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VyprVPN review

VyprVPN is one of the safest and most capable VPN services on the market. This VPN will make you safer with strong data encryption, stable connection speeds, unblocks several streaming sites, allows you to torrent safely, and has well-designed apps for all the popular OS.

If VyprVPN doesn’t meet all of your requirements, there are plenty of others just as good (or even better) VPN alternatives, such as NordVPN.

Best alternative to VyprVPN
NordVPN is one of the best VPNs on the market, offering blazing-fast speeds, unbreakable encryption, the best streaming experience, and advanced security features.
cybernews® score
4.9 /5

But getting back to VyprVPN – how does this small Swiss company manage to achieve such success? This is what we’ll try to find out in this VyprVPN review. We’ll look into the tool’s safety, privacy practices, exclusive features, performance, and pricing.

⭐ Rating:
🥇 Overall rank:#1 out of #42#13 out of #42
🖥️ Servers:6,400 + servers in 111 countries700 + servers in 64 countries
📖 No logs policy:No logsNo logs
💵 Price:From $3.39/monthfrom $5.00/month
🔥 Coupons:NordVPN coupon 72% OFFVyprVPN coupon 50% OFF
🔒 VPN protocols:OpenVPN, WireGuard (NordLynx)IKEv2, Chameleon, OpenVPN
🍿 Streaming services:Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and moreNetflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, YouTube
🖥️ Platforms:Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOSWindows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS
📥 Simultaneous connections:1030
💁🏻 Support:Knowledge base, FAQs, email, 24/7 live chatKnowledge base, FAQs, 24/7 live chat
Best VyprVPN alternatives

VyprVPN pros and cons

Visit VyprVPN to learn more about the features

Is VyprVPN good for streaming?

Netflix✅ Yes (doesn’t work with the UK or US libraries)
BBC iPlayer✅ Yes
Youtube✅ Yes
Hulu❌ No

VyprVPN isn’t at the top of our best VPNs for streaming list. This VPN unblocks the likes of BBC iPlaye and YouTube but struggles with certain Netflix locations. While we were able to reach Netflix German, Netflix UK and US were a challenge that VyprVPN couldn’t take on.

It's worth pointing out that you will rely solely on your VPN connections for your unblocks. There are no additions like SmartDNS, so there won't be a possibility to set it up on devices that don't support VPNs. To bypass this, you'll have to set up a VPN on your router.

You can side-load the VyprVPN app on your Amazon Firestick and set it up on Kodi. Unfortunately, to use it with Roku, you'll have to install it on your router as well.

Neither their fleet nor their server count is very impressive, but this doesn't seem to hold VyprVPN back. As far as the countries with the biggest streaming libraries are concerned, you will be able to find where to connect.

Does VyprVPN unblock Netflix?

VyprVPN isn’t the most reliable VPN option for streaming different Netflix content libraries. While we managed to access German Netflix, there was no luck with the UK or the US Netflix libraries.


In addition, your best streaming bet is connecting to the WireGuard tunneling protocol. This way your video quality will be the best and you won’t have to deal with annoying lags or buffering.

When connected with IKEv2, the service displayed the "You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy" error. So, this tunneling protocol isn’t the one you should pick for streaming.

Does VyprVPN work with BBC iPlayer, YouTube, and Hulu?

Netflix isn't the only service that VyprVPN is capable of unblocking. There was no trouble with BBC iPlayer as well, and we experienced no errors, buffers, or lags.

As you would expect, unblocking region-restricted YouTube videos also went smoothly. However, Hulu streaming services were an unbeatable challenger for VyprVPN. No servers we tried managed to access this streaming platform, which is disappointing.

Is VyprVPN good and safe for torrenting?

While VyprVPN isn’t one of our favorite VPNs for torrenting, this provider has come a long way to be a torrenting-friendly service.

Several years ago, VyprVPN was known as one of the most restrictive VPN service providers. They didn’t allow torrenting, and users could risk being banned if they downloaded torrent files using their servers. However, now their stance on torrenting has shifted.

