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Attackers claim they hacked European missiles maker MBDA

A group calling themselves Adrastea says they took 60 GB worth of files from MBDA, including secret information on the company’s involvement in ‘closed military projects.’

Threat actor Adrastea posted information about the breach on several hacker forums, claiming they found a critical vulnerability in MBDAs network infrastructure that allowed them to siphon 60 GB of data.

“Currently, the volume of downloaded data is approximately 60 GB. The downloaded data contains confidential and closed information about the employees of your company, which took part in the development of closed military projects of MBDA […] and about the commercial activities of your company in the interests of the Ministry of Defense of the European Union […],” the announcement said.

MBDA is a major European developer and manufacturer of missiles. The four letters in the name represent three French, Italian and British companies that merged to become the MBDA, Matra, BAe Dynamics, and Alenia.

Attackers claim they hacked major missiles maker
A post announcing the breach. Image by Cybernews.

We have reached out to MBDA for comment about the alleged breach but are yet to receive an answer.

Adrastea’s announcement about the leak on a popular Russian-speaking hacker forum, XSS, implies that threat actors accessed the Italian branch of MBDA and stole documents related to the company’s cooperation with the Italian Ministry of Defense.

Threat actors claim that they have downloaded design documentation of the air defense, missile systems, and systems of coastal protection, presentations, correspondence with other defense contractors, and other sensitive information.

If confirmed, the breach would be the second time that Italy’s critical institutions have come under fire from threat actors in two weeks. Last week LockBit ransomware said they hacked the Italian revenue agency Agenzia delle Entrate.

Italian authorities started the investigation. However, Sogei, a state-owned IT company that manages the technological infrastructures of the financial administration, said they were not able to confirm these claims.

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