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RememBear Password Manager Review

RememBear is a perfect password manager for new users who seek high-quality services with a twist of fun. It provides a bunch of useful features, like the web form autofill and a password generator, as well as unlimited credential storage for its users.

All of these perks are accompanied by a bear-themed interface that definitely makes the app stand out from other password managers on the market. Additionally, it’s user-friendly and affordable.

If you’re ready to dive into a more detailed RememBear review, below we’ll review it in terms of security, price, and features.

⭐ Rating:
🥇 Overall rank:#12 out of #15
💵 Price:From $6/month
✂️ Free version:Yes
🌐 Browser extensions:Chrome, Firefox, and Safari
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RememBear review – pros and cons:

Visit RememBear to find out more about its features

RememBear features – an overview:

RememBear has a relatively impressive set of features that can help you save time and effort when managing your passwords. For example, it automatically fills credit card forms, supports multiple platforms, and secures your notes.

Here is a list of its remaining useful features:

  • Face and fingerprint ID
  • Password generator
  • 2FA code saving
  • Sync across devices
  • Credit card detail, password, and note storage
  • Web form autofill
  • Achievement system to teach best tech practices

We were quite amazed by RememBear’s attributes and the fun design! The only drawback is its limited import options.

While preparing the RememBear review, we noticed that users can transfer their passwords and other credentials only from 1Password, LastPass, and the Chrome browser. It definitely wouldn’t hurt to have more import possibilities.

RememBear password generator

Apart from helping you to remember all of your logins, RememBear also has a password generator. It’s designed to create strong and secure passwords in a matter of seconds.

password generator by RememBear

You can check how strong your password is with the color-themed strength meter: if it turns red, use the RememBear password generator to build a stronger one.

The generator is pre-set to build passwords of 18-characters that include two capital letters and two digits. The remaining characters are simply lowercase letters. You can manually alter the password length and how many digits, capitals, and symbols to include.

Generate phrase-passwords with RememBear

Additionally, it can also create relatively long passwords with over four words that are separated with your chosen punctuation. You can change the number of words and punctuation style. It’s extremely handy if sometimes you need to enter your passwords manually.

All in all, the RememBear password generator is a great and useful tool that makes creating strong passwords a quick and easy process.

Form filling

Another handy perk of RememBear is the web form autofill. It provides unlimited storage to save all your passwords and then retrieves them to automatically fill the web forms with login details or credit card credentials.

RememBear web form autofill

It operates in a very simple manner. Whenever you try to login on a website, a bear icon appears – click it to autofill the credentials. If you have multiple accounts, they appear as different options to choose from.

Similarly, RememBear can fill credit card details for you. It saves the necessary credentials the first time you enter them manually and then, the bear icon always pops up whenever you make credit card payments. So, you can enjoy super quick check-outs while shopping online!

Is RememBear password manager safe enough?

RememBear password manager is definitely safe as it takes multiple measures to ensure all-round security of your personal information, passwords, and credentials.

According to this password manager’s privacy policy, it doesn’t collect personal information and is independently audited to ensure strict compliance with the policy. You can find the reports of audits online, as they are shared publicly.

Furthermore, RememBear employs end-to-end encryption to secure users’ data. On top of that, it adds an extra layer of encryption to the encrypted data on their servers by using the Amazon Key Management Service (KMS).

Their chosen encryption solutions are also publicly audited by a well-known security auditor – Cure53.

Finally, RememBear takes strict security measures to ensure that only you could get access to your data from their servers. It uses the Diffie-Hellman key exchange method that allows password verification without revealing them on the servers.

Ease of use and setup

RememBear password manager is compatible with almost all major platforms. You can easily install and set it up on Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS devices.

RememBear mac OS app

Its Mac and Windows versions appear to be identical and they are both very easy to use. You can access the menu pane on the left side of the window. It also gives an option to alter the menu size and narrow it down to show icons only.

Also, there’s a list of your saved items and the search bar to quickly find your passwords. You can alter RememBear’s settings with minimal effort as well: enable/disable auto-lock, as well as change account details or the master password.

In terms of interface, this password manager has animated bears everywhere - just like its VPN counterpart, TunnelBear. It does indeed add some fun and spice to the product but it might just not be for everyone.

RememBear browser extensions

RememBear has dedicated browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. The only difference between them is that the Safari version comes in a bundle with the Mac app, while others can be installed manually.

All of these extensions provide standard password management functions. Once you install one on the browser, your passwords, login details, and credit card information is automatically filled in web forms. Additionally, you can access the password generator directly through the extension.

The single drawback that we found is that RememBear browser extensions do not give you access to edit your private details – you can only change them by opening the desktop app.

Android & iOS apps

RememBear Android and iOS apps are very easy to get and run smoothly after the installation. They also support biometric logins, so you can unlock them with a fingerprint or face ID in less than a second.