We managed to download torrents on all of their servers that we tried with all the tunneling protocols that they had. However, the download speed was capped and never exceeded 5MB/s(40mbps), even though the speed test results were way higher than that. Plus, the added security that VyprVPN offers somewhat contributes to the speed drop-off.

Still, in each and every case, torrenting speeds depend on a long list of factors. To get accurate results, you should try the service using their money-back guarantee.

Plans and pricing

VyprVPN offers two purchase options – you can either get the more expensive one-month plan or save some money with the longer 12-month plan.

However, no matter which option you select, you do get a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee and the extensive 30 simultaneous connections.

1-month plan$10.00
12-month plan$5.00/month

The short-term plan will cost you starting at $10.00/month. However, we suggest selecting the longer 12-month plan for $5.00/month, which would total $60 for the whole year.

Compared to other options in the market, VyprVPN is somewhat average priced, but there surely are cheaper options. For example, NordVPN, one of the market leaders, provides the best deal with a two-year-long subscription, which you can purchase for only $3.39/month.

The one really lacking thing about VyprVPN subscriptions is the payment options. You can't pay using cryptocurrencies. There are only regular credit card options, PayPal, and UnionPay. If you’re focused on your privacy, that can be a drawback as well.

Can you get VyprVPN for free?

VyprVPN isn't one of those services that offer a free version. So, if you want to use them, you'll have to open up your wallet.

Still, if something rubs you the wrong way while you're using their service, you can always ask for a refund, as they have a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, you'll have plenty of time to try VyprVPN for free and test the service to see how it works for you. You can also opt for a 3-day free trial for Android and iOS users, but you'll have to provide your payment details.

However, if you want a truly free VPN, feel free to check out our list of the best free VPN services.

VyprVPN servers and locations

VyprVPN might not seem that impressive if we consider that they only have 700 servers. However, the geographical coverage is pretty impressive, with the servers spanning 64 countries.

RegionsNumber of countries
Asia and Oceania17
Middle East and Africa7

Even though a larger server fleet means that each server's load can be lower because the user base is better to spread across their locations, the implementation is important too.

The VyprVPN setup includes their own DNS, and they own every one of their VPN servers. So, this means that they can provide much better maintenance of their infrastructure.

Selecting your server with VyprVPN is really easy, you can even sort the servers by country, region, and speed.

Does VyprVPN work in China?

VyprVPN has no trouble bypassing the Great Firewall of China. In fact, it is one of the best VPNs for China. That is all due to the Chameleon protocol, which is able to avoid Deep Packet Inspection used by the Chinese government to spot VPN traffic.

This protocol is available on the Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS applications of VyprVPN. You can also set it up on your router. In addition, the service can be paid for with UnionPay, which makes it possible to buy the VPN for those who currently reside in the country.

Speed and performance: Is VyprVPN fast?

VyprVPN speed results are a bit mixed. This provider offers several different tunneling protocol choices in WireGuard, OpenVPN, IKEv2, and Chameleon.

We’ve tested VyprVPN performance with the OpenVPN protocol, and the results are provided in the table below.

Data period: 05.30 - 06.13
Download retention
Upload retention
Australia Australia
4% (40 Mbit/s) 5 % (56 Mbit/s)
United Kingdom United Kingdom
2% (27 Mbit/s) 11 % (112 Mbit/s)
6% (64 Mbit/s) 12 % (120 Mbit/s)
Singapore Singapore
4% (40 Mbit/s) 4 % (46 Mbit/s)
France France
10% (96 Mbit/s) 14 % (136 Mbit/s)
Download/Upload baseline speed - 500 Mbit/s

No surprise, but the market-standard WireGuard tunneling protocol performs the best out of the rest. However, it is still very far from the speediest VPN on our list.

The download speeds are at best average in the closer proximities, but if you’re connecting to a further server, then you will experience quite some lags and buffering while browsing.

