New BreachForums site hacked by rivals

The reincarnated BreachForums site just had its user database stolen and published. The Cybernews research team has confirmed that the leaked database is legitimate.

Not even a week has passed since the cybercrime marketplace BreachForums appeared to have been resurrected with help from its former second in command.

However, users on rival cybercrime marketplaces are now sharing a database containing the details of 4,700 users of the new BreachForums.

The leaked database included usernames, passwords, cryptographic salt values, login keys, user email addresses, number of posts users made, number of threads started by users, and other user activity data.

BreachForums hack
Telegram post claiming the attack. Image by Cybernews.

The Cybernews research team confirmed the database contains information on users who registered for the resurrected BreachForums.

Meanwhile, the domain of the original BreachForums is prompting users with a message that the forum is never coming back, and any forum claiming that it’s the real thing should be used cautiously.

“The BreachForums clone has already been hacked. Do not trust websites impersonating, as said multiple times it won’t be returning,” the warning said.

The now-hacked version of BreachForums, allegedly launched by the notorious hacker collective SkinnyHunters, offered to restore the coveted ranking numbers earned by former members (displayed on member profile pages) pending verification by current administrators.

At the time, it appeared that the new owners had collaborated with BreachForum’s former main administrator Baphomet – who was second in command before the site collapsed with the arrest of Conor Brian Fitzpatricks (better known as Pompompurin).

In Late May, the administrator of a recently launched cybercriminal website posted a database containing the details of former members of RaidForums, a now-defunct website and the predecessor of the original BreachForums.

Recently, chaos has been the name of the game in the leak marketplace business. Many substitutes have emerged since US authorities took down BreachForums, aiming to fill the vacuum left after Fitzpatrick’s arrest and the subsequent demise of his site.

According to security researcher Alon Gal, one of the main contenders to the throne recently had its domain seized by the Department of Justice (DoJ) and Europol. Administrators of this forum claim they were behind the hacking of the BreachForums leak.

The wave of new cybercrime forums has caused concern in the cybercrime community that at least a few of the newcomers to the scene have been set up by the authorities to trick criminals into revealing themselves.