The installation and setup processes don’t take too long. Once you download the app from the application store, you’re only one QR code away from being connected. Just scan the QR code from another one of your devices with an active RememBear account and you’re set to go.

RememBear iOS app

Overall, the experience using Android and iOS apps is pleasant. They appear similar to the desktop apps, provide standard functions, and show no major drawbacks.


RememBear offers a premium subscription package for only $6.00/month. This plan includes all of its useful features – sync across devices, secure backups, and priority customer support.

It's good to know that there is a free trial version as well. However, it doesn't offer sync or backup features and works on one device only.

FreeBasic password manager features$0.00
PremiumBasic password manager features, plus sync across all devices and secure backup$6.00/month

Customer support

If you have any troubles or questions, RememBear offers customer support on its website. It has a dedicated help section, which is separated into relevant topics. These are:

  • Announcements
  • Getting started
  • Billing and payments
  • My account
  • Troubleshooting
  • Contact us

Each of these sections contain answers to the most commonly asked questions. So, you can easily navigate through them for help. Additionally, Remembear offers email support that you can find in the “Contact Us” tab of the help section.

Account and password recovery

If you have lost access to your account, there are two ways to recover it. For example, you can regain access by using a device with a connected RememBear account. Alternatively, there’s a second option to recover it by using the RememBear Backup kit.

We understand that the recovery process might seem tricky. Thus, we’ve prepared detailed step-by-step instructions explaining how to regain access to your password manager account. You can find them below.

Regain access to the RememBear account by using another device:

1. Open the RememBear application on a device where you’re logged in

RememBear add new device

2. Find and click the “Add a new device” button. It’s located in the left-side pane on desktop versions, and in the bottom-right corner of mobile apps

add RememBear device with camera

3. Choose whether to add it with/without the camera

enter master password RememBear

4. If you use the camera, you have to scan the given QR code and enter the master password to access your account. The no camera option requires entering details manually.

5. You’re logged in!

Recover your account with the RememBear backup kit:

1. Find your backup kit. It should contain your account email address, a New Device Key (NDK), and the master password

add new device on RememBear

2. Open the RememBear app and select “I already have a Remembear account”

backup kit password recovery

3. Enter details from the backup kit when instructed

4. You should successfully access your account!

Keep in mind that the full backup kit is essential to recover your account. If it’s incomplete or you lost it, there’s no other way to regain access to your account.

Most common RememBear issues

While most RememBear reviews do not show any major problems, some users report that it fails to autofill passwords or doesn’t sync across devices. Even though the issues don’t happen often, it might get frustrating. Luckily, these problems have easy solutions.

If RememBear is not filling your passwords, you should first ensure that it’s set to autofill. Desktop app users need to install and pair the appropriate browser extensions to fix this issue. Meanwhile, smartphone users should enable the autofill feature in the device settings.

Keep in mind that RememBear’s feature to sync across devices is available for premium users only. Thus, if you’re having trouble with it, make sure that you’re not using the free version.

Another reason for the sync malfunctioning might be interference with other applications – your antivirus or another security software. You should try altering their settings to solve this issue.

Best alternatives to RememBear password manager

If you don’t find bears so appealing, there are other great password managers out there. We offer NordPass and 1Password as the best alternatives to RememBear. They provide excellent password management features and even have free versions!


NordPass is one of the most beloved password managers. That’s mainly due to its top-notch security and privacy services. It uses AES-256 encryption and is independently audited to ensure compliance with the highest security standards.

Honestly, it has everything one might expect from a password manager and even a little extra. On top of the basic password manager services, it offers additional handy features like two-factor authentication and a data breach scanner.

You can easily install and use this password manager on up to six devices. It’s user-friendly and completely safe to use. Definitely a top choice!

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1Password supports the majority of platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. It even has dedicated extensions for browsers. You can easily set it up on any device and enjoy its intuitive interface.

This password manager not only autofills web forms, but also provides dark web monitoring, travel mode, and vulnerable password check among the standard features.

You get 1GB of encrypted data storage and an option to store your data locally. We can assure you that 1Password provides supreme security services. It’s a great choice for everyone who seeks for a reliable password manager.

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Bottom line

Being among the best password managers, RememBear is a great choice for users who seek all-round password management services. It supports all major platforms and browsers, as well as gives unlimited credential storage. You can use it on any OS and sync your data across all your devices to reach that seamless experience.

Even though it’s a great tool for newcomers, existing password manager users who want to switch to RememBear might face some challenges – it has very limited import options. Apart from that, it’s a fun and easy to use application that can definitely help you save time while browsing or shopping online!

We recommend trying its premium version to get the best experience. Keep in mind that the free RememBear version doesn’t include some useful features which you definitely would want to have in your password manager.

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