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Total Password review (2024)

Total Password is a relatively new yet high-quality password manager on the market. It comes with all essential features, such as unlimited password storage, password generator, auto-filling, and more.

While there are no desktop apps available, the browser extensions are just as full-fledged as the mobile apps. Users on any device won’t miss out on any features and will be able to enjoy the full experience on all gadgets.

In this Total Password review, we tested and reviewed its features, pricing, security, and more. Continue reading to find out whether this service is worth your money and right for you.

⭐ Rating:
🥇 Overall rank:#13 out of #18
💵 Price:From $1.99/month
✂️ Free version:No
🌐 Browser extensions:Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Opera
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Total Password pros and cons

What is Total Password

Total Password is a password management solution that lets you securely store login credentials without the need to remember them. It comes with an autofill feature, eliminating the need to type passwords manually each time.

Total Password is very security-focused, providing you with two-factor authentication, AES-256 encryption, a password generator, and breach alerts.

Total Password features

Total Password has quite a few features in its arsenal. While it’s not as much as NordPass or Keeper, it still ensures all the essential functionalities are in place. Here are all the features you can expect to find:

Overall, you’ll get the usual features that the best password managers offer. Yet, the downside that we found is that Total Password doesn’t include the password sharing feature and the data import option list isn’t very extensive. Considering the product is relatively new, we could expect improvements made in the near future.

Unlimited password storage

Total Password provides you with unlimited password storage. This means that you can save passwords for as many websites as you need without limits. This also applies to notes and credit card information.

Not to mention that all of the data on the password manager is encrypted, so no one except you can access it.

Unique password generator

The password generator of Total Password is an effective tool to easily create unbreakable passwords. It lets you choose how long you want the password to be – from 4 to 32 characters long. Of course, a 4-character one will be of very poor security compared to at least a 7 or 11-character password.

Total Password password generator

Like with most password generators, you can choose what characters you want the password to include. A unique feature of this password generator is the password history. It lets you see previously generated passwords which we found useful in cases when you forget to save them after registering with them.


Total Password automatically fills in your saved login credentials. There’s also a Total Password icon in each section. It’s useful when you have a few accounts on the same website. This feature worked flawlessly when we tested it – we didn't have to wait even a few seconds for the login credentials to load.

Total Password Auto-filling feature

In case you’re registering a new account, you can press the Total Password icon and find the password generator. It’s a convenient addition considering not many password managers offer it. This way, you don’t need to manually open the browser extension and look for the password generator to get a new one.

Multi-device sync

Once you get a Total Password account, you can use it on as many devices as you need. Conveniently, it also automatically syncs between devices. This means that you’ll find the newly added password on all of your devices instantly.

We tried testing this feature with Total Password on the Chrome browser and the iOS app. As soon as we added a new secure note and password into the browser extension, the iOS app synced almost immediately.

Secure credit card storing

With Total Password, you can also store credit card information aside from passwords. This functionality is very useful if you’re a regular online shopper – it eliminates the need to physically get your credit card each time. All it takes is a few clicks to get all the information filled out automatically.

Total Password secure credit card storing

Since password manager data is encrypted, keeping your credit card information in the password manager is much more secure than having it saved on websites. Sites can be breached, and your password can be hacked. It’s much harder to get into a password manager tool, especially with two-factor authentication.

Note storing

If you have any other secret data that you want to store in one place, Total Password has a notes section. You can save your home network password, phone numbers, addresses, and so on.

Total Password Note storing

While you can’t group notes into separate folders, like you could with NordPass, you can place them into categories by color. You can then sort them out by last modified notes, creation date, title, or content whenever you need.

Is Total Password secure?

Total Password isn’t on the most secure password manager list, but it’s close to getting there. It has quite a few security measures to offer, including all the basics of password managers. Here are Total Password’s security measures:

  • Encryption. All of the data you store in the password manager is encrypted locally on your device. If threat actors get a hold of your system, they still won’t be able to access the data in your password manager.
  • Two-factor authentication. You can enable two-factor authentication in the Security report. On browser extensions, you can use Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Authy, or Duo Mobile. On mobile apps, you can also use biometric authentication, such as Face ID.
  • Security report. You can use Total Password’s security report to find out if you have any duplicate, weak, or old passwords. This helps ensure that your accounts always follow the latest security standards.
  • Secure Me. This feature allows you to log out remotely of any device where you’re logged in with Total Password. It’s an extra security precaution in case you lose one of your devices.
  • Breach alerts. Total Password collects breaches from all around the web. If you visit websites that have been compromised, the service will alert you.
  • Blocked websites. You can also make a list of websites where you don’t want Total Password to autofill any of your information.

Ease of use and setup

You can get Total Password for both desktop and mobile devices. However, only Android and iOS users will get full-fledged apps. Windows and macOS users will have to get a browser extension for Chrome, Edge, Safari, or Opera.

But when we downloaded the iOS app and compared it to the Chrome extension, the two versions were practically identical. So not having any desktop apps could be a drawback for some users, but the extensions are generally just as good.

