Curve Finance suffers second crypto cyberattack

Curve Finance has been hacked and is being drained of money by an unknown threat actor, cybersecurity analysts are claiming. If this is true, it's the second loss-making attack in months against the cryptocurrency platform.

Dominic Alvieri retweeted another post from fellow X user and crytocurrency watcher Lookonchain that claims that stablecoin trader Curve has been breached “due to a flash loan exploit” that has so far cost it 826ETH, valued at about $1.5 million as of October 26th.

Blockchain security company Peckshield also weighed in on the platform formerly known as Twitter, confirming that Curve Finance had been breached that same day.

However, it put the total losses sustained to date somewhat higher: “Our investigation shows Curve Finance is actively being exploited (~$2m so far) due to a flash loan exploit. No comments from the Curve team released as of yet.”

PeckShield and Lookonchain urge all Curve users to revoke all approvals at

Meanwhile, other X users appeared to confirm that the rumors are true, although Cybernews could not verify their claims at the time of writing.

“Help! $50K is missing from my wallet!” tweeted blue-check verified user Doja Don Juan in response to the Lookonchain thread.

“After what happened, I feel like I can’t trust anyone or anything with my money,” said another, Kenneth Frantz.

This is not the first time Curve Finance has suffered a cyberattack. In August it reportedly lost $73 million after being hacked, although it was claimed that nearly three-quarters of these losses were subsequently returned.

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