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Best red light therapy for the knee: top devices in 2024

Red light therapy devices are exploding in popularity, with many people using them for knee pain management. These red light products often claim to improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and boost mobility.

But is red light therapy medically proven, and what are the best red light knee therapy devices most likely to assist you with pain?

I looked for research papers supporting these common device promises. Then, I gathered customer reviews, checked for certifications, and analyzed tech specs to find the best light therapy devices for knees in 2024. These are the results.

Top 5 red light therapy for knee pain devices – my shortlist

How I selected these red light therapies for knee pain devices

WavelengthIs the red light the optimal wavelength for knee pain therapy?
PowerIs the LED device the right power for deep-knee light penetration?
Affected areaCan the device fully cover the knee?
Scientific evidenceAre there research papers and clinical trials to back up claims?
PriceWhat is the overall cost?
Customer feedbackAre customers satisfied?
  • Wavelength. Using the manufacturers’ technical specifications, I picked RLT devices with wavelengths between 660 and 850nm, which, according to the research papers I read, show the most promise for knee pain recovery.
  • Power. Devices tend to range between 45 and 200 mW / cm², offering different levels of light penetration. Choose red light therapy products with the power necessary for muscle penetration and avoid skin-deep products, which aren’t appropriate for knee pain.
  • Affected area. Certain red light therapy devices are too small or large to address knee pain. I looked for devices that cover the joint perfectly.
  • Scientific evidence. After reviewing clinical studies and research papers, I identified the critical features of RLT devices that show the most promise for effectively alleviating knee problems.
  • Price. After listing the most promising RLT devices, I calculated each price by following the checkout procedure. This allowed me to compare the costs and find the best value options.
  • Customer feedback. I determined customer satisfaction using on-site reviews, platforms like TrustPilot, and forums such as Reddit.

Best red light therapy for knee devices in 2024 – detailed list

These are the best red light knee devices I found based on product specifications, product pages, customer feedback, and scientific backing.

1. Novaalab Deep Healing Pad – the most credible

Wavelength660 – 850nm
Power45-200 mW / cm²
Starting at$600

The Novaa Deep Healing Pad is a trusted and highly credible red light therapy device for the knee.

Unlike many competitors, the FDA recognizes Novalab's healing pad as a medical device. The website also states it’s CE-certified (a European regulatory product safety standard) and has met RoHS standards (regulations limiting hazardous substances' use in electrical and electronic equipment).

This product is designed specifically with joints in mind. Thanks to its adjustable straps and lightweight material, it wraps snugly around the knee while remaining comfortable (according to many satisfied customers.)

It uses the same wavelengths NASA studies found to penetrate deep into the skin (2 inches), potentially allowing for more cell efficiency and faster recovery.

Novaalabs is so confident in its product’s quality and effectiveness that it offers a 60-day money-back guarantee and a 2-year warranty covering you for any pre-sale defects.

2. Nushape Mini – best value

Wavelength660 – 850nm
Power25-200 mW / cm²
Starting at$349

Nushape’s Mini Red Light Therapy Device is the perfect size for knee use. It is another popular choice for joint pain by many customers in the US.

It uses 660 and 850nm wavelengths like the FDA-cleared Novaa Deep Healing Pad and offers the same power range of 25 to 200 mW/cm² (depending on the distance), so it, too, has some credibility in theory. However, it’s not FDA-cleared, and no certifications are listed on its product page.

The Mini Red Light Therapy device averages 4.7/5 stars out of 138 website reviews and has many positive doctor testimonials. You can try the product for 30 days, and if you’re not satisfied, you can get your money back.

It’s also almost half the price of our top pick (just $349), despite using very similar technology, and comes with a 1-year warranty.

3. Kineon MOVE+ Pro – most extraordinary design

Wavelength660 and 808nm
Power80mW per emission area
Starting at$699

Kineon’s MOVE+ Pro is a joint-specific red light therapy device with a unique design. It has two emission areas and three modules, so you can target multiple parts of your knee where you are experiencing the most pain.

The MOVE+ pro is very versatile. Its adjustable straps, lightweight material, and exceptional design mean you can use it on other parts of your body as well as your knee. It works great on the head, shoulders, elbows, hips, and ankles – it’s an all-in-one solution. Plus, Kineon’s customers support the product, with 87% recommending it (based on 706 on-site reviews).