The same issue prevails with upload speeds, none of the results are very impressive or promise a quality browsing experience. So, overall, VyprVPN is one of the slowest VPNs on the market right now.

To get much better connection speed results, we recommend picking a better provider, for example, NordVPN or Surfshark. These two VPN providers both offer blazing-fast connection speeds with no lags or buffering, for seamless browsing.

VyprVPN performance with other protocols

Below, you can find how speeds are different when using different tunneling protocols. Unsurprisingly, none of them are mind-blowing, however, you do get some average speeds with WireGuard and IKEv2 protocols.

  • Baseline: 1ms/ 467 Mbps download/ 420 Mbps upload
  • WireGuard: 120.6/82.3
  • OpenVPN: 45/21
  • IKEv2: 157.3/15.4
  • Chameleon: 51.8/9.2

Chameleon or OpenVPN protocols are the worst contenders. In essence, both offer very slow connection speeds which means that you’re going to be dealing with long connection times, lagging, and buffering. On the other hand, considering what other benefits Chameleon brings, it might not be a dealbreaker.

The upload speeds were mixed. There were even some cases when even WireGuard struggled to provide even average speed results. Other protocols struggled just as much, Chameleon being the slowest. IKEv2 and OpenVPN performed a little better, but again, if you have the luxury of picking either of the tunneling protocols, go with WireGuard.

ProviderAverage download speed
NordVPN79% 🏆

Interface and ease of use

WindowsGood, but lacks some features
macOSExcellent app, lots of features
LinuxNot that great, lacks WireGuard
AndroidGreat mobile experience
iOSSome limitations on the app

You can use VyprVPN on virtually any platform you need: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. The VPN gives you 30 simultaneous connections, so you’ll be all set even if you have each of the mentioned devices.

It’s worth mentioning that you’ll get the best experience out of the macOS and Android applications of VyprVPN. Meanwhile, the worst app is the Linux one, as it can be pretty difficult to set up and use.


The Windows app of VyprVPN is easy to use and won’t scare even VPN novices. It’s easy to connect to a server, as well as select your desired features.

In addition, navigating the apps is really easy as well, the main features can be accessed on the home screen, while additional settings are nicely grouped.

VyprVPN connection screen

However, there are some drawbacks as well. The Windows app lacks split tunneling and antimalware features, which can be a dealbreaker to some people.

Also, there’s no map interface to select your server location. You get to pick your connection point from a list sorted by country, region, or connection speed (shows the location with the lowest latency servers).

If you want a truly great Windows experience, we recommend you check out this list of the best Windows VPNs.


The most notable difference between the Windows and macOS versions of VyprVPN is that the macOS version has the split tunneling feature.

Overall, this has to be the first case when the macOS version is better equipped than the Windows counterpart – that’s why you can find this app on the list of the best VPNs for Mac.

So, if you're an Apple user, you will have the best VyprVPN experience that you can get.

Just like the Windows version, the macOS app also doesn’t have a map interface and also sorts the servers based on the country, region, and speed results. So, the lack of a map isn't a dealbreaker.


If you're using Linux, you won't get WireGuard support. The app itself runs as a terminal and is available for Ubuntu and Mint distributions. It may work on other Debian-based distributions, but your success will be hit or miss. If you're planning to use this VPN on Linux, you are not getting your money's worth.

That’s why it would be a good idea to scroll through this list of the best VPNs for Linux and pick a better tool.

Mobile apps

If macOS surprisingly had more features than the Windows version, there are little surprises with iOS and Android. The latter app is significantly better-equipped than the former.

On Android, VyprVPN has its ultimate form. You can find a kill switch, public wifi protection, and you can use another DNS provider if you're not satisfied with VyprDNS. There are also settings to start a VPN connection when your phone restarts automatically.

The only feature that the Android version lacks is the IKEv2 tunneling protocol, which isn't a loss when you have Wireguard, OpenVPN, and Chameleon.