So, let's go through the mobile apps and browser extensions and what they include.

Mobile apps

The iOS and Android apps are identical – they all include completely the same features, and none of them lack anything. That’s a huge plus, as all users get the same secure experience. Additionally, the setup took us a few minutes only. All we had to do is get it on the app store and log in (or register).

The interesting thing about the Android app is that as an extra security precaution, it didn’t let us screenshot anything on the app. Instead, we received an error message stating that “Can’t take screenshots due to security policy.” We could, however, freely screenshot and explore the iOS app.

Total Password mobile app

The clean interface of Total Password makes it a simple-to-use platform for complete beginners. You get four main sections at the top of the screen:

  • Accounts – a place to store all of your login credentials
  • Password generator – a section where you can create unbreakable passwords or check password history
  • Secure Me – a feature that allows you to log out of your Total Password account remotely on other devices that you’re connected to
  • Security report – in this section, you can explore individual password health, check for data leaks, and enable two-factor authentication

In the left menu, you can also find the rest of the sections, including note and credit card storage, settings, and help.

Overall, both iOS and Android apps are security-focused, clean, and neatly organized. Mobile versions don’t lack anything that the browser extensions include either.

Browser integrations

Total Password currently has extensions for four browsers – Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Opera. While it was fairly difficult to find the download link on the Total Password website, the setup took barely any time. Plus, the browser extensions are very similar to mobile apps in terms of interface and functionality.

Total Password browser extension interface

You’ll find all the main sections, including Accounts, Generate password, Secure Me, and Security report. Auto-filling works perfectly, making the browsing experience very smooth.

Total Password pricing

Current deals
Total Password$1.99/monthCheck Total Password deals
TotalAV Total Security$49.00/monthCheck Total Security deals

You can get Total Password as a standalone product or together with the TotalAV Total Security antivirus plan. If you get it separately, it will cost you $1.99/month, making Total Password one of the most affordable password managers on the market.

However, while TotalAV Total Security is more expensive, coming at $49.00/year, it provides you with a full-fledged security bundle. Here’s what it includes:

  • Market-leading TotalAV antivirus
  • VPN with unlimited data
  • System clean-up tool
  • Total Password manager
  • Ad blocker

We can conclude that the TotalAV Total Security plan is much more worth it and is great alternative for those who are looking to enhance security with an antivirus on top of a password manager. It brings much more value for your money than getting Total Password only.

Whichever option you decide to try, both come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you choose TotalAV Total Security, you can try out every tool, including the password manager. If, eventually, you feel like the manager is enough, you can get a refund and choose Total Password instead.

All in all, Total Password is a cheap yet high-quality password manager. The $1.99/month price lets it compete with the leading password managers.

Customer support

Live chat
Email support
Knowledge base
How-to guides
24/7 phone support✅ (Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, Europe, international number)

Total Password has customer support options for both human assistance and a more of a DIY approach. The knowledge base is the first support option you’ll find when searching for help.

Getting in touch with an agent is a bit more complicated. When we tried contacting them through their website (while logged in), they asked us to confirm our name, email, and even postcode again.

Other than that, we had a successful experience and found all the information we needed. We have to applaud Total Password for having so many support choices – it’s not something that’s offered often.

Best alternatives to Total Password

Total Password is a security-focused and very affordable service that comes with auto-filling, two-factor authentication, unlimited password storage, data breach monitoring, and more. However, it lacks full-fledged desktop apps and doesn’t allow password sharing. So if these are downsides for you, here are some reliable Total Password alternatives.


NordPass ticks all boxes when it comes to essential password manager features. Your files are protected with the modern ChaCha20 encryption, you get to save unlimited passwords, and there’s also the password sharing option. On top of that, there’s a limited but completely free version you can use to try things out.

NordPass comes with some convenient extra features as well. This includes OCR scanning for IDs, so you don’t have to manually type any data in. There’s also the Data Breach Scanner that alerts you if your credentials end up in a data breach.

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Dashlane is another top password manager filled with loads of features. There’s a limited free version, while premium users even get a built-in VPN for data encryption and privacy. A password generator, form filling, secure notes, and password health checker are included as well.

Dashlane encrypts your data with advanced AES-256 encryption. And in case you forget your master password, you can get it back with emergency access. This password manager even has its own authenticator app, letting you easily set up two-factor authentication.

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Bottom line

Total Password is an up-and-coming password manager that comes at a very low price yet offers all the important features. From unlimited password storage and a password generator to remote logout, auto-filling, and more.

That being said, Total Password could polish some things. They could make desktop apps for Windows and macOS as well as integrate a password-sharing option. This would make it a much more attractive product for small businesses or families.

Overall, for the small price of $1.99/month, Total Password is worth every penny. And if you’re looking for a full-on cybersecurity suite, the TotalAV Total Security plan will give you the same password manager together with a reputable antivirus, VPN, ad blocker, and more.

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