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Best laser hair growth devices in 2024

Laser hair growth therapy is only growing in popularity in 2024, with commercially available devices becoming more advanced and affordable.

These laser devices provide hope for those struggling with thinning hair, promising hair follicle stimulation and hair-health restoration.

But are these products scientifically proven? Does it work, and if so, what technology is the most effective? I set out to find out and pick the best laser hair growth devices in 2024.

Top 5 laser hair growth devices – my shortlist

How to choose the best laser hair growth device?

To pick the best laser hair growth device, there are a few features you should look out for, such as:

  • Price. Create a list of all the devices that meet your needs, note the prices, including any tax and shipping fees, and compare to get the best device for your budget.
  • User-friendliness. Look for user-friendly features, including adjustable fittings, app integration, ventilated material, and expert aftercare support.
  • Efficiency. Compare the technology of your desired device to the technology used in successful clinical trials and make sure it is based on the same principles.
  • FDA clearance. Choose an FDA-cleared device for treating male and female hair loss. FDA certification is an excellent sign that the device you’re looking at is safe and reliable.
  • Customer reviews. Gather reviews from the company’s website, Trustpilot, Amazon, Reddit, and wherever you find them. Filter through these valuable real-world experiences and look for recurring positive and negative themes to create your list of pros and cons.
  • Refund policy. Pick a device with a generous growth guarantee and warranty. Make sure to read the returns policy in full – laser hair devices often have return fees and strict warranty policies.

Best red light caps for hair loss in 2024 – detailed list

Based on my reading of clinical trials, product analysis, reviewing of reviews, and brand background checks – these are the best red light caps for hair loss.

1. Kiierr Elite – the best laser hair growth device overall

Kiierr Elite banner
TypeLaser cap
Warranty7-month growth guarantee
2-year limited warranty

Kiierr’s Elite Laser Cap Complete System has everything you expect in a premium laser hair growth kit for half the price of some of its competitors – it’s the best overall.

The kit includes an FDA-cleared hair growth cap with 272-high-quality laser diodes. Like many of the most successful clinical studies, it uses 650nm wavelength light and 1360mW power, so its design has some scientific backing. Plus, if you have a larger head, full scalp coverage is still possible because it comes in two sizes!

Many customers on Amazon are delighted with the manufacturing quality. Reviews describe it as easy to use and durable. Others even talk of impressively fast results. However, everyone is different, and reactions to laser therapy differ. You should always consult a medical professional before using any laser therapy device and not depend on other people's experiences.

The complete system includes plenty of extras. You get Kiierr hair growth shampoo, conditioner, vitamins, and Biotin gummies. There is a travel case, so you don’t have to miss a session because you’re on the go. Plus, a user manual with comprehensive guides to make set-up as easy as possible.

The only downside, and where customers tend to rate negatively, is the refund policy. The Growth Guarantee has a 25% refund handling fee, and you only get the money back for the laser cap itself—not for any extras like the supplements. This isn’t uncommon for laser hair growth devices, but it's something worth considering.

2. Illumiflow 272 – the most affordable device

Illumiflow banner
TypeLaser cap
Warranty12-month growth guarantee
2-year limited warranty

Illumiflow’s 272 laser cap is the cheapest on our list, costing just under $1000.

Despite the price, with 1360mW power and 650nm light, Illumiflow impressively matches the advanced technology of its far more expensive competitors. Considering it’s even FDA-cleared, it's excellent value for money!

It’s a popular choice on Amazon, with 270 positive reviews and a 3.7 average. From what I gathered, Illumiflow customers are pleased with the device's price, easy-to-use nature, and functionality. Some have even shared promising before-and-after photos.

However, being so cheap, the 272 laser cap and Illumiflow have some issues. A little more than 5% of reviewers complain about battery life or charging issues. It seems the company is using a cheaper-quality power supply to cut costs, which isn’t surprising.

Thankfully, many customers complaining about the poor durability have said that Illumiflow honors its two-year warranty. So, if you have any issues within the first two years, you should get a free repair or replacement.

3. iRESTORE Elite – for the ultimate comfort

irestore banner
TypeLaser and LED helmet
Warranty12-month growth guarantee
3-year limited warranty

With over 20 years in hair restoration and preservation products, iRestore has fine-tuned its product line for maximum comfort and efficiency.

The iRestore Elite helmet uses air ventilation and soft cushioning for far-less discomfort. Plus, its patented design with 500 diodes allows for full scalp coverage. So, it’s unlikely you’re going to miss spots.

