European Parliament breached, IDs leaked – media

European Parliament (EP) employees are finding out that their data has been stolen, including identity cards, passports, excerpts of criminal records, and work experience documents, according to an internal email seen by Euractiv.

An internal email sent on May 22nd notified EP employees about a data breach in the recruitment system PEOPLE, which is used for hiring non-permanent staff.

The breach itself happened earlier this year and was discovered on April 25th. It’s still unknown whether it was the result of hacking or another vulnerability.

The Parliament’s spokesperson confirmed the breach to Euractiv and said that the HR tool was deactivated.

According to emails seen by Euractiv, almost all the documents in the system are affected. These include civil status, residence, education, military obligations, declarations of honor, entitlement documents, and contracts.

The EP did not comment on how many people were affected by the data breach.