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MailChimp breached again

Email marketing company MailChimp says it suffered another breach after attackers conducted a social engineering attack on the firm’s employees and contractors. It’s the second time in six months the company was raided.

MailChimp said in a statement that hackers accessed an internal support and account administration tool, and this allowed the attackers to access the data of at least 133 customers.

The attack was allegedly first detected on January 11, when the firm saw an unknown and unauthorized person access their support tools.

“The unauthorized actor conducted a social engineering attack on Mailchimp employees and contractors, and obtained access to select Mailchimp accounts using employee credentials compromised in that attack,” MailChimp said.

“Based on our investigation to date, this targeted incident has been limited to 133 Mailchimp accounts. There is no evidence that this compromise affected Intuit systems or customer data beyond these Mailchimp accounts.”

The company said it temporarily suspended account access for MailChimp accounts where it detected suspicious activity to protect users’ data.

Primary contacts for all affected accounts were notified less than 24 hours after the initial discovery of the breach, and soon another email was sent to affected accounts with advice on how to reinstate access safely.

MailChimp also stressed that white it does not and cannot share customer information, no credit card or password information was compromised. Internal investigation is still ongoing, though.

One of the customers affected by the breach seems to be WooCommerce eCommerce plugin for WordPress. WooCommerce has already emailed its customers warning them that the MailChimp breach exposed their names, store URLs, addresses, and email addresses.

WooCommerce sent a no-reply email to its customers and warned of the breach at MailChimp. Image by Cybernews.

Again, there is no indication that the stolen data has been misused. But it can help threat actors conduct more social engineering and phishing attacks in order to steal credentials or install malware.

MailChimp has already suffered a security breach that compromised more than 200 accounts back in August 2022. The attack targeted the firm’s customers in the cryptocurrency industry.

“Across the tech industry, malicious actors are increasingly deploying an array of sophisticated phishing and social engineering tactics targeting data and information from crypto-related companies,” said Mailchimp at the time.

Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing services on the market, with around 14 million users and 600 million emails sent through the platform daily, according to the statistics provided by the company.

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