The interface of both Android and iOS apps is identical and has few differences from their desktop counterparts. It's minimal but intuitive, and there's hardly a need for a map. Their country list with latency information pays off.

The only features that the iOS app has are Public Wi-Fi protection, automatic reconnect, and protocol selection. There are no protocol cuts – WireGuard is available on iOS. However, there's no split-tunneling or a kill switch.

Though, the real culprit here is Apple with restrictive policies for developers creating the apps. That said, if you're using an iPhone, the client won't blow you away.

VyprVPN features

While VyprVPN doesn’t have that many features, the ones it has are pretty great. For example, the VPN contains an ad blocker, offers a split tunneling feature, and can automatically connect when you’re using an unsafe network.

Public Wi-Fi Protection

If you're frequently connecting to unknown networks, you're taking a risk. You can never be too sure who's also on it or who manages it. VyprVPN has a simple but effective solution for it.

VyprVPN public wifi protection feature

In case you trust your home network and only need a VPN elsewhere, you can use their Public wifi protection feature. Just set the program to automatically connect to the VPN when you're connected to an unknown or untrustworthy network. If you frequently visit the same coffee shop, you can set it up in such a way that the VPN turns on only when you're there.

It's very convenient and saves you the hassle of opening up a VPN and clicking every time you're unsure about the network's safety.

Malicious Site Block

Just as the name implies, this feature protects you from malicious links. When you're connected to VyprVPN, it will block all websites that appear on their malware domain blocklist.

However, this isn't a hard block. Suppose you accidentally stumble upon a malicious site when browsing. In that case, you will be shown a table with a warning about the potential harm.

VyprVPN malicious website block

While some antiviruses would not even let you choose, VyprVPN is pretty loose in this regard. You can click Proceed anyway and go right through.

Sometimes even harmless websites can accidentally be flagged, so it's nice that VyprVPN is letting you choose. Sadly, the feature is only available to macOS users.

Connection per App

Connection per App is what VyprVPN calls their split tunneling feature. Their implementation lets you choose which apps you want to be routed via VPN, while the rest of the traffic will go through your regular network.

VyprVPN split tunneling settings on macOS

The data that goes through your regular network won't be encrypted, but if you're using a VPN for specific goals, it might make sense.

For example, if your main objective is torrenting, set up split tunneling on your torrent client. That way, you get much better speeds when, for example, playing songs from Spotify or downloading game files from Steam.

Is VyprVPN safe and secure?

Yes, VyprVPN is a safe VPN. The service uses AES-256 encryption, a safe and reliable WireGuard protocol, as well as a solid kill switch. It also doesn’t keep any records – so there’s nothing to leak. Overall, VyprVPN can certainly keep you safe and secure.

Encryption and tunneling protocols

When you install the VyprVPN client and connect to one of their servers, your connection becomes encrypted. VyprVPN uses AES-256-CBC encryption, which is one of the most secure ciphers. For this reason, it's frequently used in various banking institutions and elsewhere.

When the connection is established, your authentication is processed with the SHA-256 algorithm. It takes plaintext data like your login name and password and scrambles it into hashed text, effectively hiding it and providing you with anonymity and security online.

You can also pick different tunneling protocols that will be best suited for particular use cases:

  • WireGuard – market-standard true next-gen option, which is very secure yet much faster than other options.
  • IKEv2 – a go-to choice for a mobile device, fast, secure, and quickly resumes your connection if it becomes disrupted.
  • OpenVPN – their servers support both TCP and UDP versions, but VyprVPN clients will allow you to use only UDP, which is faster than TCP.
  • Chameleon 2.0 – will disguise your VPN traffic as regular encrypted traffic. Very useful when bypassing VPN blocks in restrictive countries.

The most reliable option is WireGuard, this protocol works flawlessly and provides the highest connection speed results. In comparison, other tunneling protocols are more hit or miss.