It also has FDA clearance, ISO Quality Assurance, and Intertek Safety Tested certification. Additionally, it has overwhelmingly positive onsite feedback, with a 4.6-star average – mainly praising iRESTORE’s intuitive setup and high-quality standards.

On Trustpilot, the brand has more criticism, with a 3.6 average based on 111 reviewers. Most are pleased with the design, packaging, and quality. However, there are complaints of slow refunds, poor complaint handling, and the 18% refund fee.

That said, iRESTORE has more positive reviews than quite a few of its competitors despite being on the higher-priced end of the market. Its durability, incredible comfort, and efficient technology clearly make up for the recent refund issues!

4. Hairmax 272 – the best customer support

hairmax banner
TypeLaser cap
Warranty6-month growth guarantee
1-year limited warranty

Hairmax is one of the most well-praised and trusted hair growth brands, with over 70% of Trustpilot reviewers expressing satisfaction.

Overall, the positive feedback is accredited to the company's focus on offering the best customer expierence. The customer care team being friendly, providing easy-to-follow steps, and quickly resolving issues is a common theme amongst the reviews. This is backed further by Hairmax’s comprehensive contact options, which include Live Chat, phone, and email 9 am-5 pm EST.

The laser cap, like most of the other best laser hair growth devices, has 272 lasers with 655nm light, is cleared by the FDA, and has an overall power rate of 1360mW power rate. So, at $1,499.00, it’s excellent value.

Unfortunately, Hairmax’s refund policy is a little limited. It, too, charges a 20% return fee and pays for return shipping. This isn’t uncommon, but Hairmax also only offers a one-year warranty and a six-month growth guarantee, which is quite restrictive. However, considering the price, quality, and expert customer support, it’s still among the best!

5. CapillusPro – a very easy device to use

capillus pro banner
TypeLaser cap
Warranty12-month growth guarantee
3-year limited warranty

If you’re new to laser hair growth treatments and are nervous about starting, CapillusPRO is a great choice.

It matches my other top picks with an optimal laser power of 1360mW, idyllic 650nm light, 272 diodes for full scalp coverage, and FDA clearance. However, CapilliusPRO also has some unique features that make it the easiest laser hair growth device to use.

Capillus’s app allows you to track progress, set treatments, and access countless help guides. Plus, the recommended treatment length is much shorter than most laser devices – just 6 minutes a day, and the treatments are auto-programmed for you. So, the whole therapy process is simplified!

Unfortunately, Cappillus has some complaints on Trustpilot, mainly about durability issues. Some say the device stopped working after just a few treatments and point to the poor battery quality as the cause. Others are upset that they couldn’t get a refund, that customer service is slow to respond, or that it was unnecessarily complicated to get a refund.

That said, 64% of Capillus’ feedback is five-star reviews praising the quality, ease of use, and price. However, given the $2,499.00 price and the reported issues surrounding refunds, it has to come fifth on my list.

Comparison of top 5 laser hair growth devices

Type272 laser cap272 laser cap500 diode cap (lasers and LEDs)272 laser cap272 laser cap
Treatment duration30 minutes15-30 minutes12 minutes7 minutes6 minutes
Treatment FrequencyDailyThree times a weekDailyThree times a weekDaily

Is laser therapy for hair growth science-approved?

Some laser therapy devices are science-approved. The best laser hair growth devices use 650nm, which has been successfully used in clinical studies to treat hair loss. Some of these 650nm laser caps have FDA clearance as safe products for hair loss treatment.

I found several small clinical trials that show an improvement in hair growth with laser therapy. For example, one study included 42 women and noted a 37% increase in hair growth in the laser therapy treatment group compared to the no-treatment group. Similarly, a clinical trial with 44 men in different stages of male pattern baldness found laser therapy to increase hair growth by 35% compared to placebo.

Many research papers also point to red light therapy as having anti-inflammatory effects. It is theorized that red light therapy may be useful in inflammation-related hair loss, such as alopecia areata, by reducing inflammation and modulating the activity of immune system cells.

Although these clinical trials are small, and more large-scale studies are needed for complete certainty, there is definitely some scientific backing for the claims of laser hair growth devices.

How does laser hair growth treatment work?

Laser hair growth treatments are a type of photobiomodulation therapy (light treatment.) Red light (around 650nm wavelength) is usually used for hair growth. Quite often, laser caps are the device of choice. These caps are fitted with hundreds of laser diodes and placed tightly over the scalp, allowing for full coverage and light penetration.

