Meta rethinks AI-generated content labeling after users notice inaccuracies

Not all Instagram posts marked as AI-generated are actually inauthentic.

Meta has updated its AI-labeling guidelines after receiving complaints from Instagram users who noticed their pictures were labeled as “Made with AI” even though the images were authentic.

In a recent update on labeling AI-generated content and manipulated media, the company shared that they’re “updating the “Made with AI” label to “AI Info” across [their] apps, which people can click for more information.”

The decision was made after Instagram users noticed that their original pictures were marked as AI-generated. Some AI-powered tools found in Photoshop can force Meta to label the image as “Made with AI” if a person uses tools like “Generative Fill” or “Generative Expand.”

Made with AI
Image by Meta

“We want people to know when they see posts that have been made with AI. Earlier this year, we announced a new approach for labeling AI-generated content. An important part of this approach relies on industry-standard indicators that other companies include in content created using their tools, which help us assess whether something is created using AI,” Meta explained in its recent update.

Despite the company changing the label's wording, it still brands original edited content as AI-generated.