a drag-and-drop editor which allows for flexibility and intuitive site editing. With it, you can customize your website to the max, and it doesn't require any coding.
  • Useful built-in features: The builder does not slack when it comes to additional features. All plans above Lite come with responsive design templates, useful widgets, eCommerce features, and even pop-up builders. Additionally, you get access to useful marketing tools and custom logo makers.

In summary, Elementor offers an affordable and flexible website builder with web hosting plans. Its intuitive page editor makes the building process simple for both experienced and first-time users, but the Lite plan free builder can feel quite limited and incomplete.

Sports website builders: final recommendations

While there are no set requirements for a good sports website builder, it should be reasonably priced and offer a variety of design and marketing-related features. Most importantly, it should be easy to use. Based on these criteria, we have narrowed it down to 5 website builders that’ll make the process of building a sports blog or a sports club site as simple as it gets.

  • Wix offers full design flexibility and many advanced tools for a feature-rich sports project.
  • Hostinger Website Builder is an affordable and functional drag-and-drop builder for small-to-medium sports websites.
  • Web.com is a beginner-friendly builder for speedy sports organization site creation.
  • SITE123 offers a streamlined process for a fast and simplistic website building experience.
  • Elementor offers plenty of designer-made templates and built-in tools for any sports site.

How do I create a sports website?

There are no set rules for building a sports website. The process is pretty straightforward and does not require loads of skills. However, before you jump right to it, consider a few things, like whether you prefer a web builder or a web hosting service, how much of the server resources you’ll need, and what additional features will benefit you best.

Let’s look at these steps in more detail:

  1. Choose the best site-building approach – web builder vs web hosting: Hosting tends to be cheaper and gives you more control in terms of content management, while website builders offer more creative freedom. In the end, the choice depends on what you need. If you wish to manage the technical aspects of your site, hosting is a good solution. However, if visual creativity is what you’re after – a website builder is the way to go.
  2. Decide on the website’s purpose and size: There are many types of sports websites, so before making one, you’ll need to decide whether you’re going for a small sports blog, a large website for sports clubs, or a sports league. Hostinger Website Builder entry plans will be good for smaller sites, while large websites will need more resources and advanced features that can be found with Wix pricier plans.
  3. Add functionalities as needed: on top of preliminary server resources, you’ll have to evaluate what kind of functionalities the site will need too. Maybe you’re looking to set up an online merch shop or simply sell tickets to events online. Wix and Hostinger Website Builder have strong eCommerce functionalities. Do you plan to maintain a calendar for team schedules? SITE123, Hostinger Website Builder, and Wix are pretty good on this front. Lastly, if search engine optimization (SEO) and social media features are something you think you might need, all providers mentioned in this article have something to offer.

All in all, building a sports website is not a very difficult task. All you have to do is decide whether you wish to go for website hosting or for a website builder, estimate the size and popularity of your site, and really think about what features your site might benefit from.

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