Once the laser hair device is attached and powered on, the lasers emit red light onto your scalp, which your scalp’s cells absorb. Some researchers suggest that this absorption icreases cell proliferation and stimulates your follicles to produce new hair strands, giving you thicker and fuller hair.

Other studies have concluded that low-level laser therapy has anti-inflammatory properties by increasing the levels of anti-inflammatory molecules. Given that inflammation plays a role in some cases of hair loss, this would, in turn, may reduce the risk of further balding.

Tips for maximizing hair growth cap results

There are many ways you can maximize your laser hair growth cap results. You can:

  • Consult a medical professional. Everyone is different, and getting personal advice from a medical professional for the highest chances of success is best.
  • Use a high-quality laser cap. Make sure your cap has the correct safety certifications and FDA clearance. The best devices also use 650nm wavelength light, as it shows the most promise for laser hair growth.
  • Keep treatments consistent. Hair growth therapy doesn’t work overnight. For the best results, don’t skip treatments. Do them as frequently as the manufacturer recommends, using a timer to ensure you do it right. To stay in a routine, try to do the therapy at the same time every treatment day.
  • Prepare the scalp correctly. Keep your scalp and hair clean before attaching the device for maximum light penetration. Massaging your scalp can also help by improving blood flow to the follicles, which plays a role in hair growth stimulation.
  • Try shampoos and supplements. There are plenty of specialist shampoos, conditioners, and supplements designed for hair loss treatment. You can use these products in addition to your laser hair therapy.
  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals. Some products contain chemicals, such as sulfate, that may contribute to hair loss and reduce the effectiveness of your treatment.
  • Make sure it fits. Laser hair growth caps come in different sizes. Find a device with the right dimensions to fits tightly around your head for full scalp penetration.
  • Combine with healthy habits. Diet, stress, and hydration all impact your hair’s condition. Correctly managing your health is a great way to improve your chances of hair growth.
  • Track your progress. Documenting your progress with photos helps you stay motivated and keeps you moving in the right direction.

Laser hair growth therapy: common misconceptions

There are many common misconceptions surrounding laser hair growth therapy that aren’t true, such as:

  • It’s dangerous. Laser hair growth therapy is a noninvasive procedure. Clinical studies, such as the Journal of the Academy of Dermatology’s publication, determined that the treatment is well-tolerated with minimal adverse effects. The best devices are also FDA-cleared as safe and effective for patients (men and women) suffering from baldness.
  • It’s painful. Laser therapy technology has evolved and is far less painful than it once was. Most individuals find it painless, with just a mild warmth on the scalp. Although some rarer symptoms include headaches, acne, and redness have been reported by some.
  • It rejuvenates hair follicles. Unfortunately, no clinical evidence suggests that laser therapy can bring dead follicles back to life. Once a follicle is inactive or dead, it cannot come back!
  • You get instant results. Some less trustworthy red light therapy devices advertise unrealistic treatment effect times. Laser therapy takes multiple sessions and can take months before you start seeing results.

Alternative ways to induce hair growth

You can try a few alternatives instead or with your laser hair growth therapy.

  1. Hair growth supplements. There are plenty of vitamins and minerals known for being essential for healthy hair. Biotin, zinc, vitamin D, and iron are some options you can try!
  2. Shampoos. Certain shampoos contain ingredients that improve scalp health and hair growth. Check the ingredients for green tea extract and caffeine! You should also look out and avoid shampoos with harsh chemicals like sulfates and alcohol.
  3. Health management. Your lifestyle choices significantly impact your hair health. Maintain a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals, exercise regularly, and avoid stress when possible.

To maximize hair growth, you can use supplements, shampoos, and maintain a healthy lifestyle, along with your red light therapy sessions. Alternatively, you could try each separately and compare the results to see what works best for you.

Other red light therapy devices to increase your well-being

There are many other red light therapy devices to increase your overall well-being. Check out the:

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Best laser hair growth devices: conclusion

Kiierr’s Elite Cap is the best hair growth device overall. It uses 650nm light, the same wavelength as some of the most successful clinical studies, and it’s FDA-cleared as a safe hair growth device. Its 272 laser diode cap provides excellent and efficient scalp coverage. For the quality, comfort, and support you get – it’s great value.

If Kiierr is out of your budget, I’d suggest Illumiflows’s 272 laser cap, which costs under $1000. Or, if comfort is most important to you, try iRestore’s Elite helmet with air ventilation and ultra-soft material. Both are FDA-cleared and use the same light frequency.


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