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Top eSIM providers and plans in Vietnam in 2024

Physical SIM cards are becoming old-fashioned. New-gen mobile phone models come with embedded SIMs, or eSIMs for short. These small, built-in chips make switching carrier service providers easier through the device interface than placing a card in the SIM tray.

If you have multiple phone numbers, you likely know the nuisance of swapping physical cards. eSIMs eliminate this need, which is even more important for travelers since eSIMs save them time and money at their destination.

In this article, we will go through the top eSIM providers you can use in Vietnam. We will also help you define whether your phone is compatible with eSIMs and share essential tips & tricks on how to use eSIMs smoothly. Keep on reading to find out more.

Top 5 eSIM providers for Vietnam – our shortlist

What should you consider when choosing eSIM for travel in Vietnam?

Choosing an eSIM is directly related to what you expect from the provider, and that comes with determining your needs during the travel. Besides that, there are several factors that you can consider that can significantly boost the quality, speed, and convenience of your connectivity.

The best way is to ask questions before you commit to an eSIM provider. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Does the provider have its services available at my destination? First, determine whether the eSIM provider you are considering has network coverage in Vietnam. While some eSIM carrier companies cover the globe, others are only available in certain regions.
  • How much data will I need during my trip? Not every online activity requires the same amount of data. Some actions are considered data-intensive, such as online gaming or watching videos. That’s why you should first understand how much data you use, consider your habits, and only then choose the most suitable provider and plan.

If unsure, you can have the estimates by contacting your internet service provider and checking your daily, weekly, and monthly usage.

  • How long will my stay be? This question is important to ask when purchasing the most suitable eSIM for traveling in Vietnam. Once you understand how much data you need to use, consider how long you will stay in Vietnam. After that, you can start comparing plans accurately.
  • What are my communication needs? Decide how you want to communicate with your contacts beforehand. Are you going to give them a call or send an SMS? Maybe you will prefer online messaging apps and need an internet connection. If you decide how to use your mobile phone, you can start evaluating eSIM plans according to what you need.
  • Will I need to share my internet? Are you taking more than one device with you to Vietnam? If so, ensure the eSIM provider you want to use sustains tethering capabilities. Without that, you cannot create a hotspot and share your internet with your other devices.
  • What’s my budget? Spare a portion of your travel budget and determine how much you want to spend on communication. Often, the pricing will go hand in hand with how much data, minutes, or message allocation you need. Compare plans and find a sweet spot to balance your budget and needs.

The best eSIMs for Vietnam travel – comprehensive list

To determine the best eSIM for Vietnam, we tested many eSIM providers. We gathered the ones with the best set of features and made a comprehensive list. Our team evaluated each provider according to plans & pricing, network coverage & speed, and more.

1. Saily – the best option for Vietnam eSIM

Saily esim banner
Plans in Vietnam:5
Compatibility:iOS and Android
Pricing:From $2.99

Saily is an eSIM provider launched recently by the world-famous tech giant NordVPN. Saily promises trouble-free, affordable, and fast connection. For now, it focuses on local plans and offers more competitive prices than local traditional carriers. Because of its features, Saily is by far the best eSIM for Vietnam.

Plans and pricing. While Saily doesn’t offer global or regional plans yet, they offer five different plans for Vietnam. Saily offers quite affordable plan options. Prices start from $2.99 for 1GB, valid for seven days. You can alternatively get monthly deals.

Coverage and speed. Saily guarantees comprehensive and reliable connections from Vietnam’s best networks and partners with local carrier service providers. Speed-wise, depending on your location, Saily offers 4G or LTE connectivity.

Activation and user experience. To activate your Saily eSIM, you first need to download the app and complete the registration without verifying your identity (eKYC). After that, select your desired plan for Vietnam, and you will be ready to go. Don’t forget to activate your eSIM before your trip and ensure you have an internet connection.

If you need assistance, Saily has a help center equipped with professional customer service that is active 24/7.

2. Airalo – well-known eSIM provider in Vietnam

Airalo banner
Plans in Vietnam:6
Compatibility:iOS and Android
Pricing:From $4.50

Airalo offers fantastic plans for Vietnam, making it one of the great providers for the country. They have a variety of plans and unlimited data packages depending on the region.

Plans and pricing. Airalo currently offers local, regional, and global plans. You can check local plans for Vietnam or regional plans for Asia. For Vietnam, Airalo has six local eSIM plans. Plans and their capacity change depending on the validity period.

Coverage and speed. Airalo’s local plan has only network coverage for Vietnam. The provider usually offers a 4G or LTE connection with reliable data coverage in this area.

Activation and experience. To activate your Airalo eSIM, use a QR code or alternatively select app-based activation methods. Keep in mind that registering with Airalo requires eKYC, so make sure you have time to wait for the verification period

Airalo offers 24/7/365 customer support via various help centers, chat, and email channels.

3. Nomad – easy-to-use eSIM option for Vietnam

Nomad banner
Plans in Vietnam:6
Compatibility:iOS and Android
Pricing:From $4.00

Nomad is a user-friendly eSIM alternative for Vietnam. You can benefit from their local, regional, and global plans at reasonable prices. Nomad also allows you to customize your plans.

Plans and pricing. Nomad has local, regional, and global plans available for use in Vietnam. There are six plans you can choose from. The validity period of the plans ranges from a week to 45 days. Plans that have the same validity period offer different speeds.

