All Albanian government systems shut down following a cyberattack

Albanian government systems and public services websites got shut down on Sunday following a massive cyberattack.

The attack came from outside the country and forced the closure of a number of official websites, such as that of the Prime Minister's Office, of the country's Parliament, and the public service governmental portal e-Albania. Its exact source is not yet identified.

The e-Albania website currently serves as an umbrella for a variety of previously active civil state offices, which is used by the majority of Albanian citizens and foreigners.

"In order to withstand these unprecedented and dangerous strikes, we have been forced to close down government systems until the enemy attacks are neutralized," the Albanian National Agency for the Information Society (AKSHI) said in a statement.

According to AKSHI’s, they are currently collaborating with the Microsoft team, the Jones Group International team, and the teams of Albanian companies in the ICT field to stop further damage to the country’s systems.

Albania has suffered a variety of cyber-related incidents over the last two years, including data leaks from official institutions.