It is the most expensive device on our list, costing $699. However, it’s eligible for HSA and FSA, so you can get it for much less. Shipping is also free in the US. You get a risk-free 30-day home trial and an option for paying in four interest-free installments.

4. Mito Red Light Mobile Flex- medical-grade quality

Wavelength660 and 850nm
Power100 mW / cm² at 3 inches
Starting at$369

Mitoredlight’s Mobile Flex is a highly versatile, trusted red light therapy device. It has three light modes, allowing you to choose between 660nm and 850nm light or a 50/50 split.

Unlike the other devices on our list, the Mobile Flex isn’t strap-based. It is a small, thin box that you can use simply by aiming towards your knee, with the tabletop stand included. This allows you better control over the light depth and intensity. Additionally, it’s perfect for sensitive skin and avoiding sweat/odor issues altogether.

It also has a three-hour battery life, making it ideal for traveling. It weighs only 1.5 pounds and measures 6 inches X 3 inches X 1 inch!

If you’re looking for a product with more medical backing, it’s a great choice because it’s Class II FDA-registered. Mito is so confident in this product that it offers a generous 60-day risk-free trial and a one-year warranty.

5. Lifepro Light Therapy Knee Brace – the cheapest

Wavelength660 and 850nm
PowerNot specified
Starting at$129.99

If the high price point of premium red light therapy devices puts you off, consider LifePro’s BioRecover™ Light Therapy Knee Brace.

As the name suggests, its design caters to the knee, fitting perfectly around the joint. Like its premium competitors, it uses 660nm and 850nm wavelengths for deep light penetration, aiming to help repair deep tissue, potentially reduce inflammation, and relieve pain.

It also has unique characteristics, such as 5 different vibration levels that could potentially improve circulation and relieve pain. There are three light modes, too: Red, Near-Infrared, and Combined. However, being the cheapest on my list, it has some drawbacks.

Although it advertises a 30-day money-back guarantee, having read the terms of service, I quickly found refund restrictions. You must return the product still sealed, or you must pay a 15% fee and the return delivery cost.

Out of 67 product reviews on the site product, all were positive. However, looking at TrustPilot, I found 14 more reviews and a much lower average of 3.1 stars. Most complaints are about poor customer service and failed deliveries, which you should expect on such a low-cost device.

6. Infraredi Joint Wrap – longest replacement warranty

infraredi red light therapy for knee banner
Wavelength660nm - 850 nm
PowerNot specified
Starting at$349

Infraredi’s joint wrap offers an affordable red light therapy solution for knees, costing just $349, including shipping.

Although this device doesn’t specify any certifications or FDA clearance, it uses 850nm Infrared Light and 660nm Red Light (which shows the most promise, according to clinical trials I read) and 60 medical-grade LEDs.

It includes a generous 60-day risk-free trial and the best replacement warranty on our list – 3 years.

The Joint Wrap is a strap-based device like many other red light therapy devices on the market. However, it uses a unique odor-proof fabric, making for a far more pleasant wearing experience than many competitors. Plus, it has a rechargeable battery and is lightweight, so it’s great for traveling.

Comparison of top 5 red therapy for knees devices

DeviceNovaalab Deep Healing PadNushape MiniKineon MOVE+ ProMito Red Light Mobile FlexLifepro Light Therapy Knee Brace
Starting price$600$349$699$369$129.99
Key featuresDeep light penetration,clinically-trial tested technologyIt fits great on the knee,Optimal light wavelength and powerDesigned with knees in mind,Support two emission areasThree light modes,Tabletop stand includedThree light modes,5 vibration settings
CertificationsFDA-cleared, CE, RoHS certifiedNot specifiedNot specifiedClass II FDANone specified
Money-back guarantee60 days30 days30 days60 days30 days (fees may apply)
WarrantyTwo yearsOne yearTwo yearsOne yearLifetime

What are the potential benefits of red light treatment for knee pain?

