Musk's AI chatbot Grok now comes with X Premium subscription

Tech billionaire Elon Musk on Tuesday said his ChatGPT competitor Grok will now be available to all X premium subscribers.

Grok is the brainchild of xAI, the tech company cofounded by Musk and former Google Deep Mind AI researcher Igor Babuschkin in 2023.

Up until now, X premium+ users were the only ones who had access to beta test the AI chatbot by signing up on the X platform.

“Later this week, Grok will be enabled for all premium subscribers (not just premium+),” Musk posted on his social media platform X (formally known as Twitter).

Earlier this month, Musk announced that he would make Grok open source to developers, completing the transition on March 17th.

Now available on GitHub, the release allows others to freely experiment with what xAI said is the “raw” base version of the pre-trained Grok large language model.

The move came just days after Musk had filed suit against OpenAI, accusing the company and its CEO Sam Altman of ditching its original nonprofit mission in favor of a for-profit model.

Musk had co-founded OpenAI with Altman in 2015, moving on from the tech company in 2018.

Musk’s announcement was seen as a dig against OpenAI and Altman, as the ChatGPT-maker has no plans to make the chatbot phenomena open source any time soon, if ever.

Grok, the “conversational AI for understanding the universe,” was first introduced to the world by Musk at the tail end of 2023.

Several of Meta's and France’s Mistral AI chatbots, as well as Google’s post-Bard chatbot model Gemini, have been previously open sourced to the public.

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