Russian ministry hacked to display pro-Ukrainian message

Hackers continue to exchange punches as Russia's war in Ukraine enters its fourth month.

Pro-Ukrainian hackers penetrated the defenses of Russia's Ministry of Construction, Housing, and Utilities, editing the website to display a message in support of Ukraine.

According to Reuters, an internet search for the site led to a 'Glory to Ukraine' sign on the government's website. However, on Monday morning, the message was gone, and the site was in seemingly normal condition.

Russian authorities acknowledged the intrusion yet told Russia's state news agency RIA that personal user data was not affected by the breach.

Russia's business news website Kommersant earlier reported that the website of the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities was hacked by the team.

The hackers allegedly demanded 0.5 bitcoin or the data from the ministry concerning its employees will be made public on 7 June. The hackers said that ministry's entire database was exported.

Competing hacker groups launched numerous attacks after Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February. Anonymous, Ukraine's IT Army, Hacker Forces, and many other hacktivist groups started targeting Russia's state-owned enterprises and businesses.

According to the United Nations, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has created the 'fastest-growing refugee crisis in Europe since World War II.' Over 12.8 million people were displaced due to the conflict, with over 6.9 million fleeing the country.

Witness testimonies from Ukrainian towns Russian forces have occupied for close to a month point to severe human rights violations and targeted lethal attacks against civilians. Reports of "gross and systematic violations and abuses of human rights" got Russia suspended from the UN Human Rights Council.