During our testing, IKEv2, OpenVPN, and Chameleon sometimes failed to connect, displaying only an error code. This can really damage your experience with using this VPN, so we recommend sticking with WireGuard.

Kill switch

VyprVPN comes with a strong and reliable kill switch to protect your real IP address in case your connection to the VPN server is interrupted.

If you don't have a kill switch turned on, the connection will resume normally. So, your browsing will be routed directly through your ISP, which will then be able to tell what your activities were. It could also expose your real IP address when downloading torrent files, which could be everything the copyright holder needs to identify you.

VyprVPN kill switch screen

VyprVPN even has several options for how the kill switch can be configured. You can set it up at the Application level and it will kick in if you're logged in to the VyprVPN app and have it running. If VyprVPN loses the connection to a VPN server, this automatically blocks your entire Internet connection.

It's also possible to set up the kill switch at the System level. After you enable this mode, even if the app isn't running, you will not connect to the Internet unless you connect to a VPN server first. Keep in mind that logging out of the app turns off both kill switches.

You can even configure the kill switch to allow or block LAN traffic. It's one of the most customizable implementations of this feature that we've seen. Just keep in mind that it's not turned on by default, so you should toggle it in the settings.

The kill switch is available on the Windows, macOS, and Android versions of the app. If you're an iOS user, the client has no kill switch.


Securely encrypting your connection tunnel isn't the only thing VyprVPN does. When you connect to a server, all your Domain Server Names requests go through VyprDNS.

They don't keep connection logs on which users requested what IPs. This makes it much more anonymous than using Google Public DNS, or your Internet service provider's DNS.

VyprDNS leak test screen

However, it was surprising to see the service showed data going through Amazon and Google's servers during DNS leak checks. The customer support agent explained that most of these servers are not named VyprDNS not to be identified. This makes it harder to tell that the user is connecting through a VPN.

Furthermore, they are also using the DNS relay system. So, in this sense, VyprDNS is using other DNS server hostnames to create an additional barrier.

The DNS leak check websites can only see the last members of the relay where hostnames are being borrowed. However, when pinged, these servers will give a completely different IP address. This proves that they are not simply routing your data through Google's servers, which would defeat the purpose of a VPN.

Finally, each VPN server that you connect to has its own associated DNS server. This means that you'll avoid issues like connecting to a particular country and getting localized results from a completely unrelated country. You cannot use VyprDNS separately from their client.


VyprVPN is based in Switzerland and is owned by Golden Frog. Their stance on data retention is clearly stated in their privacy policy: "VyprVPN is a zero log VPN Service. We do not record or retain any data when you use the VyprVPN Service." So, they won't keep any records of the user's IP address or assigned IP address, connection timestamps, traffic, or communication content.

To support their claims, VyprVPN had an independent audit performed to check the execution of their no-logs policies. It's a lengthy document that you can find here. In short, they do keep some log events, such as when a particular disk drive was full or crashed. However, this data is mostly harmless and not related to user identification.

Logs that can be used to identify the user (like VPN termination node triggers or kill switch activations) are not recorded. So, VyprVPN is truly a no-logs VPN.

Customer support

24/7 live chat
Phone line
Guides or articles

VyprVPN offers a pretty diverse list of options for customer support. There’s a 24/7 live chat option to reach their support personnel, email support for bigger issues, and an extensive knowledge base to find the answers yourself.

We’ve tested out their live chat option and it works wonderfully. We were able to connect to a customer support agent after a minute of waiting. Although the question was quite technical (the reason why DNS leak tests show Google's hostnames), the resolution was swift.

We weren’t referred to anyone else, but we were asked to leave my contact details (email) to begin the chat. The agent instantly explained how their setup works.

So, if you have questions or run into any issues, you will be able to find help rather quickly.

You can also inform them about the bugs directly from the app, by going into the support section. Overall, customer support is one of their stronger selling points.

Alternative VPNs for VyprVPN

There are definitely some faster, more feature-rich and overall better VPNs than VyprVPN out there. If you really need a VPN but think that VyprVPN is not actually for you, take a look at some of our other VPN offerings below:

  1. NordVPN: the applications are a bit more intuitive than the ones of VyprVPN, as they offer a map that allows you to pick a location more easily. It’s also cheaper than VyprVPN – you can buy NordVPN for as low as $3.39 a month if you buy the 2-year subscription. You’ll also get 6 simultaneous connections and the possibility to use the 30-day money-back guarantee.
  2. Surfshark: This VPN offers unlimited simultaneous connections, works with the majority of streaming platforms, and is incredibly fast thanks to the WireGuard protocol. And the best thing – it can cost you only $2.19 per month when getting the 2-year subscription.
  3. IPVanish: If you get IPVanish, you’ll also get access to its 2400+ servers in 55 countries. But not only that – you’ll also be able to unblock the foreign libraries of a myriad of streaming platforms including Netflix and YouTube. The VPN also offers the SOCKS5 proxy and traffic obfuscation, so it’s really useful if you want to torrent or just really need an extra bit of anonymity.

Is VyprVPN good and worth getting?

VyprVPN is a safety-first VPN, perfect for secure and comfortable online browsing and streaming. The WireGuard protocol helps provide average-speed results, which might not be the best for lag-free streaming, but are reliable for browsing online. The useful features like split tunneling and a malware blocker make it a solid all-around option to ensure your online security.

In addition to all this, VyprVPN also allows torrenting (even though the torrenting speeds weren’t that fast). Plus, the superb customer support makes it a solid all-around option for all types of users.

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prefix 2 years ago
i am switching from different vpn since they do not let me access streaming platforms, and I wondered if vyprvpn is of decent quality for such price, so thank you for such an in depth vyprvpn review
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No do not trust this service. I have had nothing but problems.
this is Hint
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Most of my friends now use a VPN and recommended to try VyprVPN, however, they are all on Windows and my preferred OS is Linux. I decided to read more about this and I can see you’ve written they offer limited support for Linux. I’m not sure should I go ahead and try it or look for something else. Hopefully you’ll have some valuable insights and I will manage to find the perfect solution for myself:)
Justinas Mazūra
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You won’t be getting an app, which means that you won’t be getting most additional features. Your connection will still be encrypted. Nothing changes there.
It’s just that on other platforms, you would be getting additional bells and whistles, so it may be annoying that while paying the same price, you’re not getting the best of everything.
I’d recommend checking out our best VPNs for Linux page if you want to about other good services for your OS.
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It’s a shame VyprVPN free trial is only 3 days for mobile users, not possible to test it out fully. of course there is always an option for money back guarantee…
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soo vyprvpn works fine with netflix and youtube… but does it work well with amazon fire tv? is it even possible to install vyprvpn on fire tv stick
Justinas Mazūra
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To install VyprVPN on your Fire TV device, you’ll have to sideload their app via Downloader. It’s a simple enough process, and they even have a tutorial on their customer support page.
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I’d like to use vyprvpn for bbc iplayer, but I heard that iplayer is known for blocking VPN IPs, is that something I should be worried about? Don’t want to buy a 3 year plan and then not be able to use it.
Justinas Mazūra
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The risk that someday the VPN service won’t unblock a particular page is always there. Though VyprVPN has a pretty excellent track record when it comes to unblocking streaming sites, so I’d say that the chance of this happening is pretty low.
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Hey! Does VyprVPN work with Kodi? Can I use it with Rasberry Pi? How difficult is the installation process>
Justinas Mazūra
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VyprVPN works with Kodi, but you’ll have to set it up manually. Installing VyprVPN on Raspberry Pi won’t be much different from setting up OpenVPN manual connection.
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Good article! However, I was looking for information about vyprovpn pro, do you have any knowledge if it’s worth purchasing?
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VyprVPN Pro used to be the name how they called one of their pricing plans. Now the same plan is known as Premium.
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