The main suggested benefits of red light therapy for knee pain, according to the manufacturers of such devices, include:

  • Improved circulation. I found several studies pointing to red light treatment stimulating vasodilation. Given that vasodilation is the process of widening the blood vessels and improving blood flow, some evidence suggests red light therapy (primarily 670 and 850nm) may boost circulation.
  • Reduced inflammation. Mechanisms and applications of the potential anti-inflammatory effects of photobiomodulation concluded that there is growing evidence that red light treatment may reduce inflammation. However, the exact reason or logic isn’t fully understood yet.
  • Better mobility. I found no studies focusing on red light treatment aiding mobility. But if it’s true that red light treatment reduces inflammation and improves circulation, then naturally, this could translate to better mobility.

Overall, there are limited clinical trials, and I need many more large-scale tests and peer-reviewed research papers to prove that these devices are effective for certain.

How do you use red light therapy devices for your knees?

To use a red light therapy device on your knee:

  1. Read the manual. Your device’s manual will contain all the necessary information you need, including session times and safety guidelines.
  2. Prepare the knee. Ensure your knee or knees are clean and dry for hygiene and safety.
  3. Position the device. The LEDs should face the area of the knee you intend to treat. The distance between the device and your skin depends on your device.
  4. Set the time. Most devices have a built-in timer. Sessions should typically last 10-20 minutes. Check the manual for the manufacturer’s recommendation for your specific device.
  5. Switch on. While wearing eye protection, power on the device.
  6. End the session. If the device doesn’t shut down automatically, switch it off after the designated time.
  7. Moisturize. Red light can produce a slight warmth, which can dry out your skin.
  8. Repeat. This therapy is usually a multi-session process. Redo these steps according to your treatment plan.

Is it safe to use red light therapy devices?

Yes, it’s generally safe to use red light therapy devices, provided you use a trusted brand with the correct certifications.

Red light therapy uses LEDs, which do not produce high heat. The procedure is painless and non-invasive.

Red light therapy is generally safe in clinical trials when used for short periods. However, to avoid overexposure, it’s best to consult a professional healthcare practitioner.

It’s also important to note that not all red light therapy devices are identical, and some are unsafe. Some brands emit dangerous radiation and aren’t certified as safe for human use.

To get a safe red light therapy device, consider certifications such as CE and ROHS. FDA clearance is the best sign that your device is safe for human use.

Alternative knee pain relief devices

Red Light Therapy isn’t your only option. You can try the following:

  • Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) is a therapy that focuses on muscle strengthening. It uses electrical current to stimulate nerves and muscles. It’s believed that this stimulation may improve muscle function, promote healing, and reduce pain.
  • Vibratory stimulation devices use vibrations in the targeted pain area. These vibrations may improve blood flow and reduce chronic pain. Like red light therapy, vibration therapy is a noninvasive procedure that can be done at home.
  • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS.) TENS devices focus on pain relief. This method uses a gentle electrical pulse, blocking pain signals from reaching the brain and acting like a natural pain killer.

How do you choose the best red light knee pain therapy device?

When looking for the best red light knee pain therapy device, there are many features to look at, including:

  • Wavelength. RLT devices come with three main types of lights. Red light (skin-deep penetration), near-infrared light (joints, muscles, and bones) or a combination of both.
  • Safety certifications. Look for FDA clearance as well as CE and RoHS certifications. These certs are the best indication the device is safe.
  • Ease of use. Handheld, wraps, and belt devices are the easiest to use. You should also find devices with comprehensive help guides and premium customer support.
  • Customer reviews. Read reviews on independent sites like TrustPilot and opinions on forums like Reddit to get valuable practical insights into the effectiveness and reliability of the device you’re considering.
  • Coverage area. Make sure the device you choose can completely cover the area of your knee you need to treat.

Other red light therapy devices to increase your well-being

There are other red light therapy devices you can check out to increase your well-being, including:

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Best red light therapy for knee devices: conclusion

Novaalab’s Healing Pad is the best red light therapy device for the knee. The FDA recognizes it as a medical device. Plus, it has CE and RoHS certifications. It shows the most promise, backed by its 2-year warranty, 60-day money-back guarantee, and hundreds of satisfied customers. However, it’s pretty expensive.

Nushape’s Mini is a more affordable solution (almost half the price) with similar-quality technology. But it doesn’t disclose any certification and has yet to be cleared as a medical device.

Kineon’s therapy device has the best design for knees, fitting perfectly over the joint and allowing for more precise targeting. But it’s the most expensive on my list.


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