Coverage and speed. Nomad offers 3G or 4G in Vietnam. However, the speed highly depends on your chosen plan, location, and time of the day.

Activation and experience. Scan the QR code Nomad provides you with to activate your eSIM. The activation process doesn’t require eKYC; you can directly add your eSIM to your phone after activation. Remember that you will need an internet connection to install your eSIM.

If any obstacle comes up, you can always contact Nomad’s help center or send an email to contact support. Their FAQ page is particularly useful and packed with information.

4. aloSIM: versatile eSIM for Vietnam

aloSIM banner
Plans in Vietnam:6
Compatibility:iOS and Android
Pricing:From $4.50

aloSIM offers regional and local plans that allow you to use your main phone line with the eSIM, making it a feasible alternative for Vietnam.

Plans and pricing. While aloSIM doesn’t offer global plans, it does have local and regional ones. aloSIM offers six plans for Vietnam. Their pricing starts with 1GB of data valid for seven days and 2GB for 15 days and goes up to 3GB, 5GB, and 10GB for 30 days. The cheapest plan is the weekly one, which costs $4.50. The 30-day plan for 10GB costs the most, $21.

Coverage and speed. aloSIM has reliable speed and coverage. Their eSIMs for Vietnam cover LTE, yet the connection and the speed may vary depending on location.

Activation and experience. Download the aloSIM and choose your destination. After that, select a plan and enter the activation code. Since aloSIM does not require an eKYC process, you can use your eSIM right away.

While they offer 24/7 live chat and helpful guides, customer service might not be as user-friendly as Saily or Airalo.

5. InstaBridge: fast eSIM option for Vietnam

Instabridge banner
Plans in Vietnam:3
Compatibility:iOS and Android
Pricing:From $2.50

InstaBridge is another great option among other eSIMs we listed for Vietnam. Their fast connection speed and wide coverage made this provider stand out.

Plans and pricing. Instabridge has no regional plans but offers global and local ones for Vietnam. Their pricing starts at $12 for 1GB, valid for a week. You can also select the 15-day plan with 3GB for $25 or the 30-day plan with 10GB for $56.

Coverage and speed. Instabridge guarantees quite wide coverage and reliable, fast connection speed. Depending on your exact location in Vietnam, the connection speed may vary. It typically offers 4G or LTE networks.

Activation and experience. To activate your InstaBridge eSIM, install their app on your device and purchase a data plan if you haven’t already done so. Go through the activation process without eKYC requirements and add the eSIM on your phone.

While they have no 24/7 service available, Instabridge has a help center and responsive email support.

Does my phone support eSIM?

Most new phone models support eSIM technology. However, the eSIM capabilities of the model can vary depending on the manufacturers' regional marketing plans.

eSIM compatibility on iPhone

iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, SE (2nd generation) 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max phones and above support eSIM technology. To activate an eSIM, go to your iPhone settings and select “Cellular” from the menu. Contact Apple customer support if you are unsure whether your model is compatible with eSIMs.

eSIM compatibility on Android phone

Most recent releases equipped with Android OS have eSIM compatibilities, such as Google Pixel phones and the Samsung Galaxy S20, S21, and above. Activating eSIMs on Android devices is easy. Navigate to “Network & Internet” or “Connections” in your device’s settings. Contact your manufacturer or carrier service provider for a device-specific guide or more information.

Benefits of using eSIM in Vietnam

eSIMs allow you to connect and go online during your trip to Vietnam. You won't need to worry about misplacing or replacing physical SIM cards either because eSIMs are integrated into your device. That means instead of being concerned about your communication needs, you can focus on other travel details.

In addition, activating an eSIM is easier than finding a provider in Vietnam and going to the physical store to get a SIM card. Also, extending a traditional carrier plan online in Vietnam might not be possible. With eSIMs, you can easily do this online, which also saves you time and the hassle of physical store visits.

Things to know about using an eSIM card in Vietnam

The first thing you should do is to check whether your mobile device supports eSIMs. Verify this before your trip to avoid inconveniences. You can always contact your carrier service provider or device manufacturer to learn more about the eSIM capabilities of your mobile phone.

Another excruciating thing is selecting the right plan. Before purchasing, you should think about the plans and their data, minutes, and SMS validity periods. Additionally, don’t disregard the usage of your allowances and the period of your trip.

Lastly, select an eSIM provider with reliable and wide network coverage for Vietnam to have a smooth connection during your trip from beginning to end.

How to make calls with eSIM in Vietnam

To make calls with eSIM, make sure you have an eSIM plan with sufficient capacity. You can either select package deals or call-specific plans from your provider.

If your eSIM provider doesn’t offer call-included plans, use your own SIM card to make a call. However, beware of the additional charges.

Don’t want to risk paying additional fees? Then, you can resort to using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) apps to call someone. Some of the most popular VoIP apps you might know or already be using are Messenger, WhatsApp, and Skype.

Final thoughts on eSIMs for Vietnam

eSIM technology provides a convenient option for those who use multiple phone numbers or travel a lot. With eSIMs, it is easier to switch from one carrier or plan to another without the annoyance of traditional SIM cards.

In this article, we overviewed key eSIM services that are available in Vietnam. While all providers we listed have their strengths, our top choice is Saily.


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