Meta users to get more choices to comply with DMA

Instagram and Facebook users in Europe will be offered more choices on how they consume Meta Platforms' services to comply with the European Union's Digital Markets Act (DMA), the social media company said.

The world's largest social network is the latest to make changes to conform to the DMA after Google outlined efforts to comply with the new EU technology rules, which could hurt revenues for some companies.

Over the next few weeks, users will receive notifications informing them that they can choose if they would like to share their information between its services, Meta said in a blog post.

Under the DMA, which all Big Tech firms, including Meta, must comply with by March 7th, companies are obligated to treat their own services and products like they do rivals’.

Facebook Messenger users will be able to choose if they want their Facebook account linked to their Messenger account or have separate accounts for both services, the company said.

Meta added that Instagram and Facebook users who have connected both accounts can choose to manage them separately and no longer share information across the two accounts.

Users can also choose whether to share information between their Facebook accounts and the platform's Gaming and Marketplace services.

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