Colorado State University falls victim to Cl0p in MOVEit hack

Colorado State University has disclosed that it’s the latest victim of the MOVEit data breach, claimed by the Cl0p ransomware gang. 19,000 people have been affected.

A breach notice to the affected parties stated that Pension Benefit Information (PBI) suffered a data breach when the third-party file transfer service MOVEit was exploited. PBI used the services for business operations and file transfers.

PBI provides audit and address research services for Fidelity Investments, the provider of administrative services for retirement plans at the Colorado University.

PBI “promptly launched an investigation into the nature and scope” of the MOVEit breach and how it affected the company’s data. As stated in the notice, the breach happened between May 29th and May 30th, 2023, when an unauthorized third party accessed one of PBI’s MOVEit Transfer servers and downloaded data. Threat actors could have acquired personal information such as Social Security numbers.

The Office of the Maine Attorney General states that, in total, 19,344 people were affected. PBI has offered affected individuals free Credit Monitoring and ID Restoration Services for 24 months.

Long list of victims

It’s well known that the Russia-linked ransom group Cl0p is behind the zero-day exploit of the MOVEit file transfer service that affected thousands of companies worldwide.

Since the breach at the end of May, the gang has been leaking the names of its victims and publishing bits and pieces of the stolen files online.

Among the MOVEit exploit victims are big names such as Shell Global, PWC, Deutsche Bank, TD Ameritrade, Johns Hopkins University, Shutterfly, Radisson Hotels, Honeywell, Siemens Energy, Crowe, Deloitte, US government contractor Maximus, and British sports betting giant Flutter Entertainment.

According to exclusive information provided to Cybernews, some of Cl0p’s affiliates might be residing in Kramatorsk, a city in east Ukraine. US officials are offering a $10 million reward for the information on the Cl